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									                                    Small Business Information Center (SBIC)
                                             Economic Development Department
                                  Corporate Square  7402 N. 56th Street  Building 400, Suite 425
                                               Tampa, FL 33617  (813) 914-4028
                                                  FEBRUARY 2010
     MONDAY              TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY                 THURSDAY                 FRIDAY           SATURDAY
    8:30AM-5:00PM       8:30AM-5:00PM            8:30AM-5:00PM         8:30AM-5:00PM           8:30AM-NOON        By appt. only

1                   2                        3                     4                      5                  6
                    Brandon Area             USF Area              Brandon Area                              SCORE
                    Business Start-Up        Enterprise Zone and   Business Start-Up                         Going Into Business
                    Series                   Your Business         Series                                    9am - Noon              $35
                    Part 1 of 4              10am - Noon   Free    Part 2 of 4
                    10am - Noon       Free                         10am - Noon    Free

                    USF Area                                       Doing Business with
                    Business Plan Series                           Government
                    Part I                                         10am – Noon   Free
                    5pm – 8pm         Free

8                   9                        10                    11                     12                 13
                    Brandon Area             Ybor Area             Brandon Area                              Business KIT
                    Business Start-Up        Smart Start Your      Business Start-Up                         9am – 4pm*         Free
                                                                                                             *There is a 15 minute
                    Series                   Business              Series                                    break for lunch. We
                    Part 3 of 4              10am - Noon    Free   Part 4 of 4                               suggest bringing your
                    10am - Noon       Free                         10am - Noon    Free                       lunch so you can eat
                                                                                                             during the workshop.
                    USF Area                                       Town and Country
                    Business Plan Series                           Area                                      SCORE
                    Part II                                        Como Empezar un                           Preparing Your
                    5pm – 8pm         Free                         Negocio                                   Business Plan
                                                                                                             9am - Noon              $35
                                                                   3pm – 5pm      Free

15                  16                       17                    18                     19                 20
                    Palm River Area          East Tampa Area       Town and Country                          SCORE
                    Marketing Series         How to Apply for a    Area                                      Going Into Business
                    Part I                   SBA Loan              Restaurant Series                         9am - Noon              $35
                    10am - Noon      Free    1pm – 3pm      Free   Part I
                                                                   1pm – 3pm      Free
                    USF Area
                    Business Plan Series                           Ybor Area
                    Part III                                       Doing Business with
                    5pm – 8pm         Free                         Government
                                                                   3pm – 5pm      Free

22                  23                       24                    25                     26                 27
                    Palm River Area          Grow Your Business    Ybor Area                                 Town and Country
                    Marketing Series         Through Federal       Pricing Your Product                      Area
                    Part II                  Contracting           10am – Noon     Free                      Business KIT
                    10am - Noon      Free    10am – Noon   Free                                              10am – 5pm*         Free
                                                                   Town and Country                          *There is a 15 minute
                    USF Area                 Ruskin Area           Area                                      break for lunch. We
                    Business Plan Series     Smart Start Your      Restaurant Series                         suggest bringing your
                                                                                                             lunch so you can eat
                    Part IV                  Business              Part II                                   during the workshop.
                    5pm – 8pm         Free   3pm – 5pm     Free    1pm – 3pm      Free
                                                                   Como Empezar un                           Sales and Marketing
                                                                   Negocio                                   9am - Noon              $35
                                                                   3pm – 5pm      Free

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