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Camp Cooroora

  Information Sheets
         HOW TO GET THERE                                 Campsite & General Information

From South: Travel north via the Bruce                Set on part of the northern banks of Lake
Highway, turn off at the Cooroy exit, cross over      Macdonald between Cooroy and Tewantin on the
the railway line in Cooroy and turn into Diamond      Sunshine Coast, this campsite covers an area of
St. ( Service Station on corner) This then leads      33,090m2.
into Cooroy – Noosa Road . Follow this road fro       The site is mainly grassed with tress bordering all
approx. 6 kms. until you cross over Six Mile          boundaries including that of the lake. A large „A
Creek. Then turn into Sivyers Road and follow         framed‟ building „Kookaburra Lodge‟ is located
Blue Signs. “Scout Camp and Fish Hatchery”. At        near the northern side of the site which contains
the end of the sealed Road, (large water storage      an enclosed activity room. Male and female toilets
tanks on either side of road) continue on dirt road   and showers are also situated in this building.
and look for Scout Camp sign on left. Make a          Upstairs is located the „Gilwell Room‟ a well
sharp left hand turn which leads into campsite.       appointed training room
From North: Turn off at Cooroy exit and follow        . Adjacent to this building is a partly enclosed
until you pass Cooroy Primary School on right.        kitchen and dining area. The kitchen has a
Take turn into Diamond Street, (Service Station       gas/electric stove, two refrigerators and a large
on corner) and then follow instructions as above.     Bar-B-Q. It has ample preparation and serving
From Noosa/Tewantin: Take Cooroy – Noosa              space.
Road out of Tewantin for approx 7 kms. Look for       Two long tables that can seat 50 completes this
for Sivyers Road just before Six Mile Creek. Turn     area.
right into Sivyers Road and follow instructions as    Near the kitchen is a rotunda which is great for
above.                                                small gatherings, this also has a BBQ.
                                                      A Bush Chapel is situated on the opposite side of
PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO ACCESS TO                     the site.
COLLWOOD ROAD FROM LAKE                               The site has a permanent caretaker, however the
MACDONALD ROAD.                                       main entrance gates may be locked from time to
                                                      Lake Macdonald is an important water supply for
                                                      Noosa Shire and there fore has restrictions on
                                                      aquatic activities such as swimming and fuelled
                                                      power boats. Non-motorised craft are allowed and
                                                      fishing requires a permit.
                                                      There is no bunk accommodation at present at the
                                                      campsite, due to fire regulations, no sleeping is
                                                      allowed in the building at any time.
                                                      Groups wishing for exclusive use of the campsite
                                                      is at the discretion of the caretaker.

            Location Map                              .
      UBD or Gregory’s Map 5 L9
Washrooms and Toilets.
Hot and Cold running water, hot showers and            Zellhof: Situated on the western boundary of the
flush toilets are provided.                            campsite, this site offers a sparsely timbered area
Water.                                                 and is fairly well grassed. It is also close to the
Hot and cold running water is available in the         lakes shore.
kitchen. There are a number of water taps situated     Gilwell: A more heavily wooded area with its
around the campsite.                                   own flag pole, this site offers a grand view of the
Wood.                                                  rest of the campsite. Water taps are close by.
Fallen timber is plentiful in the wooded areas of      Kandersteg: Situated to the eastern boundary,
the campsite. Cutting of standing timber is strictly   this site is a favourite of visiting equestrians. It is
forbidden. Cut timber is available on occasions at     handy to the horse corals and water taps.
request. In these „Environmentally Aware‟ times        Powered sites: 18 15 amp power outlets on 3
we have to insist that fires are only lit on the       poles are ideal for caravans and/or motorhomes.
permanent fire spots and kept to a reasonable          An additional charge is made for the use of power.
size.                                                  These sites are close to the kitchen/dining area
Kitchen and Dining area.                               and Rotunda.
A well appointed and large kitchen is available        Main open area: Well grassed and approx.
which contains a 5 burner gas stove with a fan         150 metres x 80 metres. This open area is ideal
forced electric oven. Also a 3 burner gas BBQ.         for Corporate days, large marquees or large
Toasters, Urn and Microwave oven are also              District camps. This area surrounds the main
available on request. Some cooking equipment is        Parade ground and large flagpole.
also available. The kitchen has two fridges to keep
your food cold.                                        ACTIVITIES.
There are 2 long tables in the dining area which       Water Activities: Canoeing and sailing is a
can seat up to 50 people.                              great activity on Lake Macdonald which forms
Gilwell Training Room.                                 one boundary of the campsite. A new canoe
A well appointed training room is situated on the      launch platform is situated next to a boat ramp
first floor of Kookaburra Lodge. This room sits        only 150 metres from the front gate. Camp
approx. 12 -15 people comfortable with small           Cooroora has 4 canoes available for hire, to scouts
desks, or up to 30 people with chairs only. An         only. Unfortunately, local Council regulations
OHP. Digital projector, TV and DVD/VCR player          prohibited swimming in the lake.
are available as well as a large double sided
whiteboard and large pull down projection screen.      Hiking: Camp Cooroora is situated at the
Charges apply.                                         southern point of the Noosa Trail. This Trail
Floodlights                                            extends to Kin Kin and Cooran areas and is ideal
3 Floodlights aluminates most of the camping           for hiking, mountain bikes and horse riding. A
ground. Each light has its own switch and can be       number of camping spots are located en route. A
used on request.                                       brochure on the Trail is available from most
Chapel:                                                information outlets.
A quite secluded bush chapel is available at all       Fishing: Lake Macdonald is stocked with Bass,
times for quite meditation or Scouts Owns.             Mary River Cod and a host of other types of fish.
Available also for Weddings. POA                       A permit is required and can be obtained from the
                                                       Noosa, Local Area and Beaches: Noosa is
Your Choice of Camping.                                only 20 minutes drive from Camp Cooroora. The
Camp Cooroora provides an ideal setting for            best beaches in Australia stretch north and south
camps of all sizes, from an individual backpacker      of Noosa and are patrolled during the summer
to a large District or Regional camp. Having           months by Surf Livesafeing Queensland and
catered for the two extremes, it goes without          Councils in winter. For those people who love to
saying that we welcome every size camp in              explore the country side, the hinterland offers
between.                                               many scenic drives.

Camping for Scouts and Guides $4 per person per              All users of the campsite must obey all
night                                                         reasonable requests made by the
Camping: $5.00 per person per night.                          caretakers or any members of the
Caravans/Motorhomes: $7 per person per night.                 Regional Staff.
Day use: $2.00 per person.
Electricity (Metal power boxes only) $2 per night            No vegetation shall be cut down or
per point.                                                    removed from the campsite.
Training Room: Charges on application.                       Swimming is not allowed in Lake
Canoes: Scouts only. $10 per day or part there of.            Macdonald.

  SCOUTS, WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW                              The sighting of tents and caravans is at
            FOR YOUR C5                                       the discretion of the caretakers.
              FORM.                                          Please refer to the Terms and Conditions
                                                              for more details.
Name of site..           Camp Cooroora
Location of site..       Collwood Road.                      These camp rules may be amended from
Cooroy                                                        time to time without notice.
Map Name..               Gregorys or UBD
Grid reference..         Map 5 L9
Scout District..         Teewah
Nearest town..           Cooroy or Tewantin
(approx 8 km each)
Name and Address of nearest Medical Help.            Small trained house dogs only are allowed at
Ambulance. Tewantin Road. Cooroy       000           Camp Cooroora on the proviso that they remain
Noosa Hospital. Goodchap St. Noosaville. (07)        leashed at ALL times. Owners are responsible for
54559200                                             the disposal of all droppings. Cats are not allowed.
                                                     Horses to be kept in the corrals provided by
                                                     Noosa Council to the back of the campsite.
                                                      All droppings must be picked up and deposited in
For bookings, or to find out more about Camp
                                                     the bin provided.
Cooroora, please phone the Caretakers on (07)
54425285, PO Box 39 Cooroy Q 4563 or email                                              DEPARTURE
Bookings will be taken as confirmed on receipt of            The kitchen and dining area has been
the completed Booking Form and signed Terms                   swept and no food left in refrigerators.
and Conditions by the Caretaker.                             If you have used the activity room,
Website:                    ensure all equipment is put away and
                                                              sweep the floor.
                    ARRIVALS                                 Make sure all fires are out.
On arrival, please report to the Caretakers                  Report to Caretaker and advise of any
residence. You will not need keys as all amenities            breakages.
will be opened for you.                                      Rubbish is to deposited in bin provided.
                                                             Remember to come back again.
               CAMP RULES
                                                     Because of the ecological nature of the campsite
        The Scout Law and Promise must be
                                                     and the closeness it is to the lake, NO Latrines are
         observed by all at all times
                                                     be dug on the campsite.
        All rubbish MUST be deposited in bin
        Kitchen and dining area to be kept clean
         and tidy at all times.
        Sleeping in the building is TOTALLY
         PROHIBITED at any time.
                     PHOTO GALLERY

 Front Entrance

Sign at Front Gate
                                     BBQ and Stove

  The Flag Gate
 Garden near Kitchen      Kookaburra Lodge and Main Flagpole

   Rotunda and BBQ

Dining Area and Kitchen       Rear of Kookaburra Lodge
                       Venturer Flag pole

Caretakers residence

                       Plaque on flagpole

    The Throne
Lake Macdonald beyond trees
                                 Chapel seating

                              Gilwell Training Room

                              Gilwell Training Room

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