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Mobile Data for Police Driving the Business Benefits


Mobile Data for Police Driving the Business Benefits

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Mobile Data for                                                                                                    save up
                                                                                                                    to 30%

Police: Driving the
Business Benefits
Conference Day: 24th July • Workshop Day: 25th July • The Burlington Hotel, Birmingham

  The widest spectrum of insight
                                                  Secure real cost and performance benefits
  and experience for any police                   from mobile data across your police force
  focused mobile data event yet! –                with clear benefits led deployment strategies
  Discover strategies to deliver                 Every force will deploy mobile data in the next year – Are you
  successful projects with real                  prepared?
  business benefits.
                                                 Make sure you are really driving the business benefits at the
   Police keynotes                               leading strategy sharing event for senior level police
                Andrew Watson,                   ■ Define and achieve a water tight mobile data strategy
                CIO,                               with tangible productivity, efficiency and business
                British Transport Police           benefits
                                                 ■ Create slick processes to maximise your use of
           Frank Punzo, Deputy                     technology and resource capability: Capitalise on the
           Commissioner                            opportunity to re-engineer your back office processes to
           Communications,                         achieve end-to-end efficiency
           City of Philadelphia                  ■ Achieve optimal force performance with effective
                                                   change management strategies and operationally based
  Martin Hansen, Director of Information,          functionality
  Nottinghamshire Constabulary                   ■ Go beyond the basic applications for increased business
  Stuart Fillingham, Head of ICT,                  benefits and maximised force productivity
  Lancashire Constabulary
  Superintendent Hjálmar Björgvinsson,                               Want to expand your personal
                                                             ing     network?
  The National Commissioner of
                                                     Network         Don't miss 20 minutes purely devoted to face-to-face

  Icelandic Police                                                   introductions to all your fellow attendees - Swap
                                                                     contacts right at the start of day one for accelerated
   Mobile data experts                                               learning and experience sharing.

  John Richardson, Director, Ergonomics           WORKSHOP A: Improving policing effectiveness ‘on the beat’
  & Safety Research Institute,                    WORKSHOP B: Back to basics – Planning & implementing a
  Loughborough University                                     mobile data roll-out
  Martin Morey, Director, MCUG                    WORKSHOP C: Business benefits realisation master class –
  Rod McClaren, Director, Mobbu                               Attain and measure optimal results
  Sean Morris, Head of Strategic                  WORKSHOP D: It’s not all about the technology – Building the
                                                              human element into your mobile data strategy
  Engineering and Technology, RAC                             for ensured deployment success
  Peter Harris, Mobile Data Solutions
  Product Manager, Arqiva                   Associate Sponsors             Media Partners:
  Steve Reynolds, Vice Chairman,
  The Mobile Data Association

          TO REGISTER CALL +44 207 368 9373 • E-Mail:
                      Conference Day: Tuesday 24th July 2007

08.15                             Morning Refreshments & Registration
08.30                                    Chairs Opening Address
08.40           Dedicated 20 Minute Speed Track Introduction To All Your Fellow Attendees.

09.00               The European Perspective: Using Tetra To Support Mobile Working
                                 Superintendent Hjálmar Björgvinsson
                            The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police

09.40                 Securing And Measuring The Business Benefits Of Mobile Data
                                             Steve Reynolds
                                              Vice Chairman
                                        The Mobile Data Association

10.20    Best Practice Project And People Management: Creating A Successful Training And Support
                             Programme For Long-Term Workforce Improvement
                                                Frank Punzo
                                    Deputy Commissioner Communications
                                            City of Philadelphia

11.00                                 Refreshments And Networking
11.30   Integrating Officer Based Mobile Functionality For Maximised Performance And Officer Take-
                                              Martin Hansen
                                           Director of Information
                                      Nottinghamshire Constabulary

12.10        Human Factors And Ergonomics Study: Applying The User-Centred Design (UCD)
               Process To A Mobile/vehicle-Based Team For Maximum Impact And Usability In The
                                              John Richardson
                               Director, Ergonomics & Safety Research Institute
                                           Loughbourgh University

12.50                                       Lunch & Networking

14.20   Streamlining End-To End Process Integration For Maximised Process And Resource Efficiency
                    Stuart Fillingham                           Jan Booth
                     Head of ICT Mobile                 Data & CRS ICT Project Manager
                  Lancashire Constabulary                 Lancashire Constabulary

15.00         Mobile Devices - Do police officers need a 'Swiss-army knife' approach?
                                                Simon Hall
                                              Managing Director

15.10                     Police Mobile Data Solutions - Evolution Or Revolution?
                                                Peter Harris
                                    Mobile Data Solutions Product Manager

15.50                                 Refreshments And Networking

16.20   DISCUSSION SESSION - The Future Of The Forces: Creating A Police Framework For Mobile
                 Data And Facilitating Interoperability Between Forces And First Responders.
                                             Chaired by:
                                                Martin Morey

17.00       Cross Sector Case Study: Achieving Optimal Real Time Field Working From The RAC
                                                 Sean Morris
                                 Head of Strategic Engineering and Technology

17.45                       Chair’s Closing Remarks & End Of Conference Day
                        Workshop Day: Wednesday 25th July 2007

08.45                                       Refreshment and Registration
09.00                     Workshop A: Improving policing effectiveness ‘on the beat’
        BT has developed a number of mobile data solutions for many of the UK’s police forces including the
        Met, Merseyside, Devon and Cornwall and Sussex forces on their mobile data strategies. This workshop
        will uncover the key IT strategies from these initiatives and reveal to you the real and measurable
        efficiency gains that are possible from using fully enabled mobile technologies and working practices.
              • How to attain the real operational benefits of mobile data
              • Defining and measuring the key performance indicators: Efficiency versus effectiveness
              • Creating differing strategies to suit you own goals and operational needs
              • Analysing differing strategies towards IT development and implementation
              • How the technology can help you achieve a fully enabled force
                                                      Ed Kennelly

11.00                                              Networking Break

11.15       Workshop B: Back to Basics: Planning and implementing a mobile data trial/ roll out
        No matter what stage of your mobile data deployment, this session will walk you through the best
        practice techniques for mobile data project roll-out. Make sure that your operational planning is up to
        scratch to really secure those business benefits in the quickest time possible. Take away step points to
        erase the biggest barriers to your deployment process:
            • Working with suppliers to build an end-to-end solution to best support your mobile data launch
            • Co-ordinating the issuing of devices and personnel training across your force
            • Ensuring operational buy-in from every single officer
            • Evaluating the pros and cons of different deployment strategies – Which one works for you?
                                                   Frank Punzo
                                       Deputy Commissioner Communications
                                               City of Philadelphia

13.00                                              Networking Lunch

14.00                 Workshop C: Business benefits realisation Interactive Group Work
        This is the perfect session for all heads of department and corporate development personnel –
        dedicated to attaining and measuring the business benefits of your mobile data strategy.
             • Defining the goal and securing ROI
             • Defining your key performance indicators – what results do you need in the short and long
             • Demonstrating and measuring the business benefits
             • What is realistic to measure and what techniques can be used?
             • Practical techniques for measuring the increase in time and efficiency
             • Translating soft benefits into cost savings – efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and visibility
15.15                                               Afternoon Break

15.45    Workshop D: It’s not all about technology! Building the human element into your mobile
                             data strategy for ensured deployment success
        If your officers don’t see the benefit of your new technology project, it’s unlikely to succeed. This
        workshop builds the human element into your mobile data strategy to ensure deployment success and
        real-world results. Project Managers and Heads of Operations will learn essential people-centred skills
        and practices to:
             • Recognise personal drivers and provide for individual officer needs
             • Achieve complete officer buy-in and product/process adoption, including recruiting project
             • Fit and adapt bespoke and product solutions to individual and team-based working patterns
             • Effectively co-ordinate between officers, operations and IT for shared vision and understanding
             • Manage your projects within the wider context of technology and compliance driven culture
                                                     Rod McLaren
17.45                                            Close of Conference

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