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            PROSPECTUS FOR THE COLLEGE YEAR 2009 – 2010


            The Principal’s Letter of Introduction                                        2

            The College Mission Statement                                                 4

            The Aims of the College                                                       5

            Technology College Status                                                     6

            Description of the College                                                    7

            The College's Policies and Data Protection                                    8

            Pastoral Care and Guidance                                                   14

            The Organisation of the Curriculum                                           15

            Careers Education and Guidance and Continuing Education                      17

            Public Examinations and other Accreditation                                  19

            Public Examination Results Subject Analysis 2007                             22

            Additional Activities and Opportunities                                      26

            Community Education                                                          27

            Admissions                                                                   29

            Calendar of Events for the College Year 2008 - 2009                          30

            The College Staff                                                            31

            Details of the College, the Governing Body and                               35
            The Local Education Authority

The majority of information contained in this prospectus relates to the current College Year. Although correct at the
time of publication in September 2008, you need to be aware that changes are inevitable during 2008 - 2009.

                              THE PRINCIPAL’S LETTER OF INTRODUCTION

Dear Parent / Guardian

The year has been another very successful one for the College and its students. I have listed here just a
few of our successes and I am more than happy to provide further details of these and indeed of many

      As a result of being identified by the Department for Children Schools and Families as a ‘High
       Performing Specialist School’ we have been given 4.7 million pounds to build a new sixth form
       building as part of the Ilkeston Partnership. The new centre will open in late 2008.

      Our students continue to perform at levels that are well above both Derbyshire and National
       levels. Year 9 students achieved SAT results in Mathematics and Science that place the
       College in the top 20% of schools in the country for ‘Value Added’.
      The College has been working hard in partnership with the other schools in Ilkeston and South
       East Derbyshire College to develop its second specialism as a ‘Developer of Vocational
      We have made good progress in our Specialist Schools and Academies Trust ‘Rural
       Dimension’ status which we received in recognition of our work in Agriculture and Horticulture.
      The college has continued to develop its role as a Leading Edge school.

When Ofsted last inspected the College they judged the students personal development and well-
being, the curriculum; and its care, guidance and support of students as’ outstanding’. The Ofsted
Inspectors commented that
    ‘we are confident that the college can continue to thrive as a centre of excellence in education’.

In 2007, the students achieved outstanding examination results.

In summary:
      96% of students gained Graded Results in at least 5 of their subjects.
      100% of students left with a GCSE Qualification
      414 A* and A Grades were awarded to the students
      66% of students gained at least 5 Higher Grades [A* - C]. This is 7% above the National
      48 Students achieved one or more Higher GCSE passes during Year 10 including 1 A in
         French, 2 A passes in Japanese and 6 A* and 13 A passes in Maths
      One of our students was in the top 10 who achieved the highest marks in GCSE PE out of
         68,344 entries.
This performance was outstanding in both the national and local contexts. Kirk Hallam continues to provide
Value-Added Examination Results. I could not be prouder of the superb achievements of both students and
staff, or more grateful for the support given by parents of these youngsters.

Important though they are, Examination Results are not the ‘be all and end all’ of education. The College
has an extensive programme of Extra-curricular and Sporting Activities designed to meet the varied needs
and interests of all our students. Many of these may well be familiar to you, whilst others, such as our
Annual Exchange Programme with the schools of Toyota City in Japan, our very successful involvement in
the Toyota Challenge Engineering competition and our Rural Dimension, are just a little bit more unusual.
Details, again, may be found elsewhere in this publication, along with an impressive record of student
sporting achievement.

Please also take time to look at the College Website, which is packed with interesting information and news
at www.kirkhallam.derbyshire.sch.uk.

The College has a very full Calendar of Events again this year. It starts with the hosting of the Japanese
Exchange students. Later in the term, a party of students will be going to Japan, whilst others will be looking
forward to going on a further trip to Germany or a visit to France later in the year. The Year 9 Enterprise
Market, staged in the summer, is an excellent place to buy presents from a wide range of very high quality
student-produced items. Maybe you would also like to pick up an advance ticket for one of the many
College Productions, held during the year. Sports Day, Focus on Food Week and Arts Week are all major
events held in the Summer Term, following on from a very full timetable of examinations in May and June
and bringing the busy year to a close.

College Staff and Governors place great store in providing a wide range of educational opportunities for
students, in order that they may broaden their experience, develop personally as well as socially, and
achieve the highest possible level of success. We monitor the progress of all students in order to ensure
that they are making the best of these opportunities and keep you informed of the results in regular
updates. Information about Reports, Parent Consultation Evenings and other partnership arrangements can
be found in this Prospectus.

I hope that this letter has given you a flavour of the College. The purpose of the rest of the Prospectus is to
provide you with all of the information you will need about the key features of College life, with specific
sections on the following:

       Our Values
       Our Aims
       The strong Pastoral Care and Student Guidance structure
       The broad-based and ever-developing Curriculum
       The outstanding Examination Results
       The wide range of Extra-curricular Activity
       The full Calendar of Events

It also contains details of uniform, times of the College Day, and other policy and organisational matters.

                            Our Annual ‘College at Work’ Open Day / Evening
                              will be held on Wednesday 1st October 2008

I invite you to come along, look around the college, observe lessons and meet both staff and students.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Yours sincerely


                          OUR COLLEGE MISSION STATEMENT


         Kirk Hallam Community Technology College strives to be
            a Centre of Enthusiasm, Enterprise and Excellence,
              working in a spirit of Openness and Partnership
               to meet the needs, and further the aspirations,
                  of its Students and its Wider Community.


A set of shared values underpins the positive working atmosphere and success of our college

          Respect for each other and the college environment

          Courtesy in all our actions

          High Standards and Quality in all that we do

          Recognition and Celebration of Achievement, both personal and collective

          Enthusiasm for all aspects of our work in college

          Commitment to the securing of our goals

          Initiative, Imagination and Innovation in our approaches to problems and in
           establishing the college as a learning organisation


We aim to help our students by:

 Offering the widest possible range of academic and vocational educational opportunities to
  match every student’s need and ambitions thus enabling them to achieve economic well-
  being in an increasingly ‘technological’ world.

 Fostering attitudes that will help them grow into tolerant, responsible citizens in our multicultural
  society, who will make a positive contribution in the community.

 Providing emotional and pastoral support to help individual pupils meet the challenges they face
  in a safe, happy and caring environment.

 Nurturing positive attitudes towards personal safety and a healthy lifestyle.

 Exploiting the benefits of our high achieving specialist school status to create a distinctive
  character for the College in order to further raise individual levels of Achievement and
  Standards of Performance

 Working in close partnership with parents, outside agencies, business, civic and voluntary
  bodies in order to motivate students, broaden their experience, develop enterprise and help
  them to see the relevance of education to their future prospects in life.

 Working with schools and colleges in the Ilkeston 14-19 Learning Community and the South
  East Derbyshire Secondary School Improvement Partnership (SEDSSIP)

 Providing an attractive and stimulating working environment with regard to buildings,
  facilities, equipment and furniture.

                                 TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE STATUS

The college became a Specialist Technology College in 1998.
The government’s Specialist Schools Programme is aimed at further raising standards of student
achievement. This new status meant enhanced resourcing for the college but provided us with some
significant challenges. Over the past 9 years we believe that we have been successful in meeting these
challenges and significantly improving the experience, performance and life chances of our students.

In 2006, the College was awarded ‘High Performing School’ status and was successful in gaining a third
redesignation of specialist status. The College was awarded a second specialism as a ‘Developer of
Vocational Education’ and ‘Rural Dimension’ status in recognition of its work in this area of the curriculum.
The following are some examples of the challenges and how we have met them:

To improve teaching and learning in Mathematics
        Key Stage 3 SATs and GCSE results have improved markedly and are well above
        national averages.
        In 2001, the college received the Susan Fey Award for the highest level of
        improvement in Maths of any specialist school in the country.

To improve teaching and learning in Science
        Key Stage 3 SATs and GCSE results have improved markedly and are well above
        national averages.
        In 2002, the college received the Susan Fey Award for the highest level of improvement
        in Science of any specialist school in the country.

To increase the range of vocational qualifications in Technology
        Students can study an applied GCSE Manufacturing or City and Guilds Engineering at
        Key Stage 4.
        In 2003, the college received the Rolls Royce Award for Excellence in Engineering and

To improve the overall performance of students at Key Stage 3 and GCSE
        The Examination Results section of this prospectus clearly shows the tremendous
        improvement that has taken place, with students performing well above expected levels.
        This has been recognised nationally by the Specialist Schools Trust –
                      Most Improved Schools Awards 2000, 2003 and 2004
                      Value Added Awards 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005
                      70%+ Higher Grade Award 2004

To strengthen the college’s role as a ‘Centre for Excellence’ in the local community and
become a key player in Lifelong Learning
        The college has developed a varied programme of study support and learning
        programmes open to primary and secondary students and adults.
        In 2000, the college was runner up in the NTL National Award for the Best Community

To enrich the curriculum through closer partnership with local industry
        The college has worked closely with Erewash Business Partnership, Derbyshire
        Education Business Partnership and Open Industry to form links with local and national

                                   DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLEGE

The college is situated in a delightfully landscaped site, including parkland and a lake, which is home to a
variety of wildlife. We are particularly proud of the swans, which are celebrated on our college badge. The
campus itself is an important resource for environmental study, sports and leisure.

As a Technology College we have invested considerable resources in Information Communication
Technology. All of are classrooms are equipped with a networked computer and a digital projector.

Seven purpose-built laboratories on 2 floors serviced by 2 prep rooms with immediate access to Information
Technology facilities

Six specialist rooms in the Atrium building and the adjacent block, fully equipped with audio-visual aids, and
incorporating a faculty base

A suite of six adjacent rooms, on two floors, and a faculty base

A suite of four classrooms, fully equipped with a language laboratory, audio-visual aids, a number of
computer stations and a faculty base

Seven Information Technology rooms, a Design room, three workshops, two Food Technology rooms and
two Textiles rooms

Seven spacious rooms with display areas, a Humanities IT room area and immediate access to the Library
and information technology facilities

A fully equipped Drama Studio, multi-purpose performance area and music room adjacent to the open-plan
2D and 3D Art studio

Large playing fields, an all-weather athletics track and sports area, tennis/netball courts, an outdoor
basketball court and gymnasium.

Students have ready access to our attractive, well-stocked college Library, managed by a full-time library
manager It includes CD Rom databases, electronic mail and a range of on-line services and databases, in
addition to a wide range of reference and fiction books, press cuttings and slides. An information technology
suite is housed within the Library area, with 10 workstations.

The college Hall is used for assemblies, conferences, examinations, theatrical productions and dance. It
also serves as the dining area.

Our reprographics room is well equipped with black and white, and colour photocopying facilities.

                                          COLLEGE POLICIES


Ours is a happy, industrious and caring community, operating in an attractive and welcoming environment.
This results from the emphasis placed on courtesy and respect towards each other and towards the place
in which we work.

There is no extensive list of Rules and Regulations but there are many expectations of students in the
classroom, around the college buildings and campus, and in the community. High standards of conduct
and work are rewarded with Credits and, ultimately, Certificates of Merit and College Achievement Ties.

The detention system exists as punishment for unacceptable behaviour or work. The college has
the right to detain students but parents are always informed in writing if their child is to be detained,
24 hours notice being given.

In the event of the problem not being solved, or following a more serious occurrence, parents will be
contacted directly by a member of the Pastoral team.


Students are as closely involved as possible with their teachers in the planning, assessment and evaluation
of their work. Detailed records are kept in each subject area and used as a basis for the setting of targets
for further improvement. This close partnership helps students to understand more fully what is required of
them and to identify their strengths and weaknesses in any area. The tremendous improvement in public
examination performance since the adoption of this approach provides ample evidence of its success in
building student confidence and raising standards of performance.

A Key Stage 3 Statement of Achievement is issued annually to parents. Key Stages 3 and 4 Parent-
Teacher Consultation Days and Evenings give parents the opportunity to discuss student progress.
In Key Stages 3 and 4, progress checks and projected grades are made every term and parents are

A final Record of Achievement is presented to all students towards the end of Year 11. This summary of
their achievements and experiences is again based on internal college records and provides them with a
useful portfolio to support applications for places in work, training or further education.


The college has a Special Needs Learning Support Team. Students with any form of learning difficulty or
need receive support in their normal lessons, either on an individual basis or as part of a small group.
Students may be withdrawn from a timetabled lesson for a more intensive programme; for example, related
to reading or writing.

Any student, regardless of overall ability, can at some time or another have a specific 'special educational
need' and the members of the team can also provide individually tailored programmes of work to assist.

If you feel your son or daughter is in need of additional support or if the Local Education Authority has
already issued a 'statement' detailing the support they are entitled to, please do contact the college at the
earliest opportunity. This will help us to make the necessary arrangements and ensure a smooth transfer for
your child into the college.

The college has a Gifted and Talented Programme in place to assist our more able students to realise their
potential. In addition to the work carried out in the classroom, they are able to take part in enrichment
activities at lunchtime and after college.


We believe homework to be a necessary extension of the teaching day and a vital necessity if students are
to be successful in their college courses. The Student Organiser gives an explanation of homework
requirements, together with advice as to how to organise homework. The Form Tutors work through this
with their groups at the beginning of the autumn term.
Homework tasks will vary in nature within each subject and between subject areas.


Religious Education is a statutory part of the curriculum. Throughout the college, it is taught within the
framework of Humanities, alongside History and Geography. The content is non-denominational in
approach and follows the Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus. The emphasis is on education about people's beliefs
and not on instruction in any particular faith. All students follow a GCSE course in Religious Education in
Years 10 and 11.

A Daily Act of Worship is held as part of our Assembly at the start of each day for all students in accordance
with the terms of the Education Reform Act. These Assemblies involve year and tutor groups on different
days during the week. They are non-denominational in nature but focus on moral and spiritual values.
Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Acts of Worship and are asked to contact the
Principal should this be necessary.


The Governors believe all students are entitled to an education in sexual matters which provides
information and knowledge, which encourages thoughtful and responsible behaviour, and which places sex
in a moral context. The college policy aims:

          to place sex in the context of loving and caring relationships;
          to encourage mutual respect and tolerance;
          to clearly relate sexual intercourse and parenthood;
          to educate young people fully with regard to contraception and sexually-transmitted diseases;
          to explore the values of family life and the skills, roles and commitment involved in it;
          to play a constructive role in reducing the number of teenage and unwanted pregnancies.

Our aim is to work with parents in helping their children to cope with the emotional and physical challenges
of growing up, but parents are, under Section 241 of the Education Act 1993, entitled to withdraw their
children from the Sex Education course. Parents considering doing so are asked to discuss their concerns
with the Principal or Vice-Principal. A full copy of the college’s Sex Education Policy is available to parents
on application to the college office.


This college prides itself on the range and extent of its activities, which are aimed at broadening the
experience and enriching the education of all students. A letter will be sent to you regarding each activity
available to your son or daughter, be it a fieldwork trip in Humanities, a theatre visit in English or an Outdoor
Pursuits Week. Many activities will continue to rely on 'voluntary contributions' from parents when they take
place in college time.

The college has a policy of charging for activities and for the remission of those charges in certain cases.
This policy has been drawn up within the terms of the Local Education Authority's overall policy and the
relevant sections of the Education Reform Act 1988 and is available in college for you to consult.

                ISSUE                                            POLICY
Residential courses in school time –     Parents are required to meet full costs except for
board and lodging costs only             children with statements, specifying residence, and
                                         children whose parents receive income support/family
                                         credit, where charges should be remitted by school.
Activities outside school hours not      Parents meet full costs, except for children with
within National Curriculum               statements, specifying residence when activities take
                                         place during normal residential period.
Individual instrumental music tuition    School may bring outside tutors in within school hours
                                         at a charge to parents. However, as part of National
                                         Curriculum, or a prescribed public examination,
                                         charges must be remitted.
Dual examination entries                 Charged to parents.
Extra examination entries/re-sits        Charged to parents.
without tuition
Exams not on the list prescribed by      Charged to parents.
the Secretary of State
‘Wasted’ exam entries                    Parents charged when exam wasted without reason
                                         acceptable to school; otherwise school pays.
Ingredients/materials for practical      Parents are encouraged to provide materials for
subjects                                 practical subjects; but no child must be disadvantaged
                                         because of parents' inability/reluctance to pay. Where
                                         necessary, school will pay.
Lost school equipment, books, etc        Parents may be expected to replace or purchase lost
                                         items of school property.
Breakages and damage to school           Parents to be made aware that willful damage to school
buildings, furniture or property         buildings or property may be charged to parents by the


The safety of students on all trips is our first consideration. We check venues and operators with regard to
safety. Risk Assessments are carried out for trips and events. Sometimes we may not allow individual
students to go on a trip if their own health and safety or that of other students might be put at risk.
Trips, which do not form a specified part of the National Curriculum, are a privilege, rather than a
right, and we follow the LEA policy of using them to encourage good behaviour, as part of our
disciplinary policy. Students may not be allowed to go on trips if their behaviour does not merit it.


Parents should be aware that the college is required to take any reasonable action to ensure the safety of
its students. In cases where the college may have reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill-
treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, the Principal is obliged to follow the Child Protection procedures
established by the Derbyshire Area Child Protection Committee, and inform the Social Services of the


Basic information about students is held on computer to assist with the efficient organisation of the college
and the individual’s educational needs. Security measures are taken to ensure that the information is kept
confidential and is only available to authorised staff. It may be used for statistical purposes but this will not
enable any individual to be identified. The college and the County Council have registered, with the Data
Protection Registrar, details of persons to whom they may wish to disclose information. Law, under the
provision of the Data Protection Act 1984, may only disclose information to other persons in accordance
with this register. This college is registered to disclose personal information to:

            Family, Relatives, Guardians, Trustees;
            Past, Current or Prospective Employers;
            Legal Representatives;
            Doctors, Dentists, other Health Advisers;
            Department of Education and Science;
            Department of Social Security;
            Local Authority Education and Social Services;
            Derbyshire Connexions Service.

It is the policy of the Governors and Derbyshire County Council that such information is confidential and
that, even where a need to disclose information has been registered, it will only be divulged in exceptional
circumstances and will be kept to the minimum necessary to achieve the purpose. This policy is, of course,
subject to any law that imposes a duty of disclosure on the Governors or Derbyshire County Council.

Students may also use computers in the classroom as part of their education but they do not have access
to the personal information records. If you are concerned about any aspect of personal information held on
computer, please contact the Principal in the first instance or write to:

       The Data Protection Liaison Officer
       Education Department
       Derbyshire County Council
       County Offices
       Derbyshire     DE4 3AG


All students are expected to attend college suitably dressed and equipped for the day's work. We try to
maintain the high standards in dress, as in everything else. Our uniform is as follows:

Boys                                             Girls

Plain navy long-sleeved ‘V’-necked pullover      Plain navy long-sleeved ‘V’-necked pullover
with college badge                               with college badge
KS4 Plain navy long-sleeved ‘V’-necked           KS4 Plain navy long-sleeved ‘V’-necked
pullover                                         pullover
without logos                                    or zipped cardigan without logos
Dark grey/black long trousers                    Dark grey/navy/black skirt
(not cords or jeans)                             Black/navy trousers may be worn
Plain white/pale blue shirt                      Plain white/pale blue shirt
College tie                                      College tie
Plain dark-coloured socks                        Plain socks
Suitable black shoes (not trainers)              Suitable black shoes (not trainers)

Any items of clothing made from leather, denim or cord or hooded sweatshirts are not acceptable.
Coats should be waterproof outdoor garments, in dark colours and without logos.

Winter outdoor kit                                Summer/ Indoor kit
Plain white t-shirt                               Plain white t-shirt
School red rugby shirt or                         Plain black shorts
Red KHCTC sweatshirt or black fleece              Plain white socks
Plain black shorts – girls may wear navy blue     Training shoes (bare feet for gym & dance)
netball skirt
Plain white socks
Training shoes
Plain black tracksuit bottoms (optional in        Please Note:
winter only)                                      Jewellery must not be worn for PE
Football & Hockey:                                Pupils with long hair must tie it back
Black football socks                              PE kit must be worn even when you are not taking part.
Studded footwear                                  A note must be provided if you cannot take part for any
Shin pads                                         reason.
Mouth guard (recommended)

A woodwork apron, overall or dustcoat is needed for working in Art and Technology areas. In the Food
Technology area, it is particularly important that the apron is kept clean.

Students are not to wear jewellery [especially rings and necklaces] in college except plain stud ear-rings
may be worn with pierced ears. Jewellery can be dangerous in certain college activities.
Students are not allowed to wear any other type of pierced body or facial jewellery.

Hair should be sensibly styled with no extremes such as bright colours or tramlined/shaved heads.

No expensive or electrical / electronic items should be brought into college under any circumstances. They
can too easily be lost, stolen or damaged, and, in the case of phone/audio equipment, can be very
disruptive. Staff will confiscate such items which will need to be collected from the Main Office by parents /
carers. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during the college day.

Students are not allowed to wear make-up.

Students will need a school bag that is capable of carrying books and papers to and from college. It is
important that the bag is of a design that will prevent the books from becoming damaged.

Most items of college dress and PE kit can be obtained from any supplier of children's clothes. The school
jumpers should be purchased direct from AVRO Embroidery at 276 Cotmanhay Road, Ilkeston DE7 8NE.
The college tie is available direct from college or from D & P Schoolwear, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham.


The college has a good record of student attendance.

The attendance rate for the college year 2007-2008 was 92%.


These levels of attendance are achieved by strong pastoral care and the encouragement of students
through the award of Attendance Trophies every week.
All these awards serve to focus student attention on the need for good attendance if they are to benefit fully
from their time at college, and our record is also an indication of the positive parental support in this area.

Students should be on the college premises at least 5 minutes before the start of morning and afternoon
sessions. Students who are regularly late will be placed in detention

We do expect parents to either telephone the college or send a letter to the Form Tutor in the case of all
absences. Parents will be contacted by the college about any un-notified absence, as part of our ‘First Day
Response’ system.

Parents are not entitled to take their children on holiday in term time.
Such holidays can only be taken with the written approval of the Principal.
The Principal will not approve any application from Key Stage 4 students
Holidays taken during term time can be very disruptive to the education of students, particularly for those
who are taking external exams – SATs and GCSEs – a 90% or lower attendance will have an adverse
affect on grades and exam performance.


The college is obliged to publish the following information in relation to absences, both authorised and

Total number of registered students of compulsory school age
on roll for at least one session during the reporting period
to 28th May 2008                                                                           1048

The percentage of half-day (sessions) missed through authorised absence.                   7.81%
The percentage of half-day (sessions) missed through unauthorised absence.                 0.19%

                                  PASTORAL CARE AND GUIDANCE


Overall responsibility for pastoral care is managed by the Assistant Principal - Pastoral Guidance.
For students in Years 7, 8 and 9, responsibility rests with the Heads of Year and Form Tutors.
For students in Years 10 and 11, the responsibility rests with the Directors of Key Stage 4 and Form Tutors.


The Primary Liaison team will get to know students well before they leave primary school and will take
every possible care to ease the path of progress throughout the students' first year in college. Year 6 pupils
are invited to attend Links Club, which runs through the spring and summer terms and gives them the
chance to meet teachers and get a feel for the college before they start.

An Induction Day in July brings all Year 6 students into college to meet their form tutors and classmates.
Each Year 7 form group is allocated a Teaching Assistant to guide them through their first weeks and help
them to settle in happily.


As well as being classroom teachers, members of staff of the college share a responsibility for the care and
the personal development of students. On arrival, the new students are placed in form groups, which have
a mixture of children with different skills and personalities. Each form has its own Form Tutor whose task is
to help all students of that form to feel at ease and secure in college.


As well as meeting the form twice each day to check registration, the Form Tutor conducts a Tutor Period
each week, which lasts for 50 minutes. In this time students engage in work relating to Personal, Health and
Social Education, and Careers Guidance. Every day the students have 15 minutes of CORE reading time
with their tutor.


Through the Tutor Period, Assemblies, Citizenship activities and other events like outings, listening to
visiting speakers and involvement in discussions, the college tries to foster a sense of belonging first to the
form and then to the year. This aims to achieve a sense of belonging to the college and the wider


The aim of all the Pastoral Team is to develop strong personal links with their students and to exercise
effective control over any less well socialised students. The emphasis is on good relationships, however,
which normally become strong enough for most students to confidently approach their tutors about many
things, both personal and academic. This is extended to links with the parents and also to other people who
can offer help to students; notably the Educational Psychologist, and the Educational Welfare Officer, the
Behaviour Support Service, the Connexions Service and Social Services. They, in turn, can open ways for
further help from other agencies if the need arises.

                               ORGANISATION OF THE CURRICULUM


The college day consists of 2 periods of 45 minutes and 4 of 50 minutes each.

                                 8.40 am        Start of Morning
                                 8.45 am        Assembly (Year or Form]
                                 9:00 am        First Period
                                 9.45 am        Second Period
                                10.30 am        Break
                                10.45 am        Third Period
                                11.35 am        Fourth Period
                                12.25 am        Lunch
                                 1.25 pm        Registration
                                 1.35 pm        CORE time
                                 1.50 pm        Fifth Period
                                 2.40 pm        Sixth Period
                                 3.30 pm        End of Afternoon

There are 25 hours of taught lessons each week.


The curriculum is built on the foundation that all students are entitled to a common, broad range of learning
experiences, regardless of ability. The National Curriculum core and foundation subjects form the basis of
these learning experiences, together with other important areas of understanding which cross normal
subject boundaries, such as Personal, Health and Social Education, Citizenship, Environmental Education,
Industrial Links, Careers, Health and Safety, Information Technology and Sex Education.


Every department aims to stretch the most able and provide support where it is needed for every individual
student but, because every subject is different, they achieve this goal in different ways. Some subjects, like
Mathematics, set in Year 7. Others, like English, use systems of ‘broad banding’ as they progress through
the college. We operate a ‘mixed economy’ that is constantly evolving in response to the students’ needs
and the National Curriculum.


Personal, Health and Social Education is central to the whole curriculum. It is concerned with the growth of
the whole person, in whom it helps to develop personal awareness, the real exercise of personal choice,
the taking of personal responsibility and opportunities to increase self-esteem. It is concerned with such
matters as Health Education and Careers Guidance but it is conveyed through the relationships and
attitudes of the whole college community. Personal, Social and Health Education is taught during weekly
tutor periods and, as appropriate, within other subjects across the whole curriculum and through the
provision of extra-curricular activities.


The college has developed a range of study support opportunities to enhance students’ development.
There is an extensive programme of support lessons for GCSE subjects running at lunchtimes, and after
college and at weekends. There is an extensive Easter Holiday GCSE revision programme.

The lunchtime and after-college clubs give students the chance to experience activities outside the normal



CURRICULUM AREAS             SUBJECTS                                     PERIODS

TECHNOLOGY                   Design and Technology                        3
ICT                          Information Technology                       1
ENGLISH                      English & English Literature                 3 or 4
EXPRESSIVE ARTS              Art, Drama & Music                           3 or 4
HUMANITIES                   History, Geography,
                             Religious Education                          5
MATHEMATICS                                                               3 or 4
MODERN LANGUAGES             French or German                             3
HEALTH EDUCATION                                                          1
PHYSICAL EDUCATION           PE, Games                                    2
SCIENCE                      Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and other
                             Sciences in a combined framework             3 or 4

                                                                      The number of periods changes
                                                                      during the Key Stage.

KEY STAGE 4 (YEARS 10 – 11)

CURRICULUM AREAS             SUBJECTS                                     PERIODS

ENGLISH                      English                                      4 or 5
MATHEMATICS                  including Basic Numeracy                     4
SCIENCE                      Balanced Science or
                             3 separate sciences                          6
DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY          Design and Technology                        3
HEALTH EDUCATION             Recording, Guidance, Counselling, Careers    1
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                                                       1
PHYSICAL EDUCATION           Physical Education, Leisure Pursuits         2
ICT                                                                       3
OPTION (3 subjects)          Art & Design, Child Development, Drama,
                             French, German, Information Communication
                             Technology Music, Physical Education
                             History, Geography, Religious Education,
                             Business Studies or Engineering           3x3

Other vocational courses will also become available for students in Key Stage 4.

For some students the full curriculum is considered to be inappropriate and for these students we
offer an Alternative Curriculum.

      NB     There will be some revision to the Upper College courses over the next few
             years as the 14 – 19 curriculum develops. We will be very pleased to provide
             information about proposed changes if you would care to contact the college.

                              CAREERS EDUCATION AND GUIDANCE
                                 AND CONTINUING EDUCATION


The college adopts an approach to Careers Education that emphasises the need for students to make their
own informed decisions about their future. Careers Education begins in Year 7.

One element of the service is to maintain accurate and detailed information about jobs and courses in a
well equipped Careers Section within the College Connexions Library. To support the Library information,
the service includes a programme of visiting speakers, videos and visits to local companies, colleges and
careers conventions.

Derbyshire Connexions Careers and Personal Advisers visit the college to work with students on a regular
basis, working on decision-making and career choice activities. Personal interviews are available by special
arrangement in college or at the Connexions Office in Ilkeston.

The timetabled Personal, Social and Health Education course aims to enable students to develop the skills
of decision-making, personal assessment, and self-awareness, and to use these in making personal and
career decisions.

The opportunity to be involved in Work Experience is open to all students in Year 10. Links between the
world of work and curriculum exist throughout the college.


 Full-time          Training         Employment           NEETs               Others
 Education          Providers                             [not in         [left the area]
                                                        training or

     70%               4%                17%                6%                  3%


Kirk Hallam Community Technology College offers an education for all our students up to the age of 16. We
are now and 11 – 18 college with a purpose built 6th Form. In partnership with Ilkeston School we offer a
wide range of A level and Level 3 courses to our students who wish to prepare for university and other
institutions of Higher Education.

In Ilkeston students wishing to continue their education by following vocational courses have an equally
wide range of options to choose from at the South East Derbyshire Tertiary College.
Students also follow courses at Bilborough College and Clarendon College in Nottingham and Derby
College of Further Education.

In addition to the provision in Ilkeston, the County maintains more specialist colleges: Buxton College of
Further Education offers training for all aspects of the hotel and catering industry; and Derby College at
Broomfield caters for the farming and agricultural industry.


The college has a clear policy with regard to preparing students for public examinations:

     To prepare and enter all students for public examinations
     To offer a wide range of courses in order to match students' different aptitudes and interests
     To monitor and support the progress of every student on an individual basis

Courses leading to a number of different external qualifications are available for students:

        General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in all core and foundation subjects, as well as
         a range of other important subjects
     OCR National in IT
     Level 2 Award in ‘Applying Engineering Principles’
     BTEC First in Land and Agriculture
Certificate of Achievement Tests – subjects vary from year to year

  Students at Kirk Hallam Community Technology College continue to perform well
                 above Local and National Levels and expectations






                                       2001     2002      2003       2004       2005     2006   2007
                     Achieved %        58%      69%        75%       64%        69%      71%    65%
                     Projected %       48%      53%        56%       50%        54%      58%    57%
                     Added Value %     10%      16%        19%       14%        15%      13%    8%

                    Percentage of students achieving 5+ Higher GCSE Grades
                              set against projected performance*
                                      based on NFER Cognitive ability tests in Year 7

            Kirk Hallam Community Technology College adds 8% extra value
                    to Key Stage 4 Student potential as measured by
                      NFER Cognitive Ability Tests taken in Year 7.

                             The 2007 Examination Headlines

                    Students produce consistently high results
   66% of students gained 5 or more Higher Grades. This is 7% above the National average for 2006
   96% of students left with Graded Results in at least 5 subjects
   For the last 7 years Kirk Hallam Students have performed at a significantly higher level than students in
    both Derbyshire and England
   46 students have achieved a Level 1 Vocational Qualification in Sport Leadership
   6 Students have been awarded the Community Sports Leadership Award, a qualification usually studied
    only at post 16 centres

     Outstanding performances by students with Special Educational Needs
   100% of students left with a GCSE Qualification

                          Superb performances at the highest level
   414 Students achieved A* and A grades in total compared with 233 in 2006
   69 Students achieved 10 or more Higher grade passes compared with 61 in 2006
   48 Students achieved one or more Higher GCSE passes during Year 10 including 1 A in French, 2 A
    passes in Japanese and 6 A* and 13 A passes in Maths
   There were a large number of individual successes including a student who achieved 10 A* grades and
    one with 9 A* and one A

                               Significant levels of ‘added value’
   Fischer Family Trust data puts the College in the top 25% of schools for Value Added Key Stage 3 to
    Key Stage 4
   DfES data shows that the College continues to add Value at both Key Stage 2 to GCSE and Key Stage
    3 to GCSE
   Fischer Family Trust data projected that 55% of Boys were to achieve 5 or more Higher Grades. 57%
    did so. Fischer Family Trust data projected that 70% of Girls were to achieve 5 or more Higher Grades.
    74% did so

                 Both Boys and Girls continue to perform both beyond
                       expectations and above National Norms
   57% of boys achieved 5 or more Higher Grades compared to the National figure in 2005 of 52%. A
    difference of +5%
   74% of girls achieved 5 or more Higher Grades compared to the National figure in 2005 of 62%. A
    difference of +12%

                                   Summary and Comparison of the
                                 G.C.S.E. Examination Results for 2007
                College performance against Published Targets, Local and National Averages
Percentage of        Achieving   Achieving     Achieving    Achieving    Achieving     Average
Students             5+ A* - C    5+ A* - C   5+ A* - C Inc 5+ A* - G     1+ A* - G     Points
in the Year Group               Inc En & Ma En, Ma & 2Sc                                Score
KHCTC 2007             66%          53%           50%          96%         100%          388
KHCTC LA                   71%               53%                                              97%                       98%            387
Published Target
Performance            5% below          on target                                      1% above                      2% above       1pt above
against target          target                                                           target                        target          target
KHCTC 2006                 71%               56%                                              95%                      99.5%           388
Derbyshire 2006            57%               46%                                              93%                       98%            354
England 2006               59%               46%                                              91%                       98%            365

                                     Performance against Technology College Targets
                                       Technology College      Achievement           Performance
                                       GCSE Higher grade                            against target
Design and Technology                         68%                  72%              4% above target
Mathematics                                            67%                                     55%                         12% below target
Science                                                62%                                     67%                          5% above target
Whole School 5+ A*-C                                   71%                                     66%                          5% below target
Whole School 5+ A*-C in En & Ma               53%                    53%                    on target
These very ambitious targets were set using Fischer Family Trust (Type D) Data to place the College in the top 25% of
schools nationally.
                       Percentage of Students in the Year Group Gaining Higher Grades
                    2007      2006        2005       2004         2003      2002         2001       2000
1 or more           85%       87%         87%         88%         86%       86%          82%         73%
2 or more           80%          84%              80%               84%                 82%                  77%              73%        65%
3 or more           77%          79%              74%               77%                 80%                  74%              68%        58%
4 or more           70%          75%              72%               72%                 77%                  72%              61%        51%
5 or more           66%          71%              69%               65%                 75%                  69%              58%        46%

                           Average total GCSE / GNVQ point score per student
                    2007       2006       2005     2004       2003       2002                                                 2001       2000
                     388        388        392      50         50         48                                                   41         37

                 Percentage of students achieving 5+ Higher GCSE Grades






                                                                           Kirk Hallam Community Technology College

                                     1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

Subject Analysis
             Number of students in the School Year (aged 15 on 31.8.2006)                                                                                                                                     222 (205)
             Number of boys in the School Year (aged 15 on 31.8.2006)                                                                                                                                         105 (104)
             Number of girls in the School Year (aged 15 on 31.8.2006)                                                                                                                                        117 (101)
All Students

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 C&G Engineering

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ICT Short Course
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   C&G Land Based

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  RE Short Course

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PE Short Course

                   Child Dev.

                                                   English 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                           ICT AiDA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ICT DiDA









        A*   4     2                    14         3           3        3        10          4         6        2       4    27     2         2          6          3            3          7                                                                                                     7                 2
        A    12    2            3       30 31                  1        7        9           20 28                      11 10 10 10 10 15 18 34                                                           4           2                                                  2                        21                4
        B    13    3            9       47 33                  6        5        5           17 40              2       9    9     28 28 11                         7            14 40 23                             5                            2                                              35                4
        C    18    9                    59 60                  4        8        18 19 48                       2       11   3     75 68                 1          5            3          66 42                     3          11                            15                    7            29
        D    10    2            5       40 40                  2        3        10 15 39                               6    1     46 28                                                    27            5                                        2                                 3            29
        E    3     3            7       21 36                  1                 8           13 31              6       1          13         3                                             16            5                                        4                                 2            24                                   11
        F    3     2            1       5          7           1        1        1           2         22       3                   8         2                                             8             12                                                                                      9                                     6
        G          1                               1                                         5         6                            4                                                       2                                                      1                                              6                                    13
     A*-C    47    16           12      150        127         14       23       42          60        122      6       35   49    115        108        33         33           33         147           35          5          11                2            15       2           7            2

    Total    64    25           26      222        211         19       26       62          98        222      16      42   50    188        141        33         33           33         205           137         16         16                9            17       2           12           92                10

    %A-C     73    64           46      68         60          74       85       68          61        55       38      83   98    61         77         100        100          100        72            50          63         69                22           88       100         58           53                100


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 C&G Engineering

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ICT Short Course
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   C&G Land Based

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  RE Short Course

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PE Short Course

                   Child Dev.

                                                   English 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                           ICT AiDA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ICT DiDA









        A*                              7          1                    1        7           1         6        2       3    12                          5          3            3          3                                                                                                     2
        A    1                  1       10 14                  1        4        7           10        9                4    4      4         4          6          10           8          14            2           2                                                                           9                 1
        B    3                  4       13 10                  1        2        3           5         15       1       6    4     10 10                 8          3            7          11            6           2                            1                                              8                 4
        C    8                          26 22                           4        10          7         21       1       8    2     31 29                 1          4            2          30 15                     1          11                             6                                 15
        D    5                          27 20                           1        9           6         19               2    1     23 13                                                    18            2                                                                                       11
        E    3                  2       17 27                  1                 7           4         15       5       1           8         1                                             8                                                                                                     18                                    3
        F    1                          4          5           1        1        1           5         18       2                   5         1                                             3             5                                                                                       8                                     4
        G                                          1                                                   1                            3                                                       1                                                                                                     5                                     8
     A*-C    12                 5       56         47          2        11       27          23        51       4       21   22    45         43         20         20           20         58            23          5          11                1                6                             34                 5

    Total    21                 7       105        100         5        13       45          40        105      11      24   23    85         58         20         20           20         91            56          10         14                7                7                             82                 5                 25

    %A-C     57                 71      53         47          40       85       60          58        49       36      88   96    53         74         100        100          100        64            41          50         79                14           86                                41                100

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 C&G Engineering

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ICT Short Course
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   C&G Land Based

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  RE Short Course

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PE Short Course

                   Child Dev.


                                                   English 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                           ICT AiDA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ICT DiDA










        A*   4     2                    7          2           3        2        3           3                          1    15     2         2          1                                  4                                                      1                                              5                 2
        A    11    2            2       20 17                           3        2           10 19                      7    6      6         6          9          8            5          20            2                                                              2                        12                3
        B    10    3            5       34 23                  5        3        2           12 25              1       3    5     18 18                 3          4            7          29 17                     3                                                                           27
        C    10    9                    33 38                  4        4        8           12 27              1       3    1     44 39                            1            1          36 27                     2                                         9                    7            14
        D    5     2            5       13 20                  2        2        1           9         20               4          23 15                                                    9             3                                                                          3            18
        E          3            5       4          9                             1           9         16       1                   5         2                                             8             5                                        1                                 2            6                                     8
        F    2     2            1       1          2                                         2         4        1                   3         1                                             5             7                                                                                       1                                     2
        G    1     1                                                                                   5                            1                                                       1                                                                                                     1                                     5
     A*-C    35    16           7       94         80          12       12       15          37        71       2       14   27    70         65         13         13           13         89            46          5                            1                9    2           7            58                 5

    Total    43    25           19      117        111         14       14       17          58        117      5       18   27    103        83         13         13           13         114           81          6                            2            10       2           12           90                 5                 21

    %A-C     81    64           37      80         72          86       86       88          64        61       40      78   100   68         78         100        100          100        78            57          83                           50           90       100         58           64                100



Ten Year 11 students were entered for the GCSE Short Course in Physical Education. The timetabled
curriculum was supplemented with activities outside the school day. All the students passed at Higher
grade with 2 A*, 4 A grades and 4 B grades.


All Key Stage 4 students study GCSE Short Course Religious Education. Students are given the
opportunity to expand this to a full course using time outside the timetable curriculum. This year 50 students
followed the full course. They all passed with 27 A*, 10 A grades. An amazing achievement!


The College has offered the Sports Leaders Level 1 Award for a number of years. This award is a nationally
recognised award that helps young people develop their leadership skills. This year, 46 students
successfully completed the award. Six students have been awarded the Sports Leader Award Level 2


All students are presented with their own comprehensive Record of Achievement folders before they leave
college. This is a record of their achievement and experiences across the full breadth of education within
and outside of college. Those who have received their Record Folders have found them useful in
supporting their applications for places in employment, training or continued education.


Students may also gain qualifications in such areas as Outdoor Pursuits, First Aid, as a result of their work
in particular lessons or their involvement in clubs, teams and other activities.
Visiting instrumental music tutors also prepare students for examinations taken at the South-East
Derbyshire Music Centre.

                                                      Student Performance at Key Stage 3
College performance against Published Targets, Local and National Averages
                                                                                                                 Achieving Level 5+
Percentage of Students in the                                                    English                               Maths                                         Science
Year Group
Published Target agreed with LEA                                                    82%                                       75%                                      68%
              Actual performance of students                                        79%                                       77%                                      77%
Performance against target                                              3% below target                            2% above target                      5% above target
England 2006                                                                        73%                                       77%                                      72%

The performance of Year 9 students in their Key Stage 3 SATs was outstanding. Student
performance in Maths and Science places the College in the top 25% of schools.

                              English Level 5+                                                                              English Level 6+

 90%                                                                                        70%
 75%                                                                                        50%
 70%                                                                                        45%
 55%                                                                                        25%
 50%                                                                                        20%
       1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010    2011 2012         1997 1998    1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010    2011 2012

                              Maths Level 5+                                                                               Maths Level 6+

90%                                                                                         70%
75%                                                                                         50%
70%                                                                                         45%
55%                                                                                         25%

50%                                                                                         20%
                                                                                                   1997 1998    1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010    2011 2012
      1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010     2011 2012

                           Science Level 5+                                                                              Science Level 6+

90%                                                                                         70%
75%                                                                                         50%

70%                                                                                         45%
60%                                                                                         30%
55%                                                                                         25%
50%                                                                                               1997 1998    1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010    2011 2012
      1997 1998   1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010   2011 2012

- - - - - National Results    _______ Kirk Hallam Community Technology College Results
  Fischer Family Trust (Group A - Same progress as students nationally)
 Fischer Family Trust (Group B - Top 25% of Schools)

                          NATIONAL Teacher Assessment and Test Results
National Figures for 2006 not yet available.
Figures may not total 100 per cent because of rounding.

                                                           TEACHER ASSESSMENT

                          Percentage at each level
                                                                                                                         Pupils       Pupils
                           W         1        2        3         4        5        6           7        8     EP
                                                                                                                       disapplied     absent
     English                0        0        1        6        20       37       25        8           0      0           0            1
     Mathematics            0        0        1        7        15       25       28       19           4      0           0            1
     Science                0        0        1        6        20       35       26       10           0      0            0             1

                                                               TEST RESULTS

                         Percentage at each level
                                  Below                                                                        Pupils               Pupils
                                                       3        4        5        6        7        8                   #
                                level 3/4*                                                                  not entered             absent
     English                        9                          13       39       26       9                      0                    4
      Reading                      14                          14       36       23       9                      0                    3
      Writing                       7                          13       39       25       12                     0                    3
     Mathematics                    2                  6       14       21       28       20        5            0                    3
     Science                        3                  6       19       33       25       12                     0                    3


      Percentage at each level
                                  Below                                                                        Pupils               Pupils
                                                       3        4        5        6        7        8                   #
                                level 3/4*                                                                  not entered             absent
     Mathematics                     1                 4       15       21       30       17        8              0                  3
   Science                       2                1     17     29                30       18                       0                  4
The English Test results are not available until September 2007.

                                                           TEACHER ASSESSMENT
     Percentage at each level
                                                                                                                         Pupils       Pupils
                           W         1        2        3         4        5        6           7        8     EP
                                                                                                                       disapplied     absent
   English                  0        1        0        2        8        24       29       31           6      0           0            0
   Mathematics              0        0        2        5        17       25       23       22           5      0           0            0
   Science                  0        0        0        2        15       24       35       23           0      0           0            0
   Design & Tech            0        0        0        0        5        22       45       26           2      0           0            0
   Geography                0        0        0        2        6        42       34       14           2      0           0            0
   History                  0        0        0        4        14       25       38       19           0      0           0            0
   ICT                      0        0        1        4        7        46       21       15           6      0           0            0
   MFL                      0        1        1        3        22       33       17       21           2      0           0            0
   Art & Design             0        0        0        2        15       43       35        4           0      0           0            0
   Drama                    0        0        0        4        10       36       43        6           0      0           0            0
   Music                    0        0        0        3        30       60       8         0           0      0           0            0
   PE                       0        0        0        1        14       58       27        0           0      0           0            0
W       represents students who are working towards level 1, but have not yet achieved the standards needed for level 1.
EP      represents exceptional performance.
*       represents students who were not entered for the tests because they were working below level 3 in mathematics or science, or below
        level 4 in English; students awarded a compensatory level from the tests; and pupils entered for but not achieving a level from the tests.
        students working at the levels of the tests, but unable to access them, formally referred to as disapplied.

                            WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PARENTS


A good education results from a number of positive working partnerships. The college's partnership with our
community, local industry and commerce, our feeder primary schools, local secondary schools and
providers of further education, and a whole range of local and national groups and organisations involved in
the broad field of education enhances the quality of what we have to offer. The close working partnership
between teacher and student seeks to improve motivation and raise standards of work. The other vital
partnership, of course, is the one between you, as parents, and the college, which is responsible for
educating your son or daughter.

We consider the establishment and cultivation of this partnership to be a high priority, supporting as it does
the successful progress and development of your child. The following are all important in cementing this


We would wish to address any particular concerns you may have relating to your child's education when
they arise. It is essential that an appointment be made before parents arrive at college. A phone call or note
to arrange an interview will ensure the member of staff you wish to see is available.


Our annual student Statement of Achievement provides a very full and comprehensive report on the
progress of your son or daughter. Each year group has a Parents’ Consultation Day or Evening. In both
Key Stages 3 and 4, parents will be notified of student progress after the results of our regular student
monitoring exercises.


The responsibilities of the college's Governing Body have been markedly increased under the 1988
Education Reform Act and the introduction of Local Financial Management. There are 4 parents at present
sitting on the Governing Body. The interests of the parent body as a whole are therefore well represented.


It is a statutory requirement that a full range of documents, from departmental schemes of work through
College Policy Statements to Department of Education publications, be available in college for you to read.
Please contact the Principal directly if you wish to see any specific document and arrangements will be
made for you to come into college to read it or for a copy to be made available for you. In most cases there
will be a charge for the latter, just to cover costs.


If you have a concern over any issue relating to the college curriculum, please contact the college.
Hopefully, a discussion will resolve any problems. However, if this is not possible then the Local Education
Authority has a Complaints Procedure, which will allow the matter to be referred to the Area Education
Office in the first instance and then to the Governing Body for resolution. An Appeals Committee and the
opportunity to make application to the Secretary of State for Education for his decision constitute the further
steps possible, should the matter not be sorted out.


Students are encouraged to broaden their experience, to pursue their interests and develop their talents,
both inside and outside the normal timetabled curriculum.

The following clubs are currently active:

Club 33               Gardening Club           HIT Club               FPS Science Club
Drama Club            College band             College choir          Cross stitch

The following clubs and teams are currently active in various age groups. All clubs are open to
boys and girls unless otherwise stated:


Athletics              Rounders                Tennis                 Volleyball
Cross-country          Basketball              Cricket                Trampolining
Hockey                 Football                Girls’ Football
Gymnastics             Dance                   Fitness

Athletics       U12, U13, U14, U15                    Basketball   U16 / U14 Boys and Girls
Cross           U12, U13/14, U15/16                   Cricket      U12/13 Girls, U12, U13, U14,
Country                                                            U15
Hockey          U12/13, U14, U15, U16 and mixed       Football     Boys U12, U13, U14, U15,
                                                                   Girls U12, U14, U16
Netball         U12, U13, U14, U15, U16               Volleyball   U15, U16 mixed
                                                                   U14 Boys

Inter-form Competition weeks for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 in boys and girls football, benchball, volleyball,
netball & rounders.

Level 1 Sports Leaders Award – 106 students achieved this prestigious award this year.

Tournament Results
Basketball             U16 Boys – 2nd in District and Quarter Finals of County Cup
                       U14 & U16 Girls – 5th in District
District Boys Football U12 Final, U13 Final, U14 Final,U15 5th.
                       U16 – Quarter Finals of the County Cup

District Netball Tournaments                   U16 – 2nd              U15 – 2nd
                                               U14 – 3rd              U13 – 6th
                                               U12 – 3rd

District Netball Leagues                       U16 – 2nd              U14 – 2nd

District Cross-country                       Yr 7 Girls 1st         Yr 7 Boys 3rd
                                             Yr 8/9 Girls 3rd       Yr 8/9 Boys 2nd
                                             Yr 10/11 Girls 3rd     Yr 10/11 Boys 1st
County Relays                                Junior Boys 5th
                                             Junior Girls 2nd
District Volleyball U16 Mixed                1st
District Hockey Tournaments                  U14 3rd. U16 2nd.
District Girls Football Tournament           U16 Girls 3rd. U12 Girls 3rd.
15 Students in the Erewash Athletics team at County Championships
District Rounders (Boys and Girls) U15 - 4th

                                        COMMUNITY EDUCATION

As a community school, Kirk Hallam College is an important resource for all the community. Through
working with, and providing opportunities and facilities for local people and families we hope to raise
expectations and aspirations for all.

How does this affect students' education?

Education is not something that exists in isolation from the real world and efforts are made in all areas of
college life to relate learning to everyday life and the community in which we live. Great importance is
placed on using the community, its people and its physical environment as a resource; for fieldwork and
residential activities; for developing working links with industry, commerce and a variety of statutory and
voluntary organisations and groups; and for helping prepare students to be responsible and active
members of their community. Examples can be found in all curricular areas and in many extra-curricular

What facilities exist for local people?

We provide learning and leisure opportunities through our own programmes and work with the Derbyshire
Adult Community Education Service to provide learning opportunities for all members of the community.
More information can be obtained from the College Office or the Adult Education Office on Heanor Road,
Ilkeston [tel: 0115 9306909].


There is a full programme of activities taking students out of college to different parts of the country and
also abroad for anything from one day to a week.
Included in the programme are:

   Japan Student Exchange Visit
   Lower School visits to France and Germany
   Visits to Paris and Berlin for Key Stage 4 students
   GCSE Geography field trip to North Wales
   Week-long course at Lea Green Derbyshire
   Outdoor Pursuit activities (canoeing, climbing, walking, etc.)
   Day trips to various venues and activities including Derby Cathedral, Tara Buddhist centre,
    University Engineering depts, the Space centre, Beth Shalom Holocaust centre, Shipley Park.


The college offers a broad and balanced experience in drama, music and art to all students, regardless of
their ability, and endeavours to foster a thriving 2-way relationship with our community through the contact
that comes from the Arts.

The range of experience our students and community contribute to and benefit from include the following:

 regular opportunities to participate in presentations as an integral part of lesson activity
 showcase evenings to which parents are invited and are able, in an informal setting, to experience the
   work of their children in GCSE music, art and drama
 a major annual production
 visits to art galleries
 contact with professionals in the Arts
 music tuition in a range of instruments (A charge is made by the visiting staff who provide lessons.)
All students in Years 7 to 9 follow a programme of Expressive Arts, in which they study drama, art and
music in rotation for a period of 5 to 7 weeks. In Years 10 and 11, students can opt to study one of the
subjects at GCSE.


There are many youth groups and organisations doing valuable and interesting work with young people in
the area; some of them, in fact, being based at the college. We co-operate with the leaders and have
provided them with a large central notice board area on which to advertise their activities. We have a
database of local sports clubs and groups that students can access to pursue interests outside.

Erewash School Sport Partnership

Kirk Hallam Community Technology College is the ‘Hub’ school for the School Sports Partnership in
Erewash. This is a group of 47 schools and colleges in the area, (primary, secondary, special and F.E.)

In September 2007 the partnership appointed Rhian Lilley as the Partnership Development Manager.

The partnerships recent developments include;

      Involvement in two hours of high quality P.E. has increased from 68% - 88% for 5- 16 years olds.
      Providing eighteen different professional development courses for teachers, support assistants,
       coaches and lunch time supervisors. Gifted and talented identification, Rebound therapy (special
       schools), Cheerleading and mini leaders at playtimes (Primaries).
      Over 600 individual qualifications have been achieved through the School Sport Partnership.
      Accessing funding from the PCT, Extended Activities and Big Lottery to allow every school in the
       Partnership to receive new playground markings. Total funding accessed this year for additional
       projects is £65,000.
      Submitting a successful Community Initiative bid in conjunction with the Erewash Community Sports
       Network for £147,000 for community projects.
      Creating a Young Leaders Academy this year that includes 80 students from Secondary schools
       that will take on leadership roles in a school or club.
      Over 100 leaders have also accessed accredited training in Badminton, Multi skills, athletics, tri golf
       and kwik cricket. (YLA working at the Primary Sports Day – Wednesday 2nd July.)

From September 2008 the college has appointed Mr. Jon Blanchenot as Director of Sport. In this role he
will lead the development of the School Sports Partnership and co-ordinate with the Partnership
Development Manager to decide which activities are undertaken.


On deciding admissions to this college the following order of priority will be adopted by the Local Authority:

1    Children living in the normal area served by the college

2    Children not living in the normal area but who have brothers or sisters attending the
     college at the time of admission

3    Other children whose parents have requested a place

Number of places available in September 2008 192
Number of applications for places            203
Number of places granted                     203


A full Calendar of Events follows and we look forward to parental support of and, in many cases, active
participation in these activities.


Autumn            Tuesday 9th September to Friday 24th October
                  Monday 3rd November to Friday 19thDecember

Spring            Monday 5th January to Friday 13th February
                  Monday 23rd February to Friday 3rd April

Summer            Monday 20th April to Friday 22nd May
                  Monday 1st June to Wednesday 24th July

There will be 5 staff training days during these term dates that will be determined later.

                        MAIN EVENTS CALENDAR 2008 – 2009

September   8th                 Staff Training Day (closed for students)
            9th                 College opens for students.

October     1st                 Open Day/Evening
            6th – 10th          Berlin Visit
            17th                College closed –staff training
            20th – 24th         Paris Visit

November    12th                Year 11 Consultation Day

December    1st – 5th           Year 11 Mock Exams
            19th                TERM ENDS.


January     5th                 Term begins. College opens for students.
            19th                Year 11 Parents Evening

February    12th                College closes for HALF TERM.
            23rd                College re-opens for students.

March       2nd – 6th           Yr 8 Lea Green Outdoor Education Week
            23rd – 3rd April    Year 10 Work Experience

April       3rd                 College closes for Easter Half Term
            20th                College re-opens for students

May         4th                 College closed – MAY DAY
            5th – 8th           Year 9 SATs examinations
            11th – 15th         Year 9 CAT tests
            22nd                College closes for HALF TERM.

June        1st                 College re-opens for students.
            8th – 12th          Year 7 – Normandy Visit
            15th                Year 7 Parents evening

July        12th – 17th         Yr 10 Geography Field Week to North Wales
            24th                TERM ENDS.

                                     THE COLLEGE STAFF
There are currently 73 teaching staff.
Names of staff with a major management responsibility but also with a significant teaching commitment appear twice
in this list.

Leadership Team

       Mr P Hamer BA MEd                        Principal
       Mr A Smith BA                            Vice-Principal
       Mr R Compton BSc                         Assistant Principal – Examinations and Curriculum
       Mrs Y Greenwood BSc                      Assistant Principal – Personnel
       Mrs H Inman BEd                          Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care/Director of Key Stage 3
       Mr D Cowley BSc                          Director of 6 Form Studies & ICT
       Mr J Warrington CertEd                   Assistant Principal - Development
       Mrs J Harrison Hill LNBA, FInstAM        Business Manager
       Mrs E Gerrard MA Bed                     Assistant Principal - Leading Edge
       Mr C Tunnicliffe BSc                     Senior Head of Faculty

English Faculty

       Mr B Wilkinson BA                        Head of Faculty
       Mrs C Keyte BA                           Assistant Head of Faculty/Literacy Co-ordinator
       Mrs K Hallam Black MA                    English Faculty Co-ordinator
       Ms V Toolin BA                           English Teacher/ Responsibility in English
       Miss C Lawrence BA                       English Teacher /Leading role in developing KS 3
       Mr D Sheppard BA                         English Teacher
       Miss A James BA                          English Teacher
       Miss R Willcocks BA                      English Teacher
       Miss K Soar BA                           English Teacher

Expressive Arts Faculty

       Ms R McQueen BA                          Head of Faculty
       Mr T Durham BA                           Assistant Head of Art & Design
       Miss J Teather BMus                      Head of Music
       Ms A Preston BCombSt                     Head of Drama
       Miss M Weatherall                        Drama Teacher
       Mr C. Blundell BMus                      Music Teacher
       Mrs G Knight BA                          Art Teacher - Graduate Teacher Programme

Design and Technology Faculty

       Mrs L Forrest-Smith BEd             Head of Faculty
       Mrs S Bramley CertEd                Assistant Head of Faculty & Vocational Education
       Mrs C Linley BSc                    Health Education Co-ordinator
       Mrs A Bennett BEd                   Key Stage 3 Design & Technology Co-ordinator
       Mrs S Tadman BEd                    Design & Technology Food Teacher
       Miss L Towell BA                    Head of Year Key Stage 3
       Miss L Kinsella Mec Eng             Design & Technology Teacher
       Mr T O’Brien BSc                    Design & Technology Teacher

Humanities Faculty

       Mrs I Marston MEd                   Head of Faculty / Geography
       Mr R Milner BA                      Head of Religious Education & Collective Worship
       Mr J Warrington CertEd              Assistant Principal Development / History
       Mrs J Turner BA                     Primary Liaison History /Maths
       Mr A Cassidy BA                     Development of Teaching & Learning/ Citizenship / Geography
       Mrs F Berry BA                      Head of History
       Miss R Thornhill BA                 Head of Year Key Stage 3
       Mrs R Hamer BA                      History Teacher
       Miss E Walton BSc                   Geography Teacher

ICT Faculty

      Mr J M Horton BSc       Head of ICT
      Mr A Spence BA          Assistant Head of ICT
      Mr D Cowley BSc         Director of 6 Form Studies & ICT
      Mr J Glazebrook BSc     ICT Teacher

Mathematics Faculty

      Mrs H Smith CertEd      Head of Faculty
      Mrs H Stevens BSc       Assistant head of Faculty
      Miss G Baker BEd        Mathematics Teacher / Maths KS3 Co-ordinator
      Mr T Eagles BSc         Mathematics Teacher
      Mrs H Inman BEd         Assistant Principal
      Miss E Gaze BSc         Mathematics Teacher
      Mrs J Turner BA         Maths Teacher / Primary Liaison
      Miss N Richards BSc     Mathematics Teacher

Modern Languages Faculty

      Mr R Whiles BA          Head of Faculty
      Mr S Hayden BA          Assistant Head of Faculty
      Mrs M Whitehead BA      Assistant Director of Key Stage 4
      Mrs J Bennett BA        Modern Foreign LanguagesTeacher/Co-ordinator of Student Voice
      Mr D Gharsallah MSc     Modern Foreign Languages Teacher-Graduate Teacher Programme

Physical Education Faculty

      Mr J Blanchenot BA      Director of Sport
      Miss L Stone BSc        Assistant Head of Faculty
      Miss R Sargeant BA      Physical Education Teacher
      Mrs M Cox BEd           Assistant Director of Key Stage 4
      Mr M Thomas Bed         Head of Year Key Stage 3
      Mr M Wright BSc         Outdoor Education
      Mr S Crocker BSc        Physical Education Teacher

Science Faculty

      Mr C Tunnicliffe BSc    Senior Head of Faculty
      Mrs D Wright BSc        Assistant Head of Faculty
      Mr R Compton BSc        Assistant Principal
      Mrs Y Greenwood BSc     Assistant Principal
      Mr D Cowley BSc         Director of 6th Form Studies & ICT
      Mrs V Hadley BSc        Co-ordinator of Key Stage 3 Science/Leading Science Teacher
      Mr S Holmes BSc         Assistant Director of Key Stage 4
      Mrs S Doyle BSc         Head of Year Key Stage 3
      Miss E Markowska BSc    Science Teacher
      Mr M Wright BSc         Science Teacher / Environmental Education/Rural Dimension
      Miss A Lancashire BSc   Science Teacher Land Based Studies
      Mrs S Nurse BSc         Science Teacher
      Mr J Dowling BSc        Science Teacher

Learning Support Team

      Mrs E Gerrard MA        Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator /Assistant Principal
      Mrs J Beanland CertEd   Mathematics, Science, Special Needs Teacher
      Mrs H Inman BEd         Assistant Principal

Social Science Faculty

      Mr R Campbell BA          Psychology Teacher
      Mr N Barot BA             Psychology Teacher

Associate Staff:

Cover Supervisors
       Mrs L Clarke                       Cover Supervisor
       Mr S. Hayes                        Cover Supervisor
       Mrs G. Gordon                      Cover Supervisor


          Miss S Bredgaard BA              Library manager
          Mrs J Pollard                    Library Assistant

Administrative Staff

            Mrs J Harrison Hill      Business Manager, LNBA, FInstAM
            Mrs L James              Finance Manager, MAAT
            Mrs J Cole               Clerical Assistant / Clerk to Governors
            Mrs L Rice               Receptionist / PA to Principal
            Mrs L Swift              Receptionist / PA to Principal
            Mrs S Gorman             Pastoral Support Secretary
            Mrs M Raistrick          Administration Clerk
            Mrs L Woodford           Administration Clerk
            Mrs J Jones              SLT Support Administrator
            Mrs Z Joyce              Reprographics and Curriculum Secretary
            Mrs H Waterall           Teaching Assistant and Reprographics
            Mrs R Litchfield         Learning Support Assistant
            Mrs S J Miles            Learning Support Assistant
            Mrs E Bostock            Learning Support Assistant NVQ Level 3/Diploma Child Care
            Miss C Bishop            Learning Support Assistant NVQ Level 3
            Mrs E A Chandler         Learning Support Assistant
            Mrs C Cooke              Learning Support Assistant
            Mrs T Males              Learning Support Assistant NVQ Level 3/Diploma Early Years
            Mrs R Ellis              Learning Support Assistant NVQ Level 3/Diploma Early Years
            Mrs H Chapman            Learning Support Assistant NVQ Level 3
            Mrs E Wright             Learning Support Assistant NVQ Level 3
            Mrs F Lawson             Learning Support Assistant NVQ Level 3
            Mr R Bramley             Learning Support Assistant
            Mrs T Davies             Learning Support Assistant
            Mrs J Howorth            Learning Support Assistant
            Mrs J Blundell BA Hons   Environmental & Land Based Studies Support Worker
            Mrs D Thomas             Pastoral Support Co-ordinator
            Mrs S Skirrow BSc        Laboratory Technician
            Mrs J Evans BSc          Laboratory Technician
            Mr B Parker              College Technician
            Mr D Martin              College Technician
            Mrs F Lawson             Senior Cleaner
            Mrs P McGeown            Senior Mid-day Supervisor
            Mr A James               Network & Community Manager
            Mr N Young               ICT Support Manager
            Mr B Bull                ICT Technician
            Mrs M Mallin             Teaching Assistant Cash Collection
            Mrs M Turner             Teaching Assistant Land & Environment
            Mrs J Howorth            Teaching Assistant Textiles
            Mrs M Simpkins           Teaching Assistant Food Technology
            Mrs L Woodford           Teaching Assistant
            Mrs J Hodson             Teaching Assistant
            Mrs R Lilley             School Sports Partnership Development Manager
            Mrs V Brierley           Faculty Support- Sports Partnership

Caretaking and Grounds Maintenance Staff
         Mr D Lee                        Caretaker
         Mr K Lanyon                     Caretaker
         Mr W Raynor                     Grounds Maintenance/Caretaker

College Meals Service
        Mrs K Carlisle                       Catering Manager

                                     THE COLLEGE STAFF

The following staff make up the 2008-2009 Tutor Teams with responsibility for student pastoral care and guidance.

       Mrs H Inman                     Assistant Principal – Pastoral
       Mrs D Thomas                    Pastoral Support Co-ordinator Key Stage 3

Year Seven                                 Mrs S. Doyle       Head of Year 7
                                           Miss A. James
                                           Miss A. Lancashire
                                           Mrs V Hadley/ Mr M. Wright
                                           Mr R. Milner
                                           Miss G. Baker
                                           Miss M. Weatherall
                                           Mrs H Stevens

Year Eight                                  Miss R. Thornhill Head of Year 8
                                            Miss S. Nurse
                                            Miss L. Stone
                                            Mr T. Durham
                                            Miss R. Wilcocks
                                            Mrs J. Bennett
                                            Mrs J. Beanland
                                            Mr J. Dowling

Year Nine                                  Miss L. Towell     Head of Year 9
                                           Miss J. Teather
                                           Mrs I Marston
                                           Mrs A. Bennett
                                           Mrs F. Berry
                                           Mr T. Berry
                                           Miss E. Walton
                                           Mrs K. Hallam-Black
                                           Mrs A. Preston

Key Stage 4
Mrs M Cox                                  Assistant Director of Key Stage 4
Mr S Holmes                                Assistant Director of Key Stage 4
Mr M Thomas                                Assistant Director of Key Stage 4
Mrs M Whitehead                            Assistant Director of Key Stage 4

Year Ten
                                           Mr S. Hayden
                                           Miss R. McQueen
                                           Miss V. Toolin
                                           Mr A. Cassidy
                                           Mr J. Glazebrook
                                           Mr T. O’Brien
                                           Miss C. Lawrence

Year Eleven
                                           Mr A. Spence
                                           Mrs C. Keyte
                                           Mrs I. Glaze
                                           Miss E. Markowska
                                           Miss K. Soar
                                           Mrs R. Hamer
                                           Mrs N. Richards

                            AND THE LOCAL EDUCATION AUTHORITY

PRINCIPAL                              Mr P HAMER BA MEd NPQH

                                       GODFREY DRIVE
                                       KIRK HALLAM
                                       DERBYSHIRE       DE7 4HH
TELEPHONE:                             0115 9301522
FAX:                                   0115 9445884
E-mail                                 admin@kirkhallam.derbyshire.sch.uk
Web site                               www.kirkhallam.derbyshire.sch.uk

Kirk Hallam Community Technology College is an 11-18 co-educational comprehensive day college
maintained by Derbyshire County Council Education Committee. It has strong community links and is
extensively used as an educational, social and recreational resource by local people.

       Number of students on roll:     1033    Student Admission Level - Year 7:   192


Mr P Hamer                             (Principal)

Mr P Greenfield                        (Parent Elected Governor)
Mr R Prew (Vice Chair)                 (Parent Elected Governor)
Ms K Saat                              (Parent Elected Governor)
Mr C Simpson                           (Parent Elected Governor)
Mr N Smith                             (Parent Elected Governor)
Mrs L. Brewer                          (Parent Elected Governor)
Mrs M. Timms                           (Parent Elected Governor)

Mrs J Mallett (Chair)                  (Community)
Mr A Palmer                            (Community)
Mr B Wesson                            (Community)

Mrs H Inman                            (Teacher Elected Governor)
Mr B Wilkinson                         (Teacher Elected Governor)

Mr G Richards                           (LEA Nominated Governors)
Mrs M Booth                             (LEA Nominated Governors)
Mrs D Hunt                              (LEA Nominated Governors)

Mr D Lee                               (Associate Staff Elected Governor- Link Training Governor)
Mrs S Skirrow                          (Associate Staff Elected Governor)

Mrs J Cole                             Clerk to Governors


The Area Education Office                Mr B. Buckley
Amber Valley and Erewash Area Office     Deputy Chief Executive and Strategic Director for Children
Grosvenor Road                           and Young Adults
RIPLEY                                   County Hall
Derbys DE5 3JE                           MATLOCK
Telephone: 01773 344741                  Derbys DE4 3AG
                                         Telephone: 01629 580000


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