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   Evans & Sutherland to Premier First 4K x 4K 3D Projector at InfoComm 2009
      New E&S digital projector provides superior 3D images and is environmentally sensitive

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, June 9, 2009, Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation (E&S)
(NASDAQ:ESCC) announced today it will demonstrate for the first time its revolutionary new 3D
capable laser projection system at the InfoComm 2009 tradeshow, booth 3813, June 17-19 in
Orlando, Florida. This newest E&S Laser Projector (the ESLP™ 8K) is the world's highest resolution
production video projector, and it provides superior 3D images at an astounding 4K x 4K resolution.
It will offer museums, universities, research labs, control rooms, creative studios and indoor venues
worldwide with a 3D experience that brings viewers into worlds both real and imaginary in a way
that they have never experienced before.
The ESLP 8K offers unique advantages when it comes to displaying 3D stereographic video.
Because of its zero-persistence characteristic, the projector can effortlessly switch between left-eye
and right-eye views at 120 Hz or more, without any “bleed” between the left and right views. This
results in a noticeably cleaner separation and 3D effect, when compared to using active stereo glasses
with an LCoS or LCD projector.
For customers that have a need to switch between 2D and 3D images based on the video content
being displayed, the ESLP 8K comes with flexible control software that allows users to change the
display format from 3D to 8K x 4K quickly and easily. This capability will also be on display at
InfoComm 2009. The ESLP 8K will be available in the second half of 2009.
NanoPixel™ Technology Generates Superior Picture Quality
The ESLP 8K laser projector system displays content the equivalent to sixteen times HD 1080p
resolution, or the difference between 2 million pixels and 32 million. It is powered by a set of
revolutionary laser light sources which offer multiple benefits, including low cost of operation. The
hue of the lasers does not degrade or shift over time. Furthermore, the lasers yield a much wider
useable color spectrum (200% of NTSC/HDTV) than is available in conventional LCoS, DLP, LCD,
or other lamp-illuminated projectors.
E&S’ unique NanoPixel silicon imaging chip is at the core of this high-resolution machine. Its 8,192
microscopic moving ribbons provide an image free of artifacts, with no visible gaps between pixels
and absolutely zero persistence (smearing) in moving images. The control of these ribbons is fine
enough to yield a 36-bit/pixel (12-bit/color) useable precision in intensity.
Environmentally Sensitive
Despite its capability, the ESLP 8K comes with a surprisingly small environmental footprint. Its
unique solid state laser light sources require only modest, quiet cooling and allow the projector to be
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powered from an ordinary wall outlet, thereby using significantly less power than other lower
resolution 2K and 4K projectors. Furthermore, the laser light sources do not require periodic
replacement (and disposal) as is the case with conventional lamp-driven projectors.
ESLP 8K Available for Traditional and Custom Applications
The ESLP 8K projector is targeted for commercial use in control rooms, visualization centers,
education, simulation, editing, design studios, and other demanding applications all over the world.
E&S will also continue to draw on its extensive research and development capabilities to meet the
needs of its customers for customized and unique applications for the new ESLP 8K projector.
Evans & Sutherland, a company that has been setting the standard in advanced computer graphics for
the past four decades, is poised to continue the trend at this year's InfoComm09. The E&S Advanced
Displays exhibit will be located at booth number 3813 in Hall B on the main show floor, and will
showcase the ESLP 8K. The laser projector will be featured at the booth with a flat-screen forward
projection display showing both 3D video at 4K and ultra-high resolution video at 8K, where
InfoComm attendees will be able to experience the technology first-hand.
For a private press tour at InfoComm or a press kit with photography, contact Susan van Barneveld at
tel. 714-891-3660 or
About Evans & Sutherland
For over 40 years, Evans & Sutherland has been at the forefront of developing computer graphics and
digital display technology, and applications that benefit from it. Since the 1980's the company has
applied its technology to offer the latest in high quality digital projection systems for digital
planetariums and digital cinemas worldwide. E&S now produces professional hardware and software
to create highly realistic visual images for digital theater and other applications throughout the world.
In addition, Spitz, the leader in display dome manufacturing and a wholly owned subsidiary of E&S,
designs domed theater and astronomical systems used in academics and entertainment. Evans &
Sutherland is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT and they also have offices in Chadds Ford,
Pennsylvania, and Beijing, China. For additional information please visit or call (801)
Visit the E&S website at
Jan Bjernfalk
Director of Sales & Marketing
Evans & Sutherland Advanced Displays
770 Komas Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84108

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