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									Festive Season Arrangements
             25 December 2006 – 7 January 2007

Refuse Collection                     You may use additional bags or          Public Toilets
                                      cardboard boxes for any extra
             There will be            material you have for recycling.                        All toilets will
             no domestic              Alternatively public recycling                          be closed on 25
             refuse collection        points will remain in operation                         December 2006.
             on 25 December                                                                   Only the following
                                      throughout the festive period.
2006 or 1 January 2007.                                                       toilets will be open between
Collections will operate one                                                  10am and 6pm on
day later than scheduled.
                                      Christmas Tree                          26 December 2006 and
Please put your refuse out            Recycling                               1, 2 and 3 January 2007:
one day later than your                               Put your tree out       Hunter Square
normal collection day for the                         beside your bin         Mound
weeks 25 December 2006 to                             on your normal          West End
the 7 January 2007.                                   rubbish collection      St. James
In the event of operational           day in the week 8–12 January            Separate arrangements
delays or bad weather, please         2007. Trees will be collected by        will be in operation for
leave your bags or bins out           a separate vehicle and recycled         Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.
and we will collect them as           into compost. If your tree is
soon as possible.                     over 6ft tall please cut it up first.   Rapid Response
                                      If you have a garden waste
Please make sure your                 collection, please put your tree        There is no Rapid
wheeled bin is on the kerbside        in your brown bin for the new           Response Service on
for 7.00am. Kerbside sack             collection year. Alternatively,         25–26 December 2006 and
customers should have                 take your tree to your                  1, 2 and 3 January 2007.
their sacks on the kerbside           Community Recycling Centre
for 9.00am. Please do not
                                      where it will be recycled.               We recommend that
present your refuse sack the
                                                                               this information is kept
previous evening.
                                      Community                                for reference over the
There will be no trade waste                                                   holiday period.
collections on 25 December            Recycling Centres
2006 or 1 January 2007. Trade                      The Community               USE THESE nUMBERS
waste collections will resume                      Recycling Centres           To ConTACT US:
on 26 December 2006 and on                         will be open every          General enquiries:
2 January 2007.                                    day between                 0131 529 3030
                                      10.00am and 4.00pm except                Rapid Response:
Kerbside Multi-                       25 and 26 December 2006                  0808 100 33 66
                                      and 1 and 2 January 2007.
material Recycling                                                             oUR noRMAl ConTACT
                                      The Community Recycling
(Red Box/Blue Box/Blue Bag)           Centres are located at:                  HoURS ARE AS FolloWS:
               The Red and Blue       Braehead – Craigs Rd                     Monday – Thursday,
               Box collections on     Craigmillar – Old Dalkeith Rd            8.30am – 5.00pm.
               Monday 25              Seafield – Fillyside Rd                  Fridays, 8.30am – 3.40pm.
               December 2006          Liveried vehicles are not                The office will be closed
and Monday 1 January 2007 will        admitted to any Community                for telephone calls on
not take place. If your collection    Recycling Centre. Unmarked               25–26 December 2006
falls on either of these dates,       vans carrying domestic waste             and 1–2 January 2007.
please continue to collect your       may only use the Seafield site.
recycling materials for your next
red or blue collection day.

                                                         There are lots of ways we can tackle the
Festive Waste Tips                                       amount of festive waste we create to avoid
                                                         sending it to landfill.

Reduce                                Reuse                                   Recycle
create less waste                     use a product again                     using old to make new
• Buy waste free presents             • At the shops, say ‘NO’ to             • Use your kerbside
  such as charity ‘donate a             unwanted bags and reuse                 collection, tenement and
  gift’ vouchers which help             your own bags. Or you                   local recycling points to
  provide for families in               can pick up a free Keep                 recycle as much of your
  developing countries or               Edinburgh Clean cotton                  festive waste as possible.
  experience gifts, such as a           bag at 23 Waterloo Place.*            • Find your nearest recycling
  beauty treatment.                                                             point at http://changeworks.
                                      * one per person while stocks last        interactive.co.uk

                   Make Recycling Your new Year’s Resolution
   For further information please phone The City of Edinburgh Council
           on: 0131 529 3030, email: WAE@edinburgh.gov.uk
              or visit: www.edinburgh.gov.uk/WasteAware

                                     Reduce Reuse Recycle
                                       let’s get it sorted.

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