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					Whatever one wishes, undertakes to do or plans to do or achieve as he grows up; whether in the beginning, in the middle or in the end or towards the end or throughout the path of the journey, there will always be some kind of a hindrance/obstacle. But through it all, it does not matter how weak, strong or persistent the hindrance may be, but the truth is that the dream, vision or the goals you have set up will never die as long as you are alive. The obstacles on the way towards your dream will never change the content of the dream.

without your will until you realize that you have to position or align yourself with the will or the plan of God for you. The two forms of hindrances can also be grouped or divided into three categories which are as follows: The Past, The Present and The Future.

♥ A hindrance or obstacle may be in

one of the two forms. One of the forms of obstacles is the one which is specifically designed to prevent you from reaching your goals or dreams. designed to facilitate your way forward towards fulfillment of your dreams. This form of an obstacle is merely not an obstacle, but it acts like a frictional force which sounds like some kind of difficulty in your way while it helps you move on with your way. Even though you may be dreamless or visionless, this one will fall upon you like the rain falling upon both the evil and righteous people of the earth because if you cannot identify your dream, God is always having one for you, therefore this form of frictional force will move you even

♥ The other one is specifically

The past and the present work together for the future, therefore it is difficult to move on with life if you do not know your past. Sometimes people have to be reminded of their past so that they can foresee their tomorrow. Before you realize who you are today, you have to remember the rock from which you were hewn. Isaiah51:1-8 Before Jeremiah realizes who he is as compared to this situation, he has to be reminded of his initial design. Jeremiah 1:4,10,18,19. If you want to boost your confidence against anything on your way, you should look at Jesus as your mirror image so that you can face this situation with confidence. Before Jesus became flesh, dwelt among us, went through trials and tribulations , he was not the flesh, but he was God the King of kings, therefore though in flesh, he does not conform to the flesh desire so that he can re-claim or regain his kingdom. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…John1:1 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One And Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth…John1:14 How bad or terrible your life today cannot change who you are tomorrow. You don’t have to determine or anticipate/ predict your future on the bases of your:-


background, how bad you feel about yourself today, mistakes you have done along the way, how many times you have failed, sickness or anything that comes against your way forward , but if you want to move on with your life, you must first remember the rock from which you were hewn. Remember your Creator in the days of your youth. Ecclesiastes 12:1-7 You must also remember your parents who stand in the place of God for you. Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord. Colossians3:20

today and then wait what the next day holds for them. It is easy for them to use up their lives in just one day. They are living by chance. The most of them make a living or income by chance.( crime, prostitution, drugs etc.) And there are those that have their goals or vision fixed in a certain month, months or years from now on. In a period between the years when the vision/dreams/ goal will be accomplished, they would work hard to have it accomplished. Some would give birth to a dream or vision, but it would take them too long to grow it up to a matured man. There are also some other basic goals that everyone is expected to achieve or reach at a certain stage of life such as: completing grade 12, tertiary education and than be employed or self employed, get married and have a family. And before these goals are reached or achieved, there is a series of hindrances or obstacles that apply a certain amount of force against the way forward towards fulfillment of those goals.

The present is the now part of your life. The now part of your life is how you feel about yourself today. It is what you are going through right now. It is the decision you are making right now. The most of difficulties you are going through right now are not your mistakes. You don’t have to blame yourself of anything. Forgive yourself of your past and decide to live life which is free of regrets and blames. Make up for your mistakes, make peace with people you hurt in the past so that you can have peace without any debt. The present tends to be more powerful in terms of hindering you of your future than the past can. Therefore make a sure foundation of your future today. Identify who you are; and what you want; and also find out how long will what you want last ;and how will it help you today and in future. And finally make plan to fight against hindrances as you move on. There are two types of people who live in our midst today, some are those that have their goals achieved by just gaining whatever they have gained

Due to so many challenges in life, the most of the youth don’t reach the point where they say they have achieved their goal, vision or dreams. That they can’t have their visions fulfilled does not mean that their vision is dead, but the problem is a distance between now and the point where the dream can be reached. Now as the youth of this age, you have all your goals, dreams and visions set up, and it is a fact that there are hardships along the way that you have to go through before you reach your dreams.

He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself. Proverbs 6:32


The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice. Proverbs12:15
And Now the question that remains is: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GO THROUGH THE HARDSHIPS? There is a lot of basic, common and dominant challenges that face the youth in one way or the other as they grow up in different places. And the most of these challenges are dangerous because they taste sweet in tongue and turn deadly poison in the stomach, therefore it does not sound like challenges to the youth, but the parents are regarded as those challenges instead. Those challenges are: prohibition of corporal punishment, disobedience/ lack of respect for parents(adults) and or people of their age or younger age than them, sexual relationship before marriage, drugs and alcohol, prostitution, pornography, gays and lesbians freedom, freedom to operate on their free state. And a huge mistake that the youth do is that they think those challenges are facing their parents when they are actually facing and dealing with themselves in details because when they engage themselves in those challenges, they either hide for their parents or just move on with their lives thinking in the expense of their parents while it is actually vise versa. The most persistent challenge in this age is a cloud that rains down all of these challenges to the youth as vulnerable as they are which is democracy-related laws which gives a platform for all these challenges that the youth are faced with. The more the technology and democracy-related laws advance, is the more the challenges against the way forward of the youth multiplies from most difficult point to the point where there will be no way forward at all; therefore there is no need for you to blame yourself of living in this generation where you find yourself growing and squeezed within legalized and disorganized generation. Showers and flashes of hindrances.

1.1 Authority to divorce. The family is your kraal within which you have to grow irrespective of any challenge or experience the marriage is going through, and outside there is a serpent who groans like a lion looking for someone to devour. It is a fact that a serpent do sometimes find some leaks and break into the kraal and steal some people from within the family or kraal, but it is worse when there is no family at all or when marriage has been broken down. Because When a well-organized family or marriage is destroyed, another one which is not well organized is formed and that kind of family is a den and the play ground for such family is the street. And the goal or achievement for such a family is prison and or death eternal if Jesus has not been allowed to intervene. Therefore bear it in mind that without God, family protection and or parental guidance or control, you will reap pain instead of goodness and mercy. 2.2. Youth, stripped of protection. As the youth of this age, it must not depart your mind that you are naked of power if you don’t have any source of control of your actions or a leader in your life. The first of which are your parents who know your strengths and weakness from the day you were born to this point in time. They are the kind of leaders who have the dream to have you alive and well until you accomplish

It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth. Lamentations 3:27


If a ruler listens to falsehood, all his officials will be wicked. Proverbs 29:12

your dreams and vision. They are the one’s who stand by your side to help and support you fulfill your dreams, but sweet venom would stop all of that so that you are fully exposed to anything that could jeopardize your life now and in the future. Be vigilant of democracy which comes in a skin of a lamb while its aim is to strip you of your protection and future. Parental control, guidance or leadership (including corporal punishment) which is now appearing as hindrance to the way forward of the youth, is the same one that cooked the most successful people of today which includes the leaders of this age. Therefore forgoing such basic and indispensable foundation of the future will cause a failure to reach your goals or you might reach your goals, but there will be a crack in whole of your success. That is something that you can witness that an umbrella that protects you from heavy rains of life has been removed by democracy for you so that you are fully exposed to any danger or harm. It does not make any difference how you clean up, decorate the pig and give it the freedoms and right to live in house with people because the natural life of a pig will never be stopped by you cleaning up, decorating and giving it the right to live in house with you. What could happen is that you suffer the consequences. It does not make any difference how you justify sexual immorality, because the end result will always be suffering. as the nation is suffering of aids, teenage pregnancy and dropping out of school before studies completed which all yield to skills shortage and poverty. And even if you go without on this earth, there is still suffering waiting for you after this life you are enjoying using up right now.

If justice has been granted immorality for you to commit, then, there will be no justice for you in hell. Jhn16:23-24 But if you deprive justice to any immorality then you have justice waiting ahead of you in this life and in the life after this. John16:22 But justice to immorality will expose you to aids, sti’s, marital problems as young as young as you are, prison, death eternal, failure to accomplish your dreams and vision an so forth. There is justice for your action to kill (termination of pregnancy), but you have no justice with God who can hear the voice of blood. Condom & Family planning may justify your sexual immorality, but aids will never have justice on you until you plead for justice from God your Maker. It would be better for you to be infected with aids and repent rather than to be its host, distributor, die and wait in abyss where there is crying and grinding of teeth. There may be justice granted to sexual immoralities like: gays and lesbians relationships, prostitution, sexual relationship out of marriage and so forth, but there is also wage waiting for any kind of immorality committed. It is better to have the standards of morality of your life set by the one who made you than to be regulated by people who are not regulated by God. If you are growing under full parental control which includes corporal punishment, you would not be exposed to drugs, alcohol, poverty, crime and so forth. You are being robbed of your wisdom, life and future, and you like and you enjoy it because this kind of hatred is very sweet in taste.



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