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									Case Study:
Kent Police

The Force behind award-winning security solutions                                                The new North Kent Police
                                                                                                 Station is without doubt the

Security challenge                                Staff can continually monitor and manage       finest police facility I have
When Kent Police Authority needed to renew        all security and access functions from PC-     seen in my 29 years service
its aging estate, it had an opportunity to        based quad screen control positions on the
                                                  charge desk. From here staff can assess each   and we are very enthusiastic
radically rethink how electronic security
provision could better support police and         situation and respond appropriately. The       about the opportunities it will
custodial staff to work more effectively.         system is highly intuitive, requires minimal
                                                  training and enables operators to provide:
The aim was to create an environment where        • 24/7 monitoring of live incidents
                                                                                                 Gary Beautridge
staff would be better equipped to do their           and movements anywhere on site
                                                                                                 Assistant Chief Constable
jobs, the public would feel safe and detainee
wellbeing would be assured. Kent Police           • A rapid and appropriate response
needed a solution combining technologies            to all events
and people to improve the practical care
                                                                                                 The Authority is delighted to
and administration of detainees, while            • Close monitoring on the wellbeing            see completion of the new
delivering a better service.                        of detainees, complementing regular
                                                                                                 police station on time and to
                                                    physical checks
In May 2008 the new area police station and                                                      budget. When we decided to
40-cell custody suite opened at Northfleet,       • Maximum flexibility to cope with
                                                                                                 invest this significant amount
North Kent. It is the flagship development          peaks of demand
                                                                                                 of money we wanted to
within a £30m PFI project by a consortium
led by Reliance Secure Task Management            • Remote management of all entry               provide a comfortable
supported by Reliance High-Tech.                    and access points
                                                                                                 environment for the public

The solution                                      • Immediate validation and response            while providing our officers
To bring the vision to life, Reliance High-Tech     to affray alarms                             and staff with the tools to
created an innovative technical solution to
                                                  • Accountability, recording and                do the job.
give custodial staff and police the ability to
manage events 24/7 across the entire estate.        measurement of all on-site activity.
                                                                                                 Mark Gilmartin
The specification included IP CCTV; access
                                                                                                 Chief Executive of the
control at all entry points into and within
                                                                                                 Kent Police Authority
the building; perimeter and intruder alarms;
affray alarms; video call points; intercom
audio links into all cells; and interview
room equipment.
Case Study:
kent Police

Benefits and results                            Reliance will maintain the premises for 30
The solution is expected to reduce the          years, providing multiple outsourced services
amount of time required by police to book in    including security systems management,
detainees by up to 70%, so freeing up police    front desk staffing, facilities management,
time for frontline duties* (see note below)     maintenance, helpdesk and evidential
                                                property management.
Mark Gilmartin, Chief Executive of the
Kent Police Authority said: “The Authority      Reliance High-Tech applies advanced
is delighted to see completion of the new       technologies to design and deliver fully
police station on time and to budget.           integrated electronic security solutions.
When we decided to invest this significant      It is part of Reliance Security Group, an
amount of money we wanted to provide            established market leader that employs
a comfortable environment for the public        12,000 people nationwide in manned
while providing our officers and staff with     security, facilities management and
the tools to do the job.”                       outsourced services.
Assistant Chief Constable, Gary Beautridge
                                                * A similar solution by Reliance for Sussex Police reduced
added, “The new North Kent Police Station       average booking in times by arresting officers from 30 to 9
is without doubt the finest police facility     minutes, equating to over 35,000 extra hours or 20 extra
I have seen in my 29 years service and we       officers per year on frontline police duties. See appendix –
                                                Custody Service Benefits Analysis, BDO Report
are very enthusiastic about the opportunities
it will bring.”
                                                                                                               Integrated Security Solution of
                                                                                                               the Year: Kent Police Authority,
                                                                                                               Reliance High-Tech

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                                                                                                                Boundary House,
                                                                                                                Cricket Field Road, Uxbridge,
                                                                                                                Middlesex UB8 1QG
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