; MDF Screen Room Divider Finishing and Assembly Instructions We
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MDF Screen Room Divider Finishing and Assembly Instructions We


MDF Screen Room Divider Finishing and Assembly Instructions We

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									                            MDF Screen Room Divider
                        Finishing and Assembly Instructions
     We recommend that you finish your mdf screen with your desired finish before assembling           .
Important Tips
1. Work at a comfortable level.
2. Good lighting is important. Make sure your lighting comes from several sources. This is important to keep from
having shadows affect your finishing effort.
3. Remember finishing furniture takes time. Please give yourself enough time to complete the project.
4. Please read all information on the finishing products you are using.

1. Making good of any small irregularities in the mdf, sand and smooth any raw edges.
2. Basic primer:- Firstly apply a primer, a good white primer should be used. After
   applying primer sand smooth with a fine grade sandpaper. Pay particular attention to
   the raw edges of the mdf a second coat of primer is advisable along these edges.
   Allow primer to dry before applying top coat.
3. Depending on the finish you are after a small roller or a good quality paintbrush should
   be used. Apply 2 coats of your chosen paint (lightly sand in between each coat).

 There are many different finishes you can achieve from simple painting to crackle glazing,
information on all kinds of finishing is freely available on the internet or at your local library.


     1. We would recommend that you paint the edges before wallpapering (and the back if
        you are not wallpapering both sides) in a colour to match your paper.

     2. Wallpaper using normal wallpaper paste.

ASSEMBLING – Tools Required - Pozi Drive Screw Driver

        1. Lay the first mdf panel on a flat surface then place the second panel on top with a
           piece of cardboard between the two panels (creating a 3-4mm gap) lining up the
           plug holes, screw the brass hinges into the panels. ONLY FIT FOUR SCREWS

        2. Fit the remaining panel(s) together to form a concertina ‘Z’ shape or a ‘C’ shape.

        3. Stand the screen on the flat floor.
           N.B. Do not pull out further than the recommended measurement.

                                         Please Note:
          Screens are freestanding and care must be taken when moving around them.
           JAF Graphics cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred through
                                  mishandling of our product.

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