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EmployabilityFEST – Sell Your big idea


EmployabilityFEST – Sell Your big idea

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									                            FEST 09
                    Learning for Life and Work/Personal
                    Development and Mutual Understanding

             Create Your Own Publicity
                          Inform your local community
                           Raise your school profile

FEST 09 is all about making connections between what young people learn in
school to the world outside the classroom window. It helps to provide a real
context for learners to see the relevance of what they are learning in relation to
the NI Curriculum areas of:

• The World Around Us/PDMU - Key Stages 1 and 2;
• Education for Employability;
• Home Economics;
• Local and Global Citizenship and
• Personal Development & Mutual Understanding.

Your local community will also be very interested to hear what you have been
doing during FEST 09 so why not tell them through the media?

You can raise the profile of your school in your community by contacting the
press in your area. Tell them what you are doing and ask them to send a
photographer and/or a reporter to your school. This is a great way to keep local
employers, parents and the wider community involved and informed.

This document will guide you through developing your own PR plan for FEST

Here’s how to do it

Step 1: Preparing a News Release: Think like a reporter!

   •   Consider your FEST activity carefully.

   •   What are the most important messages you want to get across? Keep this
       information at the beginning of the document.

   •   Outline what the event is, when it’s happening, why it is important, who is
       involved and focus on what’s interesting and different.

   •   Include a quote from your principal and/or the employer or community
       representative involved.

   •   Keep it short and snappy and avoid irrelevant information.

   •   Try to keep it to 2 pages including the notes to editors. Include your school logo.

   •   Refer to the sample news release (P4-5).

Step 2: Contact the Local Media

   •   Call the local papers and radio stations 1 week in advance of your event – See the
       lists (P7-9) for details of press in your area.

   •   Brief them on your activity; tell them what’s interesting about it. Refer to your
       news release for details.

   •   Follow up with a media invitation by email asking them to send a reporter and/or
       photographer to your school. Outline the relevant details such as when & where
       the event will take place. See sample media invite (P6).

   •   Be sure to give a mobile number and contact number so that journalists who turn
       up on the day know who to contact.

Step 3: On the Day of the Event

   •   Be on hand to meet any photographers/journalists who turn up.

   •   Assist them in arranging good photographs. Identify a suitable location for photos
       and get your “FEST 09 Banner” in the background.

   •   Make sure a spokesperson is available in case of an interview opportunity. Brief
       them before the event so they are clear about the messages you wish to get across.

   •   Have a photographer of your own on hand to take photos.

   •   At the end of the day send the news release out to the press with the best photos.
       Send no more than 2 photos.

SAMPLE NEWS RELEASE (Based on fictional events)

<Insert School Logo>
                                        News Release
                                       Date: 19 May 2009

CCEA School raises £1000 for Local Charity

FEST 09 is sweeping the country. This 2 week event organised by CCEA supports the
objectives of the revised Northern Ireland Curriculum by encouraging schools to engage
with their local communities, employers and public agencies. The aim is to help schools
create a real and relevant context for learning. Schools all over Northern Ireland have
been engaging in all sorts of activities that help them develop the skills, attitude and
disposition required for success in their future lives and careers.

CCEA School, Belfast developed a partnership with NI Charity to raise money for a
worthy cause and presented a cheque for £1000. Mr White, CEO of NI Charity explained
the importance of understanding the local community and contributing to the
development of our society. He praised the students for their entrepreneurial spirit and
their sense of community.

Mr White was impressed by the students’ enthusiasm, stating;

“I wish to sincerely thank CCEA School for a contribution that will make a huge
difference to the lives of others. It is clear that these young people are developing the
core values and attitude towards their community and society that will help contribute
to a thriving economy and inclusive society for Northern Ireland. They have
demonstrated a level of commitment and spirit that will create great opportunities for
them in the future. ”

School Principal Mrs Black was delighted with the response from the young people.

“The pupils’ engagement in the project was fantastic. They were committed to
achieving the goals that they set and they achieved them. Their planning was
meticulous and they worked well as a team. I am so proud to see the understanding
they have developed of the world around us. Through this project they can see how the
things they learn in school can make a positive contribution in the real world.

CCEA School would love to work with other agencies. If you are interested please
contact d.black@cceaschool.co.uk

Notes to Editors

About CCEA School

<Insert brief information about your school.>

NI Curriculum
The revised Northern Ireland Curriculum was introduced to schools in September 2007
and continues to be implemented. It is designed to meet the needs of young people,
society, the economy and environment in the 21st Century. Details can be found at


FEST 09 is an event organised by CCEA (Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and
Assessment). Its purpose is to:

   •   Foster a greater awareness and culture of Learning for Life and Work and
       Personal Development and Mutual Understanding in schools.

   •   Celebrate the great work already demonstrated by schools and further develop the
       engagement of key stakeholders.

Sample Media Invite - Send by email or post on school letterhead


You are invited to send a journalist and/or photographer to a
celebration of FEST 09 at CCEA School, Clarendon Dock,
Belfast, on 19th May 2009 at 2pm.

FEST 09 brings together schools and their local communities, employers and
public agencies in an attempt to create a real and relevant context in which
to apply their learning. CCEA school has invited CEO of NI Charity to
present him with a cheque for £1000 which they raised by applying the skills
and knowledge they developed in school to a real project.

The event will last approximately 2 hours. The best time for photographs
will be between 2.30pm and 3pm.


Media enquiries to <Insert Name> on <Insert School Number>, Mobile <Insert
Number> or email <Insert Email Address>

County Antrim
Title                 Tel/Email                            Area
Antrim Guardian       028 9446 2624                        Antrim
Ballyclare Gazette    T: 028 9335 2967                     Ballyclare/
                      newsdesk@ballyclaregazette.co.uk     T’patrick
Ballymena Guardian    T: 028 2564 1221                     Ballymena
Ballymena Times &     T: 028 2565 3300                     Ballymena
Observer              dessie.blackadder@jpress.co.uk

Ballymoney Times &    T: 028 2766 6216                     Ballymoney
Moyle Times           lyle.mcmullan@jpress.co.uk

Carrickfergus         T: 028 9336 3651                     C’fergus
Advertiser            news@carrickadvertiser.co.uk
Larne/Carrick Times   T: 028 2827 2303                     Larne/
                      hugh.vance@jpress.co.uk              Carrick
Larne Gazette         T: 028 2827 7450                     Larne
Newtownabbey          T: 028 9084 3621                     N’nabbey
Times                 Susan.gillen@newtownabbeytimes.co.
Ulster Star           T: 028 9267 9111                     Lisburn/
                      news@ulsterstar.co.uk                Dromore/
North Belfast News    T: 028 9058 4444                     Belfast

County Down
Title                 Tel/Fax                              Area
Newtownards           T: 028 9181 3333                     Newtownards/
Chronicle             news@ardschronicle.co.uk             Comber
County Down &         T: 028 9127 0270                     North Down
Newtownards           editor@spectatornewspapers.co.uk
Banbridge Chronicle   T: 028 4066 2322                     Banbridge
The Leader            T: 028 4066 2745                     Banbridge
Down Recorder         T: 028 4461 3711                     Downpatrick

The Outlook           T: 028 4063 0202                     Rathfriland
Mourne Observer       T: 028 4372 2666                     Newcastle
The Down Democrat     T: 028 4461 4400                     Downpatrick
Newry Democrat        T: 028 3025 1250                     Newry
Holywood Advertiser   T: 028 9042 7115                     Holywood

County Armagh
Title                 Tel/Fax                              Area
Armagh/Down           T: 028 3752 2793                     Armagh
Observer              editor@observernewspapersni.com
Ulster                T: 028 3752 2639                     Armagh
Gazette/Armagh        news@ulstergazette.co.uk

Portadown Times/      T: 028 3833 6111                     Portadown
News                  editor@portadowntimes.co.uk
Lurgan Mail           T: 028 3832 7777                     Lurgan

Examiner              T: 028 3086 8500                     Lurgan/
                      editor@crossexaminer.co.uk           Portadown

County Tyrone
Title                 Tel/Fax                              Area
Dungannon Observer    T: 028 8772 2557                     Dungannon
Mid Ulster Mail       T: 028 7963 1780                     Magherafelt
Strabane Chronicle    T: 028 7188 2100                     Strabane

Strabane Weekly       T: 028 7188 6869                     Strabane
Tyrone Courier        T: 028 8676 6692                     Cookstown
Tyrone Constitution   T: 028 8224 2721                     Omagh

Democrat Newspaper    T: 028 8772 7195                    Tyrone
The Ulster Herald     T: 028 8224 3444
Tyrone Times          T: 028 8775 2801                    Dungannon

Title                 Tel/Fax                             Area
Derry People and      T: 00353 749121014                  Londonderry/
Donegal News          editor@donegalnews.com              Donegal
Coleraine Chronicle   T: 028 7034 3344                    Coleraine/
                      editor@thechronicle.uk.com          North Antrim
Coleraine Times       T: 028 7035 5260                    Coleraine
Derry News            T: 028 7129 6600                    Londonderry
Derry Journal         T: 028 7127 2200                    Londonderry
Londonderry Sentinel T: 028 7134 8889                     Londonderry
Northern Constitution T: 028 7776 2130                    North Antrim/
                      editor@northernconstitution.co.uk   Mid Ulster

Title                 Tel/Fax                             Area
Fermanagh Herald      T: 028 6632 2066                    Enniskillen
Impartial Reporter    T: 028 6632 4422                    Enniskillen

Belfast Weeklies
Title                 Fax/Tel                             Area

Community          T : 028 9026 4396                      Belfast
Telegraph          smcallister@belfasttelegraph.co.uk
Andersonstown News T : 028 9061 9000                      Belfast
Shankill Mirror    T : 028 9072 9000                      Belfast


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