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									                                   Language Learning Support Section, EMB
                                      Workshop on Poetry at Primary Level
                                  List of Poems Arranged According to Themes

Themes           Titles      KS                   Possible Student Activities                          Sources
Animals   Dogs               2    1. Introduce the topic of dogs/pets                      Time to Rhyme 2 by Mike Murphy
                                  2. Learn:                                                           (Longman)
                                      a. the use of “can” to talk about abilities
                                      b. rhyming words
                                  3. Practise reading skills
          Brown Bear,        1    1. Introduce the topic of animals                         Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What
          Brown Bear, what        2. Learn the vocabulary about different colours           Do You See? by Bill Martin, Jr.
          do you see?             3. Practise reading skills                                       (Puffin Books)
          What’s My          1    1. Learn:                                                Time to Rhyme 1 by Mike Murphy
          Name?                       a. the names of different animals                               (Longman)
                                      b. adjectives about the characteristics of animals
                                      c. rhyming words
                                  2. Write a riddle
          Animal Acrostic    2    1. Introduce:                                  
          Poems                       a. the topic of animals                              guagesupport/resource/English/32
                                      b. alliteration                                         _process_writing/index.htm
                                  2. Write an acrostic poem with alliteration
          The Dinosaurs      2    1. Introduce the topic of dinosaurs                      Let’s Sing by Ruth Kivela (et. al)
          Are Coming              2. Learn the vocabulary about dinosaurs                              (HKIEd)
                                  3. Practise reading skills
          If You Ever        2    1. Practise:                                             Nursery Rhyme (Available on the
                                               a. reading aloud with stress and intonation                       Internet)
                                               b. choral speaking
                                           3. Introduce first conditional sentences
                                           4. Write a similar poem
   Clothes &       Shoes             1     1. Learn adjectives:                                                 LEAP KS1
   Accessories                             2. Practise reading aloud with rhythm
     Colours       Colours All Day   1     1. Learn                                                   Colors All Day by Karen Cuvelier
                                               a. vocabulary of colours                                  (Modern Curriculum Press)
                                               b. phonics
                                               c. rhyming words
                                           2. Practise using adjectives
                                           3. Learn to explain what things are with “…. is …”
                   Rainbow Song      1     1. Introduced to vocabulary of colours.                    Song (Available on the Internet)
Feelings and Senses My Five Senses   2     1. Play a game                                               Rhythm and Rhyme by Mike
                                           2. Learn rhyming words                                            Murphy (HKIE)

    Festivals      Chinese New       2     1. Introduced to the topic of “Chinese New Year”                     LEAP KS2
                   Year                    2. Learn:
                                               a. vocabulary on objects & food related to the topic
                                               b. to make suggestions with “let’s”
                                               c. rhyming words
                                           3. Practise reading aloud with rhythm
                   In A Dark Dark    1/2   1. Introduce the topic of Halloween                        Nursery Rhyme (Available on the
                   Wood                    2. Practise reading skills, such as                                   Internet)
                                               a. sequencing
                                               b. making predictions

                                        3. Practise
                                            a. reading aloud with rhythm and intonation
                                            b. choral speaking
                                        4. Write a poem
                                        5. Draw a picture of the dark wood
Food & Meals   Jelly On A Plate   1     Sing before eating/after preparing jelly                         Nursery Rhyme (Available on the
               Pinky And Perky    1     1.   Introduce the topic of food                                 Time to Rhyme 3 by Mike Murphy
                                        2.   Learn rhyming words                                                    (Longman)
                                        3.   Talk about likes and dislikes
                                        4.   Practise:
                                              a. reading skills
                                              b. reading aloud with intonation
               When Betty Eats    2     Introduced to poetic features:                                   Let’s Experience And Appreciate
               Spaghetti                     a. onomatopoeia                                                    Poetry Key Stage 2
                                             b. alliteration                                                       (LEAP KS2)
               Pancake Day        2     1. Learn vocabulary of                                                      LEAP KS2
                                            a. cooking techniques and
                                            b. ingredients
                                        2.    Write a recipe
               I Want A           2     1. Learn vocabulary of ingredients for making sandwiches                    LEAP KS2
               Sandwich                 2. Conduct a role play to practise making and taking orders of
                                        3. Write a shape poem about food
               A Meal By The      1/2   1. Practise saying the long vowel /i:/, e.g. sea, tea             BBC – Words & Pictures: Poems
               Sea                      2. Learn vocabulary of food                                      (
              Keep Your        2     1. Learn table manners required at home and in western
              Elbows Off The         restaurants                                                   guagesupport/resource/English/19
              Table                                                                                       _eating_out/index.htm
Hobbies and   I Love To Row    1     1. Introduce the usage of “I love to…”                                   LEAP KS1
 Activities                          2. Practise reading aloud with rhythm
              I Can            1     1. Talk about abilities with “can”                                       LEAP KS1
                                     2. Learn vocabulary of daily activities and hobbies
              Jumping Jive     1/2   1. Practise speaking with rhythm.                             Jumping Jive by Susan Sprengeler
                                     2. Learn phonics and rhyming words                              (Language Fund / SCOLAR)
                                     3. Introduce:
                                         a. Group skipping which is a common playground
                                            activity among UK primary students
                                         b. skipping rhymes
              The Outing       1     1. Learn:                                                                LEAP KS1
                                         a. vocabulary of actions,
                                         b. verb form and spelling rules of present participles,
                                            e.g. running, eating
                                     2. Practise talking about what is happening using present
                                        continuous tense
  Nature      Rain             1     1. Practice:                                                  Let’s Experience And Appreciate
                                         a. using the preposition “on”.                                   Poetry Key Stage 1
                                         b. reading with rhythm.                                             (LEAP KS1)
                                     2. Learn poetic features:
                                         a. rhyme
                                            b. alliteration
                                        3. Write a similar poem
                Here Is The Seed    1   1. Introduce vocabulary of plants and their different parts             LEAP KS1
                                        2. Practise:
                                            a. using “here is”.
                                            b. reading with rhythm.
                                        3. Learn rhyming words.
Numbers and     Number One,         1   1. Introduce rhyming words                                              LEAP KS1
  Shapes        Touch Your              2. Practice reading aloud with rhythm and actions
                Square, so there!   1   1. Ask questions about quantities using “how many”                      LEAP KS1
                                        2. Learn vocabulary of shapes
                Ten Little Teddy    1   1. Practise counting                                          Nursery Rhyme (Available on the
                Bears                                                                                            Internet)
                One Teddy All       1   1. Write own poem                                             One Teddy All Alone (Cambridge
                Alone                   2. Learn numbers and prepositions                                    University Press)
                                        3. Introduce poetic features:
                                            a. numbers
                                            b. alliteration
                Ten For The Day     1   1. Learn                                                                LEAP KS1
                                            a. numbers
                                            b. rhyming words
                                        2. Practise reading aloud with rhythm
Parts of Body   Eyes And Ears       1   1.   Introduce the topic and vocabulary of the face            100 Great Ideas for Teaching
                                                                                                             Rhymes & Songs
                                                                                                       (East & West Book Co., Ltd.)
                Heads And        1   Learn vocabulary of parts of the body                       Song (Available on the Internet)
   Places       Muddle           1   1. Talk about locations of things using prepositions                  LEAP KS1
                                     2. Introduce vocabulary of
                                         c. things at home and
                                         d. toys
Relationships   Sally            2   1. Practice reading skills, such as                                   LEAP KS2
                                         a. making inferences
                                         b. completing a dialogue with information provided in
                                             the poem
                                     2. Design and write a get well card for a friend
                Happy Birthday   1   1. Introduce the topic of birthdays                         Song (Available on the Internet)
                Song                 2. Design and write a birthday card to someone
   Rules        Don’t            2   1. Practise talking about rules using “don’t”.                        LEAP KS2
                                     2. Practise making inferences.
 Transport      Rush Hour        2   1. Introduce                                                          LEAP KS2
                London                   a. the topic of public transportation
                Underground              b. describing people by telling what they are doing
                                         c. simile
                                     2. Write a poem about what can be seen on the MTR during
                                        rush hours


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