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									Date:                   Time:                   Class/Set/Group: Year 5/6                                              # children:

Subject: Maths/Geography                         Topic:    Litter pick/Audit                            Session length:1 hr for each of the 3 sessions
Learning Objectives:                                                               Related to curriculum objectives:
Consider if school has litter problem. Stimulate discussion to generate ideas      En1 1e 2e 3a Ma2 1a 2c Sc1b 2h Geog 1b 1c 3d 4a 5a Citi 5a 5c
on how to tackle the litter situation in school.
Learn/reiterate what can go in recycling bin.
                                                                                   Relationship to other lessons:

                                                                                   Key Vocabulary

Assessment Criteria (WILF)
Collection and analysis of data, evidence gathering to justify action points
Action planning
Presentation to class

                                                                                   Resources                                         Tally Sheets (1 per group)
                                                                                   Word search sheet (1 per person)                  Squared paper (2 per group)
                                                                                   Litter picking sticks (1 per group of 3)          Lined paper (1 per group)
                                                                                   Pairs of gloves (2 per group of 3)                Rulers
                                                                                   High vis vests (1 each)                           Calculators?
Differentiation                                                                    Clear sacks (1 per group)
                                                                                   Green/black sacks (1 per group)
                                                                                   Clipboards (1 per group)             Needles don’t touch poster (EnCams)
Extension (lesson 1)                                                               Preparation before the lesson
(a)task-in pairs,one with the sheet face down,test each other on items for bins.   Photocopy wordsearch and tally sheets
Person 1: "sandwich bag"               Person 2: "green bin" Do 3 items each       Decide on groups of three for litter pick and analysis
(b) write a list of other items in your house and which bin they should go in      Permission letter to take students off site if will be litter picking off site
Think of what you have for lunch and the waste left over-where would this go?
Lesson 2- colour graphs and prepare to present info to class.
Working notes (after lesson)
Time                                                           Structure and content of the lesson
          Beginning                                                                                                                  Organisation/grouping/adults
          Lesson 1-Litter pick preparation session                                                                                   Wordsearch-individual
          Discussion                                                                                                                 Litter pick and
          (If students have had assembly) Ask students what they learned in the assembly that they didn’t know before                data analysis groups of
          today/ what they can remember from the assembly if they knew it all already.                                               3 and some individual
          Did you see litter on way to school this morning? If so what was it?
          How does it make you feel? How does the amount of litter in an area make you think about that area?
          E.g. lots of litter- dirty, nasty area, wouldn’t want to live there                                                        Lesson 1
          Explanation of what we will be doing for the next 2 lessons.                                                               Person 1 litter picking stick,
          Lesson 2 will be litter pick itself, you will be in groups of 3 and will swap jobs every so often (saves arguments)        gloves, hi-vis vest
          Person 1: Litter picking stick, gloves, vest. Person 2:Clipboard and audit sheet, vest. Person 3:clear and green           Person 2 Clip board and audit
          bags,gloves, vest.                                                                                                         sheet, hi-vis vest
          We are doing a litter pick and audit which means we will be making note of what we are finding as we go                    Person 3
          around.                                                                                                                    2 bags, one for recyclables(clear)
          The sheet has a list of items you may find-list the items out loud.                                                         and one for general waste,
          I want you to put a tally mark as you find each item.                                                                      (green/black), gloves, hi-vis vest
          On the ‘Other’ section, as well as tally, also write down what you are finding e.g. bit of wood, string etc.
          We will be separating the recyclables, things that could go in your black bin from other pieces of litter.

          Test-What can go in your recycling bin at home?
          Plastic bottles,paper, card, can/tins
          These are marked on the tally sheet and on the clear bag if you forget.                                                    Follow-up work/homework
          To go over what can go in the recycling bin, I have a wordsearch for you to do.
          List of items are at the bottom, if it can go in your recycling bin it will be in one grid and if it can’t it will be in
          the other grid.
          Once finished this, make sure the student has looked for the 3 fruit items and then has answered question
          at bottom.
          Plenary-Students have sheet face down and teacher to test which goes in which bins

Children who did not meet expectations                                                  Children who exceeded expectations
Time                                                         Structure and content of the lesson
          Beginning                                                                                                         Organisation/grouping/adults
          Lesson 2-The litter pick                                                                                          Students in groups of three
          State-if any glass broken or unbroken is found to leave it and call over a member of staff.
          Show the ‘needles don’t touch’ poster very unlikely you will find it today but if you ever, in school or out of   If going off site have one
          school find a needle or syringe, never touch it but ask an adult to call the council to report it and we can      member of staff per 4 students.
          come to collect it.
          Give out equipment
          Person 1 Litter picking stick, gloves, vest Person 2 Clipboard and audit sheet, vest Person 3 clear and green
          bag,gloves, vest
          Whilst still all together tell the class how far you want them to go in the first instance or give out sections
           of the school grounds for them to cover. If there doesn’t seem to be litter there then tell them to be really
          thorough, look in hedges etc.
          Every 5/10 mins get them to swap over their tasks, make sure all get a go at everything.

                                                                                                                            Follow-up work/homework

Children who did not meet expectations                                         Children who exceeded expectations
Time                                                         Structure and content of the lesson
          Beginning Lesson 3-Data analysis and action planning                                                             Organisation/grouping/adults
          Sit in the groups of 3 as will be working together                                                               Students in same groups of three
          Person 1-to draw out graph 1 Person 2- to draw out graph 2 Person 3-scribe
          Firstly the group need to add up their tally marks in the margin and work out how many of each item they
          found. They then need to find totals for the number of recyclables and the number of non-recyclables before
          they start the graphs to know what scale to do the graph. Stress the importance of calculating the scale before
          they begin.
          Graph 1         Bar graph, test names of x and y axes
          Y=number of items x=name of item e.g. crisp packet, packaging for sweets and chocolate etc.
          Get students to think of a title which would explain to another students in the school the activities the
          class has done if they were to see the graph on a display board. E.g. ‘The items we found on our litter pick of
           the school grounds’.
          Graph 2         Bar graph, 2 bars, the number of recyclables vs. non-recyclables.
          Don’t let persons one and two colour their graphs until they have all discussed the answers to the questions
          Person 3 to write out the following questions and answer them once their group has discussed them.
          Write out the following questions on the board (before lesson starts if possible).
          1)Do you think litter is a problem in your school? 2) Where on the school site did you find the most
                    litter? E.g under the hedges, stuck in the fence 3) Where do you think the litter is coming from?
                    (evidence to back up answer)
          Your ‘others’ category may explain where it is coming from. 'We think litter is coming from outside of school
          because we found cigarette ends' 'we found sweet wrappers and we are not are not allowed them in school' '
          We found a sandwich bag which probably came from packed lunches'                                                 Follow-up work/homework
                    4)What could your class do to communicate the anti litter message to those dropping it?
               If posters-where would you put them and what would the wording/image be.
               If a display what would be on that, how would you get peoples attention.
          If an assembly what would be in that? how would you make it interesting to the rest of the school watching it?
          If need to communicate the message to the whole village, how would they do that?
          If the class decide that the village needs more bins-where would they site them, area which is most littered.
          Write an article to the parish newsletter? Promote the good work class has done and school being environmentally aware.
          Groups to present their work at the front of the class.
Children who did not meet expectations                                             Children who exceeded expectations

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