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									                            Climate Change Consultation
                                    LSP briefing

Climate change is the most serious environmental challenge facing us in the 21st
century, and the activities of humans are making a significant contribution.
Climate change is something we simply cannot ignore in Portsmouth, as a coastal
city we are incredibly vulnerable to the predicted impacts of climate change with sea
level rise increasing the risk of flooding, and rising temperatures increasing the risk of
heat related deaths for the most vulnerable of our residents.

What Climate Change will mean for Portsmouth
            Hotter, dryer summers and warmer wetter winters
            Sunnier summers due to reduction in average cloud cover
            Generally windier with an increased risk of extreme weather events –
            storms, flooding and droughts

By 2080 sea levels in the English Channel are predicted to be 54cm higher. Locally
we may even experience 1m of sea level rise over the next 100 years.

Climate Change will also have an impact on our:
            Emergency planning
            Water – demand will increase and supply will decrease
            Local flood risk
            Transport infrastructure
            Health issues

So what are we doing about it?
     A Climate Change Strategy will be produced for Portsmouth by the end of the
     year – this will be a strategy where everyone in Portsmouth will need to be
     involved – public sector, businesses and residents.
     Consultation will be carried out between May – July.
     Full presentation to the LSP on 23rd July

 The consultation is focusing on 4 main priorities and asking if these are the right
 ones for a climate change strategy for Portsmouth.

   1.   Reduce the carbon footprint of Portsmouth – Zero Carbon Portsmouth
   2.   Adaptation – to maintain/improve quality of life
   3.   Co-ordinated energy strategy for the city
   4.   Stakeholder and community engagement

How to take part in the consultation
To keep this consultation as sustainable as possible we are using as little paper as

   •    Look out for the 4 page pull out in Flagship
   •    Read our sustainability and climate change web pages to find out suggested
        ways we could tackle climate change in Portsmouth and fill in the online form
        – link from
   •    Contact PCC for more information – or
        phone our Climate Change and Sustainability Co-ordinator on 023 9268 8156

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