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Education Race equality policy


Education Race equality policy

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									    East Renfrewshire Council

     Education Department

      Race Equality Policy

           2009 - 2012


1.   Introduction

2.   Context

3.   Contribution to Single Outcome Agreement

4.   Vision

5.   Outcomes and Intermediate Outcomes

6.   Targets and Indicators – Outcome Delivery Plan 2009-2012

7.   Activities

8.   Additional Information

9.   Supporting materials


This policy is a description of how the Education Department, schools and partner providers plan
to prevent racial discrimination, and promote equal opportunities and good race relations across
all areas of their activity.

The Education Department makes a significant contribution to achieving better outcomes for
the people of East Renfrewshire, through the delivery of high quality education, lifelong
learning, arts and culture, sports, libraries and information services.

The department provides an education service through seven secondary schools, twenty-
four primary schools of which eight have nursery classes, two nursery schools, five family
centres and one school for children who need additional support.

The department has responsibility for facilities management services providing catering to
schools and as well as catering and building cleaning services across the Council, school
crossing patrols and school janitorial services. The department also has responsibility for
adult learning through the work of the adult and family learning team. It provides sports, arts
and culture, and library information services through sports and leisure centres, libraries,
and Eastwood Park Theatre.

This policy applies to all these aspects of the department.

2.     CONTEXT

English is not the home language of 7.2% of pupils in East Renfrewshire compared to a
national average of 3.9%. In 2008-2009, in East Renfrewshire schools, 11.4% of pupils
were from minority ethnic backgrounds compared to a national average of 4.6%. The chart
below shows that East Renfrewshire has the second highest percentage of pupils from
minority ethnic groups when compared to other local authorities in Scotland.

A recent language survey conducted by the Education Department revealed that 38
languages are spoken by children and young people across East Renfrewshire pre-5,
primary and secondary schools.

3.6% of East Renfrewshire’s residents are from a Black and Minority Ethnic background,
compared to a national average of 1.8% across Scotland. Within cultural and leisure
services there are varying levels of information available on services users.
To a great extent this is due to the voluntary nature of these activities, with many people
choosing not to complete equalities monitoring surveys.

There is some evidence that within Libraries and the Arts, current levels of uptake on
services are good. Based on information supplied by users, approximately 7.5% of
registered library users, for example, are from a Black and Minority Ethnic background.
Uptake on arts programmes by the same groups was approximately 5.3% in 2008/09.

The Education Department is fully committed to promoting inclusion and equality and to
ensuring a high quality education for every child, and equality of access to leisure facilities
and services for all residents, regardless of their social circumstances, locale, abilities, age,
gender or ethnic origin.

The Race Relations Act 1976 as amended by the Race Relations Act 2000 gives Education
departments a statutory duty, known as the general duty to eliminate unlawful racial
discrimination, promote equal opportunities, and promote good relations between people from
different racial groups

The Act also gives Education Authorities a statutory duty, known as the specific duty to maintain
a race policy, revise and up-date every three years and set out in the policy the Education
Department’s arrangements for;

     •    assessing and consulting on their policies;
     •    monitoring for any adverse impact of their policies on promotion of race equality;
     •    publishing the results of their assessments, consultations and monitoring;
     •    ensuring public access to information and services; and
     •    training staff in issues relevant to duty.

This Race Equality Policy amends, in line with the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000,
the Promoting Racial Harmony in East Renfrewshire Policy 2002 and its successor A Policy
Framework to Promote Race Equality 2005-2008.


The Education Department’s Race Equality Policy contributes to the following outcomes in
East Renfrewshire Council’s Single Outcome Agreement (SOA);

     •    More of our residents have the skills needed for employment
     •    Our learners are successful, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible
     •    More of our children have a better start in life and are ready to succeed.
     •    Our local people are healthier, more active and inequalities in health are reduced.
     •    Our local residents are safer in their neighbourhoods and their homes.

 4.     VISION

 The Education Department’s Vision Statement is “Inclusion, Achievement, Ambition and
 Progress for All”. All members of staff have a role to play and a valuable contribution to make in
 achieving this objective which is central to everything that we do in the Education Department.

 Tracking attainment of all pupils is key to ensuring that we are able to deliver that Vision. All
 services need to monitor and evaluate outcomes and impact. We need to know how we are
 doing, what we do well and where we need to improve.


 We will fulfil our statutory obligation        Intermediate Outcomes
 under the general duty by;
 eliminating unlawful discrimination.               •   a reduction in the number of reported
                                                        incidents of racist discrimination by
                                                        June 2011.

 promoting equality of opportunity.                 •   increased participation in education
                                                        programmes and cultural and leisure
                                                        activities which overcome barriers
                                                        linked to race

                                                    •   an improvement in the attainment of
                                                        underachieving children from targeted
                                                        minority ethnic groups by June 2011

                                                    •   increased     representation     from
                                                        minority ethnic groups on parents’
                                                        and pupils’ councils by June 2011

 promoting good relations between                   •   an improvement in the percentage of
 persons of different racial groups.                    minority ethnic children and young
                                                        people who report they are treated
                                                        fairly and respectfully.

                                                    •   an increase in the range and number
                                                        of cultural events representing
                                                        minority ethnic communities.


We will fulfil our statutory obligation under   Intermediate Outcomes
the specific duty by;
maintaining a race equality policy and             •   an amended Race Equality
ensuring that all schools and services                 Policy and Action Plan for
comply with the arrangements in this                   schools, community learning,
policy.                                                culture and sport is developed in
                                                       consultation with staff, pupils
                                                       and service users by November

                                                   •   schools and the Education
                                                       Department’s annual Standards
                                                       and Quality Report show
                                                       progress with targets in respect
                                                       of the Race Equality Policy.

ensuring that each school and all services         •   all new policies since 2009 are
carry out impact assessments of its                    assessed for impact on Race
policies on pupils, staff , parents and                Equality.
service users of different racial groups.

monitoring outcomes and impact of                  •   more residents from our minority
policies, in particular with respect to                ethnic groups access adult
attainment levels of pupils from minority              learning, cultural and sports
ethnic groups and participation by                     resources
minority ethnic groups in arts, sports and
community learning                                 •   an improvement in the
                                                       performance of underachieving
                                                       children from minority ethnic
                                                       groups in some schools by June

publishing annually the results of these           •   Better systems are in place for
monitoring exercises                                   communicating with minority
                                                       ethnic groups by June 2011


East Renfrewshire Council’s Outcome Delivery Plan 2009-2012

 Indicators                                      Target

 In English: Percentage S4 non-white UK 3 year average targets by 2011 increase
 pupils attaining SCQF level 5 or better. from 46% to 48%.

 In Mathematics: Percentage S4 non-white UK 3 year average targets by 2011 increase
 pupils attaining SCQF level 5 or better.   from 55.1% to 57.5%.

 Percentage of pupils reporting they are
                                         Increase from 91% to 93% by 2011.
 treated fairly and with respect.

 Percentage of pupils reporting they take part
                                               Increase from 70% to 74% by 2011.
 in out of class activities and school clubs.
 Percentage of new adult learners with a         Increase from 40% to 80% of by 2009.
 completed Individual Learning Plan within 2
 months of engagement.
 Percentage of adults taking part in sport at
                                              Increase from 46% to 50% by 2011.
 least once per week.

 Baseline Assessment Results of Primary 1
                                          By 2011 increase from 56% to 59%.
 Pupils (% correct) – Literacy.

 Baseline Assessment Results of Primary 1
                                          By 2011 increase from 50% to 53%.
 Pupils (% correct) - Numeracy.

 Number of pupils participating in School
                                          Increase from 250 to 500 by 2012.
 Holiday Activity Programmes.

 Number of young people in targeted areas Increase from 1,000 to 1,500 per week by
 participating in leisure activities.     2012.


7.1    Eliminate unlawful discrimination

       The Education Department routinely monitors for details of ethnic background; education
       staff in post; applications for employment; applications for training; applications for
       promotion are monitored and recorded. Also monitored by ethnic group are those who:
       receive training; benefit or suffer detriment as a result of performance assessment
       procedures; are involved in grievance procedures; are the subject of disciplinary
       procedures and cease employment.

       All staff refuse to tolerate any form of racial harassment and follow procedures in relation
       to racist incidents as set out in the education department’s good practice guide East
       Renfrewshire – Promoting Racial Harmony

       There is a designated Quality Improvement Officer (QIO) with remitted responsibilities in
       respect of monitoring racist incidents. This Quality Improvement Officer ensures that
       information relating to incidents of racial harassment and discrimination is monitored,
       recorded, published and acted upon and that guidelines relating to these issues are
7.2   Promote equality of opportunity

      The Education Management and Information Service Unit (EMIS unit) rigorously records
      and compares information by ethnic group in education establishments. Performance
      data that is monitored by ethnicity includes; attendance, baseline assessments,
      exclusions, levels of English, national qualifications and standardised tests. This
      information is used by the Education Department to inform schools of trends and issues
      and set measurable targets for improvement.

      Quality Improvement Officers support and challenge schools and services to tackle issues
      and downward trends in performance and support action-planning in relation to raising
      attainment and achievement of learners from minority ethnic groups.

      Bilingual support workers are effectively deployed in schools and support schools to meet
      the needs of bilingual learners.

      Staff in schools routinely ask themselves why differences in attainment of children from
      minority ethnic groups exist, assess current practice and decide what further action may
      be required to improve the performance of pupils from different racial groups. Senior
      Management ensure that these actions are incorporated into the school improvement
      planning process

      Programmes in all services are designed to ensure equality of opportunity. Managers
      review participation data in these services, and query any gaps or downward trends.
      Action is taken to remove or minimise barriers to participation.

      Adult literacies’ learners from minority ethnic groups are supported by the Adult and
      Family Learning team through Individual Learning Plans

7.3   Promote good relations between persons of different racial groups

      Schools ensure that there is proportionate representation from minority ethnic groups on
      pupil and parents’ councils so that full use is made of the skills and ideas among people
      from different racial groups.

      Minority ethnic parents are included and consulted through the Education Department’s
      Minority Ethnic Parents’ Forum and through events such as the Council’s Barriers and
      Bridges Conference

      Customer consultation in all services takes account of minority groups.


8.1     Communication and consultation

 The Education Department is committed to ensuring that all communication to stakeholders is
 made as accessible as possible

 •      through the language and formats used
 •      through offering opportunities for interpretation or translation into other languages or
        formats as requested within budgetary constraints.

 The Education Department is committed to ensuring that all stakeholders are consulted on race
 equality issues through the following groups;

 •      School Equalities Co-ordinators
 •      Equality Officers’ Working Group (across council departments)
 •      Equality and Social Justice Group (education department)
 •      Pupil and Parent Councils
 •      Parent Council Chair’s Forum
 •      Pre-5 Parents’ Forum
 •      Minority Ethnic Parents’ Forum

 8.2    Reporting annually on progress

 The Quality Improvement Officer (QIO) with remitted responsibility for Equalities ensures that
 information relating to progress with the targets in the action plan is published annually and made
 available to parents, pupils, staff, customers and community groups in a variety of appropriate
 forms including information leaflets, the Education Department and schools’ annual Standards
 and Quality Reports. The Education Department complies with the Freedom of Information Act

 8.3     Next review of this policy

 The Policy will be reviewed and revised by 30th November 2011 or earlier if appropriate.

 John Wilson
 Director of Education
 1st September, 2009

 Gillian Tinning
 Quality Improvement Officer


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