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									Model Job Description

When using this model document, please replace the Business Link logo with your own company/organisation details. Job title: Department: Reports to: Staff responsibilities: Job purpose: [State the overall purpose of the role e.g. to provide secretarial and administration support to the management team and act as a first point of contact for clients contacting the office.] Responsibilities: [Provide information about the duties the employee will be expected to undertake. You may also wish to state the expected time spent on each duty as a percentage] You may be required to carry out other duties, as are within your capabilities and level of responsibility, in order to meet the needs of the business. Guidance Notes: Job descriptions will tend to be very specific to the organisations that use them in terms of style and content. The following ideas can be used in drawing up a job description:   Provide details of how great a proportion of the overall job a responsibility takes up. Divide up responsibilities into sections of the job e.g. a Recruitment and Training Manager would have responsibilities that are purely recruitment and responsibilities which are purely training, as well as responsibilities which cover both parts of the role. You may like to include sections on location and performance indicators. If you create skills/selection criteria matrix this can be reflected in the job description. Many organisations combine the job description and person specification to form one document.

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DISCLAIMER The contents of this model document are intended to be informative but by their very nature are general. You are strongly advised to seek independent advice before using the document in specific circumstances as Business Link for London cannot accept responsibility for any loss arising from reliance on anything set out, even errors or omissions. © Business Link London 2007

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