LED Lighting for Low Bay Lights by mnz15086


									L E D L i g h t i n g f o r Low Bay Lights

                                              Did you know
                                                      that you can
                                                  improve safety,
                                               visibility, and save
                                                         up to 75%
                                                 in energy usage
                                                  by switching to
                                                  an LED system?

                          We Make Your LED Lighting Solutions Simple

Solid-State Lighting E xper tise • Produc t Concept Development
       Complete System Solutions • Sustainable Supply
L E D L i g h t i n g f o r Low Bay Lights
 Significant increased energy savings can easily be achieved by adding dimming
 functionality and motion sensors. Since LEDs respond instantly, the improvements
 will be seamless and efficient.
 eNergy sAviNgs                                                                                 5 yeAr LiFe cycLe sAviNgs

          200                                    70% savings                                           1000                                        $671 savings
              160                                       58% savings                                          800                                          $402 savings
Wattage (W)

                                                                                               Dollars ($)
              120                           136W                                                             600
               80                                                                                            400
               40                                                 57W                                        200
                0                                                                                             0
                        150W HID      TB/T12 Fluorescent       LED Solution                                                HID             Fluorescent            LED Solution
                                                                                                                      Energy                     Lamp Replacement & Labor

 • Significant savings of overwith dimming and fluorescent and HID
                               58% compared to                                                   • Reduced energy labor and lamp replacement costs
 • Can be further enhanced                     motion sensors

              Enhanced Illumination                                                            Eco-Friendly
              and Lifetime                                                                     LuxEon LEDs are far more energy efficient than other
                                                                                               light sources and their long life and small size means far
              LuxEon® LEDs are directional light sources that allow for
                                                                                               less waste.
              greater control to maximize efficiency and uniformity.
              They also provide a superior color rendering index (CRI).                        Benefits
                                                                                               • Reduced coal and carbon emissions
              • Improved safety & visibility                                                   • Easier, cheaper and safer to dispose
              • Better CRI (color quality) and object recognition                              • Mercury and lead free
              • Improved light uniformity                                                      • Intelligent lighting controls reduce energy usage
                                                                                                 (dimming, ambient & motion sensors)
              • Lifeto 3x longer thancan target 60,000 hours
                     of LED product
                                       traditional fixtures)                                   • Reduction of hazardous material (RoHS compliant)
                                                                                                                                 Pb free         Hg MERCURY

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