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Pre-Modern Test Outline


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									                              Pre-Modern History Test


        Who was Homer, why was he important?
        What were the two types of Greek Gods? How did they differ?
        What was Greek government divided into? When would this change?
        What is Athens best known for? What affect has this had on Western
        How did Sparta differ from Athens? (three points)


        When did Rome begin its dominance in Europe? When did this end?
        How did Rome improve Western Architecture
        How did the Roman republic ensure that no part of government would become
         too powerful?
        How did Caesar end the Roman republic, becoming an emperor?
        Explain the importance of the Justinian Code


        What was its Holy Text?
        What was the Torah?
        How did Judaism influence Christianity?


        What was the basis of Jesus’ teachings
        Why was he crucified by the Romans?
        What was the importance of the Roman empire adopting Christianity?


        Who was Muhammad?
        Explain the five pillars of Islam
Medieval Society

      What is Feudalism? Be able to explain this system
      How did feudalism have both positive and negative affects?
      What was the Tithe? How did this increase the power of the Church?
      What was excommunication, how was this used by the Church?
      Who was Benedict? Why was he important?
      Who was Hilda? Why was she important?
      Who was Francis of Assisi? Why was he important?
      Who was Dominic? Why was he important?
      How did the Church come to gain so much power in Europe?
      What was the investiture controversy? How was it solved?

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