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					       High School for Dual Language Studies - Chinese as a
                         second language
Teacher: Min Mei Dean 蘇菲
Class: Foreign Language Chinese FM1F-02
Web Address:

Introduction (自我介紹)

I am your Chinese teacher and my Chinese name is 蘇菲. I was
born in Taipei, Taiwan, and went to Fu Ren University, majoring in
Chinese literature. I lived in London for several years before
coming to America about15 years ago. Being fluent in Chinese and
Taiwanese, I mastered Chinese literature and received a position
with a newspaper as a journalist in the women’s section. During
this time, I started to travel around China and wrote several books, with five major novels
in Chinese. I believe I have a great deal to offer to you about China, its culture, and its

Why take a Chinese course? (學中文的原因)

       China has become a very important country. It’s now one of the biggest partners
        for America in trade; therefore, it is very important to be able to speak fluent
        Chinese for future purposes.
       China is also a great place to visit. Understanding the language and culture in
        advancec will make travel more enjoyable.

What to expect in the classes: (課程內涵, 主題 跟活動內容)

       We will start Chinese pronunciation first; learn how to write Chinese character
        and the basic grammar structure
       We will practice different functions of conversation to meet the needs of basic
        daily communication such as personal identification, family life, meals taking,
        shopping, and traveling
       We will have simulations of common situations after each unit to demonstrate
        your understanding. For example, you will be assigned as a customer or a ticket
        agent for a brief conversation regarding information for purchasing tickets after
        Unit 9: Traveling
       We will also dine in a traditional Chinese restaurant – speaking only Chinese to
        order meal, drink, and socialize
       In a cultural aspect, we will learn calligraphy, Chinese painting, and the regional
        food. We will read Chinese poems, listen to the traditional Chinese music, and
        watch Chinese movies.

      We will watch videos for China’s Top 10 attractions (Great wall, Terracotta
       Warriors, Suzhou Garden, Shanghai Bud, Tibet Potala Palace, Yellow Mountain,
       Li River. The Silk Road) and major festivals (Chinese New Year, Moon Festival,
       Double Nine Festival.)
      If time permits, we will also celebrate some of these events.

Class Rules (教室守則)

The rules are simple and I expect you to respect them.

   1. Be on time. Be on time for the start of class. I expect you in the class room on
           time. If you are late, your class participation score for that day will have a
           point deducted.

   2. Procedure: When you arrive in the classroom, first hand in your homework in
           the Homework box, then you take out your notebook, copy the Aim for
           today and do the “Do Now” for the first 5 minutes.

   3. Homework: Hand in your homework every day. No late homework will be
          accepted (20 % of your grade)

   4. Test: All the quizzes and tests are given at 8.05. You can’t retake the test unless
            you are absent and you have a parents’ note to prove it.

   5. Required material: You are required to bring the Text book, notebooks and
           index cards at all time.

   6. Classroom participation: You are expected to participate in classroom
           activates in order to score points for classroom participation (20% of
           grade), including answering questions and participating in group work.

Syllabus (課材)

This course will use Chineselink textbook, in addition to extra material for enrichment.
The syllabus will cover the use of the Chinese language and develop cultural
understanding of China through exercises, activities, and the
reading of Chinese literature.

By the end of this semester you will understand:
      The purpose of mastering the language
      The Chinese pronunciation and tones
      The Chinese characters and basic calligraphy
      The rules of Chinese grammar and structure
      Common, fundamental vocabulary
      The basic conversational strategies to assist in daily life
      Important Chinese cultural aspects

By the end of this semester you will have the ability to:
      Pronounce Chinese characters using the letters of the Roman alphabet (pin yin)
      Identify the four tones to clarify the meaning of words
      Write the Chinese characters in the correct order of strokes
      Apply verb and word order, and particles and modals to the use of the language
      Read common phrases, road signs, streets names, addresses, menus, and
        children’s books and rhymes.
      Express tenses and questions, demonstrate common expressions
      Comprehend simple sentences in face to face communication
      Connect to Chinese culture, recognize key cultural traits and be ready to travel in

Schedule of the first semester (課材預覽)

Month                Topic                                   Culture
September(week1-     Unit 1- Pronunciation (pinyin) 拼音       General information of
week 4)              Classroom expression                    China
                     Daily greetings 基本問候語                   The art of greetings
                                                             Moon Festival

October              The history of Chinese Characters       The formation of Chinese
(week 5-8)           漢字的演變歷史 and Radicals 部首                 Characters

                     Unit 2 – Greeting 問候                    The Understanding of
November             Unit 3--Personal Identification 個人 Chinese Name
(week 9-11)          資料                                 Chinese brush Painting

December           Unit4- My family 我的家                   Chinese Philosophy
 (week12-                                                 --Confucianism
 week14)                                                  Forms of Address

January(week 15-   Unit 5-My school life, friends ,like   First Field Trip
18)                and dislike 學校生活                       First Semester Ends

  Course Requirement & Grading (學期成績評量方式)

  Good work - to be successful in this class, you must demonstrate
  an understanding in all aspects of the Chinese language, speaking,
  writing, reading, listening, as learned during the year. Rubrics will
  be handed out for homework, classroom participation and oral
  presentations so you can understand what is needed to achieve a
  desired grade.

Test                         Section         70 Points         Description
Speaking(說話)                 1               20 points         Assessment of oral
                                                               performance via Web Audio
                                                               Drop box (Requirement- PC
                                                               and Microphone)

Listening(聽力)                2               25 points         Assessment of student
                                                               performance in daily
                                                               classroom(Quiz) and at the
                                                               end of Unit (Final Exams)

Writing( 寫字)                 3               25point           Assessment of student
                                                               performance in daily
                                                               classroom and at the end of
                                                               Unit( Final Exams )

Homework( 家庭作業)              Part 2           20 Points        Description
                                             20 points         Students will be given out
                                                               writing homework every
                                                               day, Unit Project

Classroom participation      Part3           10 Points         Description
                                             10 point          Assessment of student
                                                               performance in daily
                                                               classroom activities and