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									                 Ebuyer announces Christmas delivery promise!
Howden, UK, December 18, 2009 – Ebuyer.com, the leading online electronics retailer,
announces today a Christmas Eve delivery guarantee to give shoppers confidence in last
minute Christmas gift buys.

The online retailer, which already takes orders up to 11pm weekdays for next day
delivery, will be taking orders until 11pm on December 23 for Christmas Eve delivery.
And for doubting customers, Ebuyer will refund shipping costs for customers whose
deliveries do not arrive, as well as give free shipping on the customer’s next order.

Ebuyer’s Managing Director, Armando Sanchez said: “People always leave buying
presents until the very last minute and I am delighted that we are one of the only online
retailers to offer such a good service. Our delivery team is ready for a busy few days and
I hope this service ensures that everyone has a great Christmas.”

Ebuyer customers can also order over normal weekends for Monday deliveries on next
day service, and the online retailer plans to continue this service throughout January

For more information about Ebuyer’s services over Christmas, visit www.ebuyer.com or
you can go directly to terms and conditions on Christmas delivery services at


About Ebuyer
Ebuyer.com is the leading online electronics retailer with the best prices and exclusive offers on
over 100,000 quality products.

Founded in 1999, Ebuyer has supplied over 40 million products from its 280,000 square feet,
state-of-the-art facility in East Yorkshire. Its easy-to-use website and automated order system that
dispatches thousands of orders to over 3 million registered customers every hour ensure
customers save time and money.

Customers can now even place orders up to 11pm for next day delivery up until the 23 December

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