NSP-1 Latest Version Update by mnz15086


									NSP-1 Latest Version Update

     Update file (updatefilesNsp1v221.tar.gz) [Size: 39.7 MB] - Instruction of this update -               Mar. 27, 2006

NSP-1 V1.03 must be updated to V2.01(V2.02) first, and then it can be updated to V2.21.
* This update file doesn’t include any original body of the software.
- Please download a revised operating instruction of the NSP-1 and BZNP-D1 via the browser.
A) V2.21 Improved items
A.1) Video screen is cropped with WVGA resolution in "Software decoder mode".
A.2) NTP may not work correctly in a specific condition.
A.3) Internal system clock may be delayed in a specific condition.
A.4) White break may be inserted between Flash content.
A.5) When "Send Content" is canceled in January, it becomes impossible to resend the same content.
A.6) Video layer may be under graphic layer in a specific condition.
B) V2.21 Additional functions
B.1) USB wireless LAN adapter
NSP-1 now supports following USB wireless LAN adapter,
though actual throughput is limited by the spec of USB1.1 that NSP-1 adopts.
BUFFALO WLI-U2-KG54 IEEE802.11b(11Mbps),11g(54Mbps)
ASUS          WL-167G            IEEE802.11b(11Mbps),11g(54Mbps)
B.2) Change of spec about PLAY NOW for text content
When PLAY NOW function for text content is stopped, NSP-1 does not resume original text in the playlist.
 The spec is changed and NSP-1 will resume original text.
C) V2.21 Special Additional functions
C.1) Adjustment of video crop area
It is possible to adjust video crop area excluding full screen composite output
C.2) Sync playback of video content between multi-units
It is possible to playback a full screen video content playlist in sync between multiple units
with the acuracy of 2 to 5 frames difference.
D) Important Information
This trouble is up to V2.10. V2.12 was fixed. -Detail Information -
NSP-1 cannot boot and displays "Loading 1 ...", "Loading 2 ...","Login:".

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