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Royal Fort House (RFH)

RFH is a Grade I listed building and as such must be treated respectfully. No blue/white tack
or sellotape can be put up on the walls or food/beverages consumed in the IAS corridor as
these will mark the plaster and floor tiles, respectively.

Please note that RFH is open from 7am to 6.30pm (5pm out-of-term time), Monday – Friday.
If a Workshop is scheduled to last beyond 6.15pm (or 4.45pm out-of-term time) or at the
weekend then Conveners MUST arrange with Matt Davies (, ext:
87604) for a porter to be in the building – this is a University requirement for any out-of-
hours use. A departmental charge code will be necessary to book this; current charges are:
£16.66 per hr for out-of-hours and Saturdays; £22.22 per hr on Sundays. There is a
minimum charge for four hours at the weekend. Conveners are also responsible for alerting
delegates to the Fire Exit (entrance below the staircase) and to the meeting point in Royal
Fort Gardens in front of the Queens Building in the event of an emergency.

The Verdon-Smith Room

If appropriate, Conveners are invited to hold their Workshops in the Verdon-Smith (V-S)
room at the IAS. The V-S room has the capacity to accommodate 24 people sat in a large oval
or 30 people sat theatre-style. The default configuration for the room is where the tables are
arranged in a large oval.

There is a water machine providing both hot and cold water (disposable cups only), and a
small fridge where milk/juices can be kept, which must be emptied at the end of the event.
The IAS is NOT staffed to clear up after each event and therefore it is the responsibility of
the Convener to ensure that the room is left in the same condition in which they found it for
the next users, i.e. clean and tidy (clearing away all food debris), and the furniture in its
default large oval configuration.

Below is a list of the audio/visual equipment available for your use in the V-S room.

 Overhead projector                  VHS player                    DVD player          Laptop PC

 Speakers                            Digital projector             Internet Access via IAS laptop only*

*Should Conveners wish to use their own or delegates’ laptops, they must arrange with their
departmental computer technician so that necessary adjustments are made to ensure that
your equipment can link to the IAS internet facilities.

Rules and Guidelines for IAS Research Workshops, Updated Oct 2009                                            1


Workshops are publicised on both the ‘Events’ ( and
‘Research Workshop’ ( web pages on the IAS
website. In addition, new Workshops will be announced in a circular email to all academic
staff within the University at the beginning of the Workshop series.

Conveners are therefore required to provide electronic copies of the following:

1.   A summary (one page) of their Workshop series for our Research Workshop webpage
2.   A short summary (small paragraph) of their Workshop series to be emailed to all UoB
3.   Details of individual Workshop events for our Events webpage

Items 1 and 2 MUST be submitted before the start of the Workshop series and item 3
provided two weeks before the date of each event.


Conveners are required to keep a database of delegates (name, post, department, email
address) to be submitted to the IAS at the end of the Workshop series. At the end of each
Workshop event, Conveners are required to write a short synopsis (stating the number of
delegates and the outcome of the event), which will be published on their Workshop’s
webpage. At the end of the Workshop series, Conveners must complete and submit a
Research Workshop Evaluation Form, which can be downloaded from the link below:
If a volume of proceedings or booklet is to be an outcome of the Workshop, then the IAS
asks for a copy to be provided for its S.T. Lee Library.

Transfer of Funding

The Convener’s department must set up an internal transfer (IT) for the agreed amount. The
IT form must then be sent to Dr Susan Jim (, ext: 89172), the IAS
Research Development Manager, who will then process the transfer of funds to your
department. The Convener will then be responsible for the financial administration of the
funds within their own department.

Please note that your department MUST be able to provide the IAS with a detailed
breakdown of all the spending against the amount transferred (outgoings must have an
identifiable audit trail) and that any underspent monies may be required to be returned to
the IAS. We do recommend therefore, that a separate account be established within your
department for your Workshop.

Rules and Guidelines for IAS Research Workshops, Updated Oct 2009                       2

Please sign & return this page to: Susan Jim, Institute for Advanced Studies, Royal Fort House

Responsibilities of the Convener

To suitably acknowledge the IAS’ support in all publicity, please use our logo and URL
above for this purpose.

To submit the appropriate documentation (detailed overleaf) for the publicity and feedback
of their Workshop.

To administrate the Research Workshop funds within their own department.

To arrange the use of audio/visual equipment with Susan Jim well in advance of the event.

To set-up the V-S room to meet their own requirements and to return the room to its
original/default configuration (a large oval of tables) and condition on completion of the
event. Please note that the IAS is not staffed to clear up after each event.

To arrange portering with Matt Davies if an event is to last later than 6.15pm (or 4.45pm
out-of-term time) or scheduled over a weekend.

To alert delegates to the Fire Exit at the bottom of the stairs and to the meeting point in
front of the Queens Building in the event of an emergency.

If required, Conveners may book catering via the Hawthorns (ext: 45555; Please note that no internal catering
service is currently available at the weekends.

Conveners declaration: I have read and understood the above rules and guidelines.

Signature:                                                          Date:


Name of Research Workshop:

If you have any queries regarding the above, then please contact

Rules and Guidelines for IAS Research Workshops, Updated Oct 2009                           3

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