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Grasses are as popular as ever at Rochfords. This is reflected in the wide range of genus and varieties that we grow
and source for the Cash and Carry. Many plantings, either commercial or domestic can benefit from the diversity
of shapes, subtle lines, differing textures and leaf colour that grasses can provide, making grasses great for mixed
borders. Grasses are great used in a sensory garden as they create movement and many are soft to touch too. Many
are drought resistant once established and are surprisingly easy to grow.
 Genus             Information                                      Popular varieties
 Carex             Mainly evergreen, tolerant of most soils and     osh. ‘Evergold’ – tufted evergreen yellow border
 (Sedges)          aspects, versatile. Grown for their colourful    mor. ‘Fishers Form’ – tufted evergreen cream
                   foliage and attractive flower spikes.            striped leaves
 Calamagrostis     Perennial grass with branching flower            x acu. ‘Karl Foerster’ – pink bronze flowers
 (Reed grass)      spikes. Long-lasting flowerheads and             x acu. ‘Overdam’ – pale yellow margins, purple
                   architectural forms.                             flowers
 Cortaderia        Spectacular evergreens with broad arching        selloana – dense clump forming evergreen
 (Pampus grass)    leaves forming large tussocks. Large silky       sel. ‘Gold Band’ – compact, white leaf margin
                   plumes are borne high above the foliage.         sel. ‘Rosea’ – pink flowers
                   Well drained soil and full sun.
 Deschampsia       Tufted or tussock forming evergreen              ces. ‘Goldschleier’ – flowers age to silver yellow
 (Hair Grass)      perennial grasses. Thin thread like leaves       ces. ‘Schottland’ – vertical form
                   with graceful airy flowerheads.                  ces. ‘Tardiflora’ – yellow flowers in autumn
 Festuca           Mainly grown for the blue-green or blue-         glauca – narrow blue green laeves
 (Fecue)           grey foliage. Tufted, evergreen perennial.       gla. ‘Elijah Blue’ – intense blue foliage
 Hakonechloa       Clump forming perennial grass, prefers well      mac. ‘Aureola – bright yellow leaves becoming
 (Hakone Grass)    drained soil in full sun or partial shade.       flushed red in autumn
 Imperata          Slender stemmed perennial grass grown for        cyl. Red Baron – mid green leaves turning deep
                   their striking foliage                           blood red at the tips
 Luzula            Evergreen tufted grasses, great in damp          sylvatica – chestnut brown flowers
 (Woodrush)        shade                                            syl. ‘Aurea’ – shiney yellow leaves in winter
 Miscanthus        Large clump forming with tall foliage with       sin. ‘Morning Light’ – white leaf margin 1.2m
 (Eulalia Grass)   tall flower spikes, best in moist well drained   sin. ‘Strictus’ – horizontal gold bands 90cm
                   soil in sun.                                     sin. ‘Ferne Osten’ – purple/brown flowers 1.2m
 Molinia           Densely tufted perennial, attractive habit,      cae. aru. ‘Karl Foerster’ – purple flowerspikes
 (Moor Grass)      autumn colour and graceful flower spikes.        cae. aru. ‘Transparant – yellow leaves in autumn
 Ophiopogon        Evergreen tufted perennial with grass-like       jap ‘Nigrescens’ – almost black leaves.
                   leaves. Full sun or partial shade.               jap. ‘Variegatus’ – white striped leaves
 Panicum           Valued for their light airy flowerheads.         vir. ‘Heavy Metal’ – blue grey leaves, yellow in
 (Panic Grass)     Grow in well drained soil in sun.                autumn
                                                                    vir. Rehbraun’ – rich red foliage in autumn
 Pennisetum        Perennial grass forming rounded mounds of        alopecuroides- yellow/green – purple flowers
 (Fountain         dark green leaves, prefer well drained soil in   alo. ‘Hameln’ – dwarf variety green/white
 Grass)            full sun                                         flowers
                                                                    alo. ‘Wesbergland’ – long flowering
 Phalaris          Tufted perennial grasses tolerating variable     arun. pic. ‘Feesey’ – flushed pin at stem base,
 (Reed Grass)      habitats from full sun to partial shade          leaves have white stripe
 Stipa             Large genus of perennial grasses worth           arundinacea – pendant flower spikes
 (Feather Grass)   growing in mixed borders. Attractive             gigantea – silver/purple spikes up to 2.5m high
                   flowerheads                                      tenuissima - soft nodding flowers 60cm high
                                                                    ten. ‘Pony Tails’ – very graceful form.

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