Excellent Results with 'non metallic' corrosion inhibitors in

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					   Excellent Results with ‘non metallic’ corrosion inhibitors in Industrial
                          ‘Cooling Water Systems’

                ‫ בישראל‬BKGiulini Water Solutions - '‫מרצה: דני חיימוביץ‬

System Data
Two parallel cooling systems located in a chemical factory in the Ramat Hovav region.
System treated by BKGiulini since 2003.
Total Recirculation rate:    9,500 m3/hr
Total Volume:                3,500 m3
∆t:                          2-4 0C
Metallurgy: CS, SS304, 316, Copper Alloys

Typical Water Quality
                         Make Up          Cooling Water
        pH                 7-7.8              7.5-8.0
  Conductivity           600-700            4000-5000
  M-Alkalinity              100               60-100
 (ppm CaCO3)
  Ca-Hardness             80-110              600-700
  (ppm CaCo3)
 Total-Hardness          180-250            1200-1400
 (ppm CaCO3)
    Chlorides             90-120            1000-1500
    (ppm Cl)
      Silica               8-10                40-60
   (ppm SiO2)
       Iron              0.02-0.04           0.15-0.25
    (ppm Fe)

       Optimal heat transfer
       No deposition on critical system compounds
       Corrosion rates according to international standards
       Minimal blow down and water conservation
       Friendly chemicals
       Optimal relation of costs/effect

Chemical treatment program
Combined additive: Corrosion Inhibitors + Antiscalants
Biocide- Controlled release Oxidizer
Cathodic inhibitors: - Polyphosphate
                       - Phosphonate
Anodic inhibitors: - Monophosphate
Copper Alloys inhibitors      - TTA