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									JANUARY 2010
Welcome to the newsletter
of the Department for
International Development          ON UK DEVELOPMENT IN SIERRA LEONE
                                Growth, Stability, Opportunity – it’s time!
- the government
department leading the
UK's fight against global
                                This was the theme of the landmark conference, hosted by the Government of Sierra
poverty.                        Leone in London on 18-19 November 2009 to raise the international profile of its
                                country. The event included a Consultative Group meeting to build a broader base of
This newsletter is designed     donor support and a Trade and Investment Forum to boost private sector involvement
to keep those in the UK with    in the country’s development. Supported by DFID, the event boasted HRH Prince
an interest in Sierra Leone     Charles and the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair amongst its high-profile guests.
informed of the work we are
doing to reduce poverty. This
edition gives an overview of    Between myth
the poverty challenge and
what the UK is doing to help.   and reality
                                Sierra Leone’s reputation is
                                still blighted by years of
                                conflict, which left behind a
                                legacy of human suffering.

                                Sierra Leone has been
                                stable since the civil war
                                ended in 2002 and work
                                has been underway to
                                rebuild the country’s
                                economy and infrastructure.
                                In 2008, the World Bank          President Ernest Bai Koroma speaking at the London conference
                                judged Sierra Leone to be
                                the easiest place to start a
                                business in West Africa.         Historic move to                 universal health care.
                                The peaceful elections of        provide free
                                2007 and 2008 were a
                                watershed for the country.
                                                                 healthcare                       DFID is supporting the
                                                                                                  move with funding which will
                                                                 All pregnant and lactating       also help provide more
                                However, the country still       women and children under         drugs and better medical
                                has a lot to do to lift itself   five in Sierra Leone will        equipment.
                                from one of the lowest           have access to free,
                                rankings on the UN’s             lifesaving healthcare within     The number of trained
                                Human Development Index.         a year, thanks to a new          health workers will also
                                                                 programme announced by           increase and new training
                                Sierra Leone has the worst       President Koroma at the          facilities will be established,
                                maternal and child mortality     London Conference in             including a second
                                figures in the world. Women      November 2009.                   midwifery school and a
                                have a 1 in 8 chance of                                           second medical school.
                                dying during childbirth or       The programme is part of
                                from complications during        the Government of Sierra         The free healthcare policy
                                pregnancy. 1 in 12 children      Leone’s new six-year             will be accompanied by a
                                will die of preventable          strategy to make healthcare      public awareness campaign
                                diseases before their first      free for all vulnerable          encouraging people to
                                birthday.                        groups by 2015.                  exercise their right to
                                                                                                  demand free healthcare.
                                DFID is working with             The historic move came in
                                international donors and the     the wake of a landmark           During 2010, DFID will
                                Government of Sierra             agreement at a UN General        contribute over £10 million
                                Leone to improve basic           Assembly event in                to help deliver healthcare
                                services, make the               September 2009, at which         services in Sierra Leone.
                                Government more effective,       six developing countries
                                and strengthen the role of       pledge to scrap health ‘user
                                civil society.                   fees’ to achieve the goal of
For more information about
DFID Sierra Leone, write to us
DFID Public Enquiry Point
Eaglesham Road
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Or visit:                          •
we-work/Africa-West--            UK Minister of State for
Central/Sierra-Leone/            International Development,
                                 Gareth Thomas and HRH
                                 Prince Charles at the London
                                                                     African Youth Day celebrations in Freetown
                                    Sierra Leone’s
                                    ‘mortal enemy’                      A better future for
                                 Corruption was recently
                                 described by the Economist            Sierra Leone’s youth
                                 magazine as the country’s
                                 ‘mortal enemy’. It was            DFID has been supporting youth development programmes
                                 announced at the London           in Sierra Leone since 2005. One such programme – the
                                 conference that Sierra            Youth Reproductive Health Programme (YRHP),
                                 Leone has improved its            implemented in ten districts of Sierra Leone by Students
                                 ranking in the Corruption         Partnership Worldwide - aims to tackle youth exclusion and
                                 Perception Index, published       address the issue of HIV and AIDS.
                                 by Transparency
                                 International.                    The programme trains local volunteers aged 18-28 to be
                                                                   professional peer educators and places them for 8
                                 This is a result of efforts in    consecutive months in vulnerable rural communities. The
                                 recent years to fight             network reaches 30,000 young people in schools and
                                 corruption. Changes in            15,000 young people out of school on a weekly basis.
                                 legislation have given the        Results achieved by the project in targeted communities
                                 Sierra Leone Anti-                include:
                                 Corruption Commission,
                                 (the body charged with                •   A 37% fall in the teenage pregnancy rate
                                 investigating all counts of           •   A rise in knowledge of sexual and reproductive
                                 corruption in Sierra Leone),              health issues to 75%
                                 new powers to prosecute               •   Over 700 young people have been inspired to
                                 corrupt officials and seize               organise events in their communities to raise
                                                                           awareness of youth development issues
                                 their assets.
                                                                       •   Young people now sit on decision making bodies to
                                                                           spearhead youth development in 63 communities.
                                 It is also now mandatory for
Interested in finding out
                                 all public officials, including
                                                                   The programme’s results were celebrated on 1st November
more about International         ministers, to declare their
                                                                   2009 as part of the national African Youth Day. The theme
Development? Why not             assets before assuming
                                                                   for this year’s celebrations was “Productive Youth for
subscribe to 'Developments'      power.
                                                                   Stability and Economic development” and the event
magazine. Developments is
                                                                   brought together young people, policy makers and the
a free quarterly magazine        DFID is committed to
                                                                   Minister for Education, Youth and Sports.
produced by the Department       supporting Government and
for International Development    Civil Society to combat
to increase awareness of                                           “I can sense a change in the behaviour and lives of many
development issues.                                                young people in the Makali Township where I live, thanks to
                                                                   Student Partnership Worldwide's intervention," says
                                 DFID has been supporting
Contact us at:                                                     Rugiatu Koroma, a local counsellor participating in the
                                 the Sierra Leone Anti                                      event. “We are all aware of how many young people in
                                 Corruption Commission
                                                                   Sierra Leone have benefited from their programmes.”
                                 (ACC) since 2000. A new
                                 £2 million package of
                                                                   The Youth Reproductive Health Programme has proven
                                 support was agreed in July
                                                                   that, given the right training and support, young people are
                                 2009 for 2009-2011 to help
                                                                   able to take a leading role in the development of their
                                 the ACC implement its
                                 National Anti Corruption

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