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									                       Glasgow Archers

             American Shoot ~ Sunday 5th July

The day started warm and sunny, and got warmer and sunnier
as the day progressed.

                                This was the day of the 8th
                                annual Glasgow American Shoot,
                                and the weather certainly
                                seemed to bring out the best in
                                the archers attending. This
                                event has become an annual
                                ‘must’ for archers across
                                Scotland, and while the entries
                                were not as high as last year,
                                this was more than made up for
                                by the enthusiasm with which
                                some of the archers rose to the
                                challenge to dress as ‘American
                                as possible’.

                               Both Frank Maguire and Ann
                               Ward from Ayr Club certainly
                               caught everyone’s attention
                               with the gear that they wore for
the shoot (For the avoidance of doubt, Frank is the one on the
left!). While Ann had made a grand entrance last year in the
same outfit, it had been somewhat covered up with the
waterproofs that had been required for the rather wet summer
of 2008!

As always shooting started at high
Noon, with the 7th cavalry coming
over the horizon, and with the
great weather assisting both the
shooting, scoring and collecting of
arrows, the competition whizzed
through at a fantastic rate.

On the gents recurve side, Sandy
Gregory of Monklands got off to a
flying start and was in the lead after the first distance.
However, there was a dark horse lurking in the wings ~ and
Dave Tough of the Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers (who,
it is rumoured, was one of the founding members in 1483),
made a rather unexpected dash from behind and managed to
take the winning honours with a final score of 748 ~
unfortunately no photo exists of Dave as he believes that such
device will steal his spirit.

                    For the ladies recurve, Ann Ward led from
                    the start (another opportunity for a
                    gratuitous photograph of Ann in all her
                    splendour). Keeping herself on the
                    warpath, Ann kept the opposition at bay,
                    and won the event with a score of 644,
                    easily scalping all of the opposition.

                      I have to assume that on the gents
                      compound side, the peace pipe must have
                      gone out at some point – or maybe it was
                      simply the prospect of having to face up to
his wrath, but for whatever reason, Frank Maguire gained a
lead over the rest of the field and
maintained this through to the end,
winning with a score of 784.
although it was a close call with Ted
Hughes of Clyde hot on his heels with
a 2nd place score of 782 (amazing the
interest that was shown by a couple
of visitors in Frank’s scalp collection
beside his seat).

The ladies compound section was
won by Rona Mather of Glasgow
Archers with a score of 663 ~
although she was the lone squaw in
this category.

While the shoot itself is an important event, the BBQ that
follows is probably the real highlight of the day, and the
members of Glasgow Archers did a fantastic job of catering for
archers and the various friends and family that always appear
when the smell of cooking food wafts across the field (getting a
buffalo onto the Barbie proved a bit of a challenge for the team,
so burgers, sausages and the most fantastic desserts were the
                             order of the day.

                           We were certainly blessed with
                           superb weather for the whole
                           event this year, and I am sure
                           that we can look forward to an
                           even bigger entry next year ~
                           and given Ann and Frank’s superb
                           efforts with their costumes this
                           year, we have been promised an
even more splendid assortment of costumes for 2010.

               A shoot like this obviously requires a great deal
               of effort and participation from across the club,
               and our thanks need to go to all of those who
               made the shoot such a great success (although
               Andrew Duff, our Field Captain for the day
               seemed to feel that camouflage wellies gave
               the appropriate American theme to his attire!).
               It was a really great team effort and has helped
               to put the Glasgow Archers American Shoot as
a ‘must have’ event for 2010.

Full results for the shoot can be seen on the Scottish Archery

Michael Mather
Glasgow Archers
(not the one in the photograph!)

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