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					                                            The Corrections Chronicle
                                                                                                           By the
 April 2009             Orange County Corrections Department                 Volume 2, Issue 7

A Message
                      OCCD Celebrates Dept. Diversity in May
                      Event to honor all races and ethnicities                        VIDEO

Chief                                                                                 Click on photo
Michael A.                       range County
Tidwell                          Corrections
                                 Department is
   For many                      introducing
years, I attended     something new this year
a neighborhood        that revisits something from
parochial             the past. Instead of
school. My            recognizing and celebrating
classmates were       only African American and
kids from the         Hispanic cultures, as we
neighborhood I        have done in past years, a
knew and              multi-cultural celebration
played with           committee has been formed
before and after      and is working to hold an      diversity day was held.                 A committee was
class. Many of        event similar to what Or-      This year our department             formed with volunteers
their families        ange County Government         celebrates the rich cultural         from many of the
had long              held approximately 12-         diversity that exists                different cultures working
friendships with      years ago when an annual       among our employees.                         (See “Diversity” on page 5)

my family for
years. We
knew all about        A Tragic Day in Corrections History
each other and        By Scott Bradstreet, Deputy Chief of Community Corrections and Programs
the lives we had

lived and were               anuary 10, 1984,        sist with court opera-
planning to live.            started like any        tions. It was also com-
In reality we                other day at the Or-    mon in Orange
were all the                 ange County Court-      County, and through-
same, all living      house Annex, affection-        out the United States,
and having the        ately known as the ‘Old        not to screen anyone
same                  Main Jail’ to the 75 or so     coming into the court-
experiences!!!        correctional staff assigned    house. This practice
Little or no          there.                         would soon change
diversity!!              I was assigned as the       throughout the country
    It’s ironic       “A” shift corporal at the      as a result of what oc-
the institution       time. The Court Services       curred that day.
that taught me        Bureau, where the bailiffs        That morning, Tho-
                                                                                     Officer Mark Parker is laid to rest as a
so much about         worked, was short staffed      mas Provenzano, an              community grieves. A massive turnout of
our country, its      and it had become quite        angry, out of work              law enforcement and corrections honor his
      (See “Chief’s   common for the jail to loan    electrician facing traf-        passing from injuries sustained in a court-
Message” on page 2)   correctional officers to as-    (See ‘Tragic Day” on page 2)   house shootout in 1984.
                                                                                     (Photo: Jeff Williamson, OCSO PIO)
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                                               The Corrections Chronicle

(“Chief’s Message continued from page 1)   (“Tragic Day” continued from page 1)     was not fortunate as to have
founding, and history failed to            fic charges in county court entered      known Mark very well, I was well
teach me about living and                  the courthouse carrying a knapsack       aware of the courage he displayed
working with people different              containing several guns. When he         on the day of the shooting. But
than me. It was not until my first         arrived at his intended target, he       even more moving to me were the
year in high school that I met a           opened fire, killing Bailiff Arnie       comments about how Mark had
person from another race or                Wilkerson and severely wounding          lived his life over the last 25 years.
nationality. Later in the military, I      Bailiff Harry Dalton, who would          Given all of the difficulties he
was fortunate to work together             succumb to his injuries 7 years          faced each and every day, Mark
and understand, to some degree,            later.                                   smiled continuously, never com-
how other races and nationalities             Correctional Officer Mark             plained, and never asked “why
think and interact along with              Parker, just 19 years old and fresh      me.” Rather, he sought opportuni-
being exposed to their music,              out of the academy, was on loan to       ties to volunteer, enjoyed many
foods, and special customs. Most           the Court Services Bureau that           hobbies and acted in many theatri-
importantly, I learned there is            day. Unarmed and in the midst of         cal productions and television
strength in diversified teamwork,          the chaos, Mark Parker’s life was        shows. He also lobbied for im-
and in understanding differences           changed forever when he was              proved benefits for public safety
in cultural points of view.                caught in the crossfire and              employees injured in the line of
   In school, I was taught                 wounded in the spine. The wounds         duty.
America is a melting pot. Being a          sustained would result in Mark be-          I didn’t know Mark as well as I
melting pot doesn’t mean we                coming a quadriplegic. In October        would have liked, but I will miss
abandon our heritage, but                  1984, at the young age of 20, Mark       him just the same. The Law En-
indicates we assume a new                  received a medical retirement.           forcement and Corrections com-
allegiance to the remarkable                  Sadly, on March 19, 2009, after       munity has lost a remarkable
freedoms, ideals, and                      25 plus years of fighting through        friend and family member whose
opportunities that we, as                  the many trials of paralysis, Mark       life is a testimony to love, courage
Americans, uniquely enjoy. We              Parker, too, would succumb to his        and optimism. At this year’s An-
take pride in our heritage and             injuries. As I attended Mark’s Me-       nual Law Enforcement Memorial
preserve our traditions, while             morial Service on March 24th, I sat      Service, there will be a familiar
assimilating into a society that is        in a sea of uniforms and listened to     face missing, for Mark Parker was
strengthened through our                   the numerous testimonial com-            always in attendance. While he
diversity.                                 ments made by the many friends,          will not be there physically, I am
   During the first week of May,           family and community leaders, all        quite sure he will be watching over
we will celebrate Correctional             of whom knew Mark well. While I          the ceremony.
Professionals’ Appreciation
Week and National Nurses Week.                                                    VIDEO
Additionally, I encourage you to                                                  Click on photo
all come together to celebrate our
first Multicultural Week. Let’s
experience as many different
cultures as we can during our
brief celebration. The best part is
that with as many different
cultures as we have working here,
we can keep the Multicultural
Celebration going year ‘round.
   Remember, we are more alike
than we think we are and our
strength is rooted in our
   Please join me!

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                                           The Corrections Chronicle

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                                                               CPO Membership Application on page four.

Update Your Employee Info Electronically

         ired of completing forms       tal, and vision                       VIDEO
         that take additional time to   coverage.                             Click on photo
         process? Then try the new         How do em-
         MYOCinfo self-service          ployees access
application for employees to up-        MyOCinfo? Go
date and view personal informa-         to the Intranet
tion. This is a fast way to ensure      under the HR
your information is accurate and        Corner then
you receive important information.      click on MyO-
   What can be updated in MyO-          Cinfo - view
Cinfo? Your address, phone num-         and update your
ber, email address and your emer-       Personal Infor-
gency contacts. What can employ-        mation. You
ees view on MyOCinfo? Payroll           will use your computer user ID
                                        and password to login.               ments and any other correspon-
and compensation information
                                           Please help Human Resources       dence. If an employee has prob-
such as paycheck advices, direct
                                        keep your information up to date     lems using MyOcinfo they may
deposit information, voluntary de-
                                        by logging into MYOCinfo. This       contact the help desk at (407) 836-
ductions, and your W-4 forms.
                                        information is also provided to      2929 or via email at
Employees can also view benefit
                                        FRS for mailing of annual state-
information such as medical, den-

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   The Corrections Chronicle

See related videos on page three
               Page 4
                                                The Corrections Chronicle

                                            employees still working the 11:00
(“Diversity” continued from page 1)
in our department. The                      p.m. to 7:00 a.m. shift to let them
chairperson is Sergeant Roberta             know they are appreciated.

Thomas and co-chairperson is                  The committee is looking for
Classification Officer Cordney              volunteers willing to help
                                            enlighten others about their
   The committee plans on                   culture. Orange County
coordinating this event in                  Corrections currently has a
conjunction with the                        plethora of cultures working          “How far you go in
Correctional Staff Appreciation             together in our numerous job          life depends on your
and Nurses Appreciation Week                categories. We are also open to
May 3 – 9, 2009. There will be a            ideas on how to make this a
                                                                                  being tender with the
two-day event which will overlap            successful event for everyone. So,    young,
both 12-hour shifts worked by               please feel free to submit your       compassionate with
most of the department. The tim-            ideas and suggestions to Sergeant
ing will be such that all divisions         Roberta Thomas or Classification
                                                                                  the aged,
will be able to participate regard-         Officer Cordney Battle, or any        sympathetic with the
less of their work hours. The               committee member, if you are          striving, and tolerant
committee is also preparing                 unable to make the meetings.
something special for those                                                       of the weak and
                                          VIDEO                                   strong. Because
                                          Click on photo
                                                                                  someday in your life
                                                                                  you will have been all
                                                                                  of these.”

                                                                                  George Washington
                                                                                  (1864—1943) American
                                                                                  Scientist, Botanist,
                                                                                  Educator, and Inventor

         The Corrections Chronicle
                      is the official
        operational and professional development
               employee newsletter of the
        Orange County Corrections Department,
      Orange County Government, Orlando, Florida
                  Contact: Allen Moore, JD, APR at (407) 836-0326
                           or email

     Suggestions about professional development
    topics or operational story ideas are welcome!
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                                           The Corrections Chronicle

Demolition of The Central Booking Office “Nearing Completion”
By Sergeant Lisa Dahlberg
                                                                               Click on photo
    Over the last few months, Palm         Many of
Coast Demolition has successfully       you, and you
taken down an old landmark, the         know who you
former Central Booking Office.          are, wanted
We’ve all grown quite accustomed        mementos dur-
to the loud banging and crunching       ing construc-
of concrete being crushed and           tion, an old
some of us will actually miss it.       obsolete key, a
It’s hard to believe how quickly        small sign, or
something can be destroyed when         even just a
it takes so long to construct.          brick. It was
    The construction company has        clear to me
successfully demolished the facil-      during the project that many offi-      rently planned for that space it will
ity with very few incidents. This       cers had a fond connection with         make a great location for a future
was quite a tricky project, given       that old building, regardless of        jail, possibly connecting to the
that the northeastern wall was          how much we complained about it         Main Facility and Horizon.
shared with one of our current en-      when it was open.                          I would like to thank the Pe-
ergy buildings. The last portions to       While there is almost nothing        rimeter team for their assistance
be torn down was the old “shark         remaining of the former Central         with manning the west perimeter
encounter” elevator tower and a         Booking Office, the land is now         gate, often times with very little
small portion of the slab the build-    prime real estate for future pro-       notice and to Palm Coast Demoli-
ing sat upon.                           jects. Although nothing is cur-         tion for a job well done.

Orange County Community Corrections Division –Probation
Foreword: Don Bjoring, Manager — Article: Don Pittman, Probation Supervisor

W                                       P
              ith this column, we                robation Officers              sor.
              will begin a series of             (Community Corrections            As they wear these different and
              articles describing the            Officers) wear many dif-       interchangeable hats, they must
              work of the various                ferent hats. While proba-      provide good customer service as
units that make up the Community        tion’s main function is community       representatives of county govern-
Corrections Division (CCD). As          safety, which may sound quite           ment, and above all, remain profes-
Probation is the largest and most       simple, the job is actually very        sional with the highest standards of
traditional of the units, it will be    complex and requires a unique           ethics and integrity.
the first in this series. The other     blend of knowledge, skill. and abil-       Probation officers interact on a
units will follow in future edi-        ity.                                    daily basis with judges; attorneys
tions:                                     Additionally, being a probation      (both State Attorneys, Public De-
   Alternative Community Service      officer requires a constant and         fenders and private defense coun-
  Pretrial Diversion                  sometimes very quick removal of         sel); community entities such as
  Central Intake                      one “hat” and putting on a differ-      substance abuse treatment agen-
  Community Surveillance              ent one. Probation officers must        cies; offenders’ family members;
  Home Confinement                    demonstrate compassion and must         the Clerk of the Court; crime vic-
  Pretrial Release                    have very good interpersonal            tims; other probation agencies; law
   Please take a look at what the       skills. They assume the role of a       enforcement agencies, and other
folks in the Probation Unit do for      counselor, an enforcer, an inter-       sections of the Orange County
a living…                               preter, an advocate, a broker of        Corrections Department such as
                                        services, a role model, and an advi-                    (See “Probation” on page 7)
                                                       Page 6
                                          The Corrections Chronicle

(“Probation” continued from page 6)    ing officer, paying cost of supervi-     in jail, there is a time-savings for
other CCD units and sections           sion, and drug and alcohol testing.      law enforcement on the street who
within the jail.                          Another way in which probation        would otherwise have to locate the
   As stated earlier, the main func-   officers contribute to community         individual, serve the warrant, take
tion of probation is community         safety involves a quick response to      the offender into custody and de-
safety. How do probation officers      violations of probation. Perhaps         liver him or her to jail for booking.
contribute to or ensure this safety?   the most serious violation of pro-       Also, there is a clear cost-savings
They do it by monitoring the           bation involves the probationer          for the taxpayer when service of a
court-ordered conditions of proba-     committing a new offense while           warrant is done in this manner.
tion. These conditions include both    under supervision. Probation re-            The Probation Unit works hard
“special” conditions of probation      ceives a daily report of probation-      at getting it right, and we have
and “standard” conditions of                                                         some independent evidence
probation.                                                                           that proves we do get it right.
   The special conditions are                                                        Our Probation Unit was the
specifically ordered by the                                                          first misdemeanor probation
sentencing judge and are                                                             unit in the United States to
“tailored” to the particular of-                                                     receive accreditation by the
fender and to the offense com-                                                       American Correctional Asso-
mitted. These special condi-                                                         ciation. Additionally, two of
tions may include: compliance                                                        our officers, Jackie Forbes
with Collections Court (fines                                                        and Bob Smedley, have been
and court costs), payment of                                                         recognized as American Pro-
other special fees (e.g. investi-                                                    bation and Parole Association
gative fees to a law enforce-                                                        (APPA) Line Officers of the
ment agency or to the State                                                          Year. Besides the award from
Attorney’s Office), substance                                                        the APPA, Mr. Smedley was
abuse evaluation and comple-                                                         also recognized as the Florida
tion of treatment, community                                                         Association of Community
service hours, DUI School, anger       ers arrested in Orange County            Corrections Line Officer of the
management and batterers’ inter-       within the past 24 hours. This re-       Year.
vention programs. Judges may also      port tells us if the arrestee is under      This represents a very brief look
order as a special condition of pro-   supervision, not only with our Pro-      at the Probation Unit’s role and the
bation, no contact or no hostile       bation Unit, but if he or she is un-     activities/responsibilities of a pro-
contact with a victim.                 der supervision by any other CCD         bation officer. There is much more
   They may also specify no alco-      program.                                 to write about the Probation Unit.
hol or random drug testing. Proba-        Supervising officers act quickly      Perhaps we can do that in future
tion officers work with probation-     to revoke the offender from the          editions of this publication. If you
ers to complete these special con-     program, or in the case of a proba-      would like more information and/
ditions within the time frames or-     tioner, process a violation of pro-      or would like to visit the Probation
dered by the judge and focus on        bation with a warrant before the         Unit, please contact Don Pittman
assisting the probationer to com-      probationer is released from jail.       at (407) 836-3011.
plete his or her case successfully.       Sometimes the accused is re-
   Standard conditions of probation    leased prior to the warrant being         The American Probation
are imposed consistently on all        served. However, if the warrant
                                       can be served in jail, we have
                                                                                  and Parole Association
probationers. These include: re-
strictions on travel, removal of       acted quickly to protect the public.      has identified the week of
weapons, providing information on      Additionally, we have let proba-             July 19-25, 2009 as
employment and residence, not          tioners know that we are monitor-          Probation, Parole, and
associating with individuals in-       ing their behavior in the commu-
volved in criminal activities, re-     nity and will respond quickly to                 Community
porting to the respective supervis-    violations. By serving the warrant            Supervision Week
                                                       Page 7
                                           The Corrections Chronicle

                                        court and receive a sentence of         diction while in jail and then has
Some Are                                “time served.” The task is to get a     support that continues on the out-
                                        plan in-place to help them avoid        side when one leaves. The 2008
Leaving and                             coming back to jail. With the high
                                        number of people going in and out
                                                                                numbers were higher with just un-
                                                                                der 1,800 being helped before go-
Not Coming                              of the jail system, this effort is a
                                        welcome addition to the ministry.
                                                                                ing home. Out of the 60,000-plus
                                                                                that lived here it is a small portion,
Back!                                      The interesting part is that the
                                        ministry saw many more people
                                                                                but it is an asset that works in tan-
                                                                                dem with all the efforts by those

By Chaplain David Cramer                than it had planned to see. The         who work here and ministers here.
            s April begins the spring   numbers were higher in 2007;               I wanted to find a way to share
            season, a reentry program   about 20 times higher! “His Heal-       what has been going on and to
            here at the Orange          ing Hand Ministries” works with         publicly thank all who work here.
            County Correctional Fa-     the Orange County Jail Ministry         This article does not come close
cility it celebrates the beginning of   and also joined forces with other       but, “Thank You“ to each of you
the third year of ministry. “His        ministries and programs here at the     who have helped us reach out in a
Healing Hand Ministries,” which is      jail. It just took it one person at a   positive way to those who “live
a part of the Orange County Jail        time. “His Healing Hand Minis-          here.” As the days pass by, it be-
Ministry, is enjoying the great rela-   tries” united with job programs,        comes easier to work with you be-
tionship with jail employees and        and drug and alcohol recovery pro-      cause we are getting to know each
managing the people who live here       grams to implement a mentoring          other. Even though people working
as inmates in the different housing     program for those returning to the      in corrections are often portrayed
areas.                                  community from the Orange               as a bunch of “tough guys and la-
   In late March of 2007, I joined      County Jail. I’m pleased to report      dies,” I know you all care for other
the Orange County Jail Ministry         that about 80% of those we worked       people and that makes it easier for
headed by Senior Chaplain Joe           with have not come back to jail.        us to do our job. As the growth
McGahey as the Reentry/Aftercare           In 2008, a new program was           continues you will see new faces
Chaplain. It has been an adventure!     added to go along with other re-        added to what we do. I would like
I had a goal of helping 50 people       covery programs that are in exis-       to close by again saying, “Thank
the first year. By “helping,” I mean    tence here at the jail. It is called    You!” It looks like a good year
working with inmates that are not       “Celebrate Recovery.” This pro-         ahead with more inmates leaving
yet sentenced, but will probably go     gram helps one recover from ad-         and going forward, not back!
back to the street when they go to
                                                                      Corrections Training
                                                                      Specialist Lindé Richmond
                                                                      Receives Plaque of
                                                                      From the High Tech Institute:
                                                                       “Ms. Richmond (holding plaque) has always
                                                                      availed herself to our students, oftentimes
                                                                      providing tours on very short notice and is
                                                                      always willing to continue their experience by
                                                                      making herself accessible for questions or
                                                                      suggestions after the tour. She always
                                                                      maintains a high level of professionalism,
                                                                      and her passion and dedication to her career
                                                                      is obvious. She is a true asset to the Orange
                                                                      County Corrections and the Criminal Justice
                                                                      Field, as a whole.”

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