Subject Time Sheets, Overtime and Application for Leave Forms by mnz15086


									To:         All Staff

From:       Eugene P. Grilli, Vice President
            Finance and Administration

Date:       June 29, 2009

Subject:    Time Sheets, Overtime and Application for Leave Forms

A new procedure is being implemented pertaining to the submission of overtime and leave forms
for classified employees. Effective immediately all leave forms reflecting the same dates as the
time sheet are to be submitted with the employee’s time sheet to the Payroll Office. Please follow
the guidelines as identified below for completing and submitting time sheets and leave forms.

1. When completing time sheets be sure to enter the hours under the appropriate earn codes and
   total the hours in each category for Week 1, Week 2 and enter the Grand Total.

2. If you are eligible for a shift differential, indicate this by checking the shift differential box for
   Week 1 or Week 2 and also check whether you are eligible for Shift 1 (.25) or Shift 2 (.35).

3. If an error is made, do not white out or erase any information instead cross out the error and
   enter the correct information. All changes must be initialed by the supervisor.

4. All leave forms (vacation, sick, personal, etc.) should be submitted to your supervisor for
   signature with the time sheet that reflects the same period of time.

        a. Vacation requests should be submitted to your supervisor/department head at least two
           weeks in advance for approval. Once signed, keep the approved form and attach it to
           the timesheet corresponding with the period of leave for submission to Payroll.

        b. When using sick leave it is imperative that you notify your supervisor. Sick leave
           requests should be completed upon return to work and submitted with the time sheet
           that covers the period of illness.

        c. Personal leave days should be requested in advance whenever possible to allow
           adequate coverage for the department. Attach the leave form that identifies the type of
           personal leave taken to the time sheet corresponding with the period of leave.

        d. Other types of leaves such as Bereavement, Compensatory Time, Firefighter, Leave
           without Pay, Legal, Military, Professional Personal Day, Union, etc. forms should be
           submitted to the supervisor/department head in advance for signature when possible.
           These forms should also be attached to the time sheet that corresponds with the period
           of leave.

It will be the supervisor’s responsibility before signing the time sheet to ensure that all leaves are
reflected appropriately on the time sheet.

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