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									Persuasive Techniques:
  A Look at Logical
    Created by Jenny Langer
          Spring 2008
      EDTEC 470, SDSU
What is Persuasion?
             It is the process of
              gliding people toward the
              adoption of an idea,
              action or attitude

             Often it is illogical and

             Thirsty?
          Let’s Break it Down…
   The purpose of persuasion is to convince
    someone of your point of view.

 But    how do we do that?

 Good      Question!
              Logical Fallacy
Logical = something that is reasonable,
           (it makes sense)

Fallacy = something that is faulty, (a
Logical + Fallacy = A Mistake in Reasoning
“Hey, Why are We Learning How to
       Reason Incorrectly?”
Another good question!

      It’s called
logical self-defense.

    Do you believe
 everything you read,
   hear and see? ►
            Keep in Mind…
 You cannot always believe what
you hear, what you see, and what
           you read.

Advertisements, movies, commercials, politicians, critics and
         spokespeople have an agenda in mind as well.
A Bandwagon Fallacy
             The name comes from the phrase,
              "jump on the bandwagon“, a
              bandwagon being a wagon big enough
              to hold a band of musicians. In past
              political campaigns, candidates would
              ride a bandwagon through town, and
              people would show support for the
              candidate by climbing aboard the

             It has come to mean joining a cause
              because of its popularity.

             If it’s popular, it must be
Lets look at an example of
              Turn to your neighbor and
               discuss why this
               advertisement is an example
               of Bandwagon

              Then as a class we will share
               our ideas

              Hint: Who is that guy?
Red Herring Fallacy
   The name comes from the sport of fox hunting in which a dried, smoked
    herring, which is red in color, is dragged across the trail of the fox to throw
    the hounds off the scent.
   Logical maybe…but unrelated
   The argument given uses distraction to avoid the issue
                     Be Creative!!
   With your partner, try writing a slogan or
    drawing an advertisement that uses a Red
    Herring Fallacy.
   Here are some ideas you can use:
             -Increasing the school year to more than 180 days
               -Serving Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at school

* Remember you are trying to convince someone of your view
    by distracting them using something unrelated.
                 Emotional Appeal
   This term refers to
    manipulating someone by
    targeting their emotions and

   For example, the ad can
    make viewers feel happy, sad,
    nostalgic, fearful, angry etc…

   Buying something
    will make them feel
Ad Hominem “Against the Man”
                                    In order to prove your
                                    point, you make a
                                    personal attack on
                                    your opponent or
                                    opposing side

  "She has never run anything. And the idea that she could learn to be
  President as an internship just doesn't make any sense. I've spent my
  life running things, I've learned how to run a business.”

-Quote from former presidential hopeful, Sen. Mitt Romney
  attacking Sen. Hillary Clinton
  Using Ad Hominem, One Might
“You should buy a
 Macintosh. They
 are so much better
 than PC’s. Besides,
 Bill Gates is an
Microsoft isn’t so
 great anyway.”
            With Your Partner
Examine the ad I am about to show you.
 Which type of fallacy do you think Coca-
 Cola is using? And why?

In about 10 minutes, we will share our ideas as a
           And Here it is…
More Ads for Fun!
Persuasive Techniques:
  A Look at Logical
    Created by Jenny Langer
          Spring 2008
      EDTEC 470, SDSU

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