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> Clean this unit only with a soft dry cloth
> Do not use any chemical or abrasive cleaners.

Supply Voltage:     220-240 V

With LV electronic transformer    50-175W
Mains operation                   50-250W

                                                                                                                           Dimming Pull Switch

Eventually, you may want to replace this dimmer:                                                              Pack contents:

When your lighting dimmer comes to the end of it’s life or you choose to update or upgrade
it by replacing it, please do not dispose of it with your normal household waste, please                      Dimming pull switch             1
recycle where facilities exist. When you need to dispose of this dimmer, check with your
retailer or local authority for suitable options. New regulations will encourage the recycling                Optional chrome effect cover    1
of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment ( European “WEEE Directive” effective
August 2005 ).                                                                                                Optional chrome effect toggle   1

                                                                                                              Fixing kit                      1

If you experience problems:
If your dimmer is defective or develops a fault, please return it to the place where you bought it. You can
call our Helpline for advice. The Helpline will gladly give advice on any aspect of any Eterna Lighting
product but may not be able to give specific instructions regarding individual installations.
If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.                                                                      PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE
Help line:                                                                                                              INSTALLING YOUR NEW FITTING
Tel: 01933 673 144           Fax: 01933 678 083          Email:                         PLEASE RETAIN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE
For answers to frequently asked questions ( FAQs ) and other information visit our web-site
    Read this first:                                                                                  > Due to the safety circuitry built into this dimmer, lamps will be illuminated to a maximum
                                                                                                           of approximately 80% of their full brightness compared to their use with a normal
    > This light fitting must be installed in accordance with the Building Regulations.                    mechanical on/off switch.
         These may be obtained from HMSO or viewed and downloaded from                >    You are advised at every stage of your installation to double check any electrical
         following the link for Building Regulations.                                                      connections you have made. After you have completed your installation there are
    >    Switch off the mains before commencing installation and remove the appropriate circuit            electrical tests that should be carried out: these tests are specified in the Wiring
         fuse.                                                                                             Regulations (BS7671) referred to in the Building Regulations. If in doubt. consult a
                                                                                                           qualified electrician.
    >    Disconnect the dimmer from the electrical supply before flash or high voltage testing.
    > Do not connect to a circuit which also has inductive loads connected as spikes
         generated switching inductive loads may damage electronic components within your
    >    Suitable for indoor use only.                                                                Installation:
    > This product is suitable for installation on surfaces with normal flammability ( indicated by
         the "F" in a triangle ) e.g. wood, plasterboard, masonry. It is not suitable for use on      1)  Remove the white cover by unscrewing counter-clockwise.
         highly flammable surfaces ( e.g. polystyrene, textiles ).                                    2)  Using the fitting as a template, mark the position of the fixing holes on your mounting
    >    Before making fixing hole(s), check that there are no obstructions hidden beneath the        3) ( Make fixing holes and fit plugs if necessary ).
         mounting surface such as pipes or cables.                                                    4) Remove the 2 screws retaining the terminal block cover and retain.
    >    The chosen location of your new fitting should allow for the product to be securely          5) Remove the knock out sections in the base as required.
         mounted ( e.g. to a ceiling joist ) and safely connected to the mains supply ( lighting      6) Thread the cables through the knock outs.
         circuit ).                                                                                   7) Secure the fitting to the mounting surface using the screws supplied. (If the fixing kit
    >    Do not cover the fitting with any insulating materials.                                          supplied is not suitable for your installation use suitable alternatives).
                                                                                                      8) Make connections according to the wiring code above.
    > Do not attach to surfaces which are damp, freshly painted or otherwise electrically             9) Refit the terminal block cover and secure with the 2 screws.
         conductive (e.g. metallic surfaces).                                                         10) If you wish to fit the chrome effect cover undo the knot in the pull cord at the joiner,
    > If the location of your new fitting requires the provision of a new electrical supply, the          remove the white cover and replace it with the chrome effect cover. Pass the pull cord
         supply must conform with the requirements of the latest edition of the IEE wiring                through cover and the joiner, remake the knot.
         regulations.                                                                                 11) Screw the cover clockwise on the fitting but do not over-tighten.
    >    Make connections to the electrical supply in accordance with the following code:             12) The cord may be cut off at a convenient length and the white toggle may be replaced
              Live - Brown or Red to the L IN                                                             with the chrome effect toggle before remaking the knot.
              Neutral - Blue or Black ( if required ) to the N IN
    >    Make connections to your light fitting as follows:
                   LOAD— fitting live connector                                                       OPERATION:
              N LOAD— fitting neutral connector ( if required )
    >    Earth - Green and Yellow                                                                     1)   To turn on:             Pull the cord downwards once and release. The light will always
    > Note: The neutral terminals are provided for convenience of connection, a neutral                                            come on at full brightness regardless of the level when it was
         connection is not required for operation of the switch.                                                                   last switched off.
                                                                                                      2) To turn off at any time: Pull the cord downwards and release.
    > This fitting is double insulated and does not require an earth, however to meet certain         3) To dim lighting:          Pull the cord downwards and hold until the required light level is
         wiring regulations and for convenience, an earth terminal is provided in the base.                                        achieved then release.
    > This product is not suitable for fluorescent loads or for use with wire wound transformers.     4) To adjust lighting level when already on:
    > This product will operate in conjunction with good quality LV electronic transformers but                                    Pull the cord downwards and hold until required level is
         the maximum power capability will be reduced from 250W to 175W.                                                           achieved.
    > Inferior transformers may cause the LV lamps to pulse giving unsatisfactory results.            DO NOT PLACE EXCESSIVE STRAIN ON THE PULL CORD !

Safety markings:

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