Personality Tests by vts15196


									                                           Personality Tests

Objective Test Instructions:

Create 5 questions to ask someone in order to find out about their personality. These questions must be
in a yes/no format. For example, a question you can ask is, “Do you like animals?” The answer the
person can give can either be yes or no. Do not have questions that ask a person to choose among
items or questions that allow them to say anything else instead of yes or no. After formulating your
questions, give the test to an individual you do not know and let them take your “personality test”. When
they are done, analyze their answers, giving a brief description (at least 3 sentences), as to what you
think their personality is like based on their answers.



Answer:          Yes            No


Answer:          Yes            No


Answer:          Yes            No


Answer:          Yes            No


Answer:          Yes            No

Analysis of personality test:
Projective Test Instructions:

Have the same individual who took your personality test draw an animal, any animal they wish, in the
space below. Ask them to be as detailed as they can, and remind them that they do not have to be artists
or good at drawing, just that at least they draw the best they can. Analyze their drawing by giving a brief
description (3 sentences) about what the drawing tells about their personality. Notice any details the
person makes, and/or what kind of animal they draw. These can be symbolic to their personality

Analysis of drawing:

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