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									                                                           The Good News!
                          Keeping you informed about the mission and ministry of Easthampton Congregational Church
                                                   Growing Spiritually, One Day at a Time
February 2010           ~
 The Pastor’s Message                                              It seemed right that we make our focus on trees. A
          In December, our church sent close to 100                seedling is $60.00. A share in a seedling is $10. The
 Christmas stockings filled with candy, pens, notebooks,           children spent one Sunday talking about all the things
 razors, cards, and personal care products to an airborne          trees are good for. It was a long list! A book was read
 unit serving in an isolated region of Iraq. In addition to        on winter trees and there will be others read on the
 this some of you sent candy bars, games etc to be                 importance of trees in many lands.
 included with the stockings or sent in a separate mailing.
 I personally want to thank each and every one who                 We know you will want to mark your calendar for our
 helped with the project. The Youth Group along with a             bake sale on February 28th.
 few volunteers stuffed the stockings. Many of you
                                                                   Children’s Bible Study
 donated money to cover the cost of these items. Some of
                                                                   Our next meeting of the CBS will be on Monday,
 you donated items to be included. But no matter how you
                                                                   February 1st. We meet from 6-7:30pm in our new
 helped, I personally want to thank you for your
                                                                   classrooms. This month’s meal will be tacos. Please let
 generosity. This unit was stationed far out in the remote
                                                                   me know if you will be joining us so that I will have plenty
 regions of Iraq, with no access to a PX and with very few
                                                                   of food!
 creature comforts. The commanders were afraid that this
 sense of isolation might result in an increased rate of           New Classrooms
 suicide at a time of year when soldiers are especially            In case you haven’t been in church lately, the church
 lonely and miss their families. Our donation really helped        school has moved into their new space. It is wonderful to
 to boost the moral of the troops.                                 have our own place to hold class. While there are still a
          Just today I (our church) received a plaque              few finishing touches needed, they are beautiful and the
 thanking us for our gifts. It read:                               children are very happy to be settled. A special thank you
           504th Parachute Infantry Regiment                       celebration for the work crew will be held in May.
                   82nd Airborne Division                                     Jill Nuttall, Director of Religious Education
                Certificate of Appreciation
                      Is Presented to                                             STEWARDSHIP 2010
        Rev Audrey Walker and the Easthampton                      The initial phase of the Stewardship pledge campaign for
                  Congregational Church                            2010 - P(r)ay it Forward - has come to an end, once again
 For your holiday support to the Soldiers of the 1st Advise        raising more pledge commitments than ever before. Our
 and Assist Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division. Your gracious         ECC family raised over $109,500 - GOD BLESS YOU!
 gifts were a welcomed surprise and provided                       Great thanks goes out to the entire ECC family, and
 immeasurable blessings in times when we could not be              especially the Stewardship Committee - Marianne Craig,
 with out families. Thank you very much for your                   Jane Curran, Sue Delf, Gordie Pilgrim, Betsy Schabacker,
 kindness, care, and thoughts this Christmas.                      Paula Stratton, Michelle Swanson, Andrea Zawacki and
                     Lamarquis Knowles                             John Anz. Now the good work continues as we strive to
               Command Sergeant Major, USA                         keep our offerings up with pledges, while spreading the
                 Regimental Sergeant Major                         good news about ECC to friends old and new, near and
                      Mark R. Stammer                              far. Join us as we continue the journey!
                       Colonel, USA                                                             Stewardship Committee
                                                                     FROM SHOEBOXES TO BAGS OF LOVE!
 Please look for this certificate in Fellowship Hall. We will      We will no longer be collecting shoeboxes for our
 have it on display there until we find it a permanent             Children’s Christmas gift effort. Instead we will be using
 home.                                                             bags this year - so please do not bring in any shoeboxes
                                                                   - and thank you for all the boxes you have donated in the
 Blessings and Thank You!                                          past. This change is in response to the concern and
 Audrey                                                            suggestions of those who have participated - the bags will
                                                                   give us the opportunity to give items that will not fit into a
                                                                   shoebox as well as to give more items.
                                                                                           Board of Mission and Outreach
 Our deepest sympathy and prayers go to the families who
 have recently lost a loved one: the family of Jackie Miller
                                                                            MEMBERSHIP DUES ARE DUE!
 who died on December 22 and the family of George
 Kennedy who died on January 9.                                    Every year ECC pays membership dues to the
                                                                   Massachusetts Conference and the Hampshire Association
                                                                   for our church members. Each member is being asked to
                                                                   make the contribution of $16.80 to cover his/her own
 Heifer International Mission Project                              membership dues. The $16.80 is per member of the
 This February the children in the Learning Community will         church. To pay your membership dues, please fill out
 be once again raising money for Heifer Project. Each child        the form included with this newsletter (see calendar)
 will be filling a coin bank and on Sunday, February 28th          and return it to the ECC Church Office with your check as
 we will hold our bake sale during coffee hour.                    soon as possible. If you have an offering envelope
                                                                   packet, there is a special envelope included marked dues.
 Heifer International raises money to send animals to
 families all over the world who are in need. Heifer’s goal                     NEW MEMBER SUNDAY
 is to rid the world of hunger through education and               On Sunday, February 7th we will be receiving new
 training as well as animals. The only thing asked of these        members into the life of our church. If you are interested
 families that they share offspring with other hungry              in finding out what being a member of ECC is all about,
 families. In this way the gift keeps going.                       please talk with Pastor Walker (church 527-4790,
                                                                   cell: 413-530-1447). Membership preparation includes
 This year we are doing something a bit different. We are          a meeting with the Pastor and attending a breakfast
 learning about families in the Bible and doing family trees.
meeting with the Deacons of ECC on New Members
Sunday, February 7th at 8:30am.
On February 7th, the Board of Mission and Outreach will
sponsor the annual Souper Bowl of Caring. We will
have an opportunity to bring cans of soup/food to
Worship on the 7th for our Food Cupboard and our board
will also serve soup at coffee hour following Worship
on that day.           Board of Mission and Outreach

On Sunday, February 14th we will be having the
Valentine’s Day Diaper Drive for the benefit of the
Food Cupboard sponsored by the Board of Mission and
Outreach. This is the one time of the year we stock up on
disposable diapers. Remember, our theme is “Pamper
the Children with Huggies and Luvs”.
                       Board of Mission and Outreach

                   JAZZ SUNDAY
The Board of Fellowship and Support will once again
host a special Coffee Hour Brunch after the service
on Sunday, February 14th. The jazz musicians,
who will be playing during the service, will also
provide Dixieland music during coffee hour. This
is a wonderful celebration held just before Fat Tuesday.
Please be sure to plan on joining us for the mardigras
coffee hour and if you would, please sign up on the
sheet provided on the bulletin board. Donations will be
accepted to help defray the cost of the musicians and
food.             Board of Fellowship and Support

                ASH WEDNESDAY
We will begin our Lenten journey with the Ash
Wednesday Service on February 17th at 7pm.

A retreat is being planned for adult members of the
church for May 14-16, 2010 at the Craigville
Conference Center on the Cape. The cost is $165 per
person and includes two over nights and six meals.
Please sign up on the bulletin board if you are interested
in participating in this event.

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