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          Providing Help. Creating Hope.                                                                                                     Summer, 2008

 A Publication for Friends and Supporters of Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St Joseph, Inc.
                            REUNITING A FAMILY                                                                           Community Responds To
                                                                                                                         Catholic Charities’ Mission

                           I t was Jarrod’s turn.                                                                          Task #2: Bring $1100 in utility
                                                                                                                           payments up to date.
                           The foster care case managers of                                                                   Solution : Jarrod advocates
       Page 2              Catholic Charities of Kansas City-                                                                 on Margaret’s behalf to work

                           St. Joseph rotate the addition of cases
 MOONLIGHT RUN             to their work load. A case assigned in
                                                                                                                              out a payment plan.
                           January was particularly heart breaking.                                                        Task #3: Stock an empty cupboard
 SENIOR COOLCARE                                                                                                           to feed six growing kids.
                           Margaret [name changed] had five
      Page 3               children ranging from 18 months to
                                                                                                                               Solution: Send a request to Catholic
                                                                                                                              Charities’ St. Anthony of Padua
    SAY HELLO...           15 years and worked nights to provide
                                                                                                                              Society and students at St. Pius X
                           for them. At the cusp of the new
       Page 4                                                                                                                 High School to fill Margaret’s pantry.
                           year - nine months pregnant with
                           her sixth child – Margaret’s world
HEART OF MISSOURI                                                                                                          Jarrod describes the evening when all
                           was turned upside down. Domestic
                                                                                                                           the kids were reunited with their mom.
GOLF TOURNAMENT            violence resulted in a very damaged
                           home. This was quickly followed by
                                                                                                                           “There were a lot of tears and hugs.
     AS FOR ME             her labor and delivery of a healthy baby.
                                                                                                                           I was so proud that night to be a case
   AND MY HOUSE            While recovering at the hospital              Jarrod Sanderson delivered food donated by
                                                                                                                           worker for Catholic Charities. It was
                                                                                                                           a team effort - above and beyond the
       Page 5              with her newborn, Margaret’s other          the St. Anthony of Padua Society and St. Pius X
                                                                                                                           call of duty - to reunite this family.
                           children were taken into foster                       students to a reunited family.
                                                                                                                           Without the help and donations from
    THANKS TO              care to ensure their safety and well
                                                                                                                           the Padua Society and the staff of
   BBGC DONORS             being. The case was assigned to Jarrod     As the family’s case worker, Jarrod                  Catholic Charities, this family would
                           Sanderson at Catholic Charities.           worked diligently to find a way to
      Page 6                                                                                                               still be in separate homes.”
                                                                      reunite Margaret and all the children
                           With her children in state custody and     and support her efforts to return to
   FR. HIX CENTER                                                                                                          Today, the family remains intact -
                           the supervision of Catholic Charities,     work. It was a steep hill to climb,                  and although they struggle financially
                           Margaret checked herself into a domestic complying with court orders and tackling
                                                                                                                           - Margaret continues to work
  PLANNED GIVING           violence shelter upon release from         the challenges that would ensure the                 hard to provide for her family.
                           the hospital, and began the process        best possible outcome for this family.
      Page 7               of putting her family back together.
                                                                                                                           “This case has a happy ending because
                                                                      Task #1: Each child needed his/her                   of a group of caring, motivated
      WISH LIST            Within a month, Margaret’s life stabilized own bed, as much of the furniture
                                                                                                                           individuals,” explains Jarrod. “I can’t
       Page 8              and she was able to regain custody of      had been damaged and thrown out.                     say enough about how influential
                           her three youngest children, provided         Solution: A flurry of emails between              simple acts of kindness can be. In
                           she remained at the shelter. Though           co-workers and supporters of Catholic             this instance, it saved a family.”
                           thrilled to have the youngest children        Charities in search of bedding.
                           back, the shelter did not provide             Two beds here.
                           childcare in the evenings. Having used        Three mattresses there.
The foster care staff of   her maternity leave and unable to             A baby crib from a friend.
Catholic Charities has     work, Margaret was concerned about            Extra bed linens gathered from closets.
                           mounting bills and loss of income.            A truck and a couple of strong backs.
 been responsible for
the safety and care of
more than 130 children      To learn more about the St. Anthony of Padua Society and ways you can make a difference,
       this year.                         visit or call 816.756.1858, ext. 563.
On The Web                                       of
For information about Catholic
Charities services in your area,            Tiger and Nicklaus.
please call:                                Emeril and Rachel.
816.221.4377 in Kansas City                 Gates and Buffet.
800.875.4377 Toll Free                      Catholic Charities in Missouri. Catholic Charities in Kansas.

Catholic Charities Foundation       I  n the world of sports, culinary arts, big business – and even social service
                                    – the players strive for an excellence unique unto themselves. More than
301 E. Armour Blvd., Suite 620
                                    competitors, each is a collective complement to the work that defines them.
Kansas City, MO 64111
                                    For the Catholic Charities organizations in Missouri and Kansas, we share in
                                    the mission of caring for the most vulnerable in our communities. Yes, we are more alike than different,
                                    though most folks are generally surprised to learn:
                                         • There are two Catholic Charities: one in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph (that’s us!) and one
                                           in the Archdiocese of Kansas.
Teresa Sosinski
                                         • Each raises funds independently.* Savor the Flavors is the work of Catholic Charities in Missouri.
816.756.1858, ext. 561
                                           The Snow Ball is the work of Catholic Charities in Kansas. The proceeds of each event benefit
800.246.1850, or
                                           needy children and families on their given side of the state line.
                                         • Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph provides services through much of the state of Missouri.
                                         • With more than 1700 Catholic Charities organizations, we comprise Catholic Charities USA,
                                           the nation’s largest network of social service providers!
Catholic Charities Main Office
                                    To learn more about the work of Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, I invite you to visit
1112 Broadway
                           Or feel free call any of our associates at Catholic Charities Foundation (listed
Kansas City, MO 64105
                                    To each and every one of our supporters – from Missouri, Kansas, and places beyond – we thank you for
800.875.4377 Toll Free
                                    sustaining our important work, and hope for your continued goodwill.
Northwest Missouri Office
902 Edmond Street, Suite 204        Gratefully,
St. Joseph, MO 64501
888.629.2886 Toll free
Heart of Missouri Office
118 Hout Street, Suite F
                                    Rozanne Prather, Executive Director
                                    Catholic Charities Foundation
                                                                                                                   Save the Date
Warrensburg, MO 64093
888.626.4245 Toll Free                                                                                       LATE NIGHT
Southern Missouri Office                                                                                           with Catholic Charities!
426 S. Jefferson, Suite 202
Springfield, MO 65806                                                                                            A Benefit for Catholic Charities
417.865.0050                                                                                                        of Kansas City-St. Joseph
866.604.9494 Toll Free
                                   *Catholic Charities in Missouri and Kansas team up for needy                     Celebrating 10 Years
Catholic Charities
Caritas Center
                                   children in our communities. Cars for KC Kids is a joint effort                  of Savor the Flavors
                                   of Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph and Catholic
301 East Armour Blvd. Suite 650    Charities of Northeast Kansas. To donate a vehicle – running
Kansas City, MO 64111              or not – visit or call 866.430.9499.
                                                                                                               Saturday, November 1, 2008
816.931.9399                                                                                                             6 p. m.
Ministry With Persons                                                                                       Grand Ballroom at the Kansas City
With Disabilities
Judy Shute                                                                                                          Convention Center
                                   Have Questions?
Interpreted Mass Schedule          Want to Get Involved?
is available at the Catholic       Catholic Charities Foundation
Charities Website ~                Kansas City 816.756.1858/800.246.1850     Rozanne Prather, Executive Director, ext. 563
                                   Kathleen Conwell, Communications & Marketing, ext. 564
                                   Moira Healy, Special Events, ext. 560
                                   Teresa Sosinski, Volunteer Services, ext. 561                     St. Joseph
                                   Alice Zeorlin, Administrative Asst., ext. 538                     Jodean Ford, Marketing/Parish Outreach
                                   Brenda Williams, Grants, 816.931.9399                             816.232.2885/888.629.2886
Moonlight Run                                                                                         Moonlight Run
 Nikes, Adidas, Pampers and Huggies. When runners and walkers take to the moonlit                       Friday, August 1
 streets of St. Joseph, the fury of logoed feet along the Maple Leaf Parkway is a beautiful                  9 p.m.. start
 sight - especially for women and babies who benefit from the ever-growing Grace
                                                                                                     Maple Leaf Parkway
 Evangelical Moonlight 5K Run/Walk.
                                                                                                          St. Joseph, MO
 Unlike most charity races that kick off first thing in the morning, this unique event begins
 after dusk with participants of all ages and fitness levels. Serious runners, not-so-serious
 runners, walkers and families take to the starlit parkway to benefit Catholic Charities’
 Services for Pregnant Women in northwest Missouri.
 As part of their mission to honor the sanctity of human life, Grace Evangelical Church               To register or volunteer, contact Marianne Brachman
 of St. Joseph sponsors and organizes this annual run – one of the largest in northwest                 at 816.232.2885 or
 Marianne Brachman, case worker for the Services for Pregnant Women program,
 is appreciative of the extraordinary stewardship expressed by the Grace
 Evangelical congregation and the St. Joseph community. In its four years of
 planning the run, the church has raised over $17, 000. That means the needs
 of these women and babies – from diapers and baby wipes, to food, rent and
 utility assistance – are fulfilled in a very practical sense, tempered with dignity
 and compassion.
 “The hard work and dedication the Grace Evangelical congregation gives this
 event is reflective of the servant-driven social ministry that exemplifies both
 organizations,” explains Marianne. “We at Catholic Charities are humbled by
 their trust and ongoing commitment to our program.”

                         Mike Halterman, CEO (L) and Martin Geodken, Associate Director (R) of
                  Catholic Charities, expressed appreciation to race coordinator Jeanette Marriott
                               and Pastor Darrell Jones of Grace Evangelical Church in St. Joseph.

                                                Senior Coolcare Benefits Elderly In St. Joseph and Northwest Missouri

                            Help keep our seniors cool – and even save lives - with a tax-deductible donation to
                           Catholic Charities’ Senior CoolCare. The summer heat jeopardizes the health – and even
                       lives – of senior adults. Your gift provides an energy-efficient room-size air conditioner to
                    qualified persons age 65 or older.* We also put $50 in the resident’s electric account to ease
             the financial burden to operate the unit. True to our mission, people of all faiths are served.
            *Limited service area in northwest Missouri.

            Donate to Senior CoolCare
            All proceeds benefit seniors in Northwest Missouri

            Mail your check to:
            Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph
            Senior CoolCare
            PO Box 410445
            Kansas City, MO 64141-0445
                                                                                                                            What they need for
                                                                                                                            gainful employment
                                                                                                                            is for somebody to
                    Pat Lorenze                                                                                             take a chance on
    Job Developer for the TurnAround Program                                                                                them.
 A former corporate attorney, Pat Lorenz has found      In addition, Pat educates and recruits prospective     Pat encourages people to look beyond fact of
 his second calling with TurnAround, a program          employers willing to hire persons with a record of     conviction to the reason for conviction. “Can we
 of Catholic Charities which supports men and           convictions. He explains that not only are there       really afford to write off 25% of the population
 women coming out of prison to make a successful        tax incentives and federal bonding programs in         without giving them a second chance?”
 transition into their communities.                     place for employing ex-offenders, but studies
                                                        show that given a chance, these men and women          The Rewards
 His Job:                                               make very dedicated and consistent workers.            “It’s hard to describe the feeling of satisfaction
 To assist ex-offenders with their search for                                                                  when a client calls to say they got the job. You
 employment.                                            The Challenges:                                        know you gave them the tools they need to
                                                        A huge challenge is changing society’s mindset         succeed. You can hear in their voice that it means
 “Upon release, these men and women come to             about offenders. In fact, the typical ex-offender is   more than a paycheck – it’s a second chance at
 us with nothing except a record, the clothes on        not somebody who is intrinsically bad, but rather      life.”
 their back and a few cents in their pockets. They      someone who has made bad choices. A conviction
 need food, clothes, a place to stay, and a means       does not define who they are.
 of financial support. My job is to match our clients                                                                  SPECIAL NEEDS OF THE
 with potential employers,” explains Pat.               Pat states that recent statistics reveal one out of           TURNAROUND PROGRAM
                                                        four persons will have a conviction sometime in          •Cash
 Pat works with the clients on the fundamentals         their life. “I don’t mean to minimize the acts that      •Men’s new or gently used jeans,
 necessary for a job search such as writing a resume    ultimately sent these men and women to prison,”           sizes 32-38
 and cover letter, interview skills and presenting      he explains, “but last year Missouri incarcerated
                                                                                                                 •Hygiene items
 themselves with confidence. “Most of our clients       18,000 people. After serving their sentence,
 have a high school diploma or GED. While in            17,545 will be released to their communities.
                                                                                                                 •Clothing/shoes for service jobs
 prison, many took training in basic trades such        The key to a successful transition upon release is       •Bus passes
 as welding, carpentry and food service,” explains      finding suitable employment and allowing them to         •Household items
 Pat. “What they need for gainful employment is         use their skills and talents to become contributing      To donate items, call 816.561.1835.
 for somebody to take a chance on them.”                members of society.”
                                                                                                                 To contribute to the Challenge Grant,

                                                                                                                 send your tax-deductible gift* to:
                               $100,000 To Turn Lives Around!                                                      Catholic Charities Foundation
                                                                                                                   301 E. Armour Blvd., Suite 620
                                                                                                                   Kansas City, MO 64111
                                                                                                                 *Please notate TurnAround Program
                                                                                                                 on your check.

                                                                                  Consider the 5:1 return on investment (ROI) of the TurnAround Program: it
                                                                                  costs Missouri taxpayers $25,000 to house each person imprisoned per year.
                                                                                  For just 20% of that cost, the TurnAround Program of Catholic Charities of
                                                                                  Kansas City-St. Joseph is:
                                                                                     • assisting former offenders in finding jobs, securing
                                                                                        stable housing, seeking treatment, and developing healthier lifestyles
                                                                                     • helping men and women remain out of prison. The
                                                                                        TurnAround Program currently boasts a recidivism rate of just 8%,
                                                                                        meaning 92% have made positive changes to stay out of prison
                                                                                     • contributing to the overall safety of our communities

        C     atholic Charities has the opportunity to continue its development
of the region’s top re-entry program for men and women leaving the prison
                                                                                  Please consider a gift to the TurnAround Program. Once Catholic Charities
                                                                                  raises $100,000 in designated gifts, a grant of equal amount will be
system. A challenge grant in the amount of $100,000 has been pledged              contributed. For more information about the TurnAround Program, visit
from a donor who requests anonymity. That’s $100,000 for the TurnAround  or call 816.561.1835.
Program – an awesome opportunity to change lives for the better, and make
our community safer for all.
Hunger… it’s not just an urban problem!                                                As for Me and My House

That is why Catholic Charities, in partnership with other organizations in             Along with the convenience and
central Missouri, is teaming up for the Heart of Missouri Hunger Coalition             many resources of the internet,
Golf Tournament.                                                                       there is also a darker side to
                                                                                       cyberspace. A recent 30-day
The coalition is joining forces to                                                     survey by the Western Missouri
raise awareness of hunger in the                                                       Cyber Crimes Task Force found
Warrensburg area and to provide                                                        more than 700 computers in
support for the food pantries                                                          Kansas City, MO were using
of Bates, Carroll, Ray, Henry,                                                         peer-to-peer software to trade
Johnson and Lafayette counties.                                                        pornographic images.
Harvesters, Sodexo Services, the
University of Central Missouri Student                                                 To combat the pervasive problem of pornography which affects so many
Services, The Food Center Pantry, and St. Mary’s and                                   families, Catholic Charities is collaborating with the Diocese of Kansas
Sacred Heart parishes are working alongside Catholic Charities to                      City- St. Joseph in a new initiative called “As for Me and My House”.
bring food, support and hope to central Missouri.                                      It will provide families, schools and parishes with pertinent information,
                                                                                       support and resources to confront this issue.
                                         Formerly Catholic Charities’ Heart of
                ugust 9, test
                                       Missouri Golf Tournament, the new               Counseling Solutions, the mental health services division of Catholic
               A                                                                       Charities, is one of the resources for those seeking help with this type
    Saturday,. putting con
                                        golf event focuses specifically on
                                        hunger relief efforts. If you have             of addiction.
       9 a.m otgun start                 participated in this tournament in
               . sh ntry Club
        10 a.m es Cou                    the past, please join us again! For
                                                                                                For information regarding this initiative or other
                                          information or to register, contact
      Hidden Pinensburg, MO                the Heart of Missouri Catholic                            counseling services, call 816.333.2040.
           W arr                          Charities office at 888.626.4245

Many Ways to Give                                                                                                          Wanting to help children and
                                                                                                                          families for his Eagle Scout project
                                                                                                                          prompted Mark Raya of Troop
There are many ways for people to engage in the                                                                           284 to conduct a collection drive
mission of Catholic Charities to help those in need.                                                                      for disposable diapers, wipes,
                                                                                                                          baby clothes and blankets at his
Here are just a few examples.                                                                                            church, Cure of Ars and in his
                                                                                                                         neighborhood. The hundreds of
                                                                                                                         donated items brought in helped
                                                                                                                         to fill the supply closet for the
  Caylee Thornhill just celebrated her seventh                                                                           Services to Pregnant Women
  birthday, but Catholic Charities received the                                                                          program is well-stocked.
   gifts! Friends donated a bounty of items in
     Caylee’s honor. This kind and selfless act
     will benefit several families and individuals
                    served by Catholic Charities.
                                                                                                          For more ideas on how you can engage
                                                                                                          in Catholic Charities service to others,
                                                                                                     contact Teresa Sosinski at 816.756.1858, ext. 561,

                                                                Members of Soroptimist International of Kansas City Northland recently delivered a
                                                                donation of suitcases to Catholic Charities of Kansas City – St. Joseph, Inc. From left to
                                                               right are Michael Halterman, Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Charities, Dixie Brown,
                                                               Club President, Barbara Palmisano, Treasurer, Nettie Agnew, President-Elect and Pat
                                                               LaCalamito, Secretary.

                                                               The suitcases were gathered for children in foster care who often move several times,
                                                               transporting their belongings in grocery sacks or trash bags. The new or gently used
                                                              luggage is more than a means of toting necessities – it is a way to honor the dignity of
                                                              these young lives.
  Thanks to our many sponsors for being a driving force
  behind this successful event!

   GOLD SPONSOR                                    DONORS
   Sioux Chief Manufacturing                       Agao, Inc
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Alldredge
   BRONZE HOLE SPONSORS                            Mr. & Mrs. Brent Arensberg
   Archie’s Cinema Service                         Carrabba’s Italian Grill
   Carondelet Health                               Coca-Cola                                                                                                      Left: Ned Harris tries to drop a putt
   CBIZ                                            Commerce Bank                                                                                                  for the Avila team.
   Country Club Bank                               Wes Condron
   County Beverage                                 County Beverage
   I. Donnelly Company                             Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Courville
   McGilley State Line Chapel                      Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Haake
   Muehlebach Funeral Home                         Charles B Heiman
   UMB Bank, N.A.                                  Jerome W. Heiman
   Yarco Companies                                 Mr. & Mrs. James Ketter
                                                   Mark Elling Insurance Agency
   TEAM SPONSORS                                   Pat Meyers
   Andrews McMeel Universal                        Mick Mithelavage
   America’s Community Bank                        Muehlebach Funeral Home
   Avila University                                Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Ringel
   Bears Printing & Bindery                        Brian Savlin                                                     Right: Co-Chairs (l to r)
   Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City           William B Schmidt                                            Pat Concannon, Steve Pierce
   Catholic Charities                              Seigreid, Bingham, Levy, Selzer & Gee                      and Don Allen take a moment
    of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Inc.                Daniel J. Welsh                                                  to thank Bishop Boland
   Diocese of Kansas City- St. Joseph              Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Concannon                                              for his support.
   Pyramid Pipe and Supply                         Roger Williams
   Straub Construction                             Dan Murphy
   Thomas McGee LLC                                Mr. & Mrs. Scott Cook
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Donald Allen
                                                   Custom Truck and Equipment
                                                   Franke, Schultz & Mullen

Above: Making sure that golfers had plenty of
snacks and beverages was the job of volunteers
Jordan and his mom, Nicole Pierce.

                                                                                                                    Above: Sioux Chief is a perennial supporter of the Bishop Boland
                                                                                                                    Golf Classic. Playing on one of the Sioux Chief teams were (left to
                                                                                                                    right) Frank Julian, Joe P. Ismert, Ken Cummings and Scott Sitas.

                                                 Above: Enjoying a beautiful day on the links were (left to
                                                 right) Pat Purcell, Dan Wall, Louis Sill and Bob Kelly.
Catholic Charities
                                         FatherHix Center
“ ’m not really ‘giving up’ my Saturday to help, but giving my time to a project that
is going to make a difference and bring hope to people in the neighborhood.”

With that upbeat attitude and generous spirit, eleven volunteers (college and grad
students, a teacher, a lawyer, a nurse and a business owner) came to the new
Catholic Charities’ Fr. Hix Center at St. Anthony Church in northeast Kansas City on
the last Saturday of May. The center is a collaborative effort of Catholic Charities, the
Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, St. Anthony’s Parish, the former St. Aloysius Parish
and staff, and strong supporters of social services.

No “extreme makeover” was needed for the former classroom in the old school
building, but rather a “TLC” cleaning and a coat of paint. With the volunteers’ work,
the Fr. Hix Center will open with a fresh new look. Volunteers brought cleaning
supplies, paint brushes and rollers. Some cleaned the wooden floor after removing
carpet tacks and staples. Some washed window blinds and the ceiling-tall windows.
And then everyone picked up a brush or roller and painted the walls with warm and
welcoming colors.

The Fr. Hix Center, named after the late Father John Hix, beloved pastor of St.                                   Volunteer painters Chris Bugler (descending ladder),
Aloysius from 1986 to 2001, will offer utility and rent/mortgage assistance and an                                Michelle Bugler and Nathan Waddell spent a recent
expanded food pantry.                                                                                                  Saturday giving the Fr. Hix Center a clean start.

                                             Catholic Charities Father Hix Center
                                                  318 Benton Boulevard, Kansas City
                                                       816.931.9399, ext. 110

  PLAN                      Whether your estate rivals a Wall Street tycoon – or not! – your assets can leave a lasting legacy to the values you hold
                            most dear. Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph welcomes planned gifts of any amount. In life – and even in
                            death – we have an extraordinary opportunity to share our care, concern and hope for the world.

for the                     As you plan for your future, here are some things to keep in mind:
                               1. Consult an attorney to make a will or other estate plans and regularly update these documents.

Future                         2. Choose a knowledgeable person or financial firm to manage your estate.
                               3. Consider a memorial gift to a charity or other institution in honor of a loved one.
                               4. Use the proper legal name of the recipient of your gift(s).
                                  For example, our legal name is Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Inc.
                               5. Consider designating alternate beneficiaries if your loved ones do not survive you.

   PLAN                        6. Consider including other assets such as life insurance, annuities or real estate.

                            For more information about a planned gift to Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Inc.,

    for a                   please contact Rozanne Prather, 816.756.1858, ext. 563.

                            Visit for a range of estate                            WWW
                                  planning tools, quizzes, tutorials, gift calculators and more.                        Waystogive
              HOPE                M                    atters
                                                                                                                                           Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                          U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                                                           Columbia, MO
                                                                                                                                            Permit #353
A Publication for Friends and Supporters
of Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St Joseph, Inc.
301 E. Armour Blvd., Suite 620, Kansas City, MO 64111

                                                  Providing Help. Creating Hope.


Wouldn’t you like to fulfill the wishes of some very   Senior Care Services would appreciate donations         The new Father Hix Center needs food donations,
dedicated social workers helping families in need?     of hygiene items such as Depends, gentle soaps          gift cards to groceries/dollar stores, computers and
Here’s how….                                           and lotions. Contact Lynne Serrano at816.221.2178,      subscriptions to Dos Mundos or the Kansas City
                                                       ext. 346, or email             Star. Contact Janel D’Agata Lynch 816.931.9699,
The Services to Pregnant Women program needs                                                                   ext. 110, or
diapers, baby wipes, new clothing – sizes newborn      The T-CAP program (after school teen program)
to 18 month and gift cards for gas.                    in St. Joseph needs storage shelving and supplies       The Caritas Center needs bus passes, gas cards,
Angela Shipley at 816.931.9399, ext. 113, or           for crafts. They would also appreciate paper goods      calculators, resume paper and envelopes and gift                                (plates, towels, cups) and household cleaning           certificates for haircuts. Contact Janel D’Agata Lynch
                                                       supplies. Contact Debra King at 888.629.2886            at 816.931.9699, ext. 110, or
Services to Pregnant Women in St. Joseph needs         or
diapers, baby wipes, laundry detergent, 13 gallon
kitchen trash bags, crib sheets and durable baby       The housing programs of Catholic Charities in both
picture books.                                         St. Joseph and Kansas City could use bus passes,
Contact Marianne Brachman at 888.629.2886,             grocery cards, lawn mowers, weed eaters, gas cards,
ext. 39, or                  toilet paper, full and twin size sheets, and electric
                                                       fans. In St. Joseph, please contact Laura Moore
Foster Care Services is in need of grocery gift        at 816.232.2886 or In
cards, furniture for a young mother and her baby       Kansas City, contact Nicole McCrory at 816.931.9399,
and size 5 1/2 – 6 soccer cleats.                      ext.109, or
Contact Melissa Meyer at 816.221.2178, ext. 332,

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