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LfEDD quality assurance scheme

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									• NCMA, Quality First: for Individual childminders (not in a network area).
• NCMA, Children Come First: for childminders in a network (must be in an
  allocated network area).
We will also consider applications for financial support to complete other IiC                                   Investors in Children (IiC)
endorsed quality assurance schemes. The financial support offered by the
early years service is dependent on the funding available at the time of your
application. For further details of the financial support offered by the early                                   Quality Assurance
years service contact Janina Perera on 020 8753 2433.

Is there any guidance or additional support?
The early years service will organise:
                                                                                                                 Does your setting provide good
• Training related to supporting settings standards of their quality                                             quality care and education?
  assurance scheme.
• Support groups bringing together providers undertaking the same scheme.                                        Is your setting committed to
• Support for individual providers in the quality assurance standard areas                                       providing the best possible service?
  related to the Foundation Stage Curriculum, Birth to Three Matters
  framework and portfolio building.                                                                              Then show you’re an Investor in
How do we find out more?
                                                                                  What are quality
If you are thinking about starting a quality assurance scheme or just want to
                                                                                  assurance schemes?
know more, come to one of our workshops called, “Introduction to quality
assurance schemes in early years childcare and play”.                             Quality assurance schemes
                                                                                  can be viewed as training
The workshops will look at what quality assurance schemes are, the benefits for   programmes designed to
your setting and choosing the right scheme. The workshops will be held termly.    promote quality by
                                                                                  encouraging childcare
                                                                                  providers to think carefully
                                Contact the quality assurance officer             about what they do and why
                                Janina Perera to find out more                    they do it – “reflective
                                Tel: 020 8753 2433                                practice”.
                                Email:                 Most schemes have similar
                                                                                  sections to those of the
                                                                                  national standards.
                                                                                  The standards set in quality
                                Visit our website:                assurance schemes help
                                                                                  settings to provide good
                                Published by the Hammersmith & Fulham             quality education and
                                Council education department.                     childcare over and above the
                                October 2004.
                                                                                  national standards for under
                                Printed by Hammerprint,
                                51 Glenthorne Road,
                                                                                  eights daycare and
                                Hammersmith W6 0LJ.                               childminding.
                                Ref:Lf.EDD quality assurance scheme
A quality          What are the benefits of quality assurance schemes?         Additional benefits for out of school providers caring for over eights
assurance          For children                                                • Enables parents to claim money through childcare tax credits.
scheme will        • Develops, encourages and maintains high standards of      • Provides support to reach a quality standard equivalent to the national
encourage            care and education for the benefit of children, their       standards and above.
providers to         family units and their local communities.                 • Enables parents whose employers contribute to childcare costs to take
do three           • Positively promotes cognitive, language, social, and        advantage of tax breaks on £50 a week of childcare costs from April 2005.
things:              emotional development.
                                                                               What is Investors in Children (IiC)?
                   For parents                                                 Investors in Children was developed by the Sure Start Unit to assess quality
1                  • Reassures parents that you provide high quality care      assurance schemes against 10 rigorous criteria. Quality assurance schemes that
                     exceeding the national standards.                         meet the criteria will be endorsed by IiC. This will aid childcare providers to choose
Look critically
                   • Enhances partnership with parents by encouraging them     a good scheme. Currently there are 48 endorsed Quality Assurance schemes.
at the quality
of their service     to be involved and actively contribute to their child’s   A list of IiC endorsed quality assurance schemes can be found at
for themselves       care and learning.                              
                   For staff
                                                                               How can my setting become accredited?
2                  • Recognises and acknowledges their good practice.
                                                                               Accreditation is achieved through completion of an IiC endorsed quality
                   • Identifies training and development needs.
To compare                                                                     assurance scheme. This will include an accreditation process and an element of
                   • Creates a positive culture of continuous improvement,     independent assessment involving the staff team, children, parents, carers and
their practices
                     increasing staff involvement and commitment to team       local community.
with what is
known about
best practice.     • Delivers positive benefits for staff motivation and       How long would it take to complete a quality assurance scheme?
                     empowerment, promoting increased
                                                                               This depends on the quality assurance scheme you choose and the commitment
                     retention of staff.
3                  For the setting
                                                                               you make, it can take anywhere between six months to two years to complete.

To get further     • May assist staff recruitment                                              Is there any financial support?
training/            and retention.                                                                The early years service will provide financial support towards
support to                                                                                          the costs of quality assurance packages for all early years
                   • Encourages networking &
ensure                                                                                              and childcare non-maintained sector providers who register
                     collaboration between providers.
they are                                                                                            through the early years service onto the following schemes:
delivering         • Assist applications for funding.
best practice.     • Provides a competitive                                                         • NDNA, Quality Counts: for full day care.
                     advantage and marketing tool.                                                  • PSLA, Aiming for Quality: for sessional or full day care.
                   • Provides evidence to meet the                                                  • Brighton & Hove, Quilt: for full day care and sessional
                     national standards.                                                               providers caring for three to five year olds.
                   • Creates a holistic approach                                                     • Montessori Education (UK), Montessori Education Quality
                     to good practice, linking                                                         Assurance Scheme: for Montessori settings.
                     self- assessment for Ofsted, Birth                                              • London Play, Quality In Play: for out of school settings.
                     to Three matters and the                                                        •4Children, Aiming High: for out of school settings.
                     Foundation stage curriculum.
                                                                                                        list continued overleaf...

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