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									                        PARENT ADVISORY COUNCIL (PAC)
                                 Burnaby North Secondary School
                    Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, January 8, 2008
                             7:00 – 9:00 p.m. in the Gallery (3 rd Floor)
                School Website – (see link to new PAC website)

Chair: Larry Sproul                                         Vice Chair: Thomas Jung
Treasurers: Susan Hu & Linda Liu                            Secretary: Peggy Wong
DPAC Reps: Shain Amershi, Elsa Fogale & Rim Slim            SPC Reps: Harry Lau, Javad Shafiee & Thomas Jung
Listserv Coordinator: Selina Lowe                           BCCPAC Rep: Olaf de Shield
Music Parents Representatives: Diana Alfonso (Chair), Debbie Karras, Ruby Lee, Arezou Pouria

        Theme for Today: How do you know what your child is learning in school?
        A Guide to Learning Outcomes, Assessment and the Curriculum

        Student Council report – Staff Christmas Breakfast – student council cooked for 120 staff
        members started at 6:00 am & band Q performed Jazz at the cafeteria.
        On Thurs., Jan 10 student council has breakfast for students wearing PJ & be at school by
        7:30am. Pancakes & Hot chocolate will be provided. A Pep Rally is scheduled to cheer on
        the senior sport teams. Feb – Random Act of Kindness Week – will be held during valentine’s
        week. There will be Free Hug week with coupons.

        Discussion: Learning Outcomes

        Report card was distributed in Dec. Did you received one for your child? There is still a stack
        in the school office

        Any questions re: report card, please contact teacher for the respective subject.
        A discussion on the Ministry of Education website to search for course outlines and the
        expected instructional learning outcome and resources

        Question & Answer by Dave Mickie, Principal
        Outcome Assessment & curriculum for Gr. 8, 10 & 12
        Gr 8 parent – where should they look to find out about their children’s progress? What are
        they learning or doing in course?
        Answer: Make connection with teachers at the Parent Walkabout in Sept.
        Some courses are more structured like Math. Math tests for each grade are done at same time;
        school then can compare each class at each grade level
        Parent Teacher conference are hard to book, however you can always call the school and ask
        for specific teacher or counselor to contact you. E-class software is used by teachers to record
        marks for each student so parents can request a copy from their respective teachers. In future,
        web-based access to individual grades may be available

        Questions re: Language Learning
        1) How many with students in ESL? - 3 parents out of 21 in attendance have children in ESL
        Answer: There are 20 blocks of ESL classes, approximately145 – 165 students in ESL class
        of which 85 are international students. Some of these students take ESL classes, but not every
        International student needs ESL.
2) How many are enrolled in foreign language classes?
Answer: For French - Gr. 8 - Most grade 8’s take approx. 385 students
Gr. 9 - there are 6 French classes; Gr. 10 - 6 French classes; Gr. 11 – 4 French classes;
Gr. 12 – there are 3 French classes
For Mandarin, there are a total of 11 blocks of Mandarin offered approx. 275 students
For Spanish – there are 8 blocks and approx. 150 students
For Japanese – there are 6 blocks and approx 109 students
Each year, Punjabi, Korean, Italian courses are offered in the course planning, but usually
there are not enough student enrolled to have a class.

Grad Exit Interviews are being done this month. Gr 12 counsellor will meet with each
graduating student. In order to graduate, each student must write English 12 or
Communication 12 provincial exam. Don’t need to write any other Grade 12 provincial exam.
Writing Provincial exams can qualify for scholarship – Grade 12 courses –60% in school;
40% from exam.
Uvic has made a decision not to use provincial exam marks for entrance requirements;
however, both UBC and SFU continue to require them

Minutes for November Meeting were approved.

Report from Treasurer, Linda Liu – The PAC Gaming Acct Balance is $47,869 and we
received the school’s wish list tonight. The PAC executives will review and then make
recommendations at the next meeting.

DPAC Report by Rim Slim - December 2007
The Burnaby School District PAC Meeting was held on November 26, 2007.
The participants were treated to a presentation by former Olympian, Silken Laumann, on
Silken’s Active Kids Movement (SAM) which is dedicated to rediscovering the joy of play in
families and communities. Did you know that children require 90 minutes of free play per
day to stay healthy? Through her promotion of Community Action Networks (CAN), Silken
hopes to foster neighbourhood-driven play opportunities in parks, community centres and
school gyms. Burnaby is a pilot site for CANs in collaboration with Burnaby Parks and
Recreation. The Cascade Heights Elementary School DPAC Representative, Laurie Sheehan,
would like to coordinate a CAN for elementary schools in Burnaby; she is already running a
program oin Fridays at the school gym between 5:45 Pm and 6:15 PM. Eight other Burnaby
elementary schools signed up during the DPAC meeting. While this activity is mostly
focusing on school age children between 2 and 12 years, please note this is an opportunity for
leadership students in secondary schools. For more information look up

Please note the following correspondence and updates which flyers are available at the
Burnaby North Secondary December PAC:
SPC Information and Networking Evening for SPC Representatives on Jan 14 and on Jan 17
at 6:45 PM for 2 hours at th Moscrop Secondary School; deadline for registration is Dec 12
via email to DPAC wanted to know if it is necessary to set up a
session during the day?
        BCCPAC membership is Dec 15, 2007. Note that 32 out of 48 schools have joined BCCPAC
this year.
        Next DPAC meeting is last Monday of January at the Byrne Creek School at the Centre for
        Three parents have signed up for Healthy Schools Program
      Four parents signed up for the Parents Leadership Program
      DPAC is organizing a seminar on PAC Leadership on the evening of Feb 8 and all day Feb 9.
      Check the Healthy Buddies Program online for ideas on nutrition.

Report from BCCPAC rep– Olaf de Shield – There is a BCCPAC conference in Vancouver
in May. Olaf suggested some parents to attend this conference and has a suggestion to make a
request from Greystone/Lochdale Association to fund some parents to attend this conference.

Larry made a motion to ask Greystone/Lochdale Association (which will change its name to
Burnaby North Community Association for amount of $500 to put towards parents delegate to
attend May 2008 BCCPAC Conference. Second by Penny

Motion Carried

Report from School Planning Committee Rep. Harry Lau – There was a SPC meeting on
Nov. 23rd attended by all PAC SPC members.
Heads of the Literacy Committee and Social Responsibilities Committee, Mr. Fester and Ms.
Hari respectively attended and briefed the meeting on the focus and progress of the
The Literacy Committee will focus on the development of a departmentally based Student
Directed Literacy Plan. This will begin with this year’s grade 8 students.
The Social Responsibilities Committee will assist the students formulate their own Social
Responsibilities Growth Plan at the beginning of the school year, which will then be reviewed
during Goal Days in Feb 08, when progress will be monitored and recorded. The Committee
will also conduct surveys to identify Focus Group topics.

Report from Principal, Dave Mickie

Report Card was handed out on Dec. 19
He showed a few transparencies detailing some facts
1) Students with Work Habit mark – G; Total number of students - 752
   An increase of 30 over last year’s term 1.
   Work habit mark is to do with Social responsibilities
2) Students on Honour Roll; 1269 students - an increase of 100 students from last year’s lst
More female students are on Honour Roll than male students
More students are on Honour Roll than students with Good work habits mark.
Conclusion; Students could increase grades with better work habits.

3) Principal’s list – criteria: A and G in all subjects; 144 students
More female students than male students are on Principal’s list
Largest numbers are in Grades 8, 11 and 12

Copies of Students Newspaper are available at the back table; he reminded parents that the
newspaper is from the views of teenagers’ eyes
The latest School Newsletter was available online prior to Christmas break; a Listserv
reminder was sent to inform parents
Christmas Cheers Club raised $13000 for the Burnaby Christmas Bureau
Christmas Carnival was held for the elementary students on a Fri afternoon in Dec. It was
jam-packed with the elementary students from the neigbourhood. The BNS students were so
great with the young children.
Marching band won various awards during the many Christmas parades
Hockey challenge between Teachers and Students was held in Dec and Teachers won by a
score of 3 to 2
Burnaby North is getting an upgrade in technology. The District has a cost sharing plan to
purchase some of the equipment. The school has requested some equipment through the Pac
Gaming fund (Wish list) little bit later than usual. It was held back until the school knows
how much the school board is able to fund some of these new technology - upgrade
computers; digital projector, tablets & re-do 3 computer labs (drafting labs, library and
Next step is to provide training for teachers.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, February 5, 2008 at 7:00 (Music) for 7:15 p.m. start in the Gallery, 3rd Floor

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