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                               Waves Vocabulary Study Guide
       This study guide is designed to help you study for the vocabulary assessment. You can
       fold along the dotted line and try to guess which word matches the definition.

        Make sure that you pay close attention to the spelling since the assessment is 50% vocabulary
       and 50% spelling.

      1.) A wave that is created when a source of energy causes
      a vibration to travel through a medium.                                   1.) mechanical wave

      2.) The material through which a wave travels.
                                                                                2.) medium

      3.) The highest point of the wave above the rest position.
                                                                                3.) crest

      4.) The lowest point of the wave below the rest position.                 4.) trough

      5.) A wave that causes the medium to vibrate at right
      angles to the direction of the wave.                                      5.) transverse wave

      6.) A wave in which the vibration of the medium is
      parallel to the direction that the wave travels.                          6.) longitudinal wave

      7.) An area where particles in a medium are spread out.
                                                                                7.) rarefaction

      8.) An area where particles in a medium are close
      together.                                                                 8.) compression
Warm up questions for April 6th –10th
Monday: Define
                      1.) .) mechanical wave

REWIND: Define
                      2.) medium

Tuesday: Define       3.) crest
REWIND: Define
                      4.) trough

Wednesday: Define     5.) transverse wave
REWIND: Define        6.) longitudinal wave

Thursday: Define      7.) rarefaction

REWIND: Define        8.) compression

Friday: Write a paragraph that describes a
transverse or longitudinal wave. Choose at
least 4 words from the list above to describe
the parts of the wave.
FRIDAY: No rewind today!

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