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A positioning strategy behind the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, including Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki,
and Suze Orman—branding yourself as both author and entrepreneur is a marketing must if you’re seeking to share
your expertise and exponentially grow your personal brand. Publishing a book establishes immediate credibility,
further defines your identity, and builds your reputation – creating more and more opportunities for you to gain
exposure and get noticed.

You know you’ve thought about it – the prestige of being an author, increased recognition within your field, the
opportunity to share your expertise with the masses, and the added value to your business. However, the search
for the perfect publishing opportunity can be exhausting. Look no further.

                                                innovative publishing program, we
                                                help you share your expertise through
Entrepreneur Press, a leading publisher         publishing a book, and then work with
in the small to midsize business category,      you to use that book as a springboard
now offers business visionaries a new           to grow your business.
opportunity, a new possibility in publishing.
                                                For more than 30 years, Entrepreneur has
WE ARE a full-service publishing                been setting the course for small business
option specifically focused on helping           success. Our vast media reach presents
entrepreneurial authors leverage a book to      business authors, like you, with invaluable
build their brand and grow their business.      face time with millions of potential clients
                                                worldwide. With this unique program, you
                                                gain the editorial benefits of a traditional
An exclusive program fueled by media            publisher plus the reach, media exposure,
powerhouse, Entrepreneur Media Inc. –           marketing muscle, business partners, and
Entrepreneur House Authors is a marketing-      publishing expertise of Entrepreneur –
focused, fee-based publishing solution          something no other publisher can
specifically created for business-driven         compete with!
authors and entrepreneurs. Under this
Thanks to the sleepless nights and               All material published under the
caffeine that help make it possible, you’ve      Entrepreneur Press imprint is held to the
finally taken your passion, ideas, and            highest standard of quality. Our readers
expertise to the page. Your manuscript is        trust us to be the definitive guide to
in the works or possibly, in its final stages.    every business challenge, and we take
Now, allow us to use our expertise to            that trust seriously. We’ll examine your
move your project forward. Let us help           manuscript, making necessary edits to
you turn it into a professionally published,     spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We’ll
high-quality book.                               focus on the style, formatting, length, and
                                                 completeness, offering revisions to ensure
                                                 that all of your content is seamlessly strung
We’ll begin with a comprehensive review of       together – cohesive and consistent.
your in-progress or completed manuscript.        And as you move forward in the writing
Once reviewed, you’ll receive feedback           process if you find you need some
based on the content, the overall structure,     assistance in putting your thoughts, ideas,
and the market position. Together, we’ll         and expertise down on paper, we offer
determine your editorial/publishing plan,        additional developmental editing and writing
identifying the editorial services appropriate   services as well. All aimed at ensuring you
for your project, which can range from           say what you mean to say in an effective,
copyediting to ghostwriting.                     well-paced, captivating manner.
                                                                                     experience. Count on us to keep the
Once your manuscript has been             Be honest—how many books have              reader going; we’ll visually lead them
reviewed, edited, revised, and given      you judged by their covers? Your story,    from page 1 thru the appendix.
the seal of approval, our team of         your message, begins with the cover
proofreaders will take one last look,     design of your book. The front cover
inspecting every page for both obvious    should be eye-catching (the average        Leave it to us—we’ve done it
and easily-missed errors in spelling,     consumer spends just eight seconds         hundreds of times…and then some.
grammar, punctuation, page layout,        looking at it). And your back cover must   We’ll ensure that your book meets
accuracy of references, etc.              be compelling (the average consumer        all industry requirements starting
                                          spends no more than 15 seconds             with the International Standard Book
                                          here). We have all this in mind when       Number, or ISBN. This number is
You can’t get much more reader-friendly   we provide the creative direction for      your book’s numerical identifier that
than a clear-cut index. We’ll create a    your covers. You see, the overall look     allows bookstores, media, publishers,
comprehensive accurate index for your     of your book is a collaborative effort     and consumers to order, identify, and
book, allowing readers direct access to   between marketing and design. Working      refer to your book. We’ll also create
all important points and details.         together, we establish the messaging,      the barcode, acquire your Library of
                                          the color scheme, the hierarchy of         Congress Catalog Number, handle all
                                          elements, etc.. And when all is said and   copyright forms and fees, and prepare
                                          done, we provide creative, powerful        the cataloging data for library use.
This is the process where your work       cover options for your choosing.
comes alive. We give it color, rhyme,
and reason…. Here, in production, we
turn your ideas from words on a page
to a tangible piece of work authored      Your interior pages should keep the
by you—your book becomes a reality.       reader on track, setting a flow and a
From design to compliance, ending         tone. From font choices to call-out
in your first print run, we offer it       boxes, each element of interior design
all, including:                           and layout contributes to the reader’s
Your book will be your springboard, but it’s the marketing that will launch you to success. Truth be told, it’s the
marketing that will take you from just another author in a sea of “experts” to a respected resource that the media
and your prospective clients will trust and turn to.

We realize it’s natural to “wait to be discovered,” but we think your odds are better if you let us help.

Every day, millions of aspiring, emerging, and growing entrepreneurs turn to us, and our content partners, for information,
tools, and resources to help them conquer daily challenges in business. Our audience is ambitious, enthusiastic, and
interactive. And, we’d like to introduce you.

From featuring excerpt articles and displaying your book cover within relevant Entrepreneur.com channels to an ad
in Entrepreneur magazine and an all-inclusive book/author page on Entrepreneurpress.com, we’ll put the power of
Entrepreneur Media behind you.

Plus, in addition to the highly targeted exposure opportunities you’ll receive within the Entrepreneur family, we are a
content provider for the small business channels on a multitude of partner sites including:

              AOL.com                                               Reuters.com
              YahooSmallBusiness.com                                My.Att.Net
              YahooFinance.com                                      UsNews.com
              MSNBC.com                                             Smartmoney.com
              Foxbusiness.com                                       Washingtonpost.com
              The Street.com                                        PCWorld.com
Paid Circulation: 600,000
Total Audience: 3,005,000

30-Day Unique Audience: 6,000,000
Monthly impressions: 70,000,000

250+ Titles
• New York Times
• USA Today
• Wall Street Journal
• Business Week
You have an identity, you have an expertise. You are the authority. Now, who, besides you, knows this? How many
reporters are beating down your door for a quote? You need to get your name and your book into the right hands. Luckily,
we know how to do that.

Engage, interact, CONNECT with your audience. A website, a blog, your own social network—there are countless online
channels to help you build your web presence and reach your market. Are you using them? Let us help you start.

Like a drop onto still water. The power of friends, associates, and partners, can create a ripple like you wouldn’t believe.
WHO you know is vital to letting the world know WHAT you know. Let us help you spread the word—to people who, at
the very least, will pass it on.

Beyond the value to your readers, think of your book as an in-depth extension of your business card. It lets
people know who you are. And ideally, it makes a big impact, they keep it, and share it with others. And, while it’s
pretty impractical for consumers to google your business card, or purchase it – a book is a whole ‘nother story.

Where will people find your book? Working with our long time sales and distribution partner, McGraw-Hill, we’ll place your
book on all major online booksellers – Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and Borders.com. Plus, on the shelves of
wholesale distribution heavy-hitters Ingram and Baker and Taylor as well. And down the road, should your book find the
same success that your brand will, then it’s an easy transition into bookstores nationwide – it’s what we do.
“The team at Entrepreneur Press has      “Working with Entrepreneur Press        “Working with Entrepreneur Press has
literally helped me create an entirely   provides worldwide visibility and       given me the opportunity to broaden
new brand and career. No other           instant credibility, opening doors      my online platform and in turn, grow
publisher I have worked with so fully    leading to many new opportunities.      my business and my company. My
supports their authors with publicity,   Their responsive, proactive support     relationship with Entrepreneur Press
marketing expertise and the type of      helps to secure reviews, interviews,    has opened a multitude of doors for
creative brainstorming that comes        and the possibility of exposure         me to network with people around
with only the best of the best. Thanks   through Entrepreneur Magazine and       the world, share my passion and
to Entrepreneur kicking off things, I    Entrepreneur.com. I’m sure the book     expertise about marketing, branding
have a two hour weekend show on          would not have done as well as it has   and copywriting, and grow my
Entrepreneurship and am the go-to        without their help and support.”        business significantly.”
person for numerous media outlets.
They are THE BEST!”                           —Glenn Croston, Ph.D., author of       —Susan Gunelius, author of
                                               75 Green Businesses You Can            Kick-ass Copywriting in 10
     —Danielle Babb, Ph.D., author             Start to Make Money and Make           Easy Steps
      of Finding Foreclosures                  a Difference and Starting Green
      and The Online Professor’s
      Practical Guide to Starting an
      Internet Business
“Entrepreneur Press has given us great     “My personal experience as an author        “As an author, speaker, columnist, and
exposure into channels we would have a     with Entrepreneur Press has and             entrepreneur, I have to pay careful
difficult time accessing ourselves, such    continues to be amazing. They not only      attention to everything that is happening
as Entrepreneur Press, FoxBusiness.        get my book to print fast, they continue    out there. Marketing and individual
com, WashingtonPost.com, MSN.com           to help me promote it by supporting me,     enterprise have really got it going on
and so on. These are great outlets in      sending me ideas, opportunities and         this days -- now more than I can ever
which to promote our book, not to          that is just the beginning. Entrepreneur    recall. And I can recall a LOT. There
mention fantastic credentials to put on    Press is a publisher as well as a           is no single source on this planet that
our bios, and build our names in the       marketing machine. They are truly my        serves up such a satisfying and fulfilling
market.”                                   publisher for life!”                        diet of must-have information about
                                                                                       The Entrepreneurial Revolution than
     —Adina Genn, co-author of                  —Starr Hall, author of Get             Entrepreneur Media. The so-called
      So You Want to Franchise                   Connected: The Social                 leading edge is defined by their
      Your Business                              Networking Toolkit                    mission statement.”
                                                 for Business
“I would definitely advise any author                                                        —Jay Conrad Levinson, author
of a business-related book to put          “I’m very happy with Entrepreneur                 of the Guerrilla Marketing series,
Entrepreneur Press at the very top of      Press. It’s been collaboration from               the bestselling marketing series
their list. Chances are pretty good that   day one, on title, content, and every             in history
they will never need or want to get to     possible detail related to getting the
number two on their list.”                 book right, out there, and well marketed.
                                           The buzz on the website, the ads in the
     —Jeff Landers, author of The          magazine, I’m glad to have the privilege
      Home Office From Hell Cure            of working with Entrepreneur Press.”

                                                —Tim Berry, author of The Plan
                                                 as You Go Business Plan and
                                                 3 Weeks to Startup
Entrepreneur House Authors is a new possibility in publishing - one where your big idea, your business, and your brand
are all propelled by your book.

A publishing program for entrepreneurial authors, who have something worth saying, but need a publishing powerhouse
to help get their message out, develop a fan base, and grow their business.

A publishing program for business visionaries, who don’t yet have a built-in platform, but will someday.

If you’re writing a book and are seeking a publisher who will help you elevate your brand and grow your business, visit:
Entrepreneur Press • 2445 McCabe Way, Suite 400 Irvine, CA 92614


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