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					Income Opportunity

  • Create a serious income

  • Have a better lifestyle for you and your family

  • Get the Internet really working for you
Breeze uses word of mouth advertising to expand its subscriber base. This is hugely effective
with Breeze’s powerful products which our subscribers naturally recommend to others.

We are also looking for people interested in going beyond the regular
‘affiliate type’ income stream and looking for a serious income
opportunity… or even a new career. If you are looking, this document
is for you.

Breeze Products - Internet and Lifestyle
This is merely an overview - the best way for you to evaluate the full business potential and
income opportunity is for you to come and meet us so we can show you the business
presentation, or if you are not near a local representative we can initially show you an online
presentation - please ask us for details.

                             Breeze’s products & services can help
                               you make money and save money

Before you look at the Breeze income opportunity, we recommend you first have a look at our
Subscriber Benefits document which will give you an overview of the company and the
extraordinary value in the Breeze subscriptions. Or you can ask us to see a product

The Breeze income opportunity is the most exciting business available
on the Internet. The Breeze products and services not only stand up
on their own but are essential for entrepreneurial people looking to
thrive not just survive the current economic downturn.
And above all, the Breeze business model is very different… there are
no multi-levels, no stock and no ‘selling’.

Income Opportunity Overview
Please ask us for a demonstration of Breeze’s powerful income plan. Here are some of the key

   •   No multi-levels - there are only 2 positions: Executive and Senior Executive. Purchasing
       an EBC subscription qualifies you for commissions, you then need just 2 EBC
       subscription sales to reach Senior Executive and maximum commissions.

   •   We know that the vast majority of people do not want to be sales people. Therefore we
       have a system in place to make referring people very simple. The sales process is
       handled for you by a team of professionals who are there to support you every step of the

   •   Not a 3-5 year plan like many home-based businesses. Commissions range from £230 to
       £870 per subscriber so with Breeze you can make a good income from Day 1.

   •   There are no ‘downlines’ and you don’t need hundreds or thousands of people. With
       Breeze, in theory you only need 3 people to generate a substantial business with
       exponential growth potential.

   •   No monthly overheads or ongoing costs.

   •   Products to be proud of… aimed specifically at small to medium sized businesses and
       entrepreneurial minded people. Most business opportunities require you to carry stock or
       commit to monthly orders for products which are generally seen as a distraction to
       someone already in business. Breeze’s products help you make money and save
       money and can be used to enhance a current business or start something new.

   •   Subscribers who don’t for whatever reason refer anyone to Breeze can still get a great
       return with their subscription just by using the products and services, saving money
       with Breeze’s technology and travel products and saving a fortune on marketing &
       advertising with the Breeze Academy and Internet marketing services.

   •   There is also a residual income: when subscribers renew their Breeze subscription after
       1 or 3 years the full referral commissions are paid out again. A recurring income for life.

A career with Breeze
If you are looking for an exciting new career with six figure earnings potential we are also looking
for people with leadership qualities who would like to work with our team to help Breeze expand
in your local area, nationally and globally. Please ask to have a chat with one of our business
development team who will arrange for you to see a presentation either online or in person.

Next steps
For more information please get back to the person who sent you this overview.


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