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How to hypnotize a Moose


									      Thursday, July 31, 2008 f                                                                                  The Gazette’s guide to arts and entertainment                         Page B- 1

                               How to hypnotize a Moose
                               For his next trick, Jason Linett will entrance Frederick
    BY   NICOLE BELANGER                    He started reading every book
                                       he could find on the subject and           THE JASON LINETT
    A local comedic hypnotist is       took some classes from the
hoping to shed a little light on his   National Guild of Hypnotists, the          COMEDY HYPNOSIS
craft during his premiere show         most recognized organization on            SHOW
this weekend at Frederick’s            the subject, before becoming cer-
Moose Lodge.                           tified.                                    n When: 8 p.m. Saturday
    “A lot of people have miscon-           He still attends trainings            n Where: Moose Lodge 371,
ceptions about hypnosis because        every year or so and believes it is           828 E. Patrick St.,
they have fears based on movies        important to remain up to date                Frederick
and television shows,” said Jason      on a field that is still progressing.
Linett, of Baltimore, who has               “This field demands a lot of          n Tickets: $10 (A portion of
                                       respect. It’s a lot of work and a lot         the proceeds will benefit
been practicing the ancient art
                                                                                     Moose Charities)
since he was a teenager.               of responsibility,” he said.
    Benefiting the Moose Heart              One of the recent improve-            n For information:
Charities for children and the eld-    ments made to the field is how                301-662-1640
erly, the show is open to Moose        long it takes to put people under.
members, of which there are            Years ago, it could take almost 30
about 1,600, said organizer Lloyd      minutes to hypnotize someone,           dance or sing, or speak in
Snyder.                                but now Linett and others can do        dialects, but everyone will
    After seeing Linett perform at     it in just five minutes.                remember what happened when
another lodge, a member sug-                Although his shows are             they were under, he said.
gested bringing the hypnotist to       humorous, Linett said he always              “It’s a state of mind many
Frederick to entertain its mem-        makes sure people are safe. Only        people don’t know about or
bers, said Snyder.                     those who want to be hypnotized         understand,” he explained.
    His first time performing in       participate, since it doesn’t work           In fact, anyone under hypno-
the area, Linett said he is looking    for those who are unwilling, he         sis can reject a suggestion by the
forward to coming to Frederick         said.                                   hypnotist, he said.
and meeting the audience here.              Often, Linett discovers cre-            Coming from a family of
    Linett was initially spell-        ativity and hidden talents in audi-     entertainers, the hypnotist said
bound when he received his first       ence members and will have              he is having fun practicing his
magic kit at the age of 5. At 14, he   them doing things even they did-        craft and taking his family friend-
branched into mind reading, and        n’t know they could do.                 ly show on the road.                                                                 PHOTO COURTESY OF JASON LINETT
then into hypnotism.                        “It’s always interesting to see         “I went to college for theater    Baltimore hypnotist Jason Linett will bring his comedic show to
    “I saw people doing stage          what people will do,” Linett said.      and that background has helped
hypnotist shows and knew I                  Some will sign autographs          me to be prepared for anything,”       Frederick for a special engagement at the Frederick Moose Lodge on
wanted to do that,” he said.           and act like celebrities, others will   he said.                               Saturday.

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