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					      Milu = « who lost his way » in Mandarin

         Media kit 2010

In association with

• Le Petit Milu/The Milu Guide is a “life guide”
  providing practical information for people coming
  to Shanghai for short or long stays.

• The first edition of Le Petit Milu /The Milu Guide
  was released in June 2009, and it was in French
  only. A second edition is to be released in April
  2010, with even more information and advice
  (Expo 2010, Doing business in China, …) and for
  the first time, there will also be an English
  version of the guide.

• Le Petit Milu/The Milu Guide is totally free and
  widely distributed in key-locations in Shanghai.

• A PDF version of Le Petit Milu/The Milu Guide is
  also down-loadable for free on the website Le, and soon on a
  dedicated website as well.
                                                                                    Table of Contents

1. Setting things in order                              4. Working and doing business

•     How to register to the police and the Consulate   •   Organizations
•     How to pay your personal income taxes             •   How to find a job/an internship
•     How to obtain a visa                              •   Route map to do business in China
•     Introduction to the Chinese law                   •   Become an entrepreneur
•     Things to remember for a short stay               •   Things to remember for a short stay

2. Living in Shanghai                                   5. Understand China

•     Accommodation                                     •   Chinese customs
•     Communication                                     •   Chinese language – How to learn Chinese
•     Going around                                      •   Chinese food
•     Shopping                                          •   Chinese medecine
•     Schools and Universities                          •   Things to remember for a short stay
•     Community life
•     Things to remember for a short stay
                                                        6. Visiting the Expo 2010
3. Health & Well-being
                                                        •   Site map
•     Insurance                                         •   User’s guide
•     Health care                                       •   Pavillons
•     Sport and relaxation                              •   Post-Expo time
•     Things to remember for a short stay

1st edition                           2nd edition

  •   6,000 copies                     •   10,000 French-speaking copies
  •   Exclusive distribution places    •   30,000 English-speaking copies
      (Consulate General of France,    •   More than 20 exclusive
      French Chamber of Commerce,          distribution places
      etc.)                                (International Consulates and
  •   Target: French new comers            Chambers of Commerce)
                                       •   Target: every foreigner visiting,
                                           arriving in or living in Shanghai
                                                                 Advertising offer

Standard offer:                         Prices:

•   Your logo next to the editorial     •   French-speaking version :
                                            • Page = RMB 12,000*
•   Two possible formats                    • Half-page = RMB 7,500*
    • Page                                  • Cover pages = Please contact us
    • Half-page
                                        •   English-speaking version :
•   Two possible kinds of advertising       • Page = RMB 32,000*
    • Classical advertising                 • Half-page = RMB 18,000*
    • Advertorial                           • Cover pages = Please contact us

•   Premium pages (cover pages)

                                             * Excluding taxes
                                                                  Section sponsoring

Be associated with one entire section of The Milu Guide

•     Up to 5 « advice » text boxes sponsored by your company (100 words each)
•     A full-page advertising
•     500 copies of your own dedicated edition (cf next slide)

•     Price:
       • French-speaking version: RMB 30,000 *
       • English-speaking version: RMB 50,000*

    * Tax excluded
                                                                                        Dedicated edition

What is a dedicated edition ?

•   Your name and logo on the frontpage
•   The backcover dedicated to you
•   Insertion of 8 to 16 pages about your company
•   Withdrawal of all advertising from the public edition

•   Conditions*:
    • 500 copies minimum
    • The client takes care of the distribution
    • The client provides the text and advertising elements

*Possibility to have your own dedicated edition even if you do not sponsor one entire section,
ask us for a quotation
                                                     The impact of your campaign

The Milu Guide offers you the opportunity to:

• Reach a very specific audience: foreigners and expats in Shanghai

• Have a targeted campaign by chosing your section

• Benefit from a combination of complementary tools (advertising, advertorial,
  section sponsoring, dedicated edition) adapted to your specific needs (branding +

• Benefit from an exclusive distribution network: International Consulates and
  Chambers of Commerce

• Be part of a publication with a long using time

                   Le Petit Journal has become in a few years
                   the largest online publication for the French
                   speaking communities living abroad.

                   • The only daily Newspaper in French
                     language in Shanghai

                   • 2 500 subscribers to the
                     daily Newsletter in December 2009

                   • 15 000 pages viewed per month
                                                                Advertising Package

   One advertising insert on our website   Benefit from access to the Annuaire
                                           (directory), to the Agenda (event
   and on our newsletter for one year:
                                           schedule), and to the Coupons (vouchers)

   • On the website: Rotating banner       Share:
     system                                • Your information
   • On the newsletter*: Permanent         • Your events
     banner system
                                           • Your discounts
             30 000 RMB/year **

* 55 000 newsletters sent per month
** 2 500 RMB/month, excluding taxes
                                                             Package Advertorials

Describe your company and your          Benefit from access to the Annuaire
services through advertorials           (directory), to the Agenda (event
published both on the website and the   schedule), and to the Coupons
newsletter                              (discounts)

• 5 advertorials Pack* :
                RMB 6 000**             • Your information
                                        • Your events
• Can be used on other publications
                                        • Your discounts

* To be used during a year
** Excluding taxes
                                                                Package Premium

One advertising insert on our website      Benefit from access to the Annuaire
and on our newsletter for one year + one   (directory), to the Agenda (event
year of advertorials:                      schedule), and to the Coupons

• On the website: Rotating banner
  system                                   Share:
• On the newsletter: Permanent banner      • Your information
  system                                   • Your events
• 5 advertorials                           • Your discounts

             RMB 33 000**
        In Business Ethics we trust.
                Thank you!

For more information please contact:

Le Petit Milu                          General Manager
Hélène Dupont                          Manuel Ramos        

Le        Phone number
Morgane Delaisse                    (86 21) 6487 7536

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