Computer-delivered ESD Training Principles of ESD Control

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					                                  Computer-delivered ESD Training: Principles of ESD Control
                              Offered by the ESD Association and Automated Learning Corporation
Computer-delivered ESD Training
                              ESD Control and Training
                              Electrostatic discharge related failures continue to cost electronics manufacturers many millions of dollars every
                              year. The cost of a damaged wafer, die, component, or assembly might be only a few cents or could reach thou-
                              sands of dollars. When failure happens in the field, multiply the cost by ten. ESD can impact production yields,
                              product quality, reliability in the field, and customer satisfaction, and all of these affect your costs and profitability.
                              Current industry standards including ANSI/ESDA S20.20 call for an effective ESD control program that includes
                              initial and recurrent ESD awareness training for all personnel who might come into contact with ESD sensitive
                              items, and for the maintenance of complete training records. S20.20 also allows for the tailoring of your ESD
                              control program to meet specific application needs.

                              Custom Tailor Your ESD Training
                              Now there is a comprehensive computer-delivered ESD training program that allows you not only to meet the
                              requirements for ESD training and training records, but also to custom-tailor your ESD training to match your
                              S20.20 tailored ESD control program. Using a simple interface and a series of questions, your ESD experts are
                              able to describe your facilities and procedures. The program then selects appropriate content for your company
                              location, consistent with your procedures and training plan, and the course will deliver only that content - and the
                              matching testing material.

                              ESDA®/LearnTech® ESD training content complies with the ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD control program guidelines
                              as well as to JEDEC JESD625, IEC 61340-5.

                              The LearnTech® eLearning format
                              The ESD Association® has partnered with Automated Learning Corporation® to bring you this unique ESDA cer-
                              tified training solution featuring the LearnTech® training system.
                              ESD Training: Principles of ESD Control can be delivered over your local area network (LAN) to any computer
                              in your facility. Course registration is automated, and complete training records are securely maintained on your
                              server. Features include:

                              ●    Courseware installs on your server: secure inside your firewall.
                              ●    Automated Curriculum Manager: included at no additional cost.
                              ●    Administrator data access: course, curriculum, dates and scores of all tests, etc.
                              ●    User interface design: intuitive (does not assume high computer literacy).
                              ●    Use of course: Trainees have one year including tests and re-certification.
                              ●    Automated registration, tracking, testing, and certification: reduced administrative time.
                              ●    Flexible online access: available 24x7 across shifts, departments, locations.
                              ●    Video and interactive multimedia technology: adds interest, involvement and fun.
                              ●    Self-paced delivery: improves the efficiency and effectiveness of learning.
                              ●    Individual on-demand training: no waiting for the class schedule.
                              ●    Reduced language barriers for students: utilizes text + audio + visual + repetition.
                              ●    Shorter student away-from-work training time: lowers training costs significantly.
                              ●    Reduced demand on your expert resources to deliver instruction on “the basics”.
                              ●    Compliance with ISO and industry standards for training and qualification records.
                              ●    Standardized training: delivers consistent, accurate, reliable content every time.
                              ●    Convenient easy to use training: point and click to learn.

                              Course Description
                              ESD Training: Principles of ESD Control          Course code: ESO        LearnTech® LAN Format           Length: 2 hours

                              An excellent introductory-level ESD training program with certification that explains the importance of
                              controlling static in your workplace, how static occurs and how to protect against discharge that can

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                                  Computer-delivered ESD Training: Principles of ESD Control
                              Offered by the ESD Association and Automated Learning Corporation
Computer-delivered ESD Training
                                  damage static-sensitive electronic components and assemblies. The course content can be custom-tailored to meet
                                  the specific requirements of your ESD control program. Primarily intended for your assembly operators and semi-
                                  conductor technicians, anyone involved in electronics manufacturing can benefit from this ESD training course.

                                  ●   How static electricity is generated from common actions
                                  ●   Two different types of damage caused by ESD
                                  ●   Conditions most likely to cause uncontrolled electrostatic discharge
                                  ●   Problems and cost implications of ESD damage
                                  ●   Common objects that present an ESD hazard
                                  ●   Types of ESD protective packaging
                                  ●   Use of ionization and topical antistats for static control
                                  ●   The impact of environmental factors on static charge
                                  ●   Function of ESD protective items in a protected area
                                  ●   Requirements of an ESD protective workstation
                                  ●   Correct use of ESD protective smocks, wrist straps, and footwear
                                  ●   When not to use personal protective devices
                                  ●   Recommended ESD protective practices at workstations

                                  1. Introduction         2. Basic Science of ESD               3. ESD Protected Areas    4. Working Inside an EPA

                                  Qualification and Certification Testing
                                  ESDA®-LearnTech® certification training incorporates interactive learning checks throughout the instructional
                                  sequences. Certification tests are criterion-referenced and module-based with feedback on every response for
                                  enhanced learning. The tests include a score bar to provide the learner with continuous status information. Ad-
                                  ministrative access to dates and scores of tests, certifications, and re-certifications is compliant with S20.20 and
                                  ISO quality-standards training requirements.

                                  LearnTech® LAN-based Enterprise courseware installs on your network.
                                  ●   Courseware installs on your server, securely inside your firewall.
                                  ●   Automated Curriculum Manager included at no additional cost.
                                  ●   Administrators have access to dates and scores of all tests.
                                  ●   Simple intuitive user interface design does not assume computer literacy.
                                  ●   Trainees have one year to use a course including tests and certification.

                                  Setup Process       We ship the courses on a CD with all necessary files for installation on your server. The “Server” can
                                  be any Window’s based computer or an existing Windows server.

                                  Server Software Install         During the server install, a training “credits” request is emailed to Automated Learning Cor-
                                  poration. The request is processed and a license code is emailed to you. This information is entered into the program and
                                  enables access to the training.

                                  Client Software Install        A small client-side student player is automatically installed across the network the first time a
                                  student workstation accesses the software on the server. This takes only a few seconds

                                  Database     Installation works with:
                                  •   MS Access (database supplied)                • SQL Server
                                  SQL is preferred, as it is more robust for larger numbers of users.

                                  Complete course with tailoring module and 50 student registrations: $1,995.00
                                  Pricing for additional registrations is scaled for quantity
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