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									                       Tiger Tales Newsletter
December 11, 2009                                               Belinda Couty, Principal
Editor: Nicole Petty                                       belinda.couty@jcps.k12.mo.us

                            Principal’s News
                             As we approach this holiday season, may your special time and
                            days spent with family and friends be filled with abundant love.
                            During this special time of year, I would like to take this
                            opportunity to express to you my gratitude for your active
                            participation and parental involvement in all school functions
                            and activities. You are a vital part of our total school team. In
                            this joyous season of hope, happiness, and cheer, let’s ring in
                            together a brand new year!
                                   While wishing you a “Beautiful Holiday Season and a New
                            Year of Peace and Happiness, “ I would like to share a very
                            special passage with you that was written by Valarie Bostic. It
Contents                    reads as follows:

Principal’s News        1                       Roots and Wings
Contents                1   I once heard someone say that there are two things in
Upcoming Events         2   life that we need to pass on to our children. These
Ms. Miller              2   things are roots and wings.
Title I Reading         2          We give our children roots, or a solid
Field Trip News         3   foundation, so when the world gets big and scary,
Box Top                 3   they will always have a safe place within themselves
                            where they will feel secure. Our roots tell us where
Coloring Sheet          4
                            we came from and what we are made of. Our roots
                            tell us that we are a part of something bigger than
                                   When we give a child wings, we allow them to
                            be who they really are, to be independent and to
                            grow. We give them the opportunity to succeed, to
                            fail if necessary, and to learn from their own

                            “Wishing You Quiet, Peaceful Moments, and Much Happiness
                            With Family and Friends During This Holiday Season!”

                            Belinda Couty
    Tiger Tales Newsletter                     South Elementary                    Page 2 of 4

                               Ms. Miller:
                               Ms. Miller’s second grade class is off to a wonderful start! We are
                               working on our letters to Santa and are excited to receive our
                               responses back from the North Pole! In math, we are learning how to
                               use mental math by adding and subtracting in our heads and we
                               continue to work with adding coins each day. In Science we are
                               learning about magnets and what they are attracted to. In reading,
Upcoming Events                we are learning how to really think about a story while we read it
                               and respond in writing. We have so much fun in second grade and
♦   Dec 14- Choir to sing at   hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!
    various nursing homes      Ms. Miller
♦   Dec 17 Winter Concert:
    Grades 3-5th 1:30pm
♦   Dec 18- Tiger Pride -
    Terrific Kids Assembly
♦   Dec 22- Winter
    Party/Movie “Princess &
                               Title 1 News:
    The Frog”
♦   Dec 22- 2nd Quarter Ends
                                  In order for young readers to become fluent, it is necessary to have
                               quick word recognition and comprehension in place. Repeated reading
♦   Dec 23- Jan 1st Winter     has been found to help young readers increase in both of these areas,
                               that is, word recognition and comprehension. In fact, fluency has been
♦   Jan 4 Weather Make Up      shown to contribute to overall reading success. Research has shown that
    Day (No School unless      children need to read new material 4 times in order to achieve maximum
    we have a snow day
                               benefit. The books that come home to you with your child in the Title 1
    before then!)
                               reading bag, offer this opportunity.
♦   Jan 18 No School
    Martin Luther King’s Day       For the best benefit to your child, feedback from an interested adult
                               is encouraged. After reading with your child, there is a built-in
                               opportunity to reread favorite parts, discuss how the problem was solved
                               or even suggest alternate solutions. As you and your child discuss what
                               you read together, you are also promoting development of oral language.

                                   Thanks for all of your support at home. We wish you cheer this time
                               of year. HAPPY READING!

                               Cheryl Curtner, Kathy Haselhorst, Joan Rodemann
                                                Reading Teachers
Tiger Tales Newsletter              South Elementary                         Page 3 of 4


    South School is one of two schools
in Jefferson City to have an
interventionist and a Recovery
Room. South School rocks! South          Lets all go to the
School’s interventionist is Cheryl       movies:
Irwin!                                               On December 22, South School
    The Recovery Room is an              students have the opportunity to take a
                                         trip to the movies! This year the movie is
alternative classroom where students     entitled The Princess and the Frog
who are having a difficult time in the   produced by Disney. All students will
regular classroom are given the          have to earn their way by being respectful,
                                         being a good student and friend, following
opportunity to work through              directions, being honest and by following
problems that have taken place in        the expectations of South School. Sixty-
the classroom. They are asked to         four points will need to be earned. The
                                         cost of the trip is only $5.50 this year due
examine and make changes so they         to South School PTA who is paying for the
can return to class. Students are        bus fair and the snacks! All donations are
also responsible to complete their       welcome.
regular classroom work.
                                              SOUTH SCHOOL TIGERS ROCK
    As a reward, certain students can
come to the recovery room for good
behavior to eat their lunch with Mrs.
Irwin.                                         Don’t Forget Your Box Tops:

                                               Box Tops can be found everywhere!
                                               Don’t forget to check Kleenex Brand
                                               tissue boxes, Toaster Strudel boxes,
                                               Avery paper products, and Huggies
                                               diapers! The next Box Top Store
                                               will open again in February! Start
                                                   i th      b t     !
Don’t forget those gloves, scarves, hats and coats. It is COLD
outside! If you have lost any of these items- check the Lost &
Found area located on the stage of the gym.

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