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					                                                                                                                              No. 335 June - July 2009

            MHI completes membrane type LNG Carrier,
                         SERI BALQIS

  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) completed                              ment of the main engine as well as cargo handling ar-
construction of the SERI BALQIS (HN:2224), a No.96                               eas from the centralized control room. Thus, easy op-
Membrane type LNG carrier with a tank capacity of                                eration is attained.
157,610m3, and delivered the vessel to MISC Berhad at                            Principal Particulars
the Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works on Mar. 31,                            Length (o.a.):                                   294.6m
2009.                                                                          Length (b.p.):                                   281.6m
  The main features are as follows:                                            Breadth:                                          46.5m
- Electric propulsion motors with the dual fuel engine                         Depth:                                            25.8m
  (DFE) plant system that has better fuel oil efficiency                       Design draft:                                    11.15m
  are applied as the main propulsion system.                                   Gross tonnage:                                   107,633
- LNG tanks employ the GTT No.96E 2F membrane tank                             Cargo tank capacity:                          157,610m3
  system.                                                                      Main generator engine:                 Dual fuel engines
- High propulsive performance is achieved by the refined                                      11,400 kW x 3 units and 5,700 kW x 1 unit
  hull form using CFD (computational fluid dynamics)                           Main engine:                 Propulsion motors x 2 units
  and optimum dimensions for the membrane tank sys-                            Propulsion output:                   24,750kW x 78rpm
  tem.                                                                         Speed, service:                                   19.5kt
- The distributed control system is provided for monitor-                      Classification:                                      BV
  ing and controlling the principal machinery and equip-

                   For further information please contact:                                             Website:

                   2-2, Toranomon 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Tel: (03) 5425-9671 Fax: (03) 5425-9674   E-Mail:
                                                                                          No. 335 June - July Page 2

    CAPE GARLAND 177,000DWT new Cape size Dunkerque-max type
                      bulk carrier delivered
   Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding        cerning reserve
Co., Ltd. (MES) completed and deliv-        buoyancy to the
ered the 177,000DWT type bulk car-          ship. One sepa-
rier CAPE GARLAND (HN: 1693) at             rate settling and
its Chiba Works on Jan. 30, 2009.           service tank for
   This ship is the newly designed          Low Sulphur
Cape-size bulk carrier of Dunkerque-        H.F.O. and one
max type. Effective cargo handling,         for usual H.F.O.
easy maintenance of cargo holds and         are provided for
structural safety are obtained by           convenience dur-
adopting a double-side skin for cargo       ing changeover
hold construction.                          between Low
   The other features are as follows:       Sulphur H.F.O.
In spite of cargo holds bounded by a        and usual H.F.O.
double-side skin according to SOLAS,        in the SOx emission control area          ciently performed by separation of the
the cargo capacity of the ship is equiva-   (SECA). Low Sulphur D.O. tank and         topside tank and bottom side tank.
lent to that of conventional Cape-size      usual D.O. tank are provided for the         Principal particulars
bulk carriers with holds bounded by         same reason.                              L (o.a) x L (b.p.) B x D x d: 292.00m x
a single-side skin. The ship was de-           The main engine of the ship is a          282.00m x 44.98m x 24.70m x
signed in accordance with IACS              MITSUI-MAN B&W diesel engine                 17.95m
URS25 so that loading flexibility has       6S70MC-C, which satisfies IMO En-         DWT/GT: 178,394t (at draft 17.95m)/
been secured and structural safety has      vironment Standards for Exhaust Gas          92,278
been improved. Suitable arrangement         and achieves improvement of fuel sav-     Main engine: MITSUI-MAN B&W
of means of access required by SOLAS        ing by optimum matching at normal            6S70MC-C diesel x 1 unit
enables safe and effective inspection       service output. An electronic con-        MCR: 18,660 kW x 91rpm
in cargo holds and ballast tanks. Im-       trolled cylinder oiling system is ap-     Speed:                            15.3kt
provement of safety has been achieved       plied to the main engine achieving        Complement:                           28
by installation of a forecastle and by      operational cost saving. Ballasting       Classification:                      NK
application of new requirements con-        and de-ballasting work can be effi-       Delivery:                 Jan. 30, 2009

      Kawasaki delivers bulk carrier, CALYPSO COLOSSUS, to “K” Line
   Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corpora-              The carrier is the flush deck type     waves, which was developed for this
tion has completed construction of the      with forecastle and has five cargo        series.
55,000DWT bulk carrier, CALYPSO             holds. The shape of the cargo holds is       Four 30t deck cranes are installed
COLOSSUS (HN: 1610), to “K” Line            suitable for carrying cargoes such as     between the hatch covers on the ship
Pte. Ltd. at the Sakaide Shipyard. The      cereals, coal, ore, and steel products.   centerline. This facilitates cargo-han-
carrier is the 23rd of the 55,000DWT        The carrier employs the smooth bow        dling work at a port without adequate
series.                                     form having low resistance against        cargo-handling equipment.
                                                                                         Principal particulars
                                                                                      Length, o.a.:                  189.90m
                                                                                      Length, b.p.:                  185.00m
                                                                                      Breadth, mld.:                  32.26m
                                                                                      Depth, mld.:                    17.80m
                                                                                      Draught, ext.:                  12.50m
                                                                                      DWT/GT:                 55,429t/30,811
                                                                                      Main engine:       KAWASAKI-MAN
                                                                                      B&W 6S50MC-C Mk7 diesel x 1 unit
                                                                                      MCR:               8,200kW x 110rpm
                                                                                      Speed, service:            about 14.6kt
                                                                                      Complement:                          28
                                                                                      Classification:                     NK
                                                                                      Completion:                Jan. 8, 2009
                                                                                         No. 335 June - July Page 3

 Naikai Zosen completes 2,450TEU containership, LOS ANDES BRIDGE
                                                                                     achieved by adoption of the energy-
                                                                                     saving hull form.
                                                                                        Safe ship operation at a port, or in
                                                                                     navigation, is ensured with a bow
                                                                                     thruster for easier berthing and un-
                                                                                     berthing, auto-heeling control equip-
                                                                                     ment for safe cargo handling, and a
                                                                                     collision avoidance-assisting unit.
                                                                                        Principal particulars
                                                                                     Length, o.a.:                199.93m
                                                                                     Length, b.p.:                188.00m
                                                                                     Breadth, mld.:                 32.20m
                                                                                     Depth, mld.:                   16.60m
                                                                                     Draught, extreme:               9.80m
                                                                                     DWT/GT:about 32,600t/about 27,300
                                                                                     Complement:                         25
   Naikai Zosen Corporation has com-        are provided. The full cell guide sys-   Main engine:MAN B&W 7S70MC-C
pleted construction of the container        tem is employed for each container          diesel x 1 unit
carrier, LOS ANDES BRIDGE (HN:              hold. Three deck cranes installed on     MCR:               21,735kW x 91min-1
726), for Kono Shipping Inc. at the         the carrier facilitate cargo-handling    NCR:               19,560kW x 88min-1
Innoshima Shipyard. The carrier can         activity.                                Speed, max.:              about 24.4kt
exclusively transport 2,450TEU con-            The main engine is the super long-    Speed,, service:          about22.2kt
tainers including 250 reefer contain-       stroke type diesel engine, the Hitachi   Classification:                    NK
ers.                                        Zosen MAN B&W 7S70MC-C to re-            Registration:                 Panama
   The cargo hold consists of six com-      duce fuel oil consumption, and the       Hull No.:                          726
partments, and ten hatch openings           improved ship propulsion efficiency is   Completion:              Mar. 18, 2009

                          Imabari completes bulker, TOHOKU MARU
   Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has       cargo-handling operation.                Depth, mld..:               19.90m
completed the 88,000 M.T. D/W type             An energy saving device, hybrid fin   Draught, mld..:            13.801m
bulk carrier, TOHOKU MARU (HN:              developed by Imabari, is installed at    DWT:                        88,159t
1491), at the Marugame Shipyard on          the fore edge of the rudder just after   GT:                          48,026
Feb. 2, 2009.                               the propeller to increase the propul-    Cargo hold capacity:     101,695m3
   The vessel has been designed to          sion performance and contribute to       Main engine: HITACHI-MAN B&W
meet recent bulk carrier safety re-         less CO2 emission.                         6S60MC diesel x 1 unit
quirements as an ocean-going bulk              Principal particulars                 MCR:            12,240kW x 105rpm
carrier suitable for carrying coal cargo,   Length, o.a.:                229.93m     Service Speed:               14.7kt
with greater breadth and shallower          Length, b.p.:                220.00m     Complement:                      25
draught design suitable for coal un-        Breadth, mld.:                38.00m     Classification:                 NK
loading at the principal coal berths in
   The vessel consists of five cargo
holds of double hull construction with
top side tanks and side hopper tanks.
The design makes cargo handling and
cargo hold cleaning easier, providing
owners and operators with superior
cost performance. Each cargo hold has
a side sliding type hatch cover that is
operated by the hydraulic drive and
well fitted to the cargo hatch coaming
on the upper deck. The hatch size is
designed wider for convenience of
                                                                                         No. 335 June - July Page 4

            Sanoyas completes Panamax bulker, ATLANTIC LEGEND
    Sanoyas Hishino Meisho Corpora-        tanks are pro-
tion has completed the 83,685DWT           vided for storing
Panamax bulk carrier, ATLANTIC             hold-washing
LEGEND (HN: 1282), for Solar               water from a
Oceania Corporation of Liberia at the      large-capacity
Mizushima Works and Shipyard.              fresh water gen-
Sanoyas has previously constructed         erator. A special
70 vessels of 70,000 to 75,000DWT          fuel oil heating
class. This is the eighth vessel of the    system is
series of the Sanoyas newly developed      adopted for fuel
83,000DWT type, featuring the larg-        oil storage tanks
est deadweight and cargo hold capac-       to avoid cargo
ity for Panamax bulk carriers.             damage by overheating and to save         Breadth, mld.:               32.24m
    For improvement of propulsion ef-      the steam consumption.                    Depth, mld.:                 20.20m
ficiency, the vessel is equipped with a       In consideration of environment        Draught, mld.: 14.555m (extreme,
low-speed and long-stroke main en-         preservation, the various provisions        summer)
gine combined with a high-efficiency       such as fuel oil tanks of double hull     DWT/GT:            83,685mt/44,146
propeller and Sanoyas developed en-        structures, light color and tar-free      Main engine:MAN B&W 6S60MC-C
ergy saving device called STF (Sano-       coating for ballast tanks, holding tank     diesel x 1 unit
yas-Tandem-Fin, patented: maxi-            for accommodation discharges and          MCR:                      10,740kW
mum 6% energy saving) on the stern         dirty hold bilge, and independent bilge   Speed, service:         about 14.0kt
shell, which also contribute to the re-    segregation system for engine room,       Cargo hold capacity:96,152m3 (grain)
duction of CO2 emission.                   are adopted.                              Classification:                 ABS
    For efficiency of cargo handling,         Principal particulars                  Complement:                       25
cargo hatches are widened as much          Length, o.a.:                  229.00m    Completion:           Mar. 12, 2009
as possible. Dedicated fresh water         Length, b.p.:                  223.00m

              Namura completes ore carrier, BAOSTEEL EDUCATION
   Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.           nine wide hatches with one panel          tomated based on the M0 concept, and
delivered BAOSTEEL EDUCATION,              double-skin (box) type side-rolling       main engine is the MITSUBISHI
a 228,527 DWT ore carrier, to Emer-        hatch cover.                              6UEC85LSII type equipped with an
ald Marine Ltd. at its Imari Shipyard         The double-hull like cargo holds are   SIP lubricating system for saving lube
& Works on Mar. 31, 2009.                  suitably designed for the handling and    oil.
   The vessel is the seventh               transport of iron ore.                       The central fresh water-cooling sys-
230,000DWT type ore carrier built by          Fatigue crack arrestor applied to      tem is applied to main engine and
Namura, and its strengthened hull of-      hatch corners between the No. 3 hatch     auxiliary machinery.
fers flexible cargo loading of iron ore.   fore part and the No.8 hatch fore part.      Special attention is given to safety,
   The vessel has five cargo holds, and       The engine room machinery is au-       environmental protection, and reduc-
                                                                                     tion of labor and operation costs, and
                                                                                     compliance with the recent interna-
                                                                                     tional regulations.
                                                                                        Principal Particulars
                                                                                     L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B (mld) x D (mld) x
                                                                                        d (mld): 319.58m x 308.00m x
                                                                                        54.00m x 24.30m x 18.10m
                                                                                     DWT/GT:                228,527t/113,932
                                                                                     Main engine:                  Mitsubishi
                                                                                        6UEC85LSII diesel x 1 unit
                                                                                     M.C.R.:            22,432kW x 76.0rpm
                                                                                     Speed, service:                    15.1kt
                                                                                     Complement:                            25
                                                                                     Classification:                       NK
                                                                                       No. 335 June - July Page 5

              New JSEA President appointed                                         of Sumitomo Corporation; and Mr.
                                                                                   Taizo Fukuda was appointed as the
    The 98th Annual General Meeting                                                Senior Managing Director of the
of the Japan Ship Exporters’ Associa-                                              JSEA.
tion (JSEA) selected 31 directors and                                                 Mr. Takashi Nishioka, the former
two auditors in Tokyo on May 21,                                                   President of the JSEA, was also ap-
2009. Subsequently, the 558th Direc-                                               pointed as a new Advisor to the JSEA
tors’ Meeting selected Mr. Masamoto                                                at the meeting.
Tazaki, Chairman of Kawasaki Heavy             Mr. Tazaki,    Mr. Motoyama,
Industries, Ltd. as the new JSEA               New JSEA       New SAJ              New SAJ Chairman appointed
President. Mr. Tazaki’s tenure will             President     Chairman               The annual general meeting of the
last the usual two years. Mr. Tazaki                                               Shipbuilders’ Association of Japan
has just completed a two-year term        appointed: Mr. Akira Matsuda, Senior     (SAJ) held on June 16 elected Mr.
as Chairman of the Shipbuilders’ As-      Consultant of Marubeni Corporation;      Takao Motoyama as the Chairman.
sociation of Japan (SAJ), having held     Mr. Sho Minami, Company CEO of           Mr. Motoyama is concurrently Chair-
the position since 2007.                  Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and        man and Representative Director of
    At the same meeting, three Execu-     Mr. Kazuo Ohmori, Member of the          Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding
tive Vice Presidents of the JSEA were     board and Executive Vice President       Co., Ltd.

              Japanese shipbuilding industry at NOR-SHIPPING 2009
   NOR-SHIPPING 2009, the 22nd            from related circles including the          The JSEA stand located by the
international shipping exhibition and     sponsors.                                main entrance of the exhibition cen-
conference organized by Norway               A cocktail party was held in the      ter used an area of 240m2 for 12 ship-
Trade Fairs (NORGES                       evening on June 10 at the Radisson       builders, and formed the Japanese
VAREMESSE), was held at the               SAS Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo, co-spon-    stand area together with the adjoin-
Lillestrom Exhibition Centre in           sored by Ambassador Yamaguchi and        ing Japan Marine Equipment Asso-
Lillestrom, Norway, from June 9           Mrs. Yamaguchi as well as the JSEA       ciation (JSMEA). Shipbuilding fea-
through 12. 1,105 companies from 52       president Mr. Tazaki About 700           tures of each shipbuilder were dem-
nations participated, and the exhibi-     guests joined from various circles in-   onstrated using liquid crystal display
tion was visited by an estimated          cluding Norwegian shipowners.            system, photographs, and scale mod-
15,599 people.                               The Japan Ship Exporters’ Asso-       els. Expert attendants from the ship-
   At 9:00AM on June 9, the Japanese      ciation (JSEA) participated in the ex-   builders received visitors to provide
stand was opened by Mr. H.                hibition in cooperation with The Ship-   further explanations. PR videotapes
Yamaguchi, the Japanese Ambassa-          builders’ Association of Japan and 12    of 12 companies were digitized for dis-
dor to Norway; Mr. M. Tazaki, Presi-      Japanese shipbuilders under a grant      play on a 100-inch screen at the exhi-
dent of JSEA; and Mr. Y. Fujimoto,        from The Nippon Foundation, to           bition with the support of the Nippon
vice Chairman of JSMEA, and at            showcase the Japanese shipbuilding       Foundation. This collaborative exhi-
9:30AM, the official opening took place   industry today, using photos, scale-     bition procedure was a great success
in the presence of King Harald V of       model ships, and a liquid crystal dis-   in demonstrating the whole shipbuild-
Norway and many honorable guests          play system.                             ing industry.

Opening ceremony of Japanese stand: from the second at left side of the front row are Mr. Tazaki, Mr. Yamaguchi, the
  Japanese Ambassador to Norway, and Mr. Fujimoto (left photo) and a cocktail party held on June 10 (right photo)
                                                                                      No. 335 June - July Page 6

    RAINBOW STAR                               OASIS RIVER                         JOSE PROGRESS
Owner: Neptune Navigation Corpo-         Owner: “K” Line Pte. Ltd.               Owner: ASL Shipholding S.A.
   ration Limited                        Builder: Sasebo Heavy Industries Co.,   Builder: Shin Kurushima Dockyard
Builder: Onomichi Dockyard Co., Ltd.        Ltd.                                    Co., Ltd.
Hull No.: 539                            Hull No.: S762                          Hull No.: 5546
Ship type: Product Tanker                Ship type: Crude oil tanker             Ship type: Chemical tanker
L (o.a.) x B x D x d (ext.): 172.00m x   L (o.a.) x B x D x d (ext.): 243.8m x   L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 185.93m x 32.20m
   32.20m x 18.10m x 12.60m                 42.0m x 21.5m x 15.64m                  x 19.30 x 11.60m/11.95m
DWT/GT: 47,333t/26,914                   DWT/GT: 115,126t (scantling)/59,258     DWT/GT: 47,018t/30,969
Main engine: Mitsui MAN B&W              Main engine: Mitsui MAN B&W             Main engine: Kobe Diesel 6UEC60LS
   6S50MC (MK-6) diesel x 1 unit            6S60MC-C diesel x 1 unit                diesel x 1 unit
Speed, service: 15.3kt                   Speed, service: 14.5kt                  Speed, service: 15.3kt
Registration: Hong Kong                  Registration: Singapore                 Registration : Panama
Classification: NK                       Classification: ABS                     Classification: NK
Completion: Feb.27, 2009                 Completion: Mar. 3, 2009                Completion: Feb. 19, 2009

  CRANE HARMONY                                    K. ASTER                           FLORENCE LILY
Owner: Grulla Oceano Inc.                Owner: Aster Maritime S.A.              Owner: MI-DAS LINE S.A.
Builder: Niigata Shipbuilding & Re-      Builder: Universal Shipbuilding Cor-    Builder: Oshima Shipbuilding Co.,
   pair, Inc.                              poration                                Ltd.
Hull No.: 0019                           Hull No.: 114                           Hull No.: 10482
Ship type: Chemical tanker               Ship Type: Bulk carrier                 Ship Type: Bulk carrier
L (o.a.) x B x D x d (ext.): 119.22m x   L(o.a) x B x D x d: 299.70m x 50.00m    L(o.a) x B x D x d: 224.86m x 32.26m
   20.00m x 11.65m x 8.70m                 x 25.00m x 18.20m                       x 20.05m x 14.40m
DWT/GT: 11,705t/7,248                    DWT/GT: 207,942t/106,367                DWT/GT: 82,356t/42,647
Main engine: Makita-Mitsui-MAN           Main engine: MAN B&W 6S70MC-C           Main engine: KAWASAKI MAN
   B&W diesel x 1 unit                     diesel x 1 unit                         B&W 6S60MC diesel x 1 unit
Output: 4,550kW x 210 min-1              Speed, service: 14.6kt                  Output: 9,378kW x 88.0rpm
Speed, service: 13.00kt                  Classification: KR                      Speed, service: 14.5kt
Classification: ABS                      Delivery: Apr. 3, 2009                  Classification: NK
Completion: Mar. 13, 2009                                                        Completion: Feb. 3, 2009

                                   Prepared and edited by Eureka International Inc.                     Printed in Japan

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