Formal Lab Report Instructions by mnz15086


									           Physics Formal Lab Report Instructions/Rubric
                                          Mr. Hartman

                 Lab report due next lab day.
                 Lab reports are worth 30 points.
                 Work on lab in groups I have assigned. You write your own individual
                 Students who are absent on lab days should see me or a classmate for data.
                 All classroom rules apply!

Formal Lab Report Layout (Must be completely typed … You will lose 6 pts if your report is not
typed. You will lose 3 pts if your report is partially typed.)

** Title of lab experiment, your name, and date should appear at top of report.

I.      Purpose: This should be a brief description of the problem as you see it. Why are you
        doing this particular experiment? What are you attempting to discover/affirm? (2 pts)

II.     Apparatus: List all pertinent equipment used in the day’s experiment. Include a labeled
        diagram of the apparatus if that particular lab requests you to. (3 pts)

III.    Theory and Equations: Give a brief (yet thorough) description of the physics theory
        involved in the experiment. In addition, provide a list of important equations that will be
        used to calculate results and data. Make sure you state what each equation will be used
        to calculate and that you define each of the variables in the equations. (5 pts)

IV.     Data Collected: Record your measurements in this section. Usually this will be done in
        tabular (table) form. Make sure that it is organized, neat, and well labeled. Be sure to
        show a sample calculation for each variable in your data table that was calculated. Also,
        graphs that you made on Excel need to be introduced and displayed in this section. All
        graphs must have a title and labeled axes. This is the meat of the report and should be
        thorough. (10 pts)

V.      Conclusion: In this section you will briefly restate the purpose of the lab and what you
        did to accomplish that purpose. You should then provide your final interpretations of the
        results from the lab experiment. This section should also contain a paragraph listing any
        pertinent sources of error that occurred during the experiment. (5 pts)

VI.     Answers to Questions: Provide answers to any questions that may be present on your lab
        handout. State the question and then use complete sentences to answer the question.
        (5 pts)

Late Papers
One day late = 50% off.
Two or more days late = 0.                 Grammar and spelling counts! You
                                           will lose 3 pts if your report has
                                           3 or more grammar/spelling errors.

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