Data Sheet by fjhuangjun


									                Data Sheet

               FOSTEX FR2

     Two card slots are provided; one for TYPE
      II CompactFlash cards, the other for Flash
      ATA cards.
     Two ways to supply the power to the unit;               USB port for PC connection. By
      batteries (alkaline, Ni-Cd, or Ni-HM                     connecting a PC directly, you can
      batteries) and the optional AC adaptor                  Transfer audio files (WAV files) between
      (Model AD12-1300).                                       the FR-2 and the PC.
     Supports the FAT32 file system. The                     USB port for keyboard connection. By
      Broadcast Wave File (BWF) recording file                 connecting a USB keyboard, you can
      format (interleave 1 file mode) is used,                 make some of setting or editing operations
      which enables exporting files to a DAW                   from the keyboard, instead of operations
      such as Pro Tools.                                       using the FR-2 panel keys.
     Supports a variety of sampling                          You can set a marker (cue point) at a
      frequencies/quantization bits. 24-bit at 44.1            desired point during recording (up to 99
      kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz                 cue points can be set per file). You can
      and 192 kHz. 16-bit at 22.056 kHz, 44.1                  locate or skip to a desired cue point
      kHz and 48 kHz.                                          quickly.
     The “Pre Record” functions, a useful                    The reference input level is fixed to -20
      feature for location recording, enable FR-2              dB. The headroom margin of the line input
      to constantly store up to approximately 20               is +24 dB, while that of the mic input is
      seconds of audio to the internal buffer.                 +40 dB.
      When you start recording, the previous                  By installing the optional TC/SYNC card
      data is first delivered from the buffer (you             (available soon), you can stripe the IEC
      can edit the time length of audio stored in              timecode.
      the buffer using the Setup menu in the                  The error tone can be generated to warn
      MENU mode).                                              you when the analog input amplifier clips
     Provides the input selector, trim control,               due to over level, when the battery voltage
      high-pass filter and limiter for each of left            drops down to the specific level, or when
      and right channels independently.                        the remaining recording time of the
     128 x 64 highly visible, low power                       memory card gets short.
      consumption, backlit dot matrix LCD
      display shows various information.

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