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RE City of Albany Consultants of Record Category C by rma97348

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									                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

27 April 2009

Claudia L. Zahorcak, P.E.
Special Projects Coordinator
City of Albany, Public Works Department
City Hall Second Floor
333 Broadalbin Street SW
Albany, Oregon 97621

RE: City of Albany Consultants of Record Category C RFP Response

Ms. Zahorcak,

Portland Engineering, Inc. (PEI) is pleased to provide our Response to the City of Albany’s
Request For Proposals as it pertains to Category C – O&M Manuals, Troubleshooting and Process
Improvement. Our work experience and core business is centered around automated controls,
instrumentation and system integration including 24 hour support services.

Founded in 1992, PEI began as a small consulting engineering firm. Over the years, PEI has
focused its growth on instrumentation and controls, building extensive SCADA experience in a
wide variety of applications primarily in the Water, Wastewater and Power Production
industries. We also have experience in automation for the food processing, aluminum and wood
products industries.

Our technical staff thrives on the ever‐changing nature of this field and enjoys providing the
highest quality I & C integration solutions customized to the needs of our clients using a hands‐
on approach. Typically PEI is responsible for engineering documentation, procurement and
startup. In short we are responsible for making the system work. PEI provides engineering
services in a format where professionalism, integrity and ethics are the top priority. Value
engineering forms the foundation for our continued growth and is particularly suited for controls
projects. PEI solves our clients’ needs in a manner that economically maintains and exceeds the
clients’ functional philosophies.

PEI has a history of projects completed on‐time and on‐budget and stakes its reputation on
every job. Our reputation has allowed us to succeed with the bulk of our business based on
repeat customers and by word‐of‐mouth recommendations.

PEI has successfully completed numerous projects and provided complete field service support
within the realm of the scope of work anticipated with the City of Albany. Our knowledge and
experience will allow us to provide the best possible solutions and service to the City.

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

PEI currently has twelve employees working out of two offices to provide coverage to all clients
in Oregon; one located in Central Point and the other located in Portland. The primary office
supporting the proposed Master Services Agreement with the City of Albany will be the Central
Point office. The Portland office will provide support as required and respond to emergency

The “Contracting Individual” authorized to negotiate, bind and execute the Master Services
Agreement will be:
Jeffrey M. Bruce
7675 High Banks Road #1
Central Point, Oregon 97502
P: (541) 664‐6200
C: (541) 840‐4778
F: (541) 664‐9094

The “Primary Work Contact” responsible for initiating and coordinating Work Orders will be:
Joshua L. Downs
Project Manager
7675 High Banks Road #1
Central Point, Oregon 97502
P: (541) 664‐6200
C: (541) 282‐4767
F: (541) 664‐9094

Portland Engineering, Inc. agrees to sign the revised Master Services Agreement and intends to
execute work accomplished through 30 June 2009 under the attached FY2009/10 Schedules of
Consultant Labor Fees and Consultant Expenses.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact this office at your
convenience should you have questions or require additional information. We look forward to
the opportunity to work with the City of Albany!


Jeffrey M. Bruce, P.E.
Portland Engineering, Inc.

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                                 2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                             P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                     CCB# 135739

   Consultant of Record – Category C
            RFP Response

    The City of Albany, Oregon

                27 April 2009

     Portland Engineering, Inc.

Contact: Joshua L. Downs (
                 2020 SE 7th Ave Suite 200
                    Portland, OR 97214
           General Contractors License #135739

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

                     SECTION 1 – INTRODUCTION TO THE FIRM
Firm Overview
Portland Engineering Inc. (PEI) is a multidiscipline engineering firm that provides quality
engineering services to a wide variety of clients; both industrial and municipal. Many of PEI’s
projects include complex controls on critical systems where safety and reliability are vital. PEI
has extensive experience in instrumentation and controls (I & C) projects in the Pacific
Northwest in both municipal and private industry. The variety of controls projects that we have
designed and integrated range in complexity from complete new and retrofitted SCADA systems
with multiple graphical operator interfaces, SQL servers and other databases, and PLCs with hot‐
backups with fiber network and wireless telemetry networks, to simple debugging of existing
systems controls or instrumentation as required on midnight service calls for systems with which
we have had no prior exposure. PEI’s projects include safety systems, prevention of food and
beverage contamination, prevention of hazardous emissions to the environment as well as
systems that greatly improve productivity, efficiency and prevent costly system failures.

Although PEI’s Core Focus is Automated Controls, Instrumentation and System Integration; each
project is regarded individually and the majority of our projects involve at least the following
    • Control System Design and Integration
    • Construction Management
    • Computer Aided Drafting
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Materials Testing
    • Mechanical Engineering

PEI has vast experience in the areas of:
    • Wastewater Treatment
    • Water Treatment
    • Water and Wastewater Conveyance
    • Reservoir Systems
    • PRV Stations
    • Long Distance Fiber Optics
    • SCADA Telemetry Systems
Portland Engineering Inc. (PEI) has provided a broad range of services as both primary and sub
contractor to a number of municipal facilities throughout Oregon and Washington.

PEI’s extensive Automated Control System, Instrumentation and System Integration experience
includes but is not limited to:
    • Control system/control strategy analysis
    • Telemetry and SCADA system upgrades
    • Operational field service and maintenance contracts

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                                                        2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                    P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                            CCB# 135739

   •   Alarm system testing, debugging
   •   Instrument calibration
   •   Software implementation and upgrading
   •   Customized operator interface programming, trending, reporting
   •   Optimized operations for minimum energy consumption

Other Services
Mechanical Engineering, Design and Drafting
Portland Engineering excels on mechanical projects that typical mechanical engineering and
design firms do not pursue due to the unusual or odd design parameters. Our experience and
problem‐solving aptitude enables us to thrive on projects that are unusual. Many of our
mechanical projects are process oriented, where a firm understanding of chemical or process
engineering is needed. PEI’s staff includes licensed mechanical and chemical engineers also
have extensive real‐world experience. We have direct experience with process piping projects
conveying water, oil, steam and gases. In addition, PEI has direct experience in large and small
HVAC projects specifying chillers and air handlers, as well as ducting and DDC controls and
various projects involving material handling, production and packaging.

Construction Management
PEI has a professional Construction Manager on staff. As a general contractor (GC), PEI
subcontracts labor specialties to those firms specializing in a given trade such as electricians and
pipe fitters.
Most of our GC projects are lump sum contracts for which quality construction management is
essential to limiting the risks not only to ourselves but the success of the project, hence the

System Scope Development and Cost Estimating
PEI provides system scope development for most of our projects which are design‐build in
nature. We work closely with all stakeholders to determine the system requirements and
develop a comprehensive scope of work. Our experience in integrating controls and mechanical
engineering projects provides the background necessary to understand the clients’ needs,
document the scope, and develop cost estimates with detail and accuracy.

Staff Summary and Supporting Offices
PEI has 12 employees; 4 of which are registered engineers in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical
and Control Systems. The Southern Oregon office is located in Central Point, Oregon and
provides service to clients throughout the state while the Portland office serves client in the
Portland Metro area and SW Washington.

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

Jeff Bruce (ME), Josh Downs (ME) and Jack Lawson (Accountant) reside in the Southern Oregon
office. Mike Hogan (EE), Francis Malinosky‐Rummell (ChemE), Greg Chase (CM), Adam Dodge
(SI), Jon Scott (EE), Carl Serpa (SI), Chris Gardella (SI), Dan Craig(SI) and Marcy Ross(Admin)
reside in the Portland office.

All PEI engineers and system integrators are skilled in the areas of project scope development,
operator interface (OI) and control system design, instrumentation specification, controls
system programming, system integration, start up and troubleshooting. In addition to these
common skills each member has specific talents that are utilized to furnish expertise to solve the
specific project complexities and project schedules. PEI uses a team approach for its projects
with an emphasis on assigning several people to each large project to gain a better perspective,
provide a broader base of support for our clients, and provide continued cross‐training to our

Both the Southern Oregon and Portland offices will be available to support this Master Services
Agreement. It is planned to have the Southern Oregon office manage and execute routine Work
Orders with the Portland office augmenting as needed and providing emergency response when

State and Industry Recognitions
PEI is licensed,bonded and insured in Oregon and Washington as a General Contractor and as a
Design Engineering Firm.

PEI staff belong to many professional organizations. A few of which are:
    • The Control System Integrators Association
    • The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
    • Invensys Wonderware Registered Systems Integrator
    • Allen Bradley Rockwell Registered Systems Integrator

We are also proud to note that PEI was selected as the 2008 Oregon Air National Guard
Employer of the year for our support to the state and nation as our courageous troops sacrifice
to ensure the freedoms and rights we all enjoy.

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                                                        2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                    P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                            CCB# 135739

PEI has vast experience in many engineering fields however; for this Category C proposal the
focus will be on Automated Control, Instrmentation and System Integration projects in the
municipal arena only.

Wastewater Treatment
Water Environmental Services of Clackamas County, Oregon
PEI provided a broad range of services as the primary contractor to Water Environmental
Services (WES) in Clackamas, Oregon for a total of over $200,000. PEI has performed numerous
smaller projects to provide field service during operational problems and upgrades to their
telemetry and SCADA systems. The bulk of the work PEI provided is actually a single project to
upgrade the Kellogg Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project was originally conceived as a
single project but the client could not fund it as a single capitol project so it was determined that
the best approach was to fund it as a series of smaller maintenance projects. This project began
in January of 2003 with work completed by PEI at the end of June 2004. Adam Dodge was the
Project Manager for this client with Shannon Taylor providing field service, drafting and
instrumentation support, and Carl Serpa supporting the SCADA and operator interface upgrade.
This project consisted of resolving a wide assortment of I &C problems at the existing plant and
upgrading the SCADA system. At the onset of the project there were numerous control issues
with systems that were not performing properly and alarms that were not functioning.
PEI performed a complete system analysis resolving the control issues as they arose. PEI worked
closely with the staff at the Kellogg Plant to determine the preferred method of control and
implemented those methods.

The alarm system was completely debugged and tested determining that a significant number of
these alarms had either never been programmed or had been attached to incorrect locations. A
second issue at the plant was that the instrumentation had not been adequately calibrated.

PEI inspected the instrumentation and confirmed the calibration as needed. During this phase,
several devices were found to be inoperable and replacements were installed. The plant also
did not have an accurate set of wiring schematics putting it at a serious risk in the event of a

The final task for the project was to upgrade the SCADA system. Initially the plant had two
operator interfaces which were each running different programs to perform the same basic
tasks. PEI upgraded the version of the Wonderware on a new application that included the best
portions of each program. PEI tested the new program and confirmed its functionality against
the two existing nodes. The new system included redundant I/O servers, a NAD architecture
with only one master application to minimize the maintenance issues, and upgraded
Wonderware features.

Key Personnel – Adam Dodge, Shannon Taylor and Carl Serpa

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                                                        2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                    P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                            CCB# 135739

Veolia Water N.A., Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant, Vancouver, WA
Portland Engineering, Inc. (PEI) analyzed the existing control strategy for the influent wet well at
Vancouver’s Westside Waste Water Treatment Plant and provided modifications to a) ensure
that the primary operating pumps were backed up by two redundant pump systems in order to
prevent overflow conditions while providing maximum equipment protection; b) mitigate
influent surges to the plant; c) provide an automatic “rock trap” mode for debris removal; d)
simplify the operator interface to provide a more intuitive and functional system and e) optimize
operations for minimum energy consumption. PEI customized the system to the specific needs
of the plant after assessing historical data, the PLC logic, the operator interface program and
discussions with the plant personnel. The final controls included were extensively simulated
based on the historical data before being installed and commissioned.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan

Veolia Water N.A., Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant, Vancouver, WA
Portland Engineering was hired to perform a study of the control system at the City of
Vancouver, Washington’s West Side and Marine Park Treatment facilities to assess the current
conditions and recommend potential changes to improve the reliability, security and
maintainability of the system. This report provided an overview description of the system,
identified potential risk areas and provided suggestions to enhance the system. A fiber‐routing
diagram and networking details were provided to assist in implementing these projects as well
as a listing of control equipment by location.

Key personnel – Francis Malinosky‐Rummell

Water Environmental Services Tri‐Cities Waste Pollution Control Facility
Mike Hogan, of PEI worked with Water Environmental Services (WES) to perform preventative
maintenance on the plant’s four RAS Flow Transmitters, resolving a failure issue with aging
components on the non‐pot flow transmitter.

Adam Dodge of PEI has also provided various troubleshooting and calibration services on plant
instrumentation including DO (dissolved oxygen) transmitters and investigating analog signal
noise problems. PEI has provided various PLC troubleshooting services on the existing Siemens
TI505 controllers.

PEI provided troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrade services on the telemetry system
including adding new SCADAPack PLCs, installing new radios, and troubleshooting existing

Key Personnel – Adam Dodge and Mike Hogan

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

Port Orford Effluent Disposal System Improvements
PEI was the I & C Subcontractor for the expansion and process improvements at the City of Port
Orford’s Waste Water Facility. This project required multiple PLCs for the pumping station and
process control, new field instrumentation including DO analyzers and panel mounted local
operator interfaces. The project required several complex pumping algorithms for the effluent
pumping station which delivered effluent directly offshore from Port Orford. The RAS flow rate
is based on a percentage of 24 hour average of the influent flow as maintained in the Allen
Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC by utilizing a FIFO matrix. PEI provided all instrument purchasing and

Key Personnel – Jeff Bruce, Adam Dodge and Josh Downs

City of McMinnville, Control Architecture Assessment
PEI was hired to perform a review of the control data acquisition system at the City of
McMinnville’s Water Reclamation Facility with regard to upgrading the performance and
reliability of operations and system security both in the short term and to assess the long‐term
options for continued improvements and maintenance.
PEI reviewed the following topics: Operator Interface (Wonderware), Remote Access Options;
Autodialer Configuration; Operator Interface Upgrade and Maintenance Options; PLC Evaluation
and Network Assessment.           PEI then provided recommendations for future system

Key Personnel – Francis Malinosky‐Rummell

City of Shady Cove Waste Water Treatment Plant
PEI provided all Instrumentation and Controls for the Retrofit and upgrade of the existing WWTP
to 2.0 MGD capacity. A single PLC Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 was provided. The SCADA system
installed was a Wonderware graphical interface application with multiple topics for monitoring
vendor furnished PLCs. Key components of the project included interfacing a new influent pump
station, new cylindrical fine screen, conversion of aeration basins and digesters to fine bubble
diffusers, new 50’ diameter second clarifier, new RAS/WAS pump station, new tertiary filter
basin and package filter equipment, new dechlorination pump station and injection system, new
operations/laboratory building, and new potable water system. The package filter was provided
with a vendor furnished PLC which PEI interfaced status of key events into the Wonderware

Key Personnel – Jeff Bruce and Josh Downs

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

City of Lakeside Waste Water Treatment Plant
PEI provided the equipment and intersite communication control systems for the Waste Water
Treatment Plant and North Site Improvements project. This project consisted of modifications
to the existing treatment plant including alterations to the treatment units for denitrification,
temporary sludge storage and modifications to the chlorine contact basins; development of the
new North Site including a 280,000 gallon digester, a 250,000 gallon reclaimed water storage
tank, an equipment building and monitoring of the existing airport irrigation system. PEI
provided patch panels and media converters for the fiber optic communication between the
three sites, ten control panels, ten Allen Bradley PowerFlex 700 variable frequency drives
(combined 435 Hp) communicating via Ethernet, four Allen Bradley PanelViews and four Allen
Bradley SLC 5/05 PLCs with 110 points of I/O.

Key Personnel – Josh Downs

Clean Water Services – Durham Phase IV Influent Pump Station Controls
PEI was hired to perform the programming for a new 180 MGD influent pump station at the
Durham Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility. PEI worked with Clean Water Services (CWS)
to develop a detailed control strategy through the course of five system submittals and review
for the six influent pumps and all associated equipment in two wetwells. PEI implemented this
strategy according to the detailed plant control system standards. PEI programmed an extensive
simulation program to allow the system to be tested completely within the plant’s control
system prior to installation.

Key personnel – Francis Malinosky‐Rummell and Jonathan Scott

Veolia N.A., Gresham WWTP
PEI supported installation of a new sludge grinding system at the Gresham WWTP. PEI reviewed
the control wiring schematic to ensure that the required functionality was met by the proposed
plan, installed the required ladder logic into the existing controller using the City’s programming
software (to ensure compatibility). Additional screens and tags were also added to the
SCADA\GUI system for the new grinders using the Plant’s development license. PEI assisted in
I/O checkout, system start‐up and training.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan

Water Treatment
Cave Junction – Instrumentation & Controls
PEI was hired as a direct contractor to fix control issues at their newly commissioned WTP. The
City was left with a non functioning control system by others and was informed that it could not
be corrected by the original System Integrator. PEI corrected the control problems quickly and

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

The PLC’s were SCADAPACK’s using MODBUS RTU communication protocol. PEI made the
system work in an automatic mode and analyzed a system of 1 MTU and 7 RTUs to determine
the source of communications problems. PEI also upgraded the existing MTU with a new PLC
which had additional communications ports including TCP/IP replacing the RS 232
communications between MTU and Operator Interface with Ethernet and provided engineering
services to re‐program the polling procedure for the RTUs including alarming on loss of

When PEI was finished, operators could place the plant in automatic mode and leave the facility
without fear of operation failure.

Key Personnel – Jeff Bruce

Willamette River Water Treatment Plant ‐ Wilsonville
PEI served as the Instrumentation and Controls subcontractor for the Willamette River Water
Treatment Plant (WRWTP) facility in Wilsonville. The control architecture for this plant includes
redundant PLC5 ControlNet processors, five remote ControlNet adapters, a fiber‐optic network,
local networks for valves (using an EIM modified Modbus protocol) and motor controls
(DeviceNet), a telemetry system for remote transmitters, two stand‐alone PLC 5 Ethernet
processors, six vendor‐furnished PLCs and a Wonderware based Operator Interface (OI) system.
The system also has an Industrial SQL data acquisition system with complete report generation

Key Personnel – Jeff Bruce, Francis Malinosky‐Rummell, Carl Serpa, Mike Hogan and Adam

Joint Water Commission Control System Upgrade
Portland Engineering was the General Contractor with a $1,538,923 lump sum design/build
contract for a control system upgrade project for the Joint Water Commission (JWC) Water
Treatment Plant in Forest Grove, OR. This project included a system‐wide control system
replacement for a 75 MGD water treatment plant including new PLCs (programmable logic
controllers), operator interfaces and additional instrumentation. The plant was required to
remain operational with only brief shutdowns during the project. Additionally, the plant’s
telemetry system consisting of 24 sites spanning a significant area was replaced and integrated
into the plant control system. The telemetry portion of the project included installing and
utilizing several miles of fiber optic cables, VHF radio transmitters, leased lines and additional
security devices. This project was fully bonded for the installation portion of the work.

PEI designed the control architecture and panel details, provided panels and all parts, hired the
electrical contractor for installation and provided construction management. PEI provided the
water treatment plant with redundant Allen‐Bradley ControLogix 1756‐L55M2 controllers with
1757‐SRM redundant modules. The two processors were synchronized with one processor

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                                                        2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                    P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                            CCB# 135739

providing actual control of the process with the second processor ready to take over if the
primary controller fails. Each subsystem of the water plant is connected to the redundant PLC
processors via remote ControLogix I/O chassis over redundant ControlNet cables. This system
provides full redundancy all the way from the process I/O up to the PLC controller, so any failure
of one component does not cause a system failure.

PEI reprogrammed all control functionality for the water plant and incorporated control
enhancements requested by plant operators and technical staff. PEI developed a new Operator
Interface system using Wonderware Intouch connected to the PLC control system via redundant
Ethernet Adapters. Also included in the project was the installation of a new data acquisition
and reporting system. The system uses Wonderware InSQL and Active Factory reporting tools.
A web server was installed to allow plant personnel to create and view reports and trends for
historical data via a web browser.

This project was a very fast track project requiring extreme flexibility in PEI’s scheduling in order
to complete the first phase (all WTP plant controls) before the high demand season. PEI
devoted the resources necessary to meet the clients scheduling needs. PEI’s system design
allowed portions of the plant to be sequentially upgraded allowing the plant to continue running
with only very short scheduled interruptions.

The 26‐remote telemetry unit controllers are Allen‐Bradley Micrologix with the master
telemetry unit controller being an Allen‐Bradley SLC controller. The radio telemetry system uses
the VHF band to communicate between 24 remote sites and the master site. There are two
dedicated leased‐line telemetry sites as well. PEI provided all coordination with the local phone
company to insure that all old sites were disconnected from the network and the desired
remaining sites received upgraded phone line interface equipment. The PLC controller at each
remote site provides local control and monitoring of the system and sends that information back
to the master site.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan, Shakeel Shafi, Adam Dodge, Greg Chase, Carl Serpa and Francis

Sunrise Water Authority / Slayden Construction, North Clackamas Water Treatment Plant
Summary: PEI was subcontracted by Slayden Construction for lump sum contract of $362,880 for
controls integration for the expansion of this plant from 10 MGD to 20 MGD. PEI provided
controls system design, instrumentation, and system integration services for the expansion of
this plant from 10 MGD to 20 MGD. This project involved a replacement of the plant’s control
system, integration of an owner supplied US Filter Membrane Filtration Water Treatment Plant,
and control of additional ancillary systems supporting the two facilities. The owner had seen the
system at Wilsonville and was impressed with the graphics and functionality of the operator
interfaces and requested PEI bid the project

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                                                         2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                     P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                             CCB# 135739

The existing 10 MGD slow sand filter was controlled by a GE Fanuc PLC which was completely
replaced with an Allen‐Bradley ControLogix system. This system utilizes a pair of redundant
controllers operating approximately 600 I/O points from 5 remote chassis over a ControlNet
network. Two Wonderware nodes were provided and installed for monitoring, control and
reporting of plant information. A redundant dial‐out alarm alert system using SCADAlarm and a
hardwired autodialer was implemented and a remote access server was utilized to provide real‐
time data to the on‐call operators over a dial‐up connection in the event of an alarm during
unmanned plant operations. The Wonderware application for the Membrane Plant was merged
with Portland Engineering’s application into a single operator interface program. A radio based
telemetry system was also integrated into the control system to monitor data from remote

Key Personnel – Francis Malinosky‐Rummell, Carl Serpa and Jeff Bruce

City of Forest Grove Water Treatment Plant
PEI was awarded a Design ‐ Build contract for the retrofit of the control system at the City of
Forest Grove’s Water Treatment Plant in 2006. PEI designed the control architecture and panel
details, provided panels, all instrumentation and VFDs, hired an electrical contractor for
installation and provided construction management. The operator interface was an Allen
Bradley RSView system with remote PanelView terminals. The contract included the integration
of remote telemetry sites over a leased line.

Key Personnel – Francis Malinosky‐Rummell, Shakeel Shafi and Greg Chase

Water and Wastewater Conveyance
Dunn Pump Station
PEI was the General Contractor for installing 3‐300 Hp Variable Frequency Drives at an existing
waste water pumping station. PEI provided all hardware required for the project, including the
VFD’s to interface with an existing PLC. The drives were purchased as open drives and installed
in custom panels designed and provided by PEI with hardwire interlocking for permissives and
alarming. PEI provided a separate Hardwired back up panel to take over all controls based on
several events including liquid levels or PLC failure. PEI provide all scheduling activities for drive
installation and testing while the station remained operational. PEI solicited for trade bids for
electrical work, concrete work, some piping and painting and hired qualified professional
contractors under PEI’s umbrella.

Key Personnel – Josh Downs

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

Harbor Sanitary District
Portland Engineering, Inc (PEI) provided automatic controls with a hardwired back control
system for a 4 bay self cleaning wet well. PEI provided all hardware, for the controls utilizing an
Allen‐Bradley Compact Logix controller with a 12”touchscreen PanelView running an RSView
application. The primary automatic control system has level feedback from a PEI furnished level
transmitter for maintaining liquid level through speed control on the 125 hp Cutler Hammer
VFDs. In the event that the PLC malfunctions for any reason PEI provided a hardwired backup
control system operated from float switches and a panel mounted speed pot allowing for drive
speed adjustment without the PLC. PEI provided an autodialer for notification in the event of
abnormal operating conditions.

Key Personnel – Jeff Bruce and Josh Downs

Telemetry for the City of Ashland sanitary sewer pump stations
PEI provided hardware, installation, and system integration for the UHF licensed radio telemetry
system for 6 existing pumping sites and one master at the WWTP. The project required
incorporating the new master radio into the existing WWTP PLC controls and providing new
displays for the Wonderware SCADA application. The Existing Wonderware network was
modified to include the data collected for each site. The existing SCADAlarm was modified to
provide for discrete autodialing on alarms for either high level or loss of radio communication to
any of the remote sites if the alarms were not acknowledged by an operator through
Wonderware. PEI provided a field radio survey for each site and provided all licensing
documents for FCC licensing. All communications were shop tested prior to installation.

Key Personnel – Jeff Bruce

Telemetry for the City of Cave Junction Sanitary Sewer Pump Stations
PEI provided hardware, installation, and system integration for the UHF licensed radio telemetry
system for 2 pumping sites and one master at the WWTP. The project required a new MTU PLC
at the WWTP and new displays for the Wonderware SCADA application. The Existing
Wonderware network was modified to include the data collected for each site. The existing
ANTX autodialer was modified to provide for autodialing on alarms for either high level or loss of
radio communication to either of the remote sites if the alarms were not acknowledged by an
operator through Wonderware. PEI provided licensing documents for FCC licensing.

Key Personnel – Jeff Bruce and Josh Downs

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

Carlton – Hawn Creek Pump Station
PEI provided (3) large panels for this wastewater pump station improvements project. These
panels housed a MultiTrode controller, hardwire backup system, autodialer, (2) 60 Hp Cutler‐
Hammer SVX9000 variable frequency drives and an elaborate disconnect system for the two‐
speed submersible pump motors with Meltric de‐contactor plugs.

Key Personnel – Jeff Bruce and Josh Downs

Gold Beach – Moore Street Pump Station
PEI provided post‐bid value engineering to the Prime contractor, pump supplier and city to
reduce cost and meet the engineers estimate and project budget for this wastewater pump
station upgrade. The Prime contractor chose PEI as the system integrator in lieu of the pump
supplier’s in‐house SI. PEI provided a NEMA 4X control panel with (2) 30 Hp Cutler‐Hammer
SVX9000 variable frequency drives, an Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1100 PLC with associated I/O
modules, an autodialer and various field instrumentation. PEI completed all control design, PLC
programming, VFD parameter setup and tuning and instrument configuration.

Key Personnel – Jeff Bruce

Reservoir Systems
Joint Water Commission Fernhill Reservoirs
PEI provided new controls and instrumentation for the addition of a new 20 million gallon
reservoir and the retrofit of an existing 20 million gallon reservoir. Instrumentation included the
specification, procurement, and integration of new radar level transmitters as well as security
switches for the reservoir hatches and vents. Custom mounting brackets were designed and
fabricated by PEI for both the level transmitters and security switches. The local RTU controlled
inter‐tie valves and communicated to the master via a long distance fiber optic cable.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan, Shakeel Shafi, Francis Malinosky‐Rummell, Adam Dodge and Greg

City of Hillsboro / Dilley Reservoir
As part of a SCADA system upgrade PEI specified and procured a new radar level transmitter for
the Dilley reservoir. A custom mounting bracket was designed, fabricated and installed by PEI.
New conduit and signal cables were installed underground to the level transmitter.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan, Adam Dodge and Greg Chase

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

City of Tigard Reservoirs and ASR Wells
Since 1999, PEI has provided all field service troubleshooting, repair and replacement of failed
instrumentation, system upgrade project work and Wonderware OI system engineering for the
existing water distribution SCADA system for the City of Tigard. Services include diagnosis and
replacement of failed reservoir level transmitters and the specification of security switches for
the reservoir hatches and pump station buildings.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan, Carl Serpa, Francis Malinosky‐Rummell and Adam Dodge

City of Wilsonville Reservoirs
PEI provides all field service for the City of Wilsonville water and wastewater systems. Recent
work in 2007 includes the assessment and reprogramming of the booster pump automation
from two reservoirs to another reservoir in a different pressure zone. The complex automatic
lead / lag / standby pump control scheme was modified, tested and verified.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan

PRV Stations
City of Hillsboro Brookwood & 229th Avenue PRVs
In 2006, PEI completed a Design – Build project for the installation of two new PRV valve vaults
for the City of Hillsboro. Services included coordination with the valve and vault supplier to
insure that the proper equipment and instrumentation was included, remote pressure
transmitters, new telemetry panels, licensed frequency wireless radio modems, instrumentation
and SCADA integration. Construction services included new concrete pad, underground
conduits, new utility power connection and coordination with PGE.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan, Carl Serpa, Adam Dodge and Greg Chase

City of Wilsonville Kinsman PRV
PEI provided a new SCADA telemetry RTU panel, remote pressure transmitters, and SCADA
integration for a leased line system. Construction services included new concrete pad,
underground conduits, new utility power connection and coordination with PGE. PEI is presently
providing contract consultation services to the City for the relocation of the Kinsman PRV and
the standardization of instrumentation of all new PRV stations in the City.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

City of Wilsonville WRTO PRV
PEI provided a new SCADA telemetry RTU panel, remote pressure transmitters and SCADA
integration for a leased line system. Construction services included new concrete pad,
underground conduits, new utility power connection and coordination with PGE. The telemetry
panel is located across the street from the PRV vault in a discreet location.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan

City of Tigard Gaarde Street PRV
PEI provided a new SCADA telemetry RTU panel, and SCADA integration for a leased line system.
The RTU was integrated in the existing legacy SCADA system. PEI coordinated the site controls
with the contractor providing the PRV vault and equipment.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan and Carl Serpa

City of Hillsboro PRV Valve Instrumentation
PEI specified limit switches for a retrofit on ClaVal PRV valves. The switches are stainless steel
NEMA 4x ferrous proximity with potted ends and quick disconnect cables. PEI designed and
fabricated custom brackets and provided installation and setup verification services.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan and Greg Chase

Long Distance Fiber Optics
Joint Water Commission Long Distance Fiber Optic
PEI had a contract with the Joint Water Commission to provide the area‐wide controls upgrade.
This included installation of seven miles of new fiber optic cable and installation of new conduit
to interconnect control functions with administration facilities. PEI developed bid packages for
conduit placement via boring within the City of Hillsboro and developed the inner duct and fiber
placement bid packages. Installation of fiber required extensive rework of seven miles of
conduit. PEI specified all components to complete a Hyper‐ring configuration.

Key Personnel – Greg Chase and Mike Hogan

SCADA Telemetry Systems
City of Wilsonville SCADA Telemetry System
PEI was hired by the City for a Design – Build project to integrate a new telemetry system using
the Allen Bradley SLC5/05 as the MTU and AB MicroLogix 1500 as the RTU’s. The new system
was brought on‐line in parallel to the existing system and integrated into the Wonderware OI
with a new I/O server. Several sites have been integrated into the new SCADA system. PEI is
presently under contract with the City for a system expansion.

Key Personnel – Mike Hogan, Carl Serpa and Adam Dodge

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

City of Tigard SCADA Telemetry System
PEI upgraded the SCADA telemetry system for the City of Tigard as a Design – Build project in
2006. PEI provided the system scope, radio frequency licensing application management, all
required hardware, installation and new Operator Interface system for the master and 16
remote sites. The leased line modems were replaced with a licensed frequency radio system.

Key Personnel – Carl Serpa, Mike Hogan and Adam Dodge

Oak Lodge SCADA Telemetry System Upgrade
PEI completed a Design – Build project for the upgrade of the SCADA telemetry system for the
Oak Lodge Water District in 2007. PEI provided a system analysis, detailed scope of work, and all
required hardware. Installation services were included for the master and three remote
reservoir and booster pump stations The SCADA operator interface at the district headquarters
was also upgraded and enhanced.

Key Personnel –Adam Dodge, Greg Chase and Carl Serpa

City of Woodburn SCADA Telemetry System
PEI was contacted by the City in 2005 to evaluate and correct problems with the SCADA system
recently installed by others. PEI reconfigured the communication and site polling scheme in
order to eliminate the failures that were frequently occurring. The system had several Operator
Interfaces that needed to be synchronized with all process variables and system setpoints.

Key Personnel – Francis Malinosky‐Rummell

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                                             2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                             P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                     CCB# 135739

Client Base and References
City of Tigard                         City of Lakeside
Robert M Murchison, P.E.               Phil Heley
503‐718‐2699                           541‐759‐3011

JWC Water Treatment                    North Clackamas County Water Commission Sunrise
Chuck Kingston, Plant Manager          Facility
503‐615‐6670                           Rod Warner, Project Manger, MWH

City of Hillsboro Water Department     Slayden Construction, Inc.
Karl Borg                              Jeff Wall
503‐ 615‐6725                          503‐769‐1969

City of Wilsonville                    King County, WA
Jadene Stensland, Engineering          Bob Bucher, Engineer
503‐570‐1540                           206 ‐263‐3883
Mike Stone, City Engineer

Veolia Water (US Filters Operations)   Shady Cove WWTF
Mike Greene, Supervisor WRWTP          George Bostic
503‐582‐9655                           541‐878‐3322

Calpine Sumas Cogeneration             Keith Consolidated Industries
Paul Bruning                           Bill Keith
360‐988‐7017                           541‐830‐8678
Kellogg Wastewater Treatment Plant     Kraft/Nabisco
Doug Harbaugh                          Harold Why
503‐794‐8050                           503‐240‐7718

Cave Junction                          City of Port Orford
Mike Bollweg                           Dave Pace
541‐592‐4590                           541‐253‐8002

Montgomery‐Watson Harza, Inc.          Medford Water Reclamation
Kathryn Mallon                         Ed Stertevant
503‐226‐7377                           541‐774‐2750

The Dyer Partnership                   Pace Engineering
John Waddill                           Ed Hodges
541‐269‐0732                           503‐665‐1342

City of Ashland                        City of Medford
Terry Ellis                            Ken Johnson
541‐552‐2335                           541‐774‐2680

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                                                        2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                    P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                            CCB# 135739

                               SECTION 3 – PROJECT TEAM
Project Team Approach
While each of the members of the team have their strengths, PEI employs extensive cross
training throughout their projects such that each staff member learns from each project. This
has several advantages, both for PEI and the client. One is that each member can benefit from
the strengths of the others and gain experience in actual applications. Additionally, this allows
each of the staff to understand the designs and implementations created by the other members
so that all PEI employees can fully support any client during start‐up or troubleshooting.

Each team member will have responsibility for specific project engineering tasks. The overall
responsibility for the coordination of the project resides with the Project Manager. As the scope
of work for each Work Order becomes further refined and the projects proceed, PEI’s Project
Manager will spearhead the execution of all decisions and implementation plans. The
organization of the project will follow PEI’s standard structure with additional aspects specific to
the project.

Our approach allows us to provide a consistent “front end” to the users of our systems. This
applies especially to our OI development and PLC control configuration. We believe that it is
critical that OI screens and PLC programs be developed using a consistent set of standards that
will provide the operators with the information that they need “at a glance”.

Using consistent and functional standards will allow the operators to better utilize the plant,
predict potential problems and run the plant more efficiently.

PEI also expends extra effort initially on the development of fully documented PLC programs
with comments and descriptive addresses. The extra time spent in development more than pays
for itself during start‐ups and, more importantly, during actual operations and troubleshooting
problems and provides for the successful ownership hand off from PEI engineers to operators.

PEI also strives to keep the PLC program as simplified as possible rather than using obscure
programming shortcuts. Again, this extra effort will greatly cut down on the time needed to
troubleshoot operational problems.

Our project engineers utilize a drawing design / draft method where the electrical or mechanical
designer will perform the CAD drafting duties during system design. This approach is inherently
efficient, since additional drawing revision iterations are eliminated. All drawings are reviewed
by our staff to insure accuracy before the drawings are submitted to the client for review.

Every control and instrument panel goes through a system testing approach to perform panel
I/O checkout in the panel shop for all wired points to confirm the panel wiring is correct and that
all channels in the PLC rack functions properly. We then develop and perform controls
confirmation tests (CCT). The CCT verifies the controls system configuration and OI graphics,

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                                                         2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                     P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                             CCB# 135739

and is a functional system test. It's similar to a traditional factory acceptance test (FAT), but does
not require acceptance by the client. The client is always welcome to witness the panel I/O
checkout and CCT tests are normally witnessed by the client.

Once the control panels are installed and the field devices are wired we perform a complete
documented I/O check with the actual field devices, followed by a preoperational test. The
preoperational test is a dry run of the system so that we can check logic and functionality on
each loop. When all these tests are complete we will commission the system.

Our field staff is composed entirely of engineers and experts in instrumentation and controls
rather than utilizing less qualified technicians. It has been our experience that this allows us to
include value added engineering into our I & C work for the benefit of the project.

Project Team
Contracting Individual
Jeffrey M. Bruce will be the Contracting Individual and authorized to negotiate, bind and execute
the Master Services Agreement.

Jeff is a registered Professional Engineer with over 25 years of hands on experience in the design
of many types of industrial and power generation plants, both grassroots and retrofit. He is the
President of PEI with over 15 years of control and automation experience.

Primary Work Contact
Joshua L. Downs will be the Primary Work Contact responsible for initiating and coordinating
Work Orders

Josh is a valuable member of the PEI team with experience in mechanical, structural, civil and
controls engineering. He is efficient and effective in project management, component design
and structural analysis as well as process control design and integration. Josh brings repeat
business with his respectable reputation with owners and engineers alike.

Project Managers
PEI will structure the staffing of this Master Services Agreement such that a Project Manager will
be assigned from each office. This will contribute to the overall effectiveness and continuity
over the life of the agreement. Josh will serve as the Southern Oregon office Project Manager
while Mike Hogan will serve as the Portland office Project Manager.

Mike is an electrical engineer with extensive experience in project management and system
integration for wastewater, water treatment, water distribution and SCADA telemetry systems.
Mike specializes in complex control strategies involving multiple process variables, a skill he
developed from his power generation and boiler control systems background prior to relocating

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

to Oregon in 1996. Mike is also certified in variable frequency drive servicing and has worked
extensively in VFD applications. Mike also has vast experience programming Bailey DCS.

The Rest of the PEI Team
Francis Malinosky‐Rummell is a licensed chemical engineering graduate from MIT with a
background in process and chemistry, as well as extensive experience in process controls
systems and project management

Prior to working for Portland Engineering, Adam Dodge was employed by North Coast Electric as
their in‐house technical specialist for Allen‐Bradley PLC hardware and Rockwell software,
providing technical phone support to regional customers. Adam is an expert in control system
and field wiring troubleshooting.

In addition to his Project Management duties, Greg Chase is a construction manager who
handles all work completed by PEI subcontractors during the installation and commissioning
portion of projects.

Carl Serpa is a chemical engineer who has specialized in control system design, implementation
of redundant OI systems, data management and reporting, and extensive project management

Dan Craig holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Science from the
University of Oregon. With a background of working for North America’s largest wood
processing OEM’s, he specializes in hydraulic motion control, machine control optimization,
communications, network design and network security. Dan is an intuitive programmer with
strong machine installation and start up experience.

Chris Gardella is a Controls Specialist with a background in automated manufacturing. His past
projects have included Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), materials handling,
metal detection, robotic welding (Fanuc, Panasonic, Motoman) and worldwide service. Chris is
an experienced Field Service Engineer with excellent troubleshooting skills.

Jonathan Scott is a Professional Engineer in Control Systems. He has been a Field Service
Engineer for Rockwell automation, an Integrator for General Electric, and a Facilities Engineer for
semiconductor manufacturers. He has been involved in all aspects of engineering from
conception and funding, project management, integration, installation and start up, operations
and maintenance, to decommissioning and conversion. He has worked in various industries
including water treatment, wastewater, metals, petro‐chem, forest products, health care, and

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

Portland Engineering Inc. (PEI) does not have any ongoing or recent past experience with the
City of Albany however; we are eager for the chance and think it is evident from this proposal
that we have the experience and knowledge to be a valuable addition to the cities control
system integration team.

If PEI is selected as a Category C Consultant of Record we plan on reviewing all existing PLC and
OI application and reviewing all as‐built documentation as it pertains to the control systems in
place as well as touring all facilities.

In preparation for this proposal PEI has reviewed the 2009‐2013 Capital Improvements program.
Our services could be of value at a minimium for the following projects
    • Ongoing WWTP Improvements
    • Oak Creek Lift Station
    • Santiam‐Albany Canal Flow Control Structures
    • Water System Seismic Protection Upgrades
    • Adair Water System Emergency Connection pump station
    • Vine Street WTP Improvements

Of course, we imagine a majority of the Work Orders executed for control systems will be of a
troubleshooting nature. In this regards there are many opportunities for remote access to allow
troubleshooting from PEI’s home offices should the city be interested.

We understand the small and large municipal budget constraints and can also offer value
engineered solution to reduce operation and energy inefficiencies.

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                                                2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                            P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                    CCB# 135739

                             APPENDIX A – ADDENDA
PEI has received and reviewed the following addenda:
    • Issue #1 April 16, 2009
    • Issue #2 April 22, 2009
Each of these addenda constitute non‐material changes and do not require signatures or

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                                                     2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                 P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                         CCB# 135739

                                ADDENDA B – RESUMES

Jeff Bruce
Cell: 541‐840‐4778 • Email:

Instruments and Controls
    Application Experience
    • PLC programming including, Allen Bradley, Control Microsystems, Automation Direct,
       Modicon, and Siemens
    • OI development including Wonderware, RSView, various Panel Views.
    • Networking PLC’s including Radio and leased lined telemetry, Ethernet and RS485

Professional Profile Detail

City of Port Orford WWTP
System Integrator for the City’s 2004/05 WWTP expansion. Programmed PLC for plant
automation including control the dissolved oxygen by adjusting both an electric actuated valve
and blower VFD. Automatically controlled the RAS flow rate based on a percentage of 24 hour
average influent using a FIFO algorithm. Configured the three effluent pumps to run in one of
three operating modes, one of which is PID control, sequencing lag and backup pumps as

Down River Relocate Production Lines from Corvallis to Klamath Falls
Client purchased two product lines and equipment from another mill and relocated and started
up in Klamath Falls. All control wiring was field documented prior to demolition and a wire and
conduit schedule with termination details was developed for electricians. All startup was
provided in a fast track mode.

City of Ashland
Upgraded the main PLC for the WWTP. Designed and installed a UHF radio telemetry system to 6
pumping stations and the Master at the WWTP.

City of Cave Junction WTP
Debugged a new but non‐functional Control system with a leased line telemetry system.
Converted the Wonderware application to an Ethernet application and replaced the ASCI‐II RTU
polling program.

Fred Meyer – Bagel and Bread Lines
Configured existing controls for new bakery requirements.

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

City of Glendale Water Treatment Plant
System Integrator for a new WTP. Programmed the primary PLC with two remote IO racks and
one vendor furnished PLC. Setup an RS485 network for digitally controlling 11 electric motor
operated valves. Installed and configured a radio telemetry system to the remote Raw Water
Pumping station.

Mechanical Engineering

Paper Mill Color Additive
Designed a red dye and blue pigment color additive system to two paper machines to meet a
large variety of process needs. The flow rate ranged from 18 ml/ min to 2.0 GPM for a given
Over a 400/1 turndown. The system consists of Moyno progressive cavity pumps with Reliance
VFDs and Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters.

Steam and Condensate System
Designed piping and control system for 2 dryer lines composed of 40 dryers. Specified and
procured all equipment and instrumentation including 3 flash tanks, a thermo‐compressor, and
loop controllers.

Chilled Water Plant
Onsite lead project engineer responsible for the detailed design and procurement of a 1200 ton
chilled water plant and ancillary equipment. Responsibilities included: Equipment specifications
including: 3 ‐ 400 ton chillers, cooling tower, variable speed and constant speed pumps, heat
exchangers, filters and miscellaneous instruments for an existing DCS system including RTDS, DP
transmitters, orifice plates and annubars, level switches, gas sensors, and flow switches. Overall
design as project engineer, all pipe sizing, control specifications, and the development of the
functional requirements (sequence of operations) for programming. Provided Startup

Project manager and engineer for the detailed process engineering, design, and specification of
a 100 ton chiller, air handler units, Honeywell DDC, and piping.

Over 250,000 CFM of air new handling equipment, DDC controllers and wiring for new air
handlers and incorporating existing AHU’s and heat pumps.

Various HVAC projects for office design including new heat pumps and controls.

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

Deinking Plant
Project manager for the detailed design of a deinking plant and associated stock preparation for
an existing coated linerboard recycle mill. The major equipment for the deinking facility
included: flotation cells, kneader, thickener, pressure screens, cleaners, pumps all controlled by
a new DCS system. The deinking plant required a new structure and 13.8 kV power supply as
well as modifications to portions of the existing process and structure. Developed material mass
flow balance sheets.

Shrink Wrap
Project engineer for system integration of three fully automated shrink wrap machines, label
applicators, and line PLC functional requirements.

Case Filling
Project engineer for layout, procurement and functional requirements for a new semi‐automatic
production line.

Pellet Mill
Project Engineer for the grass roots design of a Pellet Mill utilizing a combination of feed stocks
and production rates. Developed the material mass flow balance sheets and P & IDs as well as
all equipment specification data sheets.

Crushed Oreo
AS Project Engineer, specified all food grade conveyors and packaging equipment for Nabisco’s
Portland Bakery new Crushed Oreo product Line.

De‐Inking Process and Feasibility Study
Project Engineer responsible for process design, specifications and equipment layout for a
secondary fiber stock deinking for a linerboard mill. Developed project P & ID's, equipment sizes
with equipment and construction cost data.


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Oklahoma State University

Registered Mechanical Engineer
State of Oregon, Washington, and California

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                                                        2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                    P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                            CCB# 135739

Mike Hogan, E.E.
Cell: 503‐789‐5412 • Email:


Mike Hogan is an Electrical Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the design and startup
of control systems for a variety of industrial applications. He specializes in electrical systems
design, field service and process controls engineering.

Professional Profile Detail

Joint Water Commission, Forest Grove, OR
Project Manager and Lead Engineer for a $1,538,923 lump sum engineering and installation
contract for a system wide control system upgrade. The project consists of replacing multiple
controllers throughout the plant, revising and updating plant wiring, upgrading the plant
Wonderware OI, replacing the telemetry consisting of 16 remote RTUs, and installing 7 miles of
fiber optic cable. Redundant ControlLogix PLCs with a redundant ControlNet cables.
CompactLogix and Micrologix PLCs and Ethernet Network using both fiber and radio links. Data
Acquisition and publishing to the City of Hillsboro Intranet was also included. Installation was
accomplished with only brief plant shutdowns, with most occurring while the plant remained
operational. Complete system design and installation services provided.

Influent Pump Controls, Veolia Water North America, Vancouver, WA
Analyzed and modified control strategy for influent pumps for the Westside Treatment Facility
based on historical data to a) insure that the primary operating pumps were backed up by two
redundant pump systems in order to prevent overflow conditions while providing maximum
equipment protection; b) mitigate influent surges to the plant; c) provide an automatic “rock
trap” mode for debris removal; d) simplify the operator interface to provide a more intuitive and
functional system; and e) optimize operations for minimum energy consumption.

Waste Water Treatment Facilities
Townsend WWTP, Townsend, MT; Puyallup WWTP, Puyallup, WA; Pacific City WWTP, Pacific
City, OR. Factory authorized drives field service engineer for startup and warranty repair of
Square D drives. Complete wiring checkout, programming, startup and controls system interface
for drives in all applications at WWTP facilities.

Air Quality MACT Compliance, Vanalco, Vancouver, WA
Developed system description and PLC controls configuration for the control of single and dual
tank Convair systems, Pot Line exhaust gas reactor systems and alarms. Complete turnkey
project included electrical and instrumentation design, control panels, installation, startup and

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                                                        2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                    P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                            CCB# 135739

Redundancy for Pump Controls
Repartitioned DCS hardware location for the control of redundant pump pairs. The normal
engineering tasks for processor modules would cause the loss of both redundant makeup water
and closed cooling water system pumps. The backup pump controls were reconfigured and
programmed in a separate processor to allow continued operations at all times. All permissives,
trips, alarms, auto‐start functions and Operator Interface support were included.

Drives System Integration
Lead Engineer and Project Manager for the turn‐key motor drives system retrofit of seven
sections of a pilot coater paper machine. Responsible for development of entire scope,
specification and procurement of all equipment, complete electrical system design, DCS and PLC
interfacing, demolition of the old drives, shop testing and installation of the new system, startup
and commissioning.

Turret Winder Controls Retrofit
Provided electrical design for the interface of a turret winder to a new drives control system.
New ESTOP, coast stop, interlocks and speed reference wiring schematics and installation
oversight. Modified controls and provided start‐up technical support.

Burner Management
New Burner Management Systems for natural gas and fuel oil fired utility boilers. Responsible
for control configuration design and programming to NFPA compliance. Developed and executed
preoperational testing procedures. Performed system startup, testing and commissioning.

Combustion Control Systems
Hardware partition and control configuration design, implementation and startup of new utility
boiler DCS systems. Tuning and modifications for all systems including fuel, air, O2, feedwater,
temperature, NOx, and AGC control.

Steam Cogeneration
Designed and programmed configuration to determine the energy consumed by an off‐site
steam recipient. Software signal processing circuits determined enthalpy through a custom
developed steam table matrix using the steam pressure and temperature.

Boiler Startup and Automatic Firing Sequence
Developed an automated boiler startup and firing sequence for a 200k#/hr auxiliary boiler. A
complete simulator was developed for testing the system. Graphic displays, system tags and
alarms were included.

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

Combustion Turbine – Combined Cycle
Complete controls system review and development of as‐built configuration drawings for new
Unit. Modification of controls configuration including: HRSG drum level control during transient
events, Boiler Feed Pump recirculation valve permissive development, BMS alarm management,
fuel oil firing control, LP heater bypass valve control, condenser vacuum control during CTG
runback conditions. HRSG feedwater flow control for HP, IP and LP drums.

Hot/Soft Calender Oil Temperature Control System
Removed obsolete loop and trigger control system for oil temperature and flow control system
for a Hot / Soft Calender. Integrated the new system to DCS and interfaced with all existing
interlocks & permissives.

Data Acquisition and Reporting System
Designed remote data log trigger for coater testing DAS system. Provided remote panel and
push‐button trigger pendant, DCS system interface, electrical design and controls configuration.
Started up and commissioned system.

Employment History

Portland Engineering, Inc., Portland, Oregon – May 1999 ‐ Present


BS‐Electrical Engineering, Marquette University

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

Jonathan Scott PE
Cell: 503‐805.8754 • Email:

Start‐up and Commissioning
Operational and Functional Acceptance Documentation
Wastewater systems
Water systems
Medium voltage switch gear
Power Restart sequences.
Motor Control Centers
Variable Frequency Drives,
Ultra Pure Water
Screen filters
Ethernet networks
DCS control systems
PLC Systems
HMI software
Chemical Delivery systems
Gas Delivery systems
Cooling towers
Life Safety
Owner’s Representative for startup
Gas detection,
Stack analyzers

Professional Profile Detail

Odell Sanitary District
Systems Integrator for retrofit and upgrade of existing WWTP. An Allen‐Bradley SLC 5/05 PLC
with RSView SE operator interface was used for control and monitoring of the influent screen,
raw water pumps, aeration basin mixers and blowers, effluent UV’s and transfer pumps. This
PLC needed two way communication with the membrane vendor’s PLC.

Field Service Engineer
Field Service Engineer for Rockwell Automation. Received specialized training for VFDs, PLCs,
HMI software, and networks. Emergency call‐outs, troubleshooting, startups and repairs.

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                                                         2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                     P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                             CCB# 135739

Provided services for steel mills, paper mills, saw mills, manufacturing facilities, semiconductor
facilities, and coal mines.

Ultra Pure Water Systems
System Integrator for many new and upgraded Ultra Pure Water System at semiconductor
facilities and power plants. Responsible for programming and configuration of PLC and HMI
software. Responsible for development of testing plans. Started up systems and provided all
required documentation for owner acceptance.

Kroger Bakery
Upgraded existing PLC on bagel line. Added visualization of this PLC to the oven vendor’s
operator station.

Server Farm
System Integrator for a major semiconductor manufacture’s server farm. Provided design,
installation, programming and configuration of PLC and HMI. Startup of HVAC systems.

Semiconductor Training Facility
System Integrator of new clean room for semiconductor equipment training. An Allen‐Bradley
CompacLogix PLC with GE Cimplicity operator interface was used for control and monitoring of
the clean room HVAC systems. Developed testing and startup plan. Performed panel check‐out,
system start‐up, testing for owner acceptance, and training.

Staff Engineer at two different Semiconductor Facilities
Staff engineer responsible for all control systems and life safety at two semiconductor facilities.
Owner representative for new semiconductor facility. Responsible for acceptance of all Life
Safety Systems, HVAC controls, Ultra Pure Water controls, Waste Water controls, and controls
for all other facilities systems. Responsible for review of design, inspection of construction, final
acceptance of equipment, and turn‐over to operations and maintenance.

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
       Washington State University

Registered Electrical Engineer
       State of Oregon

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

Carl Serpa
Cell: 360‐607‐9937 • Email:


Carl Serpa is a chemical engineer with more than sixteen years of experience in process and
control system engineering.

Professional Profile Detail

PLC/HMI/SCADA Programming

Evraz Oregon Steel‐Stormwater Pump Stations
Provided a complete package of engineering services for design, testing, startup and integration
for two new storm water treatment pump stations. This project included control panel design,
instruments, PLC programming for Siemens S7 300 processors, HMI programming using Siemens
WinCC, and Profibus communications network configuration for connecting to ABB variable
frequency drives. A fiber optic Ethernet network was installed and the existing water treatment
plant HMI’s where integrated with the new pump stations. Advanced control programming was
developed to dynamically control drive parameters via Profibus resulting in more efficient drive
operation and better chemical treatment.

Columbia Machine – Concrete Manufacturer
Converted an existing concrete mixing and batching plant control system from Koyo
PLC/Wonderware HMI to CompactLogix / Factory Talk View. Developed and tested new ladder
program, HMI graphic, data acquisition and reporting. Developed and tested new hardware
design. Integrated Ethernet/IP VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives), Ethernet/IP Weight Scale
transmitters, and Ethernet/IP remote Flex I/O. Developed advanced safety system using
dedicated safety relays, three‐phase safety contactors and mechanical interlocks. Provided
customer support remotely via Allen‐Bradley Ethernet Modem. Handled field installation,
testing, and start up.

Air Quality MACT Compliance
Developed an entire HMI system using Wonderware Intouch. The system consisted of two
redundant I/O servers and two client view nodes and over 2000 system tags. Managed Ethernet
network installation and configuration. Set up and tested all client server network
communications. Assisted with PLC logic development.

Green Mill Mixer Automation
Retrofitted nine industrial mixers for automated cyclic operations while maintaining existing
push‐button manual functionality. Enhanced efficiency, reliability and quality control of anode
production. Developed complete HMI system using Wonderware Intouch consisting of two

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                                                        2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                    P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                            CCB# 135739

redundant I/O servers and three client view nodes. Set up all Ethernet communications for
client‐server communications. Set up database to automatically collect production information.
Created automated production reports using R&R Reports software. Incorporated information
from 4 existing PLC’s into the new green mill mixer HMI/SCADA system.

Carbon Anode Production
Design and set up a novel data collection and downtime monitoring system for two existing
carbon anode presses. Created event based data collection to record production information
and monitor machine efficiency using existing operator interface software and PLC

Aluminum Ingot Casting Table
Developed PLC programming to control the ingot casting table operation. Used PID logic to
control the table casting rate and cooling water flow. Developed complete HMI system using
Rockwell Software RS View. Configured historical data collection. Interfaced an existing Allen‐
Bradley PLC 5 with a new electronic marquee display sign to display process information in the
production area.

Wilsonville Willamette River Water Project
In the process of developing a complete HMI/SCADA system for a drinking water processing
plant. The system uses Wonderware Intouch for the operator interface and Microsoft SQL
server for information collection and reporting. This project is ongoing as of the date of this

Power Plant Operator Interface System
Developed an entire HMI system using Wonderware Intouch for a combined cycle gas turbine
power plant.
The system consisted of two redundant I/O servers, two client nodes, and two view only nodes
and over 5000 system tags. The system used a third party OPC I/O server for communicating
with the Bailey distributed control system. Managed ethernet network installation and
Set up and tested all client server network communications. Built customized data acquisition
and reporting for regulatory data using Microsoft Access. Built customized alarming functionality
for inhibiting alarms and tracking inhibited alarms.

Downtime Tracking and Reporting System
Developed a downtime tracking and reporting system for a dairy products processing facility.
The system records downtime events of 4 milk filling machines and allows operators to input
information into the system on the reasons for the downtime events. The system was built
using Wonderware Intouch and Downtime Analyst software. A server PC was interfaced with
four thin client terminals in the field used for operator input into the system. The server PC was
configured to communicate over two separate control system networks in order to detect and

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                                                    2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                        CCB# 135739

record downtime events. The system used Terminal Services running on Windows 2000 Server
to communicate with the thin client terminals. Developed a customized reporting system using
Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL 7.0. The custom reporting system allows operators to
generate reports on system downtime by machine or downtime reason. Designed unique
Microsoft SQL scripting to query downtime database tables in order to provide real time
downtime information to operator on the operator interface screen.

Operator Interface and Data Collection System for Waste Water Treatment Plant
Developed an entire HMI and data collection system using Wonderware Intouch and Industrial
SQL for a waste water treatment plant in Seattle Washington. The system consisted of a stand‐
alone server PC that functioned as both an operator interface and data collection server.
Designed unique Microsoft SQL scripting to transfer process summary data to Microsoft Access
so the client could run existing report generation routines on the summary data. Implemented
SCADAlarm auto dialer system for process alarm notification via telephone.

Process Engineering

Petroleum Coke Testing for Anode Production
Developed specification and test plan for using new sources of petroleum coke in an existing
carbon anode manufacturing process. Developed specification for the purchasing department
to use while locating new sources of petroleum coke. Created a complete test plan for
consumption of the new material while still meeting normal production requirements to keep
the plant operating smoothly. Supervised raw material and end product sampling.
Completed a detailed report on the test material and financial impact that would result if the
plant decided to permanently switch to the new materials.

Green Mill Mixer Automation
Created functional specification for the automation of nine (9) batch mixers in a carbon anode
production plant. Developed financial justification for the project.

Green Mill Pitch Fume Control System
Provided process engineering support for the design, installation and startup of a 50,000 cfm
fume collection system in a carbon anode production plant.
Coordinated startup activities with normal production activities. Provided troubleshooting of
process instrumentation and PLC programming. Ensured reliable operation of the fume system
equipment and compliance with environmental regulations.

Employment History

Portland Engineering, Inc., Portland, Oregon – 2008‐Present
Columbia Machine – 2007‐2008
Portland Engineering, Inc., Portland, Oregon – April 2000‐December 2006

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                                                    2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                        CCB# 135739


Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, University of Washington

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

Adam K. Dodge
Cell: 503‐805‐7642:


Adam Dodge has over ten years of diversified experience in electrical engineering. Adam has
demonstrated effective handling of complex projects, developing strong working relationships in
the process. Adam is a skilled control designer tempered with substantial field experience. He
also possesses exceptional AutoCAD skills.

Professional Profile Detail

Application Engineering
North Coast Electric
Specialized in all Allen Bradley PLCs, HMI and software with thorough knowledge of all other AB
equipment. Provided solutions to automation and control application questions. Worked with
engineers and technicians at local hi‐tech customers to solve technical issues and providing
application support. Provided customer training.

PLC Programming/HMI/SCADA
Wastewater (Tri‐Cities, Kellogg)
SCADA: Flow monitoring system. Designed and implemented wireless SCADA systems for local
municipalities, provided installation and support, provided solutions to customer’s existing
problems, configured PLC code for new hardware to work properly.

HMI: Reconfigured existing HMI per operator’s request, adding new screens and tags, and
correcting broken functionality; merged applications and upgraded to latest version of software
for ease of operation and maintenance, repaired communications’ link to PLC. Added UPS
systems to all HMI and PLC equipment for stability of system, and upgraded Ethernet firmware
for more reliable communications.

PLC: Edited and added code per operator’s request to repair or augment functionality of waste
water system. Fixed dial‐out alarming system added or repaired instrumentation and
rescaled/reconfigured in PLC if needed.

Food Industry (Pacific Foods of Oregon, Yo‐Cream, Fred Meyer)
Developed data handling system to export data from PLCs to UNIX based inventory control
system, developed data handling system to export data from palletizer PLC to UNIX based
inventory control system for labeler, converted PLC program from gallons to pounds after
installing new flow meters, added totalizers, provided 24 hour on‐call support to food vendor,
added a totalizer biasing system to correct flow totals, reconfigured operator interface displays
for flow calculation.

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

Power Co‐Generation
Hog Fuel Dryer System (Western Pulp)
Electrical motor schematics, I/O drawings, PID drawings, PLC programming, instrument location
drawings, mechanical detail drawings, dryer start‐up, I/O checkout, equipment adjustment,
programming adjustment.

Bio‐Mass Gasification
Test Dryer Unit (Batelle Institute)
Refurbished test dryer with new hardware and controls, redesigned control panel from relays to
PLC control; traveled to Batelle for start‐up, connecting drying system to their gasification
process, instructed Batelle personnel on use of dryer system.

(LP Missoula)
Used test dryer to experiment with recycled and diluent gas for their dryer process.

Wood Products
OSB Dryer Systems (St. Michel, Chambord, Jager)
Designed dryer control systems. Developed all PLC programming and MMI screens. Produced
all electrical and control drawings. Developed strong working relationships with customers and
sub‐vendors. Field start‐up locations include continental US, Hawaii, Quebec.

Saw Mill Edger Systems (NW Hardwoods ‐ Sedro Woolly, WA, Simpson Lumber – Shelton, WA)
Worked with QC Department align laser sensing packages on edger optimizer equipment,
traveled to work sites to oversee installation of equipment, make adjustments to PLC program,
linear position systems and scanning optimizer computer for correct operation.

3D Laser Log Carriage Scanning System (Stimson Lumber, Franklin Virginia)
Worked with R & D Engineer, assisted in development of 3D laser log carriage scanning system.
Traveled to test sites to monitor performance and reset system as needed during debugging
process, oversee installation of equipment, linear position systems and 3D laser log carriage
scanning system for correct operation.

Petro‐Chemical Industries
Rotary Feeder Delumper (UNIPOL Process, Union Carbide, South Korea, China, Kuwait, France,
Developed PLC control system for feeder system, developed strong working relationships with
customers and sub‐vendors, coordinated with purchasing to meet deadlines, designed around
international codes and acquired appropriate certifications, performed national and
international start‐ups independently, directed installation crews, fine tuned equipment to
maximize performance in UNIPOL process.

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                                                     2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                 P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                         CCB# 135739

Employment History

Portland Engineering, Inc., Portland, OR – 2002 – Present


Associate of Science, Electromechanical Engineering Technology – Clark College

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                                                        2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                    P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                            CCB# 135739

Gregory W. Chase
Cell: 503‐704‐7479 • Email:


Greg Chase has been a project manager and facility manager for 20 years. His project
management experience covers commercial/residential development and renovation, historic
restoration, industrial conversion, education facilities, civil projects and control systems. He has
extensive experience managing a variety of facilities and is able to blend the needs of owners,
managers, designers, and users to deliver results that exceed expectations. He has knowledge
of what is required to develop the project requisites, schedule, and budget; and to take the
project through the design process, bidding, construction, move‐in, and project closeout stages.
From a project management standpoint, Greg Chase has successfully built project teams ‐ the
key to project delivery.

Professional Profile Detail

Project Management and Architecture, various projects
Sole Proprietor of a consulting firm providing Project Management and Construction
Management services to public and private clients. Renovation of a 6,000 sq. ft. historic
residence in King’s Heights, Portland; Demolition of a Portland CBD Block for future
development. Demolition and restoration of select structures along MLK Boulevard, Portland;
Street Improvement and Lighting on SW MLK and Grand, Portland; Street Construction, SW
Harbor Drive, Portland; DOL Job Training Building, Troutdale Campus; Renovation of a
Elementary School, Vancouver, plus many various residential and commercial management,
space design and managed design projects. Managed projects values have ranged from $1k to

Seismic retrofit and Ethernet system, 12 public school facilities
Project manager responsible for seismic upgrades, ADA improvements, technology installations,
fire/life safety improvements, and deferred maintenance projects for 12 schools. Two phases
over two years. Total project cost of $12M.

Educational facility planning

•   Assistant Director of Facilities/Project Manager for a variety of educational facility
    restructuring changes including classroom and office additions and improvements, special
    education improvements, ADA transition plan and improvements, safety improvements,
    environmental hazard mitigation and regulation management, enrollment growth
    management issues, supervision of personnel, contract negotiations, and resource

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

•   Project Manager for the construction of Fisher’s Landing Elementary, a new 60,000 sq. ft.
    school. Twenty‐four month schedule. Total project cost of $6M.
•   Project Manager for the development of the American with Disabilities Act Transition Plan
    and management of the implementation of facility improvements to reflect the plan and the
    special education needs of each facility. 35 facilities. Total project cost of $750K.

•   AHERA designate, responsible for the review, training, maintenance, and management of all
    asbestos materials within 35 facilities. Total project cost of $100K annually.
•   Project Manager for the installation of, site improvements and athletic building/field
    upgrades and playground installations; 25 sites. Total project cost of $1M.
•   Project Manager for the installation of new agricultural buildings and 4,000 sq. ft. green
    house. Total cost of $300K.
•   Project Management and Design for the remodel of two elementary schools, including
    structural repair, new classroom layouts, ADA upgrades, replacement of finishes, technology
    infrastructure, technology labs and fire/life safety improvements. 10 month schedule. Total
    cost of $750K.
•   Project Manager for the remodel of two Junior High Schools. Project scope included new
    office addition, technology infrastructure, replacement and expansion of science classrooms,
    replacement of finishes, ADA upgrades, locker replacement, and fire/life safety
    improvements. 10 month schedule. Total cost of $1.5M.
•   Project Manager for the remodel of 4 elementary media centers. Complete replacement of
    existing media centers with new layouts including technology labs and infrastructure. 10
    month schedule. Total project cost of $1.5M.
•   Project Manager for the installation of energy management system and HVAC four pipe and
    coil conversion for an elementary school. 6 month schedule. Total project cost of $300K.

General Contracting
Owner/Contractor for residential construction (CCB#75920). Work included planning and
estimating, coordination of sub‐contractors, and hands‐on construction.

Office Building Retrofit
Project Manager responsible for the complete renovation of a 60,000 sq. ft. retail store into a
first‐class office building. Responsibilities included costing, scope development, contract
administration, construction management, and tenant leasing. Eighteen month schedule. Total
project cost of $8M.

Industrial Building retrofit
Project Manager for the conversion of a 120,000 sq. ft. industrial building into class “C” office
space. Responsibilities included space planning, construction management, tenant leasing, and
building management. Twelve month schedule. Total project cost of $3M.

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                                                    2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                        CCB# 135739

Employment History

Portland Engineering, Inc., Portland, Oregon – February 2005 ‐ Present


Political Science – 1984
University of Oregon

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

Joshua L. Downs
Cell: 541‐282‐4767 • Email:

Josh Downs earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering and studied at the graduate level in Civil
Engineering at Oregon State University.

Professional Profile Detail

   Control system design and programming

1 Lieutenant – Oregon Air National Guard
    Emphasis on leadership, teamwork and professional conduct
    Basic Training Honor Graduate
    Technical School Top Graduate

Design Engineer
   Spreadsheet design
   Finite Elemental Analysis
   A‐Cad detail drafting
   Technical Specifications
   Construction Management

Engineering Intern
   Pulp and Paper Mill Project Management
   Extensive A‐Cad Use

Software Experience
  Microsoft Office
  MapleCAD Link

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                                                   2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                               P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                       CCB# 135739

Employment History

Portland Engineering, Inc., Grants Pass, Oregon – August 2005 – Present
Oregon Air National Guard, Klamath Falls, Oregon – May 2000 – Present
Devco Engineering, Inc., Corvallis, Oregon – April 2004 ‐ August 2005
Weyerhaeuser, Albany, Oregon – July 2003 – April 2004


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering – March 18, 2005
Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
Oregon Institute of Technology – 1999 – 2001
Klamath Falls, Oregon

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

Francis Malinosky‐Rummell, P.E.
Cell: 503‐720‐5299 • Email:


Francis Malinosky‐Rummell is a chemical engineer with over 15 years of experience on a variety
of engineering and design projects ranging from product development and packaging to air
quality compliance, food processing, chemical treatment, gas purification and power
generation. Francis has been working in automation and controls for over 10 years and has
served as project manager for numerous municipal and industrial instrumentation and controls

Professional Profile Detail

Willamette River Water Treatment Plant, Wilsonville, OR
Supported electrical controls design, instrumentation, PLC and OI programming services new
$57M facility with and initial capacity of 15 MGD and with potential expansion to 70 MGD.
Redundant PLC5 ControlNet PLCs, five remote chassis, a fiber‐optic network, local networks for
valves (EIM modified Modbus protocol) and motor controls (DeviceNet), a telemetry system for
remote transmitters, two stand‐alone PLC 5 Ethernet processors, six (6) vendor‐furnished PLCs,
and a Wonderware operator interfaces, InSQL data acquisition system with a automated

North Clackamas County Water Commission Treatment Plant Expansion, Oregon City, OR
Project Manager for the controls system design, instrumentation, and system integration
services for the expansion of this plant from 10 MGD to 20 MGD. This project involves
replacing the existing plant’s GE Fanuc control system with redundant ControlLogix processors;
integration of an owner supplied US Filter Membrane Filtration Water Treatment Plant; control
of additional ancillary systems; integration of telemetry data; remote access configuration, and
providing Wonderware operator interfaces and data acquisition.

Water Technology Reuse Demonstration Project, West Point Wastewater Treatment, Seattle,
Performed I&C services for a process unit testing facility. Developed electrical designs for
control system to supervise numerous vendor supported treatment skids. Programmed
Siemens TI 545 processor for supervisory control of Allen‐Bradley SLC processors and ancillary
equipment controls. Provided Wonderware configuration for SCADA functionality including
monitoring all equipment, historical data management, trending, customized reporting, and
alarm management. Calibrated instrumentation, performed field wiring checkout and system

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                                                     2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                 P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                         CCB# 135739

Water Treatment Plant Upgrade, Canyonville, OR.
Supported an automation upgrade retrofitting a SLC 505 into an existing hardwired control
system. An EIM Modbus based valve network was utilized to control all motor actuated valves
and to bring in new field I/O. Utilized RSView as the new operator interface including
customized, automated reporting through Access, Excel and VBA scripting. Supported wiring
checkout, instrument calibration, and start‐up.

Air Quality MACT Compliance, Vanalco, Vancouver, WA
Developed ladder logic for 1000 I/O point control system upgrade to the environmental system
for an aluminum smelting facility. Specified instrumentation for continuous monitoring of
environmental system to ensure MACT compliance. Pressure, temperature and flow
measurements were provided for 28 bag houses purifying over 1.5 MMCFM of process and
combustion gases. Data collection and analysis of analog data, critical fire‐safety shut‐downs,
and automated controls of 28 bag houses and ancillary equipment as required by new EPA
regulations. Utilized Allen‐Bradley PLC 520E and 540E controllers, 6 chassis of Remote I/O, Flex
I/O, and Ethernet communications to the Wonderware operator interface.

Green Mill Mixer Automation, Vanalco, Vancouver, WA
Retrofitted nine industrial mixers for automated cyclic operations while maintaining existing
push‐button manual functionality. Enhanced efficiency, reliability and quality control of anode
Utilized Allen‐Bradley PLC 520E controller, Allen‐Bradley 1400E keypad Panelview, 3 chassis of
Remote I/O. Remote I/O, DH+ and Ethernet communications.

Crushed Oreo Production, Nabisco, Portland, OR
Designed ladder logic and graphical HMI application for the control of a food processing
production and packaging line. Implemented automated programs for multiple products as
well as manual operations for maintenance. Utilized Allen‐Bradley SLC 504, Panelview 1400E
touch screen interface, Block I/O, and Remote I/O networking.

Potato Chip Seasoning, Salem, OR
Developed control logic and operator interface for the control of potato chip seasoning lines.
Included operator selectable flow rates and seasoning percentages for 2 lines fed from a single
distribution system. SLC 504 controller and Panelview 550 touch screen on DH+ network.

Mash Tun Interface, Portland Brewing Company, Portland, OR
Upgraded RSView application for PC based operator interface for automated Mash Tun
operations. Repaired trending functions and added data collection features.

Conveyor “Traffic Cop,” Nabisco, Portland, OR

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                                                       2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                   P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                           CCB# 135739

Designed and programmed control system for emergency product diversion conveyor lines.
Developed “traffic cop” routine to allow multiple lines to utilize shared conveyor system based
on traffic flow and accumulation capacity. Revised existing PLC 540 logic for palletizer
programs to provide consistent alarming and interface to diverter systems.

Crushed Oreo Production, Nabisco, Portland, OR
Designed control power system for motor control, hard‐wired safety interlocks to meet code
and client standards. Designed control panels for UL listing. Generated electrical schematics
and wire lists for construction. Supported Installation and start‐up.

Fresh Fruit Processing, the J.M. Smucker Co.
Designed control, power, and lighting wiring for eight new fresh fruit processing lines including
56 variable frequency drives.

Various Research and Process Development Projects
Automated lab testing procedures to optimize process in lab and scaled up to commercial plant
controls. Designed trainable operator interface for utilizing GE Fanuc Series 90 Micro PLC.
Developed novel separation processes for the purification of sub‐quality natural gas.
Specified, purchased, and performed start‐up industrial equipment. Developed process and
pilot plant for the production of high‐grade graphite from coal through the use of an organic
extraction process.
Enhanced the design and cost effectiveness of modular coaled methane gensets. Involved in
the design of new 1 MW plant. Investigated emission abatement procedures, submitted state
and federal compliance forms.

Employment History

Portland Engineering, Inc., Portland, Oregon – November 1997 ‐ Present


Oregon Professional Engineering License #57834PE

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

Chris Gardella
Cell: 503‐929‐6788:
Controls Engineer

Chris is a Controls Specialist with a background in automated manufacturing. He is an
experienced Field Service Engineer with excellent troubleshooting skills. His past projects have
included SCADA telemetry, PRV and reservoir instrumentation specification wastewater
systems Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems and materials handling.

Chris is involved in many different capacities depending on the project. His project
responsibilities include:
    • Operator interface engineering
    • Equipment specification
    • Instrumentation specification
    • Control panel design
    • PLC controls configuration and system design
    • Field engineer, wiring layout mapping
    • Project specification and scope development
    • Field service engineering and equipment troubleshooting
    • Testing and startup

Employment History

Portland Engineering, Inc., Portland, OR – 2007 – Present

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                                                      2020 SE 7th Avenue, Ste. 200 / Portland, OR 97214
                                                                  P: (503) 256-7718 / F: (503) 256-7679
                                                                                          CCB# 135739

                     ADDENDA C – LABOR AND FEE SCHEDULES

                                   FY2009 Billing Rate Schedule

                                                                    Straight Time

   •   Senior Engineer:                                             $105.00/Hr.
   •   Controls Engineer
   •   Field Service Engineer
   •   Construction Engineer

   •   Administrative Assistance                                     $45.00/Hr.

Normal business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or as arranged per
contract. Overtime and Saturday rates will be billed at 1.5 times straight time. Holidays and
Sunday rates are double straight time. Four hour minimum charge.

Travel time, portal to portal, is billed at above rates with a mileage charge of $0.75/mile from
the local office of Portland Engineering, Inc. Travel expenses are billed at actual cost with a
minimum charge of $155.00 per night.

Image and document production, printing and duplication is billed at the above hourly rates.

All materials (hardware) required will be provided at 115% of PEI’s cost.

Terms – Net 15 days. A 1.5% per month interest fee will apply on all outstanding invoices.
Lump sum contracts are available.

All standard rates are subject to change without notice.

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