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www.inova.org/methodisteap       Counseling
TDD# for the hearing impaired:
Personal problems that affect                                …When life seems overwhelming,
productivity… Workplace issues                               employee assistance provides the
that affect well being…                                      caring support you need.

                          Professional Help…                 No-Cost Counseling
                          Positive Outcomes                  Employee assistance is a free service. However, some
                          At one time or another, you        problems need more than short-term counseling. In
                          or a household member may          those cases, counselors consider your ability to pay
                          face problems related to:          and convenience as well as your clinical needs before
                                                             making referrals to other qualified professionals.
                          • alcohol or substance abuse
                          • emotional problems               Your insurance plan frequently covers the costs
                          • family or marital difficulties   associated with these services. Please contact your
                          • financial or legal situations    insurance provider for additional information.
                          • workplace stress
                          • identity theft

Ignoring these situations usually makes them worse.          Respecting
Trying to resolve them yourself may have only limited        Confidentiality
success. Professional help greatly increases the chances     Employee assistance is strictly
for a positive outcome.                                      confidential.The content of
                                                             your discussions remains
As your employer, we are interested in your total well       between you and your
being. That’s why we are pleased to offer employee           counselor. Even supervisors
assistance, a counseling service that helps you manage       who may refer you to the
problems before they adversely affect your personal life,    program never learn about
health and job performance.                                  your personal problems.

Help is available around-the-clock. Professional
counselors sensitive to cultural needs, assess situations,
provide support and offer guidance. Counselors fluent
in foreign languages also are available.
                                                             Ease and Convenience
                                                             Employee assistance is available
Extensive Eligibility                                        around-the-clock by calling toll free:
All covered employees and their household members            1-800-346-0110
                                                             TDD# for the hearing impaired:
are eligible for employee assistance.You or a family         1-877-845-6465
member may request an appointment with a counselor.          www.inova.org/methodisteap
In some instances, your supervisor may encourage you
to use the service if you are having a work-related

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