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									               How to Start Your Canadian Coin
                      Collecting Empire
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Canadian coin collecting fanatics know – some of the most popular world coins are
coins from Canada. The history, the wildlife and the natural gems are widely

Why Canadian coins?

Canadian Coin Collecting Things to Know

Issued by the Royal Canadian Mint, Canadian coins are produced in Winnipeg,

Canadian coins display a high level of national pride, honoring current monarch and
their Government. While bearing images of wildlife, Canadian coat of arms and other
national treasures.

In total, there are seven denominations in the Canadian money coins that are in
circulation today. The image of Queen Elizabeth II is pictured on the obverse.

Commemorative Coin Collecting

In the year 2000, the Royal Canadian Mint began issuing commemorative coins.

And because of their outstanding design and appeal, these Canadian commemorative
coins are considered great treasures by numismatists. In fact, in 2004, the Royal
Canadian Mint issued 30,000,000 pieces of the world's first colored circulation coin.

Canadian Coin Collecting

Yes, Canadian coin collecting has become a world passion because of the spectacular
collections and pieces that have been produced.

Canadian coinage is of itself, a historical journey. For proof, look no further than the
mintage of the 1947 Maple leaf.

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now and meet some coin-loving people and learn more about this fascinating hobby
that's a lot of fun and potentially a great investment.

                                Canadian Coin Collecting

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