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                                        Is Everyone a Candidate For Dental Implants?
                                                             By Martha Vasquez

  If you are missing a few teeth and you're embarrassed about it, don't fret. There is hope for you.
That hope comes in the form of dental implants. Because of the development of implant dentistry,
people do not have to live their entire lives with large gaps between their teeth. Everyone has the
opportunity to have the smile they always wanted. This also offers up a great explanation as to why
some people have beautiful teeth that look absolutely flawless. They have a mouth full of secrets that
no one knows because the implants look so much like real teeth.

 Another important aspect is the fact that the implants act like real teeth. You are not plagued with a
handicap when you receive dental implants. Implant dentistry has definitely taken that into
consideration. Teeth are important because of their multiple functions, so rest assured that you're not
going to be restricted if you decide dental implants are what you need.

The perfect candidate

 Many individuals can qualify for dental implants, but there are a few things that need to be kept in
mind when it comes to using implant dentistry as your route to the perfect smile. The first of those
things is how many teeth you need replaced. The more you need replaced, the more money it is going
to cost you. You might have to evaluate which ones are most important to you if you cannot afford to
have them all replaced.

 However, it may not be possible to replace them all anyway. That is because the only way you can
have dental implants is if you have enough bone remaining in the area of the missing teeth for the
implants to be inserted. If there is not enough bone, then you're not going to be able to have implants
in those areas. This information in combination with how much money you're going to be able to pay
will determine how perfect your smile will be. However, there are many ways nowadays in which an
individual can pay for their cosmetic dentistry procedures, so that should not be the top priority on your
list. Your top priority should be in finding out which areas of your mouth can receive dental implants.

 But look at it this way: Any teeth that you're able to have replaced will serve as a great improvement to
your smile. Implant dentistry has not only made it possible to have a better smile, but eating becomes
an easier task. This is good because one would be amazed at how important of a role teeth plays in an
individual's overall nutrition. You want to be able to look at a certain dish and say, "I can’t wait to have

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

that." You don't want to have to look at it and say, "I can't eat that because I don't have enough teeth to
chew it." As raw as that may sound, there are many individuals faced with this challenge every single
day. Fortunately, dental implants have solved that problem for countless others.

Taking action

 So if you're one of those individuals who are tired of not having the perfect smile and not being able to
enjoy other aspects of your life, implant dentistry has the answers. Dental implants have improved the
quality of life for many individuals throughout the years. Appearance is improved and so is self-esteem.
And to think that no one has to know that what you're sporting is dental implants is quite amazing. The
only way anyone will know is if you tell. The secrecy in itself is quite exciting.

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                                    Dental Implants – A Secure Guide to Dental Cure
                                                              By Simon David

The two word phrase, dental implants, is a source of great relief in the world of dentistry. It implies a
cosmetic replacement of the tooth root which holds a crown or restoration on the upper portion, and
gets anchored into the alveolar bone to reinstate the original form of the tooth and sustain the integrity
and solidity of the jaws. In simpler words, if your teeth have a decaying problem or cracked or chipped
look, dental implants come as a savior as they substitute fine for your original teeth.

Talking of the material used in dental implants, it can be safely said to be bio-compatible. A screw of
titanium and a cap to cover it - dental implants are composed of these two essential constituents. In
modern times, an alloy made of cobalt and various other components called Vitallium are too used as
osseointegrated implants.
The Procedure:
The act of placing dental implants is not as easy as it sounds. The various steps can be enlisted as:
1.After the tooth is extracted, a little perforation is made into the tooth up till the tip of the root. This is
adjusted according to the accurate size of the jaw.

2.The anchor and a protective screw are next placed so that the implant site interacts with the screw
instead of getting healed immediately. This process is known as osseointegration. It can take as many
as six months to get completed.

3.Subsequently, the screw is substituted by the artificial dental crown. The initial temporary provides
the best accurate shape for the gums to develop around.

It is important for the dentist to check whether the bone is thick enough. If not, then a bone grafting is
done for the thickening and healing procedure which can prove to be sufficient for the osseointegration
to happen and bear the implant screw for much longer time.
Types of dental implants:
Dental implants come as various categories which can be listed as below:
1.Endosseous Blade Implants
2.Endosseous Root Form Implants
3.Sub Periosteal Implants
4.Mini (Transitional) Implants
5.Trans-Osseous Implants

Advantages and disadvantages:
Apart from being a long lasting solution for tooth loss, dental implants help one get rid of such dental
problems as plaque formation, bone loss as well as gum recession. In fact strangely enough, the taste
of food gets to be better after dental implants are done. However, irregular maintenance of the teeth
can result in peri-implantitis which can be avoided with proper oral hygiene.
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