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					Quality Systems in
Higher Education:

Case of the University of Tokyo
                      Professor Akihiko TANAKA,
 Executive Vice President and Managing Director

 International Exhibition for Higher Education at Riyadh
                                      January 28th, 2010
The University of Tokyo: General Information
Established: 1877 (AD)
  College of Arts and Sciences
 Faculties 9
  Graduate Schools 15
  Research Institutes and Centers 29

Academic Staff: approx. 4,000
Administrative Staff: approx. 3,800
Students: approx. 29,000
Annual Budget: Approx 2.2 billion USD    Yasuda Auditorium
                        As of May 2009
                       World University Rankings
                                                                                Peer    Employer   Staff/
Ranking                 University                    Country        Overall   Review   Review     Student

  1         Harvard                                    USA            100         100       100          98
  2         Cambridge                                   UK            99.6        100       100         100
  3         Yale                                       USA            99.1        100         99        100
  4         Univ. College London                        UK            99.0         98         99        100
  5         Imperial College London                     UK            97.8        100       100         100
  6         Oxford                                      UK            97.8        100       100         100
  7         Chicago                                    USA            96.8        100         99         97
  8         Princeton                                  USA            96.6        100         96         82
  9         MIT                                        USA            96.1        100       100          89
  10        Caltech                                    USA            95.9         99         72         87
  11        Columbia                                   USA            95.6        100         99         97
  12        Pennsylvania                               USA            94.2         96         99         85
  16        Stanford                                   USA            92.2        100       100          71
  22        University of Tokyo                       Japan           88.9        100         97         98

      Source : Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings
Academic Rankings: Peer
1       University of CAMBRIDGE                                     United Kingdom
2       HARVARD University                                          United States
3       University of California, BERKELEY                          United States
4       University of OXFORD                                        United Kingdom
5       STANFORD University                                         United States
6       Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) United States
7       University of TOKYO                                         Japan
8       PRINCETON University                                        United States
9       University of TORONTO                                       Canada
10      YALE University                                             United States

Source : Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings 2009
Academic Rankings: Citations
       by Category
           PHYSICS                         BIOLOGY& BIOCHEMISTRY                             CHEMISTRY

1   MAX PLANCK SOCIETY                     1 HARVARD UNIV                                1 CHINESE ACAD SCI
2   UNIV TOKYO                             2 MAX PLANCK SOCIETY                          2 MAX PLANCK SOCIETY
3   MIT                                    3 UNIV TOKYO                                  3 UNIV CALIF BERKELEY
4   CHINESE ACAD SCI                       4 UNIV CALIF SAN FRANCISCO                    4 KYOTO UNIV
5   RUSSIAN ACAD SCI                       5 UNIV CALIF SAN DIEGO                        5 UNIV TOKYO
6   IST NAZL FIS NUCL                      6 JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV                          6 MIT
7   UNIV CALIF BERKELEY                    7 UNIV WASHINGTON                             7 CNRS
8   STANFORD UNIV                          8 UNIV PENN                                   8 RUSSIAN ACAD SCI
9   CEA                                    9 UNIV CALIF LOS ANGELES                      9 HARVARD UNIV
10 TOHOKU UNIV                            10 STANFORD UNIV                               10 NORTHWESTERN UNIV

          Source : Essential Science Indicators SM (January 1, 1999- August 31, 2009.)
                         Alumni: Prize Winners
    7 Nobel laureates at Todai
    Year          Name              Category

    1965   Shinichiro Tomonaga Physics

    1968   Yasunari Kawabata       Literature   Tomonaga Kawabata   Esaki

    1973   Leo Esaki               Physics
                                                        Sato          Ohe
    1974   Eisaku Sato             Peace

    1994   Kenzaburo Oe            Literature

    2002   Masatoshi Koshiba       Physics            Koshiba               Nanbu

    2008   Yoichiro Nambu          Physics
    Fields Medal Winner at Todai
    Year                    Name
    1954      Kunihiko Kodaira
              Alumni: Leaders in Various Sectors

          University Presidents                      Science Council of Japan
Ranking             University    Number   Ranking              University          Number

  1       University of Tokyo       89       1        University of Tokyo                 50

  2       Kyoto University          66       2        Kyoto University                    24

  3       Kyusyu University         27       3        Keio University                     13

  4       Osaka University          26       4        Osaka University                    9

  5       Tohoku University         24       5        Tohoku University                   8

       Prime Ministers(after WWⅡ)                           Diet Members
Ranking             University    Number   Ranking              University          Number

   1      University of Tokyo       11        1       University of Tokyo             144

   2      Waseda University         6         2       Waseda University                   84

   3      Keio University           2         3       Keio University                     77

   3      Meiji University          2         4       Chuo University                     34

                                              5       Kyoto University                    29

                                                      Source : Weekly Diamond 10/31/09,
            The major campuses of Todai
     Hongo Campus

                           12 km

Komaba I Campus

                                           Komaba II Campus

            College of Arts and Sciences

                  Graduate School of
                  Arts and Sciences
                  Undergraduate Admissions
                                 National                       General
                                Center Test                    Screening
                                   for                            Test      Successful
  Applicants                                                                examinees
                                University                      at Univ.
                                                                of Tokyo      3,107

                                                                           As of 2009

* To enroll in a faculty of the University of Tokyo foreign students
are required to pass the same general screening test as
Japanese students or a special screening test for students who
have graduated from foreign schools.
                   Undergraduate Education
                                   Major Selection             Specialized Education
Two-level system                 (Shingaku-furiwake)
Junior Division                                      Senior Division
(first and second year)                              (third and fourth year)
Humanities and Social Sciences   Ⅰ                   Faculty of Law

Humanities and Social Sciences   Ⅱ                  Faculty of Economics
                                                    Faculties of Letters and Education, C
Humanities and Social Sciences   Ⅲ                  of Arts and Sciences
                                                    Faculties of Engineering, Science,
Natural Sciences   Ⅰ                                Pharmaceutical Sciences
                                                    Faculties of Agriculture, Science,
Natural Sciences   Ⅱ
                                                    Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicine
Natural Sciences   Ⅲ                                 Faculty of Medicine
                                                     (School of Medicine)
Late Specialization
  All undergraduate students of the University of
  Tokyo in their first two years of study (Junior
  Division) study at the College of Arts and
  Sciences on the Komaba Canpus.
            College of Arts and Sciences
                    Home of first- and second-year students

Established: 1949 (AD)
Facts and Figures:
Junior Division: 6,624
(first and second year)
Senior Division : 403
(third and fourth year)

   including 412
   international students
   from 48 countries
 Professors and
 Associate Professors     : 382
                            As of May 1, 2009
                    Junior Division Education
                               Foundation Courses
                              (883 summer/768 winter)
                     Foreign Languages, Information Processing,
                   Physical Education, Humanities, Social Sciences,
                      Introductory Methodology, Mathematical
                       Sciences, Life Sciences, Human Sciences,
                         Introductory Seminars, Introductory

 Integrative Courses
(501 summer/384 winter)
Group A: Ideas and Arts                            Topical Courses
Group B: International Area and                 Thematic Lectures, Seminars
Studies                                          (150 summer/ 97 winter)
Group C: Society and Institutions
Group D: Man and Environment
Group E: Matter and Life
Group F: Mathematical and
Information Sciences
            Representative examples of
     Liberal Arts Education 1 (Junior Division)
                   Topical Courses: Seminars
    Learning from wide range of                  Active learning in identifying
    laboratory and field experiments             and solving problems

Faculty of Engineering
                             Institute for Cosmic      Faculty of Agriculture
“Making a formula
racing car”
                             Ray Research               “Agriculture, Food
                            “Frontier of                and Environment”
                            Astroparticle Physics”
          Representative examples of
   Liberal Arts Education 2 (Junior Division)

                               Komaba Active
Active Learning of English
                               Learning Studio
  for Science Students             (KALS)
    Faculties of humanities and Social Sciences
  Second year                        Major selection

  Third year             Faculties of Letters, Law, Economics and Education
                         College of Arts and Sciences

              Specialized Courses                      Small-group Seminars

  Total Number of Courses in 2009
          in Senior Division
Faculty of Letters                   439

Faculty of Law                       143

Faculty of Economics                 172

   Fourth year                      Graduation Thesis
            Faculties of Natural Sciences
  Second year       Major selection

   Third year             Faculties of Science, Engineering, Agriculture
                          and Pharmaceutical Sciences, C of Arts and Sciences
                                                      Laboratory work
              Specialized Courses
                                                       based courses
   Total Number of Courses in 2009
           in Senior Division
Faculty of Science                   448

Faculty of Engineering               913

Faculty of Agriculture               434

    Fourth year              Graduation Research Work
Global 30
       Project for Establishing Core Universities for Internationalization

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has launched the “Global 30”
Project for Establishing Core Universities for Internationalization, for the purpose of selecting
universities that will function as core schools for receiving and educating foreign students.
In 2009, thirteen universities were selected. These core universities will play a major role in
dramatically boosting the number of foreign students educated in Japan as well as Japanese
students studying abroad.

      300,000 International Students Plan (2008)                   To receive 300,000 international
                                                                   students by 2020

     The “Global 30” Project
     Internationalization of universities, including the recruitment of international students,
     along with forming Japan’s centers of internationalization.
To create an attractive educational and research environment for international students
The selected core universities will take the following steps.
1)Expand course programs by which degrees can be earned through English-only classes
2)Enhance systems for receiving/hosting foreign students
3)Provide foreign students with opportunities to learn about Japanese language and culture
4)Promote strategic international cooperation
    Expansion of course programs given in English
      The University of Tokyo (Todai) is expanding course programs by which degrees can
      be earned through English-only classes.
      Presently, Todai offers a number of graduate courses in a wide variety of fields
      completely organized in English, and we expect other international courses to be
      prepared in English within a few years.
College of Arts and Science
・International courses/ International Course on Japan
                                                                  Graduate School of Engineering
                                                                  ・International Graduate Program in the Field of Civil Engineering and
 in East Asia and Global Community *
                                                                   Infrastructure Studies (M,D)
・International courses/ International Course on Environmental
                                                                  ・International Graduate Program In Mechanical, Electrical and
 and Energy Science*
                                                                   Materials Engineering (M,D)
Graduate School of Economics                                      ・Special Graduate Program in Engineering for Systems Innovation (M,
・Advanced International Program in Economics (M,D *)              D)
Graduate School of Arts and Science                               ・Graduate Programs for Foreign Students in Urban and Environmental
 ・International Course on New “Glocal” Citizenship (M,D) *         Studies (M,D)
                                                                  ・Specially-promoted Graduate Program for creation of the Asian
 ・International Course on Environmental and Energy Science
                                                                   Engineering Framework based on tripolar alliances between Japan,
                                                                   China and Korea. (D)
Graduate School of Science                                        ・International Bioengineering Program (M) *
・Ph.D. Program at Frontier Physics Research Centers(D)
                                                                  ・Special English- Language Urban Design Architecture Course (M)*
・Graduate Courses for International Students (M,D) *
                                                                  ・International Technology Management Program in Department
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences                  of Technology Management for Innovation (TMI) (M) *
・Special Course for Advancement of Agricultural and Life          ・Special Graduate Program in Nuclear Engineering (M,D)
Sciences (D)
                                                                  Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
・International Course on Agricultural Development (M) *
                                                                  ・Environmental Studies Program-Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Graduate School of Medicine                                        (M,D)
・Global Health Science: Program in International Health (M,D) *   ・Graduate Program in Sustainability Science (M,D *)
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology             Graduate School of Public Policy
・Graduate School of Information Science and Technology-English    ・Master of Public Policy, International Program (MPP/IP) (M) *
 course (M,D)*
Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies
・Information, Technology, and Science in Asia (M,D)
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