ETX Capital recognize the vital importance of protecting your by sdfsb346f


ETX Capital recognize the vital importance of protecting your

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									ETX Capital recognize the vital importance of protecting your personal
and financial information, and of providing you with a secure website
for your transactions.

      Privacy and Security Measures

       As a financial institution ETX Capital must obtain certain          When you access our site, your Login Name, Password, credit
       personal information about you to set up and service your           card number, and credit card deposits and withdrawal requests
       account, to enable transactions to take place, and to process       are secured via server authentication and data encryption.
       deposits and withdrawals.
                                                                           As an additional security precaution, we do not maintain your
       You have our assurance that:                                        credit card number on our website.

       We are fully committed to safeguarding your privacy online.         As noted in the Terms and Conditions of our Customer
       We only use your personal information to help us service your       Agreement, “Profits from trading with ETX Capital are tax-free
       account, to improve our services to you, and to inform you          under the laws of the United Kingdom. However, it is possible
       about additional ETX Capital products or services that may be of    that your profits from Spread Betting might be subject to tax
       interest to you.                                                    in other jurisdictions. If you reside in a jurisdiction where you
                                                                           are liable to tax upon profits from trading in such products, it
       We do not sell your personal information to third parties. We       is your responsibility to report them to the relevant authorities.
       do, however, share selected information as part of normal           ETX Capital cannot pass on any such information to third
       business operations and as part of normal legal/regulatory          parties.”
       purposes required by our commercial bank and credit card
       processing and verification services.                               If you have any questions regarding our privacy or security
                                                                           measures, please email
       We protect your account information in a highly secure portion
       of our website. For your benefit, we have established two
       levels of user security. The first is your Login Name, the second
       is your Password. You must enter your unique Login Name
       and Password each time you want to access your account
       information or begin trading. For your protection, never share
       your Login information with anyone.

Privacy and Security Measures

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